Dorm Dreaming

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I moved to the door and I opened it without looking through the peephole. There in the pale yellow hallway stood Lance. His shaggy blond hair fell into his crystal blue eyes. I smiled at him and opened the door wider so he could step into the hallway of my suite.

He flashed me a smile. “Hey. Are your roommates here?” He asked looking at my suitemates closed door.

“Nope, they took off to eat or something. I’ll tell them that you came by looking for them when they come back though.” I replied smiling at him.

“Am I interrupting some alone time?” He asked me looking through my open room door.

I shook my head as I spoke. “Nah, I was just typing up a story idea that popped into my head last night.” I made sure that I neglected to mention the fact that the idea the spawned in my head had to do with rather rough sex with him in the very room that we stood in.

He stepped closer to me and saw that my bed had a laptop and notepad sitting atop. He stepped in and looked at the various things on my desk beside my bed. He looked pointedly at a taped list beside countertop. I didn’t know whether to snicker or blush as her read the names of the songs.

“What are these?” He asked me as he smirked at the list.

“Just songs.” I croaked out quickly as I grabbed for the list. He smiled broadly and held the list out of my reach. His superior height gave him the advantage as he held it out of my reach. I glared at him and he smiled.

“Why are you so pushy about this list, huh Amy?” He asked playfully. I grumbled nonsense and he folded the paper and shoved me over slightly and grabbed my laptop. I gaped and my heart practically stopped when he looked at my laptop screen. He quickly minimized my word document and I let out a sigh of relief until he opened up my ITunes and I realized what he was doing.

I tried to snatch the laptop but he quickly tore it out of reach and butt checked me so I couldn’t get any closer to him as he browsed through my playlists. He stopped at “To Do To” and looked at me with a devilish smile. He clicked it and all of the songs on that list popped up and I covered my face in embarrassment as I felt a blush rise up in my cheeks.

He turned to me but I refused to look him in the eye.

“So it’s a list of songs you’d have sex to?” He asked an amused tone to his voice.

“Maybe.” I grumbled still avoiding his gaze as I moved back and leaned against the wall.

“Why so touchy about sex?” He asked as he minimized ITunes and turned on the playlist. It played in the background speakers loudly as he pulled back up the story idea I was just typing. I gasped and launched myself over to the laptop and slammed it shut.

He stared at the laptop and then looked at me as the music filled the room it wasn’t loud enough to cover the awkward silence.

“Hmm.” He mumbled and I could see that he was fighting off a smirk.

I turned up the music to as loud as it would go on my external white speakers and I crossed my arms. I moved towards the hallway and waited for him to leave my room. He walked out slowly and I gave him a tight lipped smile.

“I’ll tell my roomies you came over to talk to them?” I asked as he stared unflinchingly at me. I stood my ground and stared back at him.

“Okay.” He said as he moved closer to where I had backed up against the wall. “Can I ask you something?” He asked as he got steadily closer to me.

“You can ask all you want; there is no guarantee that I will give you an answer.” I deadpanned. It was increasingly hard to be standoffish when he kept getting closer to me. I could smell his cologne spices and I had to fight the involuntary smile from forming on my lips.

He moved steadily closer and I pushed my back closer to the wall as his hands went on both sides of my head and his beşiktaş masöz escort body got precariously closer to mine. He smirked at me as my breathing got a little heavier.

“Do I make you uncomfortable?” He whispered into my ear, his voice raspy as his warm breath cascaded across my face.

I tried to swallow the newly formed lump in my throat as I tilted my head slightly up to look at him. His hair fell into his face and in front of his eyes. His eyes pierced into mine and his thin lips quirked up lightly.

I shook my head afraid that the lump in my throat would make it so I was unable to speak. He smirked and moved his face and body so that he was flush against my curvy figure. I choked quietly as his nose brushed against mine and his warm breath enveloped my senses in the smell of cream. I involuntarily closed my eyes.

His hand ghosted across my cheek and I leaned into the light touch. His hand caressed my face, tracing invisible light swirls on me. I let out a strangled gasp as a shiver shot down my spine. I visibly shook at the sensation.

Lance chuckled at that and I felt my skin heat up in another blush. His breath ghosted across my ear and I had the urge to buck against his warm body. I scrunched my still closed eyes in thought as I fought against the mist of desire that had clouded me.

