Doin’ the Boss Ch. 03

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Early on I learned my boss was a very inquisitive guy – when it came to my sex life.

K. Linford Little liked to spend the time after we had fooled around cuddling and talking. We’d kiss and hug in the front seat of his car or walking down the street. Sometimes it was little love talk, or quiet ramblings about whatever came to mind. But about six months into our clandestine relationship he began asking questions about other relationships I had been involved in, how many guys I had notched in my lipstick case, and exactly how and when I had lost my virginity.

He’d asked these kind of basic questions since early on in our relationship, but about the six month mark he followed up with more detailed questions and was continually wanting more details. I secretly thought it turned him on knowing about my current or past boyfriends and what we had done and where. Almost like he was a voyeur into my love life.

There was one question that he never stopped asking – about my oral experience.

I guess it was because our special way of making love was orally. Oral sex, not intercourse, was our main way of getting closer to each other. Oh, there were times when our hands wandered until we brought our partner to nirvana, but the majority of times it was orally. I liked it like that for my reasons, he liked it for his. Bottom line is that we loved that form of lovemaking the best.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we had spent a sunny spring afternoon wandering through a park about 20 miles from our homes, a place secluded enough that we had never come close to being recognized. Not that we didn’t take precautions, like arriving in different vehicles, parking well apart, or walking hand in hand only when the coast was clear. In any case, we were sinful yet careful.

There, in a grove of pine trees, we sat on a blanket and made out until we moved into the sixty nine position and licked and lapped at each other. I love that sex act, it brings us so close, but I can’t easily cum while concentrating of sucking a cock. So well into our session I moved off my boss’s dick and relaxed with his head between my legs. He lapped at me, bringing me up, slowing me down, and then bringing me to the brink once again before I exploded on his face.

Still writhing, the man continued to lap at my pulsating sex as I had a second lesser orgasm then basked in his ministrations.

Having enjoyed myself, I still wasn’t totally satisfied, mainly because Mr. Little had performed so well but still hadn’t totally enjoyed the fruits of his labors. I decided to change that, pushing him onto his back, kneeling beside him, then lowering my head and slipping my tongue all over his cock.

While the man was rock hard when we were working on each other’s sex, his attention to my pussy had lowered his dick to half-mast. That wasn’t a problem, though, because I loved the sensation of slipping his entire semi-hard dick into my mouth and working my lips and cheek muscles until it was bursting out of my mouth in a granite state.

“Oh, Constance, oh…that is so good,” commended my insatiable boss. “You are such a spectacular cocksucker!”

I had heard that comment before from his lips, but each time he said it I glowed. It gave me such a wonderful feeling to be complimented for something I just enjoyed doing. It made me feel so hot deep inside knowing I turned the man on so that he lost track of what he was doing or saying.

On this day Mr. Little wasn’t looking for a luxurious blow job. He was hot, excited and wanted to cum. I felt it as I bobbed my head up and down on his dick, working my lips and cheeks in a milking mode. He put a hand behind my head and helped me understand the perfect timing of sucking his cock. I didn’t have time to lick it all over once he got into this condition, so I just let him control the action.

I felt his rigid dick shake in my mouth, then I swear I could feel a tightening near his balls and his manly cum begin it’s travels up his cock. Whether I felt it or not wasn’t the point, because what matters is that the man lost control and soon his cock-eye was spurting out hot sticky sauce into my mouth.

“Suck my dick Constance, don’t stop now,” said my boss, as if I had a choice with his hand glued to my head, pushing it down. The man must not have shot in a week because he exploded several thick wads of man juice into my willing mouth. Some escaped, sakarya escort hitting my cheek, but I kept sucking on his cock until his erection began to subside.

He loves it when I continue to suck after his orgasm, as I slowly tighten my lips around his dick, keeping it hard and milking every last drop from his loins. On that day his manhood stayed in my mouth for several minutes before not even my mouth couldn’t keep his dick hard. It popped out of my mouth and I looked up at my boss, a smile crossing my lips.

Mr. Little stared at me as I stuck out my tongue and began fingering his excess sauce into my willing mouth. His jizz was a little salty, but satisfying. I smiled up at his as I swallowed down the rest of his orgasmic blast.

“Oh, Constance, you are so wonderful, so good. You are a great cocksucher! I am so lucky to have you,” said the man with vigor.

For the next few minutes we held each other tight, stroking each other’s back, whispering sweetness into each other’s ear. Our breath and heartbeats got back to normal as we cuddled. We picked up our things and made our way back to his car, slipping into the front seat.

That’s when he began asking more in-depth questions.

“Constance, you are so very good at sucking cock, you have to tell me, when was the first time you did it, who taught you, how many guys have you sucked off?”

Nothing like getting to the point of my love-making background and resume. On one hand, I wasn’t THAT experienced, but I had been with several guys before I met and began a relationship with my married boss. Some I had mentioned, some I hadn’t, and never had I gone into detail. On that day I decided to come clean…at least to a point.

