Doing Laura

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Watching a romantic movie wasn’t my idea of an exciting Friday night, but there wasn’t much else on, and this one was a little erotic, judging by the way the couple on the bed were feeling each other up. In fact, when the main character unclasped his partner’s bra, and her cut perky breasts came into view, I sat up and took a little more notice.

Just then, the front door opened, and in walked Laura, my eighteen-year old stepdaughter. She had come home for the Christmas vacation, leaving her mother and family back in Utah. She always liked me and we got along more like friends. She took off her coat and boots and flopped down on the couch beside me.

“How was the game?”, I asked, referring to her indoor soccer game her girlfriends begged her to play. She was an incredible player and always the first to get asked to fill in when she came back for a visit.

“Great, I scored two goals and we won 6-1.”

“Awesome. You tired? And, um, maybe you need a shower?” She looked at me with a grin as I wrinkled my nose.

“Yeah, I just need you to rub my back for a minute before I go upstairs.”

I slid my hand under her sweater and started to massage her back with my hand. “You forget your bra tonight?”, I asked.

“No, it was all sweaty so I took it off in the locker room.”

“Why didn’t you shower there?”

“Eww, those locker rooms are gross, I couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

I continued to lightly rub her soft skin, and I could feel myself stirring inside my lounging pants. I silently cursed myself for not wearing underwear, feeling my cock starting to snake down my leg. Laura leaned over to give me better access to her lower back. As she turned towards me, she put her head in my lap, her chin bumping into my growing cock.

“Whoa! What was that?”, she asked, looking down at my crotch. Seeing my now hard cock tenting my pants, she opened her eyes wide. “Um, I guess I’d better go shower.”

But she didn’t move. She was squirming a bit, seemingly enjoying the massage.

“Mmm, but your hand feels so nice.”

Laura turned her head to look at the television, laying her head down. It pushed my cock over a bit but she never mentioned it. I continued to massage her, letting my hand slide over more towards her stomach with each circular motion. The scene on the television was warming up as well, the couple were climbing into a hot tub. As they slid down into the water, they peeled off their swimsuits and tossed them out of the tub. I slid my hand around Laura’s side and caressed the side of her breast.

“Mmm, feels good there.” She said and turned over on her back, the back of her head pushing against my hard-on. As she turned, her breast moved under my hand.

“Oops, sorry.” I said, and started to move my hand away. She grabbed it and kept it on her breast, squeezing it gently. She looked into my eyes as a I massaged her breast, lightly pinching the rapidly-hardening nipple. She put her hand behind her head, the back of her hand against my erection. The precum was running out the end of my cock, soaking the front of my pants. Laura could feel the wetness on the back of her hand. She pulled her hand away and looked at it. It was wet with my moisture. She licked it off and smiled.

“I guess that movie is getting to you, isn’t it?”

“A little, I guess” was my reply.

“A little?” , Laura sat up, turned around and squeezed my shaft. “I wouldn’t call that a little!” Then, sliding her hand up my cock on the outside of my pants “Holy fuck, how big is that thing?”.

“I don’t know, I never measured it.”

“Well, I will.” She sat up and went to my desk and grabbed a ruler. She came canlı bahis back and kneeled between my legs. She grabbed the waistband of my pants and started to tug.


“Be quiet, Luke, lift your ass!”

So, I did, and she pulled them down. My cock sprang back up and slapped her on the side of her face and into my belly.

“Holy fuck, your cock is huge!” She put the ruler up against the base of my cock, and gasped.

“It’s almost twelve inches, and I’m measuring from the front. If I put it up against the top of your balls…”

She did and the twelve inch ruler wasn’t long enough. She dropped the ruler on the floor and grabbed my cock at the base. Her fingers didn’t even come close to touching. She slid her hand up the shaft and as she did, a large drop of precum came running down the shaft. She licked it off and slid her tongue up the shaft and swirled it around the head.

“I don’t thing I could even get the head of this thing in my mouth.”

“No problem.” I leaned over and the head of my cock brushed my mouth. Laura gasped and, still gripping my cock, rubbed the wet head over my lips.

“Oh, fuck, are you gonna suck your own cock, Daddy?” She called me Daddy once in a while, but usually Luke.

“Do you want me to, Laura?”

