Dominant, Wife, Scavenger Hunt Pt. 03

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This is a story about a woman who is shared by her husband but ends up taken not given

A Dominant, A Scavenger Hunt,

And Some else’s Wife.

How she gets what she wants, her husband gets what he wants,

and the Dominant Takes what he wants.

Deb and I were on our way back to the hotel, and Doug was on his way to the Tattoo Parlor. I had asked them guys there to graphically describe what they did to her, and to take literary license in doing so. I know these guys, and they will have him convinced she had everything but the lamppost up her ass before they turn him loose. And that is more than fine by me, I like what I do, and that’s why I’ve done it all these years. Sex isn’t just what you do, its2mostly what you put in the mind of the people you’re doing it to. He was my toy to play with, and I played with his mind big time.

As we exited the car, Deb was fearfully aware by the light chilled breeze, that her pussy was fully displayed to anyone in front of her, and if she bent forward enough to cover it, she felt the air circling the training plug in her ass. She looked at me with that face I love to see on women, when their thinking “What am I to do now.” I just chuckled and knew she would figure it out on her own. She’s not one of those young tramps that look to a man to do everything for them, because they’re too stupid to think it out. No, she was a mature woman with a working brain, that commanded an impressive working body, and a will to use both to their extremes. She quickly figured out that if she stood straight and cupped her hands in front of her, she could block them view of both holes.

For me, I wanted to see her squirm just a bit more, so I looped her left arm around my waist before we got to the hotel lobby. Now she was blocking the obscene view with only one hand. This would have been good enough for most perverted minds, but not mine. As we got through the lobby and made our way back to the elevators, I took my free arm and looping it around her back, grabbing her elbow and pulling it back exposing her to the world. As she panicked, I simply asked her with a whisper, “Now you’re afraid of strangers seeing your pussy?”

Once in the elevator I had her stand for one more picture, pussy hanging out and a wicked smile upon her face. We got out of the elevator when Doug texted me with a pic of her cum covered coat. I had Deb sit on the bench in the elevator lobby and texted him back.

“Did the guys think she was a good fuck?”

“They told me some radical things you did to her. I swear if you hurt her, I’ll get you.”

“Take it easy Douglass, if you want to see her yet tonight.”

“Dammit, just tell me where you are.”

I sent him the pic of her in the elevator, one hand on the wall, one on her hip, the sluttiest smile on her face, and her pussy completely uncovered.

“Does this look like she is hurting in any way? This slut can’t get enough in that cunt of hers.”

Now there wasn’t an immediate Bayan Eskort response to my text, so I decided to have some fun. With my driver taking video, I stood Deb up, ripped that nightie off her body, and told her not to cover herself. She didn’t seem to mind being naked in the elevator lobby too much, as a matter of fact I think she enjoyed it. Again, she gave me that wonderful slut smile, and she made me adore her even more. Don’t get me wrong, it is wonderful to have a true slut wanting to experience an entire evening of debauchery, but to give you that precious slut smile while she does, it’s just priceless.

She headed up the hall to her room, carrying her ripped nightdress, almost like she was leading a parade totally nude except for heels. My God what a woman she is, I thought to myself. She had no pockets, so the cardkey was in in mine. She stood at the door wondering why I didn’t move to open it.

“Only naked sluts allowed jn this room.”

“I don’t have a stitch of clothing to take off.”

“Your feet are covered and that is too much. I want you totally naked before I let you in and use every part of you.”

“OK boss, I’ll take them off, but I’ll do it my way”.

I must tell you that I almost came from this naked woman taking her shoes off. Now, I’m not a foot fetish person, but this wonderful creature did the most sexy and sensual movements while removing her heels. Her hands started at her pussy, and slowly went down the leg. When she reached the upper calf, she bent in such a pose that made me want to fuck her again, right there in the hall. And when she got the heel off, she gave me another show with the other leg. Then she struck up a pose I would pay to see again, she put one hand on the door frame, and the other on her hip, one leg slightly bent, and there was that slut smile again.

“Well, do you want to stare at me naked in the hall ormdo you want to take me inside and fuck me stupid?”

“Both, but I’ll fuck you first.”

Once in the room, I told her to shower while I set up the surprises I have for you yet tonight. She walked to the bathroom door, stopped and with her back and ass to me, one hand on the wall, she told me that she wouldn’t be long.

Any other man would have thought, “This woman is trying to seduce me, but I knew better. There was no seduction going on here, I had already fucked her numerous times with others, I knew she wasn’t interested in any type of relationship other than what we already had, this woman was attempting to Dominate me. Being Dominate since me teenage years, I recognized it, and couldn’t allow it to happen. It was time for me to establish who the Dominant was in this room.

Now here is the difference between a Dominate, and a Dom. A Dom would have used a show of force, mostly slapping, and choking and stuff like that. A Dominate won’t react, he will act. I walked up behind her and put the thumb of my right hand on the plug she was wearing, and the first Anadolu Yakası Escort two fingers up and around to her clit. Light pressure on both will get a woman attention where you want it. Then I let the two fingers slip down and enter her without warning. Push fingers in, and when you withdraw push the plug, back and forth and she had increased her breath rate.

