Does Size Really Matter Pt. 01

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Does Size Really Matter?

Joe E Hartley

April 2021

A reader asked me to write about a fetish of his. It is not a fetish I’d ever heard of before and I have trouble even understanding it, but I decided to give it a shot. My reader liked it and I hope you do too.


Common knowledge dictates that women prefer men who are more endowed over those who are not. Common knowledge is not always accurate. Some woman do enjoy feeling stretched to the max, but for most it’s is uncomfortable and can be even painful if the man is too large. It seems that the people who keep repeating this truism are men and it may be the standard male competition they have with each other; the bigger is always better syndrome.

Jill, like most women, had never really given the matter much thought. When she considered marring Dan, she did not bring a tape measure, nor did she compare his length and girth to the other men she knew, actually she hadn’t see that many men naked. She did not search Google to find the optimal size of the male member to ensure the greatest female pleasure.

She and Dan fell in love and discovered together what each of them enjoyed. They experimented with positions and simply played this game we call sex. Together they developed their own special language to indicate a time for privacy. They had their own kinks, but none outside of the mainstream, at least none that either would mention. What goes on inside one’s head is sometimes safest if left there. They both enjoyed oral pleasures and Jill could be brought close to orgasm by having her breasts caressed and massaged.

Jill developed a pride in her breasts, they were larger than most of the women either of them knew and she watched men’s eyes being drawn to them, like moths to a flame, in her case twin flames.

It wasn’t until several years of being married and actually making enough money to acquire all the necessities of life and pay the recurring bills could they afford a real vacation. They scheduled a beach vacation and made sure they brought plenty of sunscreen and bathing suits. Dan wanted Jill to wear a suit that showed off more than she was comfortable, so they compromised and she bought new lingerie for their private times.

They arrived and immediately changed into their bathing suits and walked down to the beach. It was not crowed, as it was not peak season, so they easily found a nice spot of sand. They rushed into the water and played in the waves for a while. It was actually more of a workout than either of them expected and soon they were back lying on their towels on the warm sand. They made sure to coat each other with plenty of sunscreen, Dan made sure he covered all of Jill’s body and she had to stop him with a promise of making it up to him back in their room.

They lay down enjoying the warm sun when Jill noticed a man walking past them on his way to the water. It wasn’t so much him that drew her attention, although he did look like he worked out a lot and seemed to love to display his sculpted body. It was the bathing suit he wore, what little there was of it. It appeared to be smaller than the sexy suits women wear and he had more that needed to be covered, she noticed he had a lot more. The suit may have covered his private parts but it did nothing to hide them. His penis was clearly outlined and she had no idea they came in different sizes.

She blushed at the realization that she was staring in much the same way men stared at her chest. Dan noticed the redness in her face and mistook it for being in the sun too long. He encouraged them to head back to the room and once there, Jill confessed to staring at the stranger’s manhood.

Her embarrassment was short lived as she apologized promising never to do it again. She was in the midst of explaining how much she loved her husband and would never think of being with another man when she noticed his erection.

The conversation took a totally different turn once they both discovered how aroused Dan was after his wife had checked out another man and they started to talk about how much larger he was than Dan. Soon Dan was naked and Jill was using her hand on Dan’s member trying to show that the other man would require both of her hands instead of just one. It was then that she learned the correct terms for the man’s penis was cock, or dick.

She took Dan’s cock into her mouth and said she would not be able to fit all of the stranger’s dick in her mouth the way she could with Dan. Dan was now harder than he’d been since their honeymoon and asked Jill to tell him again how the stranger’s cock would stretch her mouth and as she tried to fulfill his request he exploded in her mouth.

That day they both discovered a new game and from this point on Jill would often describe what she thought it would be like with a larger man whenever they were intimate.

They talked about why he became so aroused about the idea that he was smaller than other men, but since neither of them had any ığdır escort education in psychology (their expertise being math and computer science), they concluded that it really didn’t matter.

