Dominant Wife, Cuckold’s Reward

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She’s sitting on her worship chair. It’s the chair she forbids me to sit in, the one chair in the house for only her. Her or her boyfriend when he visits. He sits where ever he pleases.

“Do you want me to touch it, baby?”

I look up at her. Kneeling, my hands at my sides, naked on the floor in front of her, I stare up at her. She’s beautiful. Wearing a tight short black skirt, a crisp white blouse, sheer black stockings and black heels, she has just come home from a date with him. She told me they were going out to dinner, she’d be home early. That was at 5pm. It’s 2am.

I know that her makeup, perfect hair and clothing all must have been put back in place prior to leaving the hotel he took her to or prior to leaving his house.

“Oh, yes, Ma’am. Please. You know I do. Please, Ma’am. I live for that, please…”, she smiles down at me, cuts me off in mid sentence.

“Stand up and let mama see, stand right her in front of me, baby.” She leans to the edge of her chair, uncrosses her legs and leans forward.

I am quick to stand, a foot in front of her. I place my hands on my naked rear end grip my cheeks, spread them wide as she trained me to do, and present my little erection to her. She peers down at my ‘baby penis’ as she refers to it. I was hard the instant she told me to kneel naked, to take off the black tight panty girdle I wear in our house. Panty girdle and heels, her rules.

I was instantly erect when she removed my locking cock harness and put it on the table next to her, looking away from me saying dismissively, ‘kneel, doggy.’, my little thing uncontrollably jumping to little boy erection, bouncing in front of me.

“You really do have a cute pee pee, sweetie. I don’t care what he says about you. I think you’re precious.”

She giggles, “So very little and cute when it stands up like that, my little man excited by me, it’s really very flattering, honey. I think it’s darling. I do. You have no idea.”

She stares at my baby smooth crotch and legs. I feel her hand as she reaches out quickly and slaps my penis. She makes it bounce from side to side quickly, slaps it so hard it hits my stomach loudly, makes me wince, raise up onto my toes. She does it one more time. Then she sits back in her chair and looks up into my face.

I grimace from the stinging slap, bend and quickly straighten to present myself to her.

“Do you want me to touch it or slap it again? If you do, ask me, baby. Ask.”

“Please, Ma’am, please. I’ve done nothing but think about you. I’ve been so good around the house, please touch it the way you do. Please. I love you, love when you touch me, please, please. Touch my little thing, please Ma’am. Please…”, I am truly begging, feel tears well up in my eyes.

“I went to my favorite hotel with him tonight. I suggested it, was so fucking horny for him after dinner. Thought about you though, do you know that? I think about you sometimes when I’m with him. I actually get hotter for him thinking about you waiting at home for me, all cute and submissive, waiting for your Mistress to come home and delight you. I know what me being with him does for you dirty mind. I know, baby.”

She reaches out and runs one finger up my inner thigh, up and over my tiny balls, traces the length of my shaft and up through the hole. Then she pulls her hand back. I can see the lace at the top of her bra, her cleavage as she leans forward, breasts tightly held beautifully in her blouse. I think of him seeing her like that, unbuttoning her blouse, removing her bra, his hands all over her. It all runs through my mind as I look down at her tight blouse and cleavage, all that he does with her.

“I think I told you, I know I did. He has a friend that runs the hotel, gives him rooms whenever he wants one. He knows about the two of us, knows we’re lovers. Tonight he came up and visited us. I had no idea he was going to come into the room. Brought us a bottle of wine, me half naked, I had no idea he’d just let himself in with a pass key.”

She laughed loudly.

“My baby with cum all over himself, his cum all over me, he just finished fucking me. We weren’t even completely done yet. I was still half crazy, you know how he gets me, baby. I covered myself with the sheet as quick as I could, pushed him off of me. He just let his friend see it all, got up naked out of bed, cock still semi hard. The man is shameless.”

She smiled to herself.

All the while I keep asking her to touch me, never stop until she tells me too. If I stop I not only won’t be touched I may be whipped as well. Quietly begging while she talks on…’please, Ma’am, please…’. She is talking to herself as much as she it talking to me, rubbing my nose in what I am for her. For him. She knows how to exploit my submissiveness well.

She puts a finger up in the air.

“Shssssh, baby. Mama knows what you want.”

I go immediately silent. My little penis bobbing in front of me, her smiling as she looks at it, I feel the cool room air on my nakedness.