“Oh, yeah! That would be so fucking hot!” She pushed the swollen head of my massive cock against my lips. I opened my mouth and my wet cock slid inside. I moved my head up and down, taking about three inches into my mouth. I could see Laura’s other hand reaching down to unbuckle her jeans. She let go of my cock for a second and stood up. She pulled her sweater over her head and her gorgeous perky breasts came into view. They were at least a B-cup, round with long hard nipples sticking out. Then, she peeled off her jeans and stood there in a black lace thong. Her panties were soaked in the front. She slid her hand inside them and fingered her pussy. Then she pulled out two glistening fingers and held them up to my nose.

I took my mouth off my swollen cock and licked her juices off. She moaned slightly and slid her fingers into my mouth. I gently sucked them and bit down softly with my mouth.

“Mmm, could you do the same thing on my clit, Daddy?”

“Sure, baby, just slide those panties off and lie down on the couch.”

Laura slid the sexy thong down over her hips, and as I watched her, I slid my fist slowly up and down the swollen shaft, the precum running over my fingers. I scooped some up and licked it off my hand.

“Fuck, your cock gets so wet. You really like the taste of your own precum, don’t you?”

“Mmm, it is good,” I said, taking another lick off the end of my cock. Laura moaned deep from within her throat, watching me suck the huge head.

She stepped out of her panties, and I could see how neatly she kept her pussy hair trimmed. Her lips were bald and swollen, with just some dark golden hair about her clit, hard and pushing out like a miniature cock. Her pussy looked extremely wet and as I stared between her legs, she slid her hand down over her firm belly and parted the lips with a finger. It rubbed the hard clit and slid inside herself. She moved her finger around and moaned.

“You want me to eat you, baby, or are you going to bring yourself off without my help?”

Laura pulled her wet finger out, rubbed it over the wet knob of my huge erection and popped it into her mouth. She sucked on her finger for a minute and moved it in and out like a cock.

“I’m gonna get that big fucker in my mouth tonight, if it’s the last thing I do! But first I want you to eat me.” She grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the couch. Then bahis siteleri she laid down and spread her legs wide. I could see her swollen lips part and the glistening pink insides of her sweet pussy. Her clit was swollen hard and poking up at me.

I kneeled on the floor and put my hands on her legs, pushing them open a little more. I leaned over and smelled her sweet juices and could see a little trickle moving down onto her little ass. I reached down with my finger and slid it across her wet anus and caught her wetness on my finger. She moaned as she felt my finger ‘back there’.

“Ooh, you’re bad touching me there. No one’s ever touched me there before.”

I pushed my head between her legs and slid my tongue over her clit, down over her lips and onto her bum, pushing gently at the tiny opening. She started moaning loudly and thrusting her ass up to my mouth.

“Fuck me there, Daddy, with your tongue. You’ll never get that monster cock of yours in my ass, but you can tongue-fuck me!”

I slid my tongue over Laura’s sweet pussy lips and gently sucked her hard clit into my mouth. She moaned loudly while I did this and her juices trickled down over her ass. I wet my finger in them and slid it slowly into her sweet butt. She moaned and pushed her cunt into my mouth and grabbed my wrist. She shoved it back against her, driving my finger deep into her ass. She was moaning and writhing around on the couch. All of a sudden she arched her back and shouted.

“Fuck me, I’m cumming!”

I pushed my finger into her ass as far as I could and I could feel her cunt muscles contracting. I slid my thumb into her pussy as she came, as she started squirting all over my face. I had never seen a girl squirt before, and my cock throbbed as she drenched my hand and face.

She finally relaxed and lay back panting.

“Oh, Daddy! That was the best I ever had!” She looked down at my face, seeing how wet it was. She had a shocked look on her face.

” Oh, no! Did I pee on you Daddy? I’m so sorry!”

“No, baby,” I said, lifting my fingers to her mouth. “Taste this. I think you just squirted for the first time.”

Laura sucked my fingers into her mouth and licked them off.

“Mmm, tastes like my pussy all right, not like pee at all.”

“And how would you know what pee tastes like?”

“Um,” she said, blushing, “Kayley and I were fooling around one night she was sleeping over. We were talking about boys and sex and stuff, and she started playing with herself. Did you know she shaves her whole pussy bald? It looked so hot, I started playing with her clit. She started to push my hand away, saying she had to go pee. She started to get up and I started tickling her.