Jill experimented with different ways to compare her husband’s cock to those of other men, but since she had such limited first hand experience, she found it difficult. She would have to some fieldwork. The beach seemed like a good place to start and as Dan napped, she put on her bathing suit, left him a quick note and walked out the door.

She found a spot on the beach where she thought she’d be able to get a start on her mission and settled in for her first foray into the art of people watching, well male people watching.

She had picked a good spot and soon saw several men walk by, including the male model she saw before. Not all the men wore swimsuits that showed off their cocks, but many did.

The words Dan said to her after she had confessed watching the strangers large cock floated in her mind. He asked if she could imagine what that large cock would feel like inside of her. She was concerned that he was afraid she’d cheat on him and spent a lot of time saying that she would never want to be with anyone other than the man she married.

He seemed to understand that, but still wanted to know what she thought it might feel like. He was playing a game of pretend like we did as children. She gave up those fantasy games long ago as childish, but he was insistent.

She tried to imagine, but could not visualize it. She was a person who liked to deal in facts and actually she had no idea how big these cocks were. She tried to estimate the sizes she saw using her fist as a measuring device. The male model’s budge would need two of her fists to cover it, whereas she could easily cover all of Dan’s cock with one hand as she did whenever she caressed him.

So she kept a mental tally of the men she saw. There was male model guy measuring in at two fists, he became the standard. Tall guy was just under the two fists, but more than a fist and a half, he was a fist and three fingers. The muscle guy with the tattoo had to be 2 fists plus another finger. There was old guy who actually looked to be aroused. He was not wearing the tiny swimsuit like the others. He wore what she considered a more tradition suit that looks like shorts, but his cock was pushing the material out at least two fists lengths.

She decided she had enough information for one day after about a half hour of observation, headed back up to their room. On the way she tried again to imagine those large cocks inside of her, but as far as she got on that fantasy was imagining them naked. She hadn’t estimated how thick these cocks were, but now in her minds eye she saw them so thick that she could not wrap her hand all the way around them. Her fist-measuring tool needed to change.

Dan was just waking up when Jill opened the door.

“Did you enjoy your nap?” She asked. “I went back down to the beach to do a bit of research about what we talked about earlier, want to hear about what I discovered?” She watched her husband closely to make sure this idea still interested him.

“I did and I had a wonderful dream about you and the guy you saw at the beach. Did you go back down to the beach to watch him again?” Dan’s cock started to grow again and Jill definitely noticed.

“Uh-huh,” she nodded, “Hang on a minute and I’ll tell you all about it.” She grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom closing the door behind her.

She stripped off her bathing suit and pulled out the new lingerie that she knew Dan would like, it showed more skin than it covered. She stepped out into the main room displaying herself to the naked man with the erection lying on the bed.

“I saw several men wearing small bathing suits and every one of them were larger than you are.” She placed one of her fist on top of the other and said. “Most of them were this big, one old guy wore the shorts type of swimwear and he had an erection sticking out in front of him like you do right now, but he was at least twice your size.”

Dan got off the bed and stepped in front of her. He caressed her breasts and pinched her nipples. He directed her onto the bed and as he centered his body over hers he asked, “Have you imagined what it would be like to have someone that large inside of you?”

She lifted her hips up to meet him, “I tried but I can’t imagine anyone but you inside of me. I did imagine what they would look like naked and how they would feel under my hand.” She reached between them to guide the familiar cock into her wet core.

The remainder of the week found them spending time at the beach and sightseeing. They also enjoyed splendid seafood at several modest restaurants. Dan asked Jill often if she could tell the size of each man’s cock. Jill caught on to this game and joined in after the initial embarrassment. She knew this was just a little vacation game and once they ığdır escort bayan got back home all of this would just be a distant memory, so why not enjoy it while here. She did find it stimulating to imagine each man she saw naked and erect. It was about time she stared at men’s crotches the way men stare at her boobs. She even wondered if the men enjoyed her attentions as much as she enjoyed theirs.