I feel her hand go to it again. She makes a small erzurum escort tight ring with her thumb and index finger, starts to run just the head of my penis through it, slow, methodical. She plays with the precum on underside of the head, runs her hand over it. I feel goose bumps raise all over my body, sigh and breath deeply. I feel faint, feel ‘the feeling’, the addiction to her hand.

She looks at my penis, stares at it.

“So responsive, such a good boy, I can feel your appreciation. Mama likes that, baby. Likes that a lot.”

She pumps slowly. The slippery sound of her hand as my precum runs through the little ring she makes with her finger and thumb.

“Don’t you say a word. You just appreciate the attention I’m paying to you. My little man, my favorite little man”

She leans to the edge of her chair, her face less than a foot from my penis. I can feel her breath on me, smell her pretty hair, hear her earrings bounce off of her shoulders in her hair, see the tops of her breasts and pretty lace bra through the top of her blouse.

“He came into the room and surprised us, well I thought he did. Found out later that my boyfriend told him to do that. He’s such a bad boy. I’m in only my heels, panties down around one ankle, naked, cum all over my pussy and stomach and here’s his friend in our room. What was I to think? I pulled the sheet up over my breasts, watched as he entered put the wine on the table. My boyfriend sitting naked on the edge of the bed laughing somewhat, teasing me about my bashful reaction. I’m not a whore, you know. The bastard grabbed the sheet off of me and threw it to the floor. Bad boy.”

She started pumping the full length of my penis. All along my little three inch erect shaft to the head, tight circle of her finger and thumb pulling me, pushing me, driving me crazy. I felt her other hand go to my butt, hold my left cheek tightly at the bottom where it met my leg, to hold me in place while she masturbated me. I felt her long red nails dig into my butt, just inside the crack and at the top of my inner thigh. She held me so tight it hurt.

“He put his underwear on and the two of them broke out the wine. He handed me a glass. I went to the bathroom to fix myself, had just been very, very fucked. I was a mess. When I came back out of the bathroom they were both being boys, joking, fucking around. Me, in my short red robe, the silky one you bought me for my birthday, baby. I had my panties back on, cum cleaned off of me. That’s when I thought about you, honey. I thought of you. Does that please you, baby?”

She stopped pumping, held my throbbing penis tight and still in her hand. She smiled up at me as I stammered ‘Yes, Ma’am…yes…’, lost to her hand.

“Don’t you even think about cumming, baby!”

“No, Ma’am, no. Please, no, I wouldn’t…”

“Good boy.” She squeezed my rear, dug her nails deeper into me. She took her hand off and slapped my cheek so hard I lifted up onto my toes. I felt her hand hold me firmly by little erection. She pulled me up on my toes by it.

“That’s when I felt deep love for you, baby, thought about you being so devoted to me, to my pleasure. I thought that if you were there with us you would have licked me clean if I asked you to. Right baby, you would have done that for me? In front of them, wouldn’t you sweetie?”

“Yes, Ma’am, yes…I would have, you know I would.” I felt my rock hard little erection flex, and throb in her hand. I felt her start to pump it again slowly.

“You should be touched that I think about you, think loving things about you even when I’m with my boyfriend. I hope you are. I really hope you are and know how much I love you. I’m a good wife. Am I, baby? Am I a good wife? Mama loves her little man.”

I feel her finger go to the hole of my penis, feel the tip of it stroke the hole and rub precum all over the under side of the head. I feel dizzy, feel my knees go weak as she does that.

“Yes, I love you. I am so in love with you, I’m yours, the best wife I could every have. You know I love you, will do anything for you.”

She leaned forward and kissed just the tip of the head. She ran the tip of her tongue up the hole, tight pointy tip back and forth, teasing.

“Ooooooo, Mistress…please, ooooooo…”, I felt my legs almost fall out from under me.

“If he knew I did this for you he’s spank me. Do you know that? He’d spank me hard. I promised him I’d save it all for him, not put you in my mouth anymore. I promised him that. Makes him happy to hear me talk to him like that, promise him he’s the only one I let put it in my mouth, let fuck me. If he had any idea. And he’s told me that it’s even more of a turn-on for him knowing what a submissive little fuck you are, his words baby, not mine.”

She took her hand off of me. Sat back into her chair, looked up at me, “Why don’t you hurry to the kitchen and get me a vodka on the rocks. I want a drink, baby.”

