Domme Mom Ch. 05

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Abby was nervous as she sat in the airport awaiting the arrival of her father. Her apprehension was on several levels. The main one being her Father was the only man who had ever made her feel submissive in any way whatsoever. He had always been the boss of his house and she had always left a bit sorry for her mother. He had fucked around all the time and her mother had never said a word. It was not until her father’s lust had turned toward his 18 year old daughter that her mother had confessed the relationship between she and her husband.

It was the first time that young Abby had ever heard the words submissive and slave. Before that, the word slave conjured images of black people on southern plantations working in the cotton fields. She was soon to learn that was no longer the case as her father had come into her bedroom one night just before she graduated high school with her submissive mother in tow and practically raped his daughter in front of her. It was also the time Abby had decided she liked the dominate role of the, dominate/submissive role play. She left for college with a new outlook on life and a new attitude when it came to the sexual experience.

She saw him well before he noticed her sitting there waiting for him. He was 6’4″ and still, even thought in his 60’s, had a hard body that made a lot of women swoon just to look at him. She jumped up and ran to him.

“Hello, Daddy.”

His smile lit up this face that had grown a snow white goatee. “There’s my baby girl.” He armed her up and kissed her like no daddy should ever kiss his daughter. His tongue sliding between her lips as she melted against him. God it was wonderful. He released her and they walked hand in hand to get his bags. She had no idea what this visit was about but he had said there was going to be a change in his life since her mom had passed away from caner last year.

They spoke of small things as they collected his baggage and she led him to the SUV. He nodded his approval of the vehicle as he held his hands out for the keys. He waited until they had paid the parking and pulled out onto the freeway before speaking firmly to her. “Remove your clothing Abigail.”

No one ever called her by her given name except for him and she quickly, obediently obeyed his commanding voice and removed her clothes. Since she never wore any under things she was quickly naked before him in the seat. He smiled as he watched his daughter disrobe without a word. “Yes lovely. Still very gorukle escort nice” He grinned. “for a middle aged mother of two. Now get over here and suck my cock bitch.”

Abby blushed profusely and leaned over without a word and unzipped his pants. She almost swooned as his cock sprung from its’ confines. He may be 66 but his cock was that of a 30 something man. He noticed her eyeing his rock hard cock and laughed, “Ain’t Viagra wonderful?”

She giggled like a school girl and lowered her lips to the slit of his cock, sticking her tongue and tasting the very first cock she had ever had in her mouth, pussy and ass. She sighed with pleasure as she pushed the fat head into her mouth and heard his groan of pleasure. She began to bob up and down on the thick hard meat and swirled her tongue around it just like he had taught her many years ago. He grabbed her hair and stuffed her head farther down, the head of his fat cock pushing into her throat. He held her like this as his hips fucked back and froth in short thrusts until she felt the hot sticky globs of his cum pouring down her throat. When he was finished he pulled her off by the hair and pushed her back into her seat. “I see you haven’t forgotten how to suck you old daddy’s cock. Have you slut?”

“No daddy.” She whispered. “How could I ever forget that?”

“Damned right, bitch.” He sneered. “I taught you well how to please a man.”

He zipped up and drove home without another word. Abby carried his bags into the house hoping Amy wasn’t fucking her brother or father. To her relief no one was yet home and she carried his bag to the down stairs guest room as he followed behind her. Before she could do anything he shoved her face first onto the bed and pulled her shorts to the side and buried his still rock hard cock into her dripping cunt. She moaned as he slammed all the way in with the first thrust. “Oh god daddy.” She moaned. “Yes fuck me.”

He pounded her like he and fucked her mouth in the truck, without thought of her pleasure. She was just a cunt to be fucked and he treated her as such. Pummeling her wet pussy until he exploded, shooting his hot sticky deep into her womb.” God,” He said breathlessly. “You’re still just as good as your mother.”

“Hi.” A voice came from the open door and Abby’s heart sank. Amy had returned from shopping and there was no telling how long she had been watching.

They both turned around her father’s cock still hard as a rock and she flushed altıparmak eskort bayan with embarrassment as his cum started running down her leg. Amy stood there in a tee shirt and shorts which were riding up into her sweet pussy.

“Mommy you never told me Grandpa had such a big cock and that you were fucking him too.”