The vacation finally ended and they were on their way home with a mind full of pleasant memories. Jill was certain that the game of comparing cock sizes was over, but secretly she enjoyed looking at other men. She still didn’t understand why Dan got so aroused when she commented that other men were larger. She finally on their last day at the beach had a fantasy about mister male model naked and his massive cock between her legs, not inside of her, but she did notice that she needed a change of underwear after that fantasy.

Dan felt much more relaxed after a week away from work. He now had a tan and more than that, he now had shared his sexual desire with his wife and she accepted it and played along. He had the best sex he’d ever had when Jill described the men she saw. She had even described the other men’s cocks while she stroked him saying that one guy was thicker here or that the head of this guy’s cock was longer. He just hoped they could continue this game and maybe even get her to consider going further with some of these guys.

They arrived home after a long day of traveling in their exhausted state due to trying to squeeze every last moment on the beach before heading home. They unpacked, ordered take out for dinner, and then went to bed early. Tomorrow was a workday.

Routine set in more quickly than either of them imagined and within a couple of weeks they wanted to start planning their next vacation. Jill called her best friend, Diana, for a girl’s night; she said she needed some advice.

They met at their standard club and ordered drinks.

“What’s up?” Diana asked after the hello hug, “are you feeling the let down after your vacation?”

“Is it that obvious?” Jill asked.

“Not really, but everyone goes though that a couple of weeks after getting back from vacation. Just power through and look forward to next year’s vacation.”

“Thanks, that’s what I thought too, but that’s not the advice I need. Something happened on our vacation and I’m not sure how to handle it.” Jill offered.

“Okay, spill. I’m all ears.” Diana said leaning forward.

“Well, first don’t tell anyone else about this, okay.”

“Now I’m really interested. This sounds juicy.” Diana responded.

“The men at the beach were not wearing very much and their penises were outlined clearly.”

“So you enjoyed a bit of eye candy, nothing wrong with that. Did you fuck any of them?”

“No! What made you say that? I would never do anything like that. I’m happily married.” Jill stormed at her friend.

“Sorry, so what is the problem? Don’t tell me you feel guilt from just looking?”

“Well, I do a little, but it’s Dan…” Diana interrupted her.

“Don’t tell me he’s jealous of you looking at a bit of eye candy?”

“Not exactly, he’s not jealous. It’s more the opposite. He likes me to look and even wants me to describe what these guy’s cocks look like and if I’d like to touch them.” Jill described.

“You are one lucky girl. There are men who allow their wives the freedom to do what most men do all the time and there are a few that actually encourage it. It’s a type of fetish and I say go for it.” Diana shared with gusto.

They talked about all the details of this new freedom for an hour, but Jill never commented about Dan’s size. Diana finally told Jill she needed to take this new freedom further and that Dan was asking her to explore. Jill wasn’t sure but after a couple more drinks allowed Diana to convince her to accept a dance with one of the men in the club.

She and Diana had danced here before and knew how to appear available, but Jill always made sure not to dance too close. Tonight was going to be different.

Within minutes of scanning the available men both woman had an offer to dance. Jill allowed the man, who she’d seen before at this club, but did not know his name, to lead her onto the dance floor. She allowed herself to dance a bit closer to him than she’d ever allowed before and even allowed his hands a bit more freedom. The first time her breasts were touched it seemed like an accident, the second time also seemed innocent. He then pulled her close pressing her breasts to his chest. She did enjoy the feeling of her breasts moving against his chest in time with the music.

As they danced close, she found herself becoming aroused and then she felt his budge press against her pelvis. She did not move away for several seconds and not until he started to grind his pelvis into hers. She reached down between their bodies and then stepped back, but allowed him the opportunity escort ığdır to drag his hands across her breasts as she moved back slower than she intended.