I hurried to do as she requested, penis bouncing so hard it hurt. When I returned with her drink she smiled up at me, escort erzurum took it from my hand.

“Such a good boy, I always say that about you, you know. My girlfriend told me she thinks you may be somewhat obsessed, maybe even crazy. I told her she had no idea what a good thing I have in you. The perfect house husband, I told her you’re the perfect husband for me. She has no idea, baby. None. And my boyfriend? He agrees with me, perfect house husband.”

She sips her drink.

Baby, why don’t you play with that thing for me. Let mama see, amuse me, honey, come on, play with that cute little erection. But don’t you dare cum, little man. Not yet. Show me, honey.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Thank you, Ma’am.” I start to pump myself for her, make it stand straight out and move it through my hand so she can see it all, my other hand on my rear end.

“So there I am, two beautiful men. One in his underwear, the other fully dressed, me in my short robe, heels and panties. Can you picture that, baby? I did redo my makeup, fixed my hair, so I was more than presentable. My boyfriend did something that surprised me. He took my robe off of me, had me in just heels and panties, bare breasts in front his friend. And before I could even react, he had his hand down the front of my underpants, kissed me so deep, the way he does, got me all wet. I didn’t care that his friend was there, didn’t even care. Maybe I am a whore after all.”

She laughed loudly.

“He pulled me up close to him, my back to his friend. I knew he was watching the two us. Then I felt him slip my panties down. I didn’t stop him.”

She sips her drink. Looks up at me, stares quietly.

“Does that feel good, little man? Let you touch yourself like that in front of me? Hear me talk all dirty and nasty to you? It’s so hard. I can see that from here, baby, so hard. You are making mama wet, baby.”

“Yes, Ma’am, yes, please don’t make me stop, please…”

She giggled loudly, said nothing, sipped her drink again.

“One thing led to another, baby. I had no idea it was going to happen the way it did. I was a bad girl. Bad, bad girl. I went to bed with two different men tonight, honey.”

She looked up at me, watched for the reaction on my face.

“I didn’t stop him when I felt his hands on my butt, his friend touching me like that. I kind of liked it, actually pushed back against his hand. He started feeling me up while my boyfriend French kissed me the sexy way he does. And when his friend one of his fingers into I lost it. He had his finger in me from behind. I was never so wet in my life. I felt my boyfriend up against me, another man finger fucking me from behind. I think I was in love.”

She talked softly, cutely giggled.

“He knows I’ll do anything when I get like that, his ‘little nymphomaniac’ he calls me. I actually liked his friend feeling me like that, felt his hands all over my rear end and up between my legs. Loved it! The next thing I knew I was in bed with him. It just happened. I know now that my boyfriend set it all up, didn’t tell me. He knows I’ll do what he likes. And he’s told me before that the idea of him watching me with another man turns him on. He got to see that tonight. He moved away from me, kissed me and told me to be a good girl, sat on the couch, watched as I started undressing his friend and took him to bed. He’s almost as big as my boyfriend and really was a very considerate lover, baby. Made me cum twice before he came all over my breasts, up over my stomach, cleaning up to come home was a real chore, honey. I lost count how many times I was fucked by those beautiful men. And being fucked while sucking another man, it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever done, baby. I liked it, liked it a lot, felt very powerful doing that. You should have seen how wonderfully those boys performed for me. Pleased me very much, honey, both of them.”

She smiled to herself, was lost thinking about it, reliving it all. She looked quickly up at me.

“They don’t please me as much as you do, little man. At least not in the same way. I hope you appreciate me getting pretty before I came home. If I were a less considerate wife I could have come home all messy. I thought about you while I was putting myself back together too. I really do care about you, honey.”

She laughed softly. She finished her drink, set the glass on the table.

“Come here.” She leaned forward as I stepped closer to her.

She brushed my hand off of my penis, took it by the base and squeezed it so tight at the top of my balls it hurt. She pulled me up high onto my toes in front of her. She leaned in and put me in her mouth. Took my entire penis in her mouth to the base of it, I felt her tongue hold it tight against the roof of her mouth, felt her move slowly.

“Oooooo, uhh, oooo, please, Ma’am…oooo…”

I stood as she moved her mouth back and forth on my, pumped me, masturbated me with her mouth. She could feel me throb, feel me struggle to control myself at the back of her throat.

And then she pulled her mouth off erzurum escort bayan of me, pushed me back away from her. She looked up at me, lips slippery and wet, she ran her tongue up over her smeared lipstick.

