Dominque, April, Summer

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The pool was quiet this late in the evening. Summer and April knew that Dominique always planned their meetings this late on purpose. She hated the idea that just anyone would be able to watch them practice their synchronized swimming routine for the championships coming up in a few weeks. Dom liked it to be a surprise to even the locals who frequented the pool. So she made a deal with the pool management that let the three college girls come in to practice when there really wasn’t anyone else interested in being at the pool.

Now their workout was done, and they were showering and getting ready to return to their dorm.

Summer turned in the shower, letting the hot water splash down over her red hair and tanned skin. April was watching her from the shower room edge, but it only took the blonde a moment before she was standing next to Summer and cupping the girl’s bottom.

Summer opened her mouth, and April’s was there to greet her.

April’s fingers ran immediately between her thighs, and Summer parted them more, giving the blonde’s fingers room to part her and enter her. Her arms went around April’s neck, and April moaned against Summer’s mouth.

From the edge of the shower room, Dom was watching them, her mouth curled in a sneer.

Those two could never wait to be alone. They were insatiable.

The black-haired, long-legged Dominique picked up her towel and walked out to the pool’s edge. She looked around as she dropped her towel on a nearby bench.

No one was around. Even the management had probably left the pool side.

Far up above her, Dominique could see the midnight-blue sky full of stars through the glass dome that covered the indoor Olympic-sized pool. She smiled, contentedly, and began to peel off her one-piece bathing suit used for training.

Beneath the suit, she was as tanned as Summer or April were. She insisted they all have the same skin tones, and spend the same amount of time tanning naked at Dominique’s large estate. Sometimes, she was sure her father knew they did that, because he offered them free reign so often. But she was also sure she didn’t care. He supported several of the swim teams financially, so maybe watching her friends bathing nude on his large lawn was his due.

Though Dom was always sure she kept her chair turned away from the large house.

Now she unabashedly stood naked at the side of the public pool. Built into the wall were some stall-less showers, and she walked over to one of these, turning it on. When it was the right mix of hot and cold, the long legged swimmer stepped under the shower’s spray.

The water steamed, washing over her almost too large bosoms, and she lifted her breasts, one in each hand, letting the chlorinated water wash from them. Then she turned around.

Arching her back, she let her long silky black hair hang back and down her backside as she leaned back into the shower, dark eyes closed.

This felt so good, she thought.

Then, suddenly, she sensed a presence near her.

For a moment, Dominique thought she should scream. Open her eyes and scream, “Pervert!”

But then a sick sense of pride washed over her young form.

Someone was spying on her while she showered, naked.

And it was probably some dirty casino oyna old janitor, or one of those sixteen-year-old lifeguards.

Smiling, Dominique kept her eyes closed and began to move her hands over her body. She ran her long fingers down over her chest, under her breasts. Then she moved back to her dark nipples, pinching them lightly, then harder, until they were both erect. She teased them with her fingertips, giving whoever was watching a good show.

Dom’s mind wandered to April and Summer, her two very bisexual teammates. She had not been surprised when she had first found out their attraction to each other. She encouraged it. It made them more dedicated and supportive in their swimming, and more in tune with each other. But now her mind thought about what they were doing in the shower.

Dom thought about April’s fingers going between Summer’s long thighs. And it made her shiver. Her own fingers went lower over her belly, as she wondered what it would be like to have someone like April touch her like that, right there.

Down over her dark trimmed furry mons went her fingers. Then Dom was parting her thighs.

Ahhh, she thought, wondering if whoever was watching was touching himself, maybe even whacking off from his secret corner. The thought made her tingle with self-importance.

Dom’s fingers parted her swollen puss lips, and she let them move over her now wetted crevice. Again, her thoughts went to April. She imagined having April’s mouth on her, or maybe Summer’s. What would it be like to be on her father’s lawn, the three of them baking in the sun and mouthing and touching each other…

Suddenly, a hand was touching her breast, and another her thigh. Dominique opened her eyes quickly, fingers clawed and ready to scratch out the eyes of whoever was touching her.

“How dare you -!”

Summer was standing on one side of her, and April on the other.

No whacko pervert guy had been watching her after all, she thought.

Just these two lesbos.

“We thought you could use some help,” April purred in Dom’s ear.

“But I think she’s already doing a fine job, April,” Summer said, smiling and touching the inside of Dom’s thigh.

Dominique wanted to say “I’m fine, leave me alone, you guys,” but as April’s mouth moved closer to her neck, and Summer’s fingers slid up her wet thigh, she wasn’t sure she should.

Dom let her head fall back into the shower’s spray.

She let herself give in to her fantasies. What could it hurt, just this one time?

April’s mouth began to lick and lap at Dom’s finely curved neck. Her tongue was hot against Dom’s tanned skin. Then it was going lower, and she was twisting the dark-haired girl to face her slightly.

So she could access the full, round breasts.

April moaned as she moved her mouth over Dom’s dark erect nipples. Her tongue lashed out at them, flicking them. Then her teeth were nipping at them, teasingly. And then, she was sucking.

Dom opened her eyes, looking down as April suckled one of her breasts, and pinched the nipple of the other. Then, Summer was pushing her fingers aside, and moving her own mouth over the other nipple.

Soon, both of Dom’s breasts had a girl latched to them. And the feeling was divine.

Summer’s fingers canlı casino never stopped stroking her thigh, except to move higher up between her legs. Soon, Dom could feel the other girl’s expert fingers playing in the fur of her pubic area, teasing her puss. Her clitoris was hard now, erect and stiff, and Summer’s fingertips teased it before finally parting the girl’s lips completely.

