DOT Physical

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My medical card for my DOT physical had run out and I had to get another for a new job. I asked around and found out that Dr. A gave an easy physical, so I gave him a call.

When we talked and we set up an appointment for the next day at noon. He said he wasn’t real busy and could squeeze me in. I laughed and told him I was glad he could ‘squeeze me in’. He seemed to catch the double entendre and said he would see me tomorrow.

The next day I slipped on some panties and warmups, and a tank top. I figured I would be undressing anyway so decided to make it easy. I arrived early and there was a guy sitting out front that was in a white coat and looked like a doctor. “You must be Joe” he said. Replying affirmatively, he said he was the only one there and hoped that would be okay. I told him sure and he went over and locked the door.

Well, well that was interesting. He motioned me to another room and once inside he directed me to undress. Smiling I stripped my top off and slid off my flip flops and slid my warmups down my smooth bare legs (I had shaved just that morning). I stood there in just my turquoise see through panties.

When he turned around, he paused for just a second taking in me in my panties, casually waiting for him to begin the physical.

“Why don’t you xnxx sit up on the table” he requested.

I slipped up and sat down. He came up with his stethoscope and started listening to my chest. His other hand casually rested on my bare thigh. After listening for a moment he patted my leg and asked if I was warm enough? I looked down at his hand and said, “Not too bad”. He slid his hand up and down my thigh as though to produce some heat, and boy did he. He let his hand stop just inched from my thickening cock.

I was breathing a little harder as he looked in my ears, nose and throat. Smiling he asked me to lie back on the table.

He began to slide his hands over my stomach pressing and prodding. I so wanted his hands to slide down lower. Would he? I may have moaned slightly as his fingers touched the top of my panties. He raised my arms and checked under my arms for any suspicious lumps I guess. I shave my underarms so it was more of a caress than a prodding.

By now he had me in a growing state of arousal. It was obvious my cock was growing hard in my panties. He leaned over to one side and as he did his groin pressed into my hand on the table. Was that an erection? I dared to glance and it was easy to see his own growing bulge. As he poked my side I let a brazzers finger slide up and down the length of his shaft, as though by accident. Confirming, he was growing hard.

He then asked if he could slide my panties off. I murmured yes and watched as he slid them down my legs and left me totally naked and semi erect in front of him. He carefully folded my panties and laid them on a chair. He caught me staring at his ass when he turned around.

As he approached the table he smiled and let his eyes roam over my naked body. I grew harder under his gaze.

He slid his hands down and cupped my balls and began to fondle and caress them. “Need to check for any lumps on your testicles”, he said.

“Yes, please do” I said breathlessly.

He continued to manipulate my balls and let his fingers slide down towards my crack. I couldn’t help myself and I shifted up just a little to allow him access.

I need some lotion, it will be easier. Squirting a nice amount on his hands he began to slide all over my balls and sac. He dipped casually down to my crack and back up again. By now I was rock hard and there was no doubt where this was going.

I reached over and pulled his zipper down and unbuttoned his trousers. They dropped to the floor and I slid his underwear sikiş izle off his own hard cock. His cock was not huge, but it was thick probably six or seven inches long. It would fill me up for sure.

I leaned over and slid his cock into my mouth. As I turned his hand slid around to caress my ass. Feeling his cock slide into my mouth I began to lick and suck to the base. His hands meanwhile slid up my crack and began to caress my hole. I raised one leg to allow him easy access, I loved to have my asshole played with.

Soon he was jamming his cock deep into my mouth. I slowed him down and then slid the entire length down my throat. When I did that he cried out, “I’m cumming!” I slid his cock back enough to feel his cum slam into my throat and fill my mouth. He kept cumming and it was more that I could take, and it ran out of my mouth down my chin, dripping onto my chest.

As I sucked him dry, he began to stroke my cock. I knew it wouldn’t take long and I told him so.

He pumped faster and within moments my cum was shooting onto my chest, mingling with his cum. He drained it dry then leaned down to suck the last bit out.

I looked down and rubbed our cum together on my chest and belly. With a smile I asked, “Did I pass doc?”. Laughing he assured me I would get my card.

As I got dressed, he asked if I wanted to return that next week for a consultation and an adjustment. I assured him I would, so we set the appointment.

This could be the beginning of a great relationship.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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