He was just so very interested in the details, I decided to give in to his inquisition.

I looked him in the eyes, kissed his cheek, they told him not to get jealous.

“I was a senior in high school, it was right after my 18th birthday, and I hadn’t dated a lot. Oh, I had been on a number of dates, but nothing special, and not as many as some of my friends. In any event my friend Amber Crawford asked me if I wanted to double date with her and her boyfriend, and I mentioned I didn’t have a special guy. She asked if I wanted to be set up on a date…with a great guy.”

Why not, I thought, and told my friend if she could make it happen, to do so.

That Friday night Amber and Biill came up to my door with a friend of theirs, Charlie. They picked a nice looking guy for my date, and I appreciated his bunch of flowers and non-ragity look. We went to Denny’s for dinner and then to a movie before driving home.

While Bill drove us to the dinner and movie, he asked Charlie to drive home. So I moved to the front seat and we all talked for a while on the return trip. At least for a while, because I finally realized after asking a couple questions that Bill and Amber had no inkling at all of what I was saying as they were making out with fervor.

The two were locked in a passionate embrace, and I quickly looked at the road in front of me…but not before noticing that Charlie was flipping glances through the rear view mirror at the couple in the back seat. I leaned over and whispered for him to keep his eyes on the road, which brought a smile to his face.

We listened to the radio for a but when I heard a gasp from the back seat. Without thinking, I looked back, only to be in for the shock of my life. The two in the back seat were no longer kissing. Bill was leaning back against the car door while Amber was bent over his mid-section. My eyes nearly popped out as I realized the girl was going down on her boyfriend’s cock.

Now I couldn’t see everything, but I could sure see what she was doing. The girl was bobbing her head on his boyfriend’s cock, something I had read about but never imagined any good girl would do. It was dirty, disgusting, and, I have to admit, sensual. It wasn’t long before I heard him gasp and shoot his load into my friend’s willing mouth. I quickly looked ahead as Charlie slid his hand onto my thigh. I pushed him away, still in shock.

I wasn’t sure what to do. On one hand I didn’t want to look into the backseat, but on the other, I was fascinated about what I had observed. My friend being so wanton, giving her boyfriend a gift of what I thought only hookers and sluts did. Amber was neither sakarya escort bayan in my mind, so I was confused about her actions. Heck, it wasn’t but three weeks before when we were speaking that she let on that I wasn’t the only virgin in the room, and here she was doing the disgusting duty in the back seat.

“That was a good movie, wasn’t it,” asked Amber, just minutes after sucking off her boyfriend..Her mouth was probably coated with cum, yet she sounded so, well, innocent. I couldn’t help wondering how she could talk with that residue in her mouth.

“Uh, yea, it was good.”

We made small talk until we arrived at my house, and Charlie put his arm around me while walking me to my door. He gave me a little kiss, and said, “That was hot.” At first I he meant the kiss, but then I realized he meant the backseat action. “We have to do that sometime!”

I pushed him away and went into the house without even saying good night. What a jerk.

That night I fantasized of his dick in my mouth, though, playing with myself while pretending I was giving head. I rationalized that if Anne, a sweet girl, could so such a thing, I may have been hasty in my thoughts.

The next day I spoke with Amber on the phone, and couldn’t help asking her about…well, her oral talents.

“You can’t get knocked up that way, and Bill really wanted more from me,” said the girl.


Amber weaved a tailed about how she and Bill advanced from necking to handjobs, and how he constantly was begging for her to give in and have sex. “I don’t want to get pregnant, and he is so loving and caring and, well, you know, you can’t get preggie if he doesn’t go there!”

“But isn’t it yuckie?”

“Actually, it’s not all that bad,” said my friend with a laugh. “It takes a little getting used to, but I enjoy it now. And Bill, well, he’s always begging for more. He’s insatiable, I mean, I think he could do it twice a day if I let him! As it is I think hardly a days goes by where I’m not sucking on him.”

“You’re kidding!”

“Not in the least,” said my friend. “It’s kinda fun, knowing he desires me so much, so often.”

We discussed her experiences with her boyfriend, and how she felt in control of their relationship due to her oral talents. “He’ll do anything I ask, just so long as I put out.”

Charlie called me several times hoping for another date. I didn’t know if it was me he wanted to be with, or if I was just his ticket to being a voyeur to Amber and Bill’s backseat adventure. We’d talk, and I led him on a bit without agreeing on a date until after his third call. I had wanted him to wonder if his pushy comments on our first date would mean their wouldn’t be a second.

That Friday night Charlie stopped over my house and met my folks for a few minutes before Bill and Amber rapped on the front door. Like the week before, we had a quick dinner and movie before slipping out of the movie a couple minutes early. At first I wondered why the haste, but soon realized my friends wanted a little makeout session before heading home for my midnight curfew.

“Let’s stop down by the lake for a few minutes,” said Amber as we climbed into the Chevy. Nobody argued, although I was a little bit nervous about being in a secluded spot with Charlie. But with Amber and Bill in the car I knew I was safe.