I opened my eyes and saw blue directly in front of them. I moved my arms to push him back so I could get some distance between us and as if he had anticipated the movement he swiftly grabbed my wrists and pinned them against the wall above my head. My eyes went wide in shock. He smirked at me and whispered in the shell of my ear again, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”

“My roommates—”

“Are gone for the rest of the night, Kyle is having another party and they’re all getting wasted. They told me you decided to stay and I had to see why. You wanted to fantasize about me instead of having the real thing.” He kept up his whisper, slowly running his lips lightly down my cheek. I closed my eyes as I felt a shiver roll down my body and swirl in my stomach.

I shifted my arms in his firm hold and I felt his lower body push against mine and I gasped at the feeling that was reminiscent of a shockwave shot through my stomach tightening the muscles and causing me to whimper as I bit my pierced lip.

He chuckled slightly as his lips traced my neck licking a trail back to my ear. “Is this the way you imagined it? Is this how you wrote it?” He asked me lightly.

My tongue felt heavy and I didn’t respond. Lance tightened his grip as he spoke again. “Is this the way you wanted it?” His tone roughened and I couldn’t help but shiver and nod silently. He clicked his tongue at me and I felt another shot of pleasure swept through my body and I bit my tongue to stop myself from moaning when he gently nipped at my chin.

“Say it. Say it aloud.” He pushed against me again and my stomach clenched tighter. I whimpered as I tightened my jaw to stop me from making any sounds.

“Yes.” I replied in a breathy tone. I was breathing so hard at this point that every breath I took made my breasts brush against his toned chest.

He chuckled lightly as I saw him look at me, his eyes darkening with searing hot lust. I unconsciously bit my lip causing him to groan and give me another thrust. I moaned lightly as the material of my skirt allowed him to put pressure on the small nub of nerves nestled in my lips. He pinned with another powerful thrust and my eyes slid shut in ecstasy as I threw my head against the wall.

I felt my wrists moved into his one hand and I bucked against his hold. I could feel his erection nestled closely to my stomach and I felt the moan fall from my lips as my swollen breasts and distended nipples beşiktaş otele gelen escort caressed his hard chest. I felt the war of sensations running through me and while part of me wanted his thickness deep inside of me the other knew it was a bad idea.

I opened my eyes only to slide them shut as his lips collided with mine. I couldn’t help the crushing need I felt to have his cock in me. I needed it more than I needed my own breath. I mindlessly pushed against him roughly and with more vigor than before. I had to feel him in me, pushing into my tightness and into the throes ecstasy. I moaned louder as his tongue parted my lips and shoved in tightly, tangling and thrusting against mine. He mimicked the carnal desires that I felt with our mouths but it wasn’t enough.

I felt his hand slide to my breast and pull roughly through the fabric at my tight nipple. I cried out as I felt the intense pleasure mingled with pain shoot straight to my already gushing pussy. I could feel the mass of wetness already gathered there and I wanted more, I needed more. I pressed into his questing hand, feeling his grip on me. His teeth tore at my lip as he pulled at my tight nipple once again harder and longer than the first time.

Shots of pure pleasure washed through me and sang through my entire body. I cried out as his lips bruised mine rougher and without mercy. His tongue was spinning and plunging thoroughly into my mouth. I pulled against his hold only to get an inch away from the wall and feel him roughly shove them back into place.

“Naughty girl, Amy.” He whispered against my lips. “I didn’t say that you could move. I’m going to punish you for that.”

A shiver of fear stole across the great deal of lust that I had fueled up until this point. My pussy was drenched and my breasts were aching but I didn’t know if I could handle punishment. I didn’t know if that was something that I could take. I couldn’t deny that his words caused a flash of wetness to drench my already soaked panties.

As if he could read my thoughts his hand immediately cupped my mound through my underwear. His eyes burrowed into mine and I knew he could feel the wetness and heat of pussy.

“Say no and I’ll stop. Tell me no and I’ll leave you standing here and I’ll leave. I won’t bother you again. But if we start this it’ll be more than a onetime thing. I’ll dominate in the bedroom but treat you like the goddess you are outside. Say anything but no and I’ll take you tonight.” His lips ghosted across the tip of my nose and I closed my eyes lightly.

“Let me take care of you Amy and I promise you won’t regret it.” He said his lips ghosting across my cheek. I felt my eyes fill with tears. I didn’t know why but the way his touch alternated between rough and sensual had me gasping for air. I knew he spoke the truth. I nodded my head and he smiled up at and I same a glitter of relief come into his eyes.