“All of a sudden, she said ‘I can’t hold back any longer’ and she started tinkling. It was running down her leg onto my belly and pussy. I was trying to push her off me, and she ended up with her pussy over my mouth. I started to holler at her and ended up with a mouthful of her pee. I got really hot, pushed her on her back and started fucking my pussy against her bald cunt. I leaned down to kiss her and she sucked my tongue into her mouth, moaning about how good her pee tasted. We both came and later that night in the shower, she laid down and got me to pee all over her. She was fingering herself while I peed all over her clit. She moved her hand up to her mouth and licked my pee off her fingers. We both came again. It was fucking hot.”

My swollen cock was throbbing, and loads of precum were running down my shaft onto my balls. I reached down and started to stroke my hard-on, with Laura laying back on the bed, still recovering from her orgasm bahis şirketleri and getting hotter by the minute, watching me masturbate. She started rubbing her clit and looked into my eyes.

“If you’ll suck your cock a little more, I’ll let you try and fuck me, although I’m not to sure that monster will go inside my tiny cunt. But I’m so fucking horny, I want you to try.”

“Okay, baby, just lay back and enjoy this.” I leaned over and my cock brushed against my face. A trail of precum stuck to my cheek and it ran down, and dripped onto my belly. I love sucking my own cock and can usually get 3 or 4 inches in my mouth with little effort at all. I opened my mouth and as I was about to slide my hard-on in, Laura reached over and grabbed the shaft.

“Here, Daddy, let me help you.” She slid her hand up the wet shaft , and pushed the foreskin over the end, a large dollop of precum dripped onto her fist. She pushed my cock into my mouth and licked the juice off her. Then Laura slid her hand down over my balls and slid a wet finer up my ass. I moaned as she slowly fucked it in and out.

“Mmm, Daddy likes his baby finger-fucking his ass, doesn’t he?”, she said and sped up her efforts.

I pulled my mouth off my cock for a second and said “I don’t think I’m gonna last long enough this time to fuck you, baby.”

“That’s okay, Daddy. Just pull your mouth off the beautiful horse cock before you cum and shoot your load on my pussy. Then you can lick it off me, and make me cum again.”

She pushed the back of my head down onto my huge erection once again, and renewed the movements of her finger in my ass. She took her other hand off the back of my head and slid it between her parted legs. She moaned as she fingered her swollen clit, really getting off watching me suck myself. I was getting really close watching her finger rolling over her clit and sliding into her swollen pussy lips, so bare and red, swollen with lust.

I let my cock head pop out of my mouth and started fisting the shaft.

“I’m close now, baby. You want me to shoot on your pussy?”

“Mmm, yes, Daddy, come all over me!”

Laura spread her legs wide, and rubbed her clit furiously. I now had two hands stroking my cock, the precum running down the shaft, onto her leg. She scooped some up with her fingers and rubbed it into her swollen pussy lips.

“Fuck, that cock is so fucking big. You’ve got two hands on it and there’s still the head and a couple inches showing. Squirt that fucker all over my cunt, Daddy!”

With those words, I could feel the huge know swelling up. I yelled as the first thick ropes of cum shot out of my cockhead. I aimed it at Laura’s pussy, but I was so hard, I couldn’t bend it down enough and the cum hit her square in the face! She moaned and opened her mouth, sweeping some cum of the corner of her mouth. She licked at it and took her hand off her pussy to scoop up and eat the rest. She shoved her finger deeper into my ass. The next shots landed on her breasts and belly, and she scooped them up and rubbed them onto her pussy.

“Fuck me! I’m cumming again!” she yelled.

As she did, she squirted all over my cock. It was dripping with her cunt juices and the rest of my cum. I moaned and leaned over, sucking the head of my cock, wanting the mixture of our juices in my mouth. Laura was still cumming, still squirting and she pulled her finger out of my ass and slid it up her own bum. She was finger-fucking herself in both holes, her hips bucking off the couch as she finished her orgasm.

I let the head of my slightly softening cock slide out of my mouth, leaned back on the couch panting.

“Mmm, baby girl, we’re going to have a great Christmas vacation together.” Laura took her very wet hand off her pussy, and slid it up my thigh, coming to rest on my still swollen shaft.

“The very best, Daddy. The very best!”

The end, for now…..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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