“Now do we Both understand who is in charge here?”

“You win this round, and we’ll see about the next.”

“The next, and the one after that, and the one after that will end the same way. But if you want me to prove that I would be more than happy to.”

“I need to go shower as I was told to do. Don’t you have some arrangements to make?”

As she went to walk away, I curled the two fingers inside of her effectively making a hook that stopped her in her tracks. I lightly started to gently pull back and she shuffled back to me. As she did, I took my left hand around her torso to steady her, and my right thumb touching against her sphincter, applying light pleasure to her ass just beneath the training plug. A look of fear came upon her face realizing I could easily insert my thumb along side her plug. I did this not to hurt or scare her, but to cement my position as the Dominant in her mind. I then released her and withdrew my fingers, allowing her to continue into the bathroom.

It was time to text Doug again, as he must be going a bit crazy in that Tattoo Parlor Parking lot.

“Well Doug, now that you know what a real slut you married, I’ll bring her to you. Go back to your hotel and sit in the bar we initially met in. Wait there and you will be reunited with your whore.”

“Hey Deb, Hubby will be in the hotel in fifteen minutes, and up here in thirty. Get your ass out here.”

What Deb didn’t know yet is that both of my friends, the picture taking one and the one she fucked at his house, were already downstairs. I ordered a variety plate from room service, my driver brought up my bag, he was waiting in the sitting area of the suite, and the other two were in their way up. That makes four cocks for Deb to satisfy, and 30 minutes before Doug shows up for the big show.

Deb came out looking sexy wearing only the small plug I put in her ass. I had her bend over a chair, removed it, and inserted the next size trainer. It was a little tough for her to take it, but we got it in place. I placed a pair of nipple clamps on her, a pair I customized. They are a normal pair, but I drilled and threaded them to make the pinch adjustable, and a heavier chain between them. I bound her hands in front of her and laid her on the bed with her knees up and spread wide. Now we were set for her to perform for Doug, and for her to witness his Domination and humiliation.

My two friends arrived and them and the driver proceeded to use Deb’s mouth for some fun. One in her throat, and one in her bound hands, would be her start, but as soon as the first one cums, then Pendik Escort she will be fully occupied. I got behind her and slowly pulled her plug almost out and then back in, repeatedly opening her up for her finale which I was going to enjoy. As Deb was dutifully sucking the cock in front of her, I whispered in her ear.

“Are you ready for the full in fuck-fest that’s about to take place?”

She kept sucking as she nodded her head to me. This was one special woman to be sure. I heard a knock on the door, and it was the room service guy delivering the food I ordered. He walked in and saw her in the bed and was amazed by the sight. I told the guys to make way and told the room service guy to get his tip from her. He walked up to the bed and pulled out his cock, which she grabbed and put in her mouth. Two of my guys had already unloaded in Deb’s mouth, and the third was waiting on the room service guy to blow before he got his. I figured it was about time to text Doug, but I wanted a special pic. I put Deb up in her knees and elbows while she sucked this man’s cock, and slowly pulled the plug from her ass, ready to snap a pic. As I had hoped, she gaped open after removing the plug and I got a close-up pic for her husband, then reinserted the plug. I sent Doug that pic.

“Hey Doug, did you know your wife’s ass hangs open for cock?”

“What are you doing to her?”

“Nothing that me and my friends aren’t going to do while you watch.”

As I sent that text, the room service guy blew his load down Deb’s throat. Now the third man took Deb’s mouth and I had a talk with the room service guy.

“Wow, that bitch can really suck cock. If you need anything else brought up, I’m on for the next hour and fifteen minutes.”

“Do you have a friend that works with you?”

“Yeah, my buddy and I work here.”

“Then after work, why don’t you both come by. She’ll need some fresh cock by then.”


“Yeah, but her hubby will be watching then.”

“You mean she’s not yours?”

“Just met her tonight.”

“Fucking awesome, we’ll be by after work.”

Well, that makes three cocks for her now, and two more in the second shift. Now it’s time to bring Doug up.

“Deb tells me you like being Dominated and Humiliated. Is that true?”

“She wasn’t supposed to tell you that.”

“And yet she did. That’s your price of admission to see tonight’s show.”

“Just tell me where the fuck she is.”

“She’s s getting fucked by two guys right now. Just go up to the floor where your room is and follow her clothing to the room.”

“What, you’re in the hotel?”

She just got done blowing the room service delivery guy. Get your ass up here.”

“I have to go to the elevator lobby, you two guys keep her company, but NO ONE gets her ass, that’s off limits.”

I grabbed her torn nightdress and her heels and went to the elevator where I left the torn nightie Doug saw in the picture on the ground. Then walked back and dropped her shoes one at a time leaving the last one outside the room door. Wait until he figures out we’re in his room, in the bed he’s going to have to sleep in tonight. Back in the room I flipped the security bar across the door so Doug could only open it two or three inches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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