Her father laughed and looked Amy over with a lascivious gleam in his eye. “She doesn’t have a choice Amy girl. I fuck her when I want to and that’s that.”

“Not in this house Grandpa. She and I are the Mistresses of this house, and you better get used to it. If you want to fuck her or me any more you better get with the plan.”

“Now listen to me you little slut,” my father bellowed, “I rule the roost around here and you better get that straight. I’ll fuck her when I want to and you for that matter.”

Amy’s face flushed with anger. I had never seen her so mad. “You listen to me old man and you listen well. You touch her again and I’ll call the cops on you so quick it’ll make your head swim and I’ll tell them you tried to rape me.” I couldn’t believe Amy was talking like this to her grandfather. “You can have all the pussy you want around here, Grandpa, mommy and I will fuck you until you beg us to stop but we control when where and how and you can get used to this idea or you can get the fuck out.”

“You wouldn’t dare call the cops bitch.”

“Oh wouldn’t I, Grandpa. Let me tell you something and you’d better listen well. I am just learning to be the kind of woman I want to be. The kind of woman mommy is and I am not going to let you or anyone fuck that up. I love being in control of myself and others and you are not going to come in here and change that at all. I’ll call the cops and have them arrest you for incest and I don’t give a tinker’s damn about what the repercussions are.”

“They’ll arrest you too you little cunt.”

“Oh will they now?” She smiled a smile of pure evil. “How do you figure that old man? No one in this house commits incest but you. Nobody knows what we do in this house but us and I’ll guarantee you that the secret is safe. So, if you want to stay here and enjoy everything with us you better get with the plan and that is that Mommy and I rule this house.”

I had never seen my father at a loss for words but we both stood there looking at Amy in disbelief. He sat back on the bed his cock shrinking as he looked down to the floor.

“Now nilüfer eskort bayan you apologize to your daughter for raping her and then you clean up her pussy with your tongue and you better do an excellent job or you’re out.” She turned to me. “Mom get your clothes off and get up on the bed, spread your knees so your father can make amends for the way he treated you earlier.” I sat there unable to move. “NOW BITCH.” She snapped.

I shucked my clothes quickly and laid back on the bed opening my thighs to my father who climbed up meekly on the bed and began to lick and suck at my labia. Oh god it was so good. My eyes locked on Amy’s as she smiled and nodded. “Apologize, Gramps.” She hissed. “Say it to your loving daughter.”

“I am sorry I raped you Abby.” He said between long licks up her cunt. “It will never happen again.” My eyes grew wide and he whispered, “Mistress.”

“Very good, Gramps,” Amy cooed. “Now let’s see how good this big old cock is.”

Amy shed her clothes and bent down between her grandfather’s knees and began to stroke his semi hard cock. “MMMMMMMmmmm,” she moaned as she lowered her head to tongue his asshole. He stiffened as her tongue plunged into the tight sphincter. Her hand gripped his cock and began to stroke it slowly. Daddy groaned into my pussy as Amy stroked his hardening cock. “Oh Grandpa likes his granddaughter jacking off his big cock. Turn over Gramps. Mommy, sit on his face so I can have this lovely hard cock all to myself.”

We both did as Amy had commanded us and I thought, as I lowered my dripping pussy to my father’s lips as I watched Amy begin to suck his hard cock that, I had created a monster Mistress. She had certainly got her grandfather’s attention and now had his cock buried deep in her throat as she nosily sucked his fat cock.

“Oh yes.” Amy moaned as stood up and shed her clothes. She quickly climbed up on the bed and straddled her grandfather’s hips. Grabbing his hard cock she lowered her wet pussy down over it sliding it all the way into her steaming cunt. “Oh fuck yeah. Just like Daddy’s and Adam’s.”

My father gasped into my pussy as his cum leaked out into his mouth, stunned by the import of Amy’s words. She began to buck up and down on the cock that gave me life and she squealed as she came almost instantly.

“Oh yes, Mommy.” She sighed as she slid back down on Daddy’s cock. “I can see why you liked to fuck Grandpa. I am going to love having three big fat cocks to fuck around here.”

She smiled and began to ride his cock again. “Come on Grandpa. Give me your cum too.”

I smiled as I continued to hump Daddy’s face and began to cum. All I could say in response, as my juices mixed with her grandfather’s sperm flowed into my father’s waiting mouth was, “Yes Mistress Amy.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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