Dominique groaned, letting her head drop back. Then, the urge to command returned. She put a hand on either girl’s neck, and gently pushed.

At first, the two mouths on her breasts resisted. But then, as usual, the two other girls gave in.

Down Dominique’s body slid their mouths, their hands, as the two other girls got to their knees in front of their leader. Dom parted her thighs wide, spreading her feet, and she looked down at her little peons.

April and Summer needed no further encouragement. Both had fantasized about having Dominique to themselves at one point or another. Now they got to share her, and they would not argue if she wanted to dominate them.

Dom’s fingers moved to her swollen puss, and she parted herself. The other two girls could now see the red-pink inner labia and the stiff bud-like clitoris. And both dove in, almost bonking heads.

April’s tongue met Summer’s over Dom’s cunt, and their tongues fought for the chance to pleasure the other girl. The feel of their two tongues slathering over her puss made Dom shiver and almost sink to the floor.

April moved her fingers upward first, finding Dom’s sweet virgin hole. She teased the girl there, before quickly thrusting a finger inside. Then Summer was joining her, helping her, moving a second finger inside the dark-haired beauty.

Dom shivered again, feeling her knees becoming weak.

She’d never let a boy touch her. Her father had imprinted on her the importance of her virginity. But she had her toys in her dorm room, that she used when she needed release.

She had never imagined fantasizing about a girl until the shower tonight. But now, all she could think about was the picture of these two down on her puss. She opened her eyes to watch them, resting a hand on each of their heads.

The girls were devouring her, lapping at her and sucking her.

And soon, a small, quick orgasm was rocking through Dominique, making her whole body shake.

She gasped, but the girls continued their manipulations. Then April and Summer were tugging on her hands, pulling her to the tiled floor of the pool’s edge. Down went Dom, and down went the girls.

They were laying over her now, each with a finger inside Dom’s eager cunt. She could feel the juices from her ecstasy sucking around the digits pumping in and out of her.

April and Summer lay against Dominique, lapping again at her breasts. Then their mouths were against hers, and the kiss became a three-way circus, three tongues fighting with each other to taste and to touch.

For a moment, Dominique let them control her. Then, she pushed them off, sitting half-way up.

The two girls looked at her, pouting, the looks on their faces saying they expected chastisement now.

But Dom merely raised an eyebrow at each in turn.

Then she pushed April onto her back and moved between the girl’s thighs. She kaçak casino looked at Summer and nodded, a short quick gesture. Summer knew immediately to lay on her back and scoot over next to April.

Dominique smiled inwardly.

She wanted to explore this new sensation. She wanted to know everything these two fools knew. She wanted to know the limits of pleasure with a woman, if there were any.

Down she went, quickly, parting April’s thighs and then her fat puss lips. She peered into the girl’s red crevice, and the clitoris almost throbbed before her eyes.

Dom moved over to Summer now, parting the redhead’s chubby labia and looking at the smaller clit there.

Then she moved back to April.

Dom moved her mouth down over April’s cunt, testing the tissue there with her tongue.

It tasted sweet, hot.

She licked again, and April moaned. Then Dom took the clit between her lips, sucking the hard flesh. April writhed.

Summer moaned, watching, playing with her own breasts. Dom reached over with her hand and cupped the fox-furred mound of Summer, teasing the lips apart with her fingers. She dove two fingers hard into the other girl, and began to finger-fuck her.

Summer groaned. April moaned. Then they turned their faces to each other, kissing each other deeply.

Dom didn’t watch. She didn’t care for that part. She wanted to make them cum.

Her tongue began to work inside April, finding the folds and crevices of the girl’s womanhood. Her tongue became firm and elongated, and she thrust it into April’s hole boldly.

As she did this, she moved a third finger inside Summer’s tightness. This made the redhead moan and cry out. April held the girl, but did nothing to move her legs away from Dominique’s questing mouth.

Soon, Summer was cumming around Dominique’s fingers. Surprised at the feeling of the contracting vaginal muscles, Dom lifted her head from April, who whimpered in objection. Quickly she moved over to Summer.

How would she taste? How would it feel?

Ruthlessly, with little respect, she shoved her mouth over Summer’s spasming cunt, then thrust her tongue up where her fingers had been only moments ago.

Summer’s puss contracted around Dominique’s tongue, and she writhed and rocked as Dom tongue-fucked her.

Finally, her orgasm was done, and Dom was wiping the honey of her ecstasy from her face.

She frowned slightly, and moved back to April.

Once again, she began moving fingers inside a cunt. It was a new experience, feeling the soft spongy flesh around her digits. April moaned as Dom forced a third finger inside her, sucking her clit while she thrust hard.

April began to cum, as well, and Dom moved her mouth over the sweet hole, lapping rapidly and thrusting inside like a hummingbird to draw out the sweet nectar of April’s orgasm.

The girl’s moans were loud, and she gripped Summer’s hands tightly, letting Dom work her over until at last, she was done.

Spent, panting, both girls lay helpless on the floor at the side of the pool. Dominique put her hands on her hips. Then she stood up and moved back to the warm still-flowing shower.

She looked at the two girls, then closed her eyes.

“You had better get cleaned up,” she said firmly.

“We’re going to be busy tonight, once we get back to the dorm.”

Summer and April could only guess what that meant, and they hurried, falling over themselves to get showered and dressed.

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