She met up with Diana back at their table and she shared what had happened. Diana told her to tell Dan about it including the part where to felt up the guy. Jill was giddy and felt certain that after all that Dan had asked of her, he would be pleased, She was still just a bit unsure since this did feel like cheating, but then remembered the sex she and Dan had whenever she talked about the other men at the beach.

She actually had her hand on another man’s cock, it was through his clothes, but she had a good idea about how large he was and how thick.

She arrived home to find her husband on the computer. He looked up. “Did you have a good time?” he asked.

“I did, and remember that game we played at the beach about all the cocks I saw?”

“Yes,” he said with some excitement.

“And remember you asking me to do more than just look?”


Jill took a deep breath and blurted out, “I danced with a man tonight at the club with Diana.”

‘Okay, but you’ve danced with men before haven’t you?” he queried.

“This time was different. His cock was larger than my whole hand; I know that because I had it resting against my palm. He was also fatter than you; I know that because I gripped him too. It was through his pants, but I did touch him and a let him touch my breasts.” She looked at her husband’s crotch. He was wearing pants, but it was obvious that her confession aroused him.

The sex that night was as passionate as either of them could have asked for. There was now an energy between them that drove them to heights unimaginable a month ago. Dan never dreamed he would be so turned on by his wife checking out other men and comparing him to them. Jill would do anything for her husband even if it seemed strange, and this was by far the strangest thing she could have ever thought of. She did enjoy dancing with that man at the club., and by the way Dan acted after, he enjoyed her telling him about it. She wasn’t sure if Dan enjoyed hearing her tell him about her hands on the man’s cock or his hands on her breasts. She found that she enjoyed both; she hoped that Dan wanted her to do it again.

Over the next couple of weeks no opportunities to dance again presented themselves, but Jill verified that Dan liked what she had done and encouraged her to do it again. He asked if she could imagine that huge cock inside her. She was never very good at imagining things she hadn’t experienced, but she did share with him that she could imagine him naked and her licking him from balls to tip. She demonstrated on Dan several times, saying like this. That became a new role-play for them as a precursor to sex.

They were still restless and wanted more of what they had experienced while on vacation, but they could not afford another vacation and neither could get away from work. They talked about the need to get away and maybe play a little, but neither had any ideas that wasn’t expensive and no guarantee that they would be fun, until Dan suggested they go spend the weekend with Jill’s friend Diana and her husband. They lived about a mile outside of town with no neighbors nearby. They were carefree and just a bit wild.

Dan made a call to his old friend Tom, (Diana’s husband) and told him about Jill and his restlessness since coming back from their vacation. He asked if they could come out to his “country estate”, as he liked to call it for a weekend visit.

Tom was enthused by this idea. He and Dan had been friends since college and once Dan married Jill, Tom fell instantly in lust with her. He never did anything to jeopardize his relationship with his friend, but he often looked for opportunities to get close to Jill.

Jill knew Tom and as a matter of fact she met Diana through Tom. Her husband Dan had introduced them several years ago. She knew that Tom had a crush on her from the very beginning. She did enjoy the attention, as she often did when men stare at her breasts. She met Tom’s wife and the two of them became fast friends. Diana was more causal than Jill and often wore clothing much more form fitting than she did. Of course Jill’s work required her to dress a bit more conservatively. She did wonder what would happen if she allowed her body to be a bit more exposed and how men would react.

Tom and Diana were going to be out of town for the upcoming weekend, but they made plans for the following weekend, saying it would be fun to share an extended time together.

The memories of Jill’s dance with the stranger at the club filled her mind. She felt a bit of guilt along with the excitement of this stranger to caress her breasts. She did love it when her breasts were fondled, but she was a married woman and could not encourage it too blatantly. She often wore tops that encouraged men to look, without being too obvious. Now that they were planning to be around Tom for the entire weekend, her arousal built. He stared at her all the time and was not exactly subtle about it. He also got a bit too friendly with his hugs. She never complained, nor did she ever mention it to Dan. It seemed to be just harmless fun, as Diana would say.

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