His lips landed on mine again, lightly sucking and nipping at my lips while his hand simultaneously dipped into my panties and tore down from underneath my skirt. When his hand smoothed across my folds lightly I careened against him and he lifted his hand away.

I groaned in dismay and he chuckled lightly moving his lips to the corner of my bruised ones. They took a path across my cheek and to my neck as I felt him part the folds of my quivering lips and move from my vagina to my clit. I shuddered at the mixed feeling of his lips sucking at my neck and the lightest touch of his hand against my pussy.

I moaned again, pushing forward against him for some relief of my aching womb. I couldn’t take his teasing. I needed him to fuck me. I needed to feel his dick punishing me and tearing through me. I arched against him moaning and he finally beşiktaş rus escort circled my clit with his thumb. I cried out loudly and it echoed in the small room.

His lips travelled the small shell of my ear and bit at it lightly.

“You like that don’t you? Do you want my fingers to fuck that tight pussy of yours? Do you want me to punish that clit of yours?” He asked huskily. His words and his fingertips lightly teasing my lower lips had me crying out and grinding against him. He used his knees to push me back against the wall. “Say it.”

“I want you to fuck me.” I cried out as I felt two of his fingers plunge into me. I felt my walls clench down on him and milk him. He groaned out load at the sensation and pushed into me with rough and heavy strokes.

I rocked against him feeling rushing waves of pleasure coursing though me. I couldn’t think of anything but his hands on me and in me. My moans quickly bordered on screams as I felt his thick fingers fucked in and out of me.

My breathing quickened and I felt my orgasm chasing through me. The waves were cresting and Lance’s pace came quicker and faster. His teeth bit my ear roughly.

“Come for me, Ames. Drench my fingers. Spill that beautiful cum all over my fingers.” He whispered gruffly.

I screamed out as his words pushed my orgasm over the edge. I threw my head back as my body tightened and exploded. His fingers pumped me through it and I felt my eyes coat in splitting light. I felt his thumb roll my clit and continue to blindly thrust into my pussy and I felt another orgasm build before I could even come down from my first. I shook my head.

“I can’t take it. You have to stop.” I heard myself cry as he let my hands go. His free hand moved around and lifted my leg to hook around his waist as his fingers plummeted further into me and his thumb moved roughly and quickly across and around my bundle of nerves.

His unpredictable pattern had me moaning and groaning in search of my release.

“You will come for me again. You can and you will.” He said gruffly.

I cried out loudly and my hands went to his shoulders pulling him closer. I felt the second orgasm crowning and I quickly humped back against his hand. I wanted it. I needed it.

“Come for me again, Amy. Fuck my fingers and drench them with your juices.” He said his fingers pounding at my pussy I cried out violently but I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t come.

Suddenly Lance squeezed my clit tightly between his fingers and I felt the feeling of the best orgasm I had ever had in my life flow through my pussy and coat his hand and my thighs in my juices.

My teeth sank into his shoulder, but it did nothing to alleviate the scream that issued from my lips. I came so hard that I felt the edges of my sight blackening and I felt every inch of my skin covered sensitize and how it had covered itself in sweat. My head fell heavily onto Lance’s shoulder and by then I was aware that he was holding up all of my weight.

I felt so drowsy that my eyes barely opened and I looked up at him sleepily.

“You can’t hold me. I’ll hurt you.” My tongue felt thick and I knew the words sounded like a mumble. He chuckled lightly and his hand grabbed my other leg and pulled against him tightly. Holding my thighs he walked back into my room.

“Beautiful, the only way you could have hurt me would have been to tell me no.” He said as he sat me down on the bed and put my laptop in my desk. I grinned lazily and he picked up my palm, kissing it sweetly. “I’m going to be right back, okay?”

“But, I’m so sleepy, Lance.” I said feeling my eyes become heavier and heavier the more I talked. His grin made my stomach flip and another stupid sleepy grin cover my face.

“I know. Go to sleep and I’ll be here when you wake up. I promise, okay?” He leaned down so that our foreheads touched and I nodded at him. He kissed my nose and my cheek and then gave me a sound kiss on the lips before smoothing my hair back and leaning back to look at me one last time. I smiled blissfully and closed my eyes one last time before I felt myself drift off to sleep with Lance’s warm touch on me.

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