“I think that’s enough for tonight, baby. Don’t want to spoil you.”

“Please, Ma’am, please…may I cum? Please…”

I begged, tears in my voice.


She stared at me. Sat and listened patiently.

“I’m very tired. Very gracious to do what I just did for you, wasn’t it, baby? You should appreciate that! Control yourself. You know what happens to a bad little boy.”

She took the cock harness and lock from the table next to her empty glass. She saw the tears in my eyes. She bounced the cock harness hanging off one finger.

“What has it been, three weeks? What, honey? I lost count.”

“Four weeks, Ma’am, four weeks. My voice holding back muffled tears, stammering. Please.”

She reached down and ran her free hand up under my balls, up the length of my still bobbing erection.

“Let’s do it quickly. I’m tired. Get on your knees, you have three minutes. If you can’t cum into your hand and present yourself for lock-up in three minutes maybe you should wait anther four weeks. Move, baby.”

She glanced at her watch then up at me.

I hurried to my knees and started to pump as fast as I could. Concentrated on cumming, closed my eyes and pictured her and her boyfriend, him fucking her from behind like I saw them do when they didn’t know I was watching from the basement stair. I started to feel the feeling, always do when I think about that, her screaming out as he slammed into her rear, her over the back of the couch, dress up over her rear. I pumped to please her, to show her, to exhibit myself to her. To show my devotion, I stroked myself to show her I am hers completely.

I felt ‘the feeling’. I started to cum.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oooooo, …” I was very careful to milk myself into my hand as I came in front of her. Milked it all, so crazy I was shaking, felt like exploding, I came and filled my hand, some drops fell onto the floor.

I felt the feeling I always feel after I finish cumming. I felt shame. I felt jealous, super jealous of her and him. Felt a tear go to my eye and run down my cheek, then another. I started to softly cry. She said nothing, just watched as she always does.

I fought it and licked my hand clean as quickly as I could. Hurried to lick the droplets of cum up off of the wood floor, I stood quickly in front of her with my eyes to the floor, hands reaching back and gripping my cheeks.

She was silent. Just matter-of-factly pushed my soft penis and balls back into the CB6000 cock harness, the only sound in the room was the tiny lock clicking into place. It seemed to reverberate off the walls.


“Well?” She held the harness tightly, cradled it in the palm of her hand. She stared into my face.

“Thank you, Ma’am, thank you. Thank you. I love you. I adore you. Thank you.”

“I know baby, I know.” She dropped the harness from her hand.

“I know you like sleeping with me but I think it would be best if you slept in the bed in your basement punishment room tonight. I’m so tired, don’t want to be disturbed, want to sleep in late. Maybe let you sleep with me tomorrow night, we’ll see. Maybe after you get all your housework done tomorrow we could go out to a nice dinner. Just the two of us. Would you like that, honey, have me dress up real sexy? Dress up just for you?”

She smiled at me.

“Maybe even let you make me cum the special way you do with your mouth, would that be a good ‘tomorrow night date’?”

She started for the stairs up to the bedroom, didn’t wait for my response, my begging and submissive response.

“Yes, Ma’am, yes. Please, let’s do that, yes. Please.”

“Baby, I put it in my mouth tonight. Haven’t done that in long time. Do you know why I did that for you? Because I love you. That and because I’ve never had three different men in my mouth in one evening.”

She giggled like a teen age girl, the cute giggle she does.

“Well, two men and my little boy.”

She smiled back at me, not waiting for me to respond. I watched her perfectly formed rear end climb the stairs, heard her high heels click on each stair. I felt myself go deeply back into submission, her spell cast once again.

“Thank you, Ma’am. Thank you.” She was gone at the top of the stair. I heard the bedroom door shut as my voice trailed off.

She knows I’ll never be anything but submissive to her. All I could think about as I cleaned up the house and went to my bed in the basement was her in the hotel with my boss, and his friend. Thought about the sounds she makes, the way she sounds when she’s fucked by him. I thought about the way I’ve heard them together in our bedroom when he’s in our house. I thought about the way she must have looked doing the things she did.

I thought about seeing him at work in the office on Monday. Thought about how he’d no doubt call me into his office and tell me about the ‘new thing’ my wife does for him. I thought about his secretary knowing about him and her, having to walk past her as I go to his office, thought about the way she always looks so snidely up at me from her desk. I thought about how she turns her ‘knowing’ nose up at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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