Doctor’s Visit

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I made an appointment to go see the doctors for my Flying certificate. It was Scheduled for 6 p.m. Which was later then they stayed open, but I told the receptionist. That I had a flight and I would need it the next morning so they arranged it for me. I showed up right at 6 p.m. Every one had left besides the doctor and receptionist. I filled out the forms and she showed me the exam room.

I waited for the doctor to show for 20 min and She Finally came in. I thought I was going to have a male doctor but whatever gets the job done! She was very attractive 5’6 thin, brown hair, about 34 years old and she had to be at least a 36 DD, She did all her regular test hearing, sight, reflex etc. She asked me to remove my shirt so she could listen to my heart. I was sitting on the exam table when she walked by to place something on the table next to me she had to kind lean over me to get to it and her right breast brushed my arm I could feel the silky shirt she was wearing had no bra underneath holding her firm chest. I pretended not to notice but I was starting to get excited and my heart was beating a bit faster.

I glanced at her body again and noticed that her nipples were starting to grow, With the room warm I know it couldn’t be the temperature making her firm tits stand at attention, which only made me more excited then before, I could feel my excitement grow in my jeans which were showing a little. She came back with her stethoscope and placed it in her hands to warm it up, then placed it on her on chest to see if it was warm enough, after determining the warmth she then placed it on my chest and started listening.

She stated my heartbeat is quite fast and my breathing is rapid, asking if I was under any stress I had to say yes my girlfriend and I had broken isveçbahis up 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had any sexual relations since then, not even masturbation? She quizzed me. I said no, I haven’t been big on that since I found what women can do. With any type of sexual talk I always grew hard and I couldn’t Hide it any more my jeans were bulging like crazy, and you could see where the tip of the head was with a round stain of pre cum showing through.

She glanced down at the same time I did and exclaimed you are Lucky if its that big being constrained by your tight jeans then it must be huge outside. I am sorry I spurted out, any thing remotely sex oriented gets me excited anymore. Don’t be I am happy that a young man like your self finds an older woman like me even remotely sexy. With a body Like that ANY man couldn’t hold Himself back for long! She blushed as I said that. Thank you!

Well we are going to have to do something about that erection you have growing, cant let a perfect thing like that go to waste. She took off her thin vest and laid it on the table next to me, instead of leaning over me she pressed her silk shirt up against my chest to reach the table allowing me a lot better feel of her breast and nipples, they poked my chest almost to the point were it hurt, she then leaned back and said what’s fair is fair, meaning since she had me take my shirt off she was going to be removing her shirt also. As she did I could finally see the large chest that I have been wanting to see all this time, Her nipples were the size of dimes and fully erect out to half an inch beautiful light brown skin surrounded it for 3 inches in diameter.

I reached over and started to massage both nipples with my thumbs, I took one in my mouth and started to suck and nibble, she isveçbahis giriş started to moan. We met eyes for a brief second, both of use started to move for each others lips wanting to devour them, saliva started to run down her chin to her neck, sliding down onto her breast making them glisten. Without stopping our passionate kiss I removed her skirt from her hour glass figure, simultaneously she unzipped my pants and pushed them down. I was able to shack them off the rest of the way. My dick was now protruding out of my boxers, we started our kiss back up pulling her close to me, my dick slid under her panties I could feel that she was soaking wet.

I pulled away from the kiss yet once more and turned my attention to her dripping wet pussy. I slid her panties off to the floor. I picked her up and placed her on the exam table, she knew what I was doing, opening her legs wide to allow my tongue access to her awaiting pussy I started to lick her inner things working my way slowly to her pussy lips she moaned louder as I began to lick her lips up and down, Lightly pushing my tongue inside taking her clit into my mouth and sucking on it, I could tell she was about to lose control her hips bucked up and I could feel her pussy tighten around my tongue.

Suddenly she came I licked every drop off of her. And started to take my boxers off when she got up and told me to lay back on the table. I through my boxers on the chair next to my shirt and did what she told me to, my dick standing 8 inches proud and curved. She Grasped my cock and started to kiss the tip drilling her tongue in the slit and then taking the head in her mouth. Swirling her tongue sucking all of the pre-cum I have been spurting out.

She took my balls into her other hand holding them tight she squeezed isveçbahis yeni giriş my sack and forced my balls below her hand. Which almost brought me to an orgasm in its self! Licking the sides of my dick from bottom to top, then taking the WHOLE 8 inches in her mouth slow up and down movements at first she tightened her grip on my balls as she started to move faster and faster I was not going to be able to last I started to thrust my cock as deep as I could inside her mouth, I started to shot load after load of steamy hot sperm into her mouth swallowing every drop.

She let her hand loose from my balls and still sucking as hard as she could she continued for 3 more minutes I never lost my stiffness, as she climbed on top of me I helped guide my long shaft into her wet tight pussy as she spread it wide. She took the head in and slowly slid down to consume my manhood she laid on my chest as I started to thrust up inside her bringing her up so far I almost popped out and bring her back down pushing all I could inside of her our rhythms stared to come into sync as my curved member slid inside hitting her in the right spots as we move at the same pace up, down, up, down.

I could feel her tightening up her chest throw forward moaning with more passion then before her face posed looking at the ceiling sweet making her body glow with her brown tan complication, Firm tits bouncing, Faster, Faster The table was moving with our every thrust she grabbed my chest ripping her finger nails into my flesh, She was at her peak, with Pleasure and pain mixing all together, it was pushing me over the edge our thrusts became more rapid as she hit her peak I shot a long stream inside of her still not letting our motions stop, It brought about another orgasm in both of use. Shuttering and then collapsed on top of me we lay their for 20 minutes and catch or strength. We got dressed and we both left VERY satisfied. She is my regular doctor which we give physicals to each other almost every night from then on.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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