Djiboutian Muslim Lady Gets BBC

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Fatuma Abdi is a six-foot-tall, curvy, brown-skinned and dark-haired, gorgeous Djibouti Muslim woman living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Born in the idyllic world of rural Djibouti, Fatuma and her family moved to the province of Ontario, Canada, in the 1990s and have been here ever since. After graduating from Algonquin College, Fatuma got a job working with the Canadian Treasury Board. Feeling bored as fuck at her cushy Canadian government job, Fatuma needs to spice things up in her personal life. Hmmm, what’s a horny African Muslim sister to do?

Even during Covid, a woman’s got needs. Fatuma Abdi is tired of stuffing her vagina and butt hole with sex toys. The other African Muslim ladies in town just want to find good husbands and start new families. Nothing wrong with that but Fatuma Abdi is still in her twenties. The perfect time for a young woman to have fun and explore her wanton sexuality. There’s so many good-looking men with good dick out there. Surely marriage can wait. Fatuma Abdi loves dick and if loving it is wrong then she doesn’t want to be right. The African Muslim sister is fond of exotic dick. Djibouti men are alright but Fatuma Abdi wants to see what else is out there. Is there anything wrong with female sexual exploration?

Fatuma Abdi had been flirting with Jamal Williamson for quite some time now. The six-foot-two, lean and athletic, dark-skinned Jamaican brother is one of those black men who is hypnotized by white pussy. Everyone at work knows that Jamal has been fucking Renee Tournel, the plump, dark-haired, big-booty French Canadian chick with the sleepy brown eyes and dick-sucking lips. Fatuma isn’t one of those black women who loses her shit when she sees a black man with a white woman. The African eryaman orospu numaraları Muslim sister knows how to compete. Black men simply need to be reminded of how good drama-free black pussy can be!

“Hmm, Jamaican dicks are delicious,” Fatuma said as she knelt before Jamal Williamson and tugged on his long and thick dark dick. Jamal leaned back against the wall, and groaned softly as Fatuma winked at him before taking his dick into her mouth. Inside Fatuma’s apartment, located near the University of Ottawa, things were heating up. From the moment they met, Jamal knew that Fatuma was a naughty gal. The Muslims would have you believe that women from their part of the world have zero interest in wild, raunchy sex, and that they exist to pray and produce offspring for Ahmed. Fatuma is more than happy to defy that stereotype by sexing up Jamal…

“Hmm, obey your thirst,” Jamal groaned as Fatuma wrapped her lips around his big dark dick and sucked him good. Fatuma caressed Jamal’s balls while fellating the hell out of him. Mother nature blessed Jamal Williamson with ten inches of long and thick, uncircumcised black dick. Back in his native Kingston, Jamaica, Jamal used to make the ladies sing to the mountain tops as he plowed his dick into their holes. Mouth, pussy and asshole, Jamal explores them all thoroughly. Do Jamaican dicks fit inside African Muslim women? Only one way to find out!

“Mister Jamaica, if you can’t wait this pussy right, you can’t fuck it,” Fatuma Abdi told Jamal Williamson after getting him hard as a rock. Jamal looked at the tall, curvy African Muslim woman who just sucked the hell out of his dick. The bitch was fucking serious. If he didn’t eat her pussy, she was going to close her legs ankara escort and shut everything down. What the fuck? Jamal smiled at Fatuma and picked her up, carrying her from the living room to the nearby kitchen. Fatuma grinned as Jamal propped her up on the kitchen counter and spread her long, thick legs. The Jamaican stud inhaled the scent of her pussy before going to work. Time for Jamal to get a taste of Djibouti pussy…

“Just relax, sweetness,” Jamal said, and he kissed Fatuma’s sex, causing her to quiver down below. Jamal buried his face between Fatuma’s legs and began eating her pussy. While sucking on Fatuma’s clit and fingering her wet pussy, Jamal also worked his finger into her butt hole. A lot of black women love having tongues, fingers, sex toys and dicks up their butt holes but cannot admit to it. Jamal lathered Fatuma’s butt hole with his tongue while fingering her wet, hairy pussy and the Djibouti Muslim woman did not protest. Yeah, Fatuma clearly likes what Jamal is throwing her way, rules and traditions be damned, and there’s nothing wrong with that…

“Oh that feels good,” Fatuma moaned softly, and the young African Muslim woman felt her nipples harden and a shudder passed through her sexy, nubile body as Jamal continued to pleasure her. Jamal looked up at Fatuma and saw her lovely features contorted in sheer pleasure. The Jamaican stud knew that he had Miss Djibouti right where he wanted her. Jamal wrapped his tongue around Fatuma’s clit and worked two fingers into her butt hole. This drove the young Djiboutian woman absolutely insane, and proved to Jamal that her butt hole was no stranger to penetration. In this fashion, Jamal continued to work his magic on Fatuma until she cried out in elvankent escort sheer pleasure.

“How do you like me now?” Jamal asked Fatuma smugly, once she came down from cloud nine. Fatuma grinned, and Jamal nodded confidently. Grabbing a condom, Jamal put it on and Fatuma got down from the counter and headed to the bedroom, her tall and curvy body moving sexily as she walked around the apartment. Jamal watched Fatuma’s big round ass and grinned appreciatively. Djiboutian women live up to their name and got nice booty if Fatuma here is any indication. When Jamal entered the bedroom, he found Fatuma on all fours, face down and ass up.

“Do your job,” Fatuma said in a husky voice that was both sexy and bossy. Jamal grinned and caressed Fatuma’s big round ass before playfully slapping it. Fatuma turned around and shot him a look. Jamal shrugged and gripped Fatuma’s hips before easing his hard dick into her. Fatuma’s wet pussy welcomed Jamal’s dick quite nicely, and at last, the answer to an age-old question was found. Jamaican dicks definitely fit inside Djiboutian Muslim pussy. Jamal began fucking Fatuma with passionate strokes, and she screamed passionately as he took her to the edge of passion and then some. Jamal fucked Fatuma like there was no tomorrow, slamming his dick into her pussy and making that big Djiboutian booty bounce. The two melted into each other, and it was a beautiful thing…

Much later, after taking a shower, Jamal Williamson parted from Fatuma Abdi’s company following some truly passionate fun. He gave her a peck on the lips before hitting the road. The African Muslim woman smiled to herself as her lover walked to the driveway. Jamal got in his Lexus and drove away, as if he owned the streets of Ottawa. Fatuma Abdi had some fun with Jamal Williamson but she isn’t looking for a relationship with him. The Jamaican stud has the dick of death but it’s community dick. It was simply Fatuma’s turn to hitch a ride and she enjoyed it. Nothing more and nothing else. Peace.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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