Bill drove to Crum Creek and stopped alongside a pond, joking he wanted to “see the ducks”. I knew what he wanted to see, and it wasn’t ducks, as evidenced by his insistence that Charlie and I switch seats with he and Amber. We got into the front seat, they the back, and it wasn’t long before we could hear the moans and groans coming from the rear.

I snuggled against Charlie, my head on his shoulder. He held me close, then kissed my neck. “You are so pretty, Constance, and you feel so very good.”

The boy’s hands crept toward my breasts, and I decided to take the liberty of playing a little on my own to keep his hands away from my body. I turned a little to get comfortable, then began stroking his thigh. I glanced to the rear and saw my friends passionately sucking face, and figured I’d take matters into my own hands. I reached toward his crotch and slowly began massaging his dick.

“Oh, Constance, that feels so good,” whispered my date as I began stroking his cock to hardness. I was amazed at how big his escort sakarya dick grew in his pants. It sort of throbbed against my hand as I rubbed and stroked it through his clothing. Charlie let out a little gasp and I knew he was getting hotter and hotter by the second.

Looking again to the rear I notice Amber going down on Bill, but I knew I couldn’t yet commit to such wantonness. I did, however, want to feel the cock in my hand, and reached up and unzipped my guy’s fly. I lifted the elastic of his briefs, and out popped a rock hard cock. While it was dark, I could see Charlie’s manhood throbbing just inches away.

Kissing his neck, I reached over and began slowly stroking his cock from top to bottom as I felt his mid-section begin to rock. “Don’t stop that, Constance, it feels so wonderful. Keep it up…yes…just like that.” His cock felt so hard, yet so soft, to my touch. I can’t really describe it, other than it was smooth and pulsated to my touch.

Charlie started bucking his cock against my hot hand, and I knew he was soon going to explode. Feeling naughty, I looked into the back seat and watched Bill fondle Amber’s head, insistently bucking into her mouth while I stroked my boyfriend to the tune of their coupling. Bill’s head was back in the seat, as was Charlie’s and it wasn’t long before I heard Bill groan and Amber nearly choking on his ejaculation. Charlie was right behind, bouncing up and down before letting out a groan and start his orgasm. “Oh yea baby, keep going, oh yea,” said my guy. “What a handjob, oh yes!”

His dick exploded its sticky stuff high into the air in several spurts, and I felt the stuff cascade down my hands as his orgasm continued. He continued to moan as I pumped his dick. With my free hand I reached into my pocket for a kleenex to clean up the sticky mess, but didn’t let go of his dick until his cock shrunk.

Charlie kissed me deeply as I held his flacid cock, still sticky from its eruption. In the back seat Amber whispered we had better get going, and soon we were on our way home.

As I finished the story I innocently brushed my hand against Mr. Little’s crotch, noticing a tenting situation. “Oh, you liked that?” I quizzed.

“On Constance, you bad girl!” said my boss. “Now you are going to get punished.”

He looked around the parking lot, which was empty save for a lone car at the far end of our field of vision.

Mr. Little unzipped his fly and pulled out his cock, motioning for me to go down on it. I climbed back onto the car seat and lowered my head against the lip, licking and laving it while my boss fondled my ass. He lifted my skirt, lowered my panties, and proceeded to gingerly swat my bottom while pushing up his dick against my face. I grabbed the base of his dick and once again began sucking his cock. This time it was a slower pace, as my hand and mouth moved in tandem.

“You jerked him off like you are jerking me off now?” asked the man. I removed my head from his cock, saying, “Yes, but I didn’t suck him…at least not that night.”

“Oh, Constance, you bad girl you. You treat me so well.”

I loved sucking on my bosses’ dick. I never get tired of it. I guess Amber was right, it’s a talent that is very special. And I felt special sucking him off.

Mr. Little stopped his spanking and slipped up my panties, then slipped his hand inside them and fondled my ass as I sucked his cock. He was getting hotter by the minute, a fact noticed by me, and I picked up the pace of my hand jerking him while my tired lips sort of worked the end of his knob.

I moaned out I wanted him to cum, and then tightened my moist lips on his cock tip, milking the mushroom head with all I had while my hand stroked the base of his dick. Soon I caught my second load of the afternoon, as Mr. Little let go of his second orgasm.

“Oh Constance, yes, that’s so good,” said the man. “Suck my dick…don’t stop…oh yes!”

I continued my milking as he gave me every bit he had, and I smiled at him as I swallowed his load. I moved up and put my head on his shoulder, noticing a couple walking to the other car in the lot. I couldn’t help wondering whether they had seen anything, but since they weren’t pointing or running or anything figured everything was fine.

Mr. Little zipped up his manhood and we kissed a bit before I had to leave. But not before promising to finish my story about Charlie and any other lover who came to mind.

That night my horny afternoon made me even more frisky at home.

I think my boyfriend – if he only knew and didn’t go ballistic – should send Mr. Little a thank you note for warming me up and sending me on my way, because he got some excellent benefits that evening.

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