Double Bubble

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I was walking back to my office after a late night meeting at the courthouse, when I paused in front of the window of a Laundromat. I could see a light from a small office in the back and a young lady reading a book. Then as I looked at the reflection of a tall man with a grey beard, my thought flowed back to 1967 when I was a young law student.

It was an unusually hot Saturday morning in May as I pushed my way through the side door of the Laundromat. It was nice to be able to go out in just cut off sweat pants and a tank top, after dealing all week with the Law School’s ” Looking Professional while Learning to be a Professional Dress Code.” The day would have been perfect except the laundry room in my apartment building was still flooded, and the underwear drawer was bare. My eyes had almost adjusted to the dim light in the back hall, when I plowed right into someone coming out of a side room. My basket tipped, dumping all my clothes on the floor.

As I fell to my knees to gather them up, I heard a soft voice say ” let me help you.”

I looked up at a small round face with bright blue eyes, framed in blond pigtails. She smiled and said “Hi, Bob, welcome to Double Bubble.” Judy Creamer and I had taken a few classes together, even collaborated on a few joint projects. However, except for a few post-exam celebrations at a local bar, we had not see much of each other outside of class. Actually, my two years in South East Asia had dulled my study skills, and except for my monthly Army Reserve meetings, I did not see much of anyone outside of class. That first year was just a blur of course work and maybe a little too much alcohol at night to make the dreams go away. Judy was also juggling her life between school and managing this small Laundromat on the edge of the campus, and she did not have much time for a boy friend.

She was wearing a light cotton sun dress, and as we faced each other scooping up my dirty laundry, I could not avoid looking down the front of her dress at her smooth pink skin that was bare except for her white panties. Her breasts were small perfectly formed globes that reminded me of fuzzy peach halves, but the nipples were erect, and in that hot hallway, it certainly was not because of the temperature. When I tried to jerk my head up to maintain eye contact, Judy just sighed and said, “they are pathetic aren’t they.” There was no doubt that she was going to be one tough beşiktaş türbanlı escort prosecutor someday.

I smiled back and murmured, “No, I think they are beautiful.”

She looked down at the growing bulge between my legs. She smiled, and said, in a mock judicial tone, “I see enough evidence to allow me to conclude that you are telling the truth.” My childhood sweetheart was now married, and except for an encounter with a nurse last fall, I had not felt the gentle touch of woman for a very long time. Apparently, it had been a long time for Judy as well. Our eyes locked on to each other as the silence grew heavy, and the sweet smell of arousal filled the hallway.

I took a deep breath, and whispered ” is there somewhere we can go?”

She smiled and whispered back ” the repair room at the end of the hall. I just came in for moment on my day off, so I won’t be missed.” I picked up my basket of laundry and followed her down the hall.

Once the door was locked behind us, Judy wrapped her arms around my neck, our lips met, and our tongues danced in the warm wet cavern created by two open mouths. I reached down and cupped her butt in my hands, and tugged at the fabric of her dress until it was bunched around her waist. Then, with her arms still around my neck, I picked her up and sat her on a wash machine that was sitting next to a sink. I lifted the fabric over her head and, just for a moment gazed at her taut breasts, before leaning down and touching the erect left nipple with the tip of my tongue. My lips gently sucked on the nipple while my fingers lightly rubbed the right one. Then I opened my mouth and inhaled the whole breast inside until my lips were against her chest wall, while the fingers on my right hand slowed kneaded the other breast. Judy wrapped one arm around my head and shoved her other hand into her panties. She started to moan as I sucked on the pink flesh and teased the nipple with my tongue. Suddenly the moans became louder and she buried her face in the hair on my head and smothered the cry that accompanied the spasms rippling through her body. When it was over, I looked into her eyes, and she smiled back and said ” nice thing about small tits is that they still have the same number of nerve endings, and I think you found them all.”

Then she flashed an impish grin, and said ” pull that carton off the top beşiktaş ucuz escort shelf while I load your laundry into the machine. Have I got surprise for you.” She dumped in the soap, pushed the bypass button on the open coin box, and the sound of the water almost drowned out my cry of ” wow.”

Inside the carton, were at least a thousand condoms. She looked over her shoulder at me and said. ” They are for the vending machines in the bathrooms. Those two are the best moneymakers in the whole place.” She turned around and pulled my shorts to my ankles, and then she ripped open one of the little packages. ” I am sorry that we are out of the lubricated ones, but I am told that these will do just fine with a little prep work.”

Judy kneeled down, and sucked just the head of my erect penis into her mouth. A moment later, it was out again, and she was dragging the tip of her tongue back and forth across the opening. When my own lubricant started to flow, she put the condom in place and rolled it down my shaft.

She stood up and started to hook her thumbs into the waistband of her panties, when I said “please let me do that for you.” Now it was my turn to kneel down and slowly pull the cotton fabric past the gentle flair of her hips, over her pubic mound and down to her knees. When her vulva came into view, I stopped for a moment, and stuck out my tongue and licked the folds, starting at the bottom, and moving upwards. I parted the outer folds with my thumbs, and started to suck her clitoris, until her juice started to dribble out on to my chin.

Judy gasped, and said, “that is wonderful, but you have to stop because the wash cycle is almost over.” I looked up with a puzzled look on my face, and she explained that the machine had a wild wobble during the spin cycle. “We normally just fix them on the floor,” she explained, “but when I caught a couple teenagers bent over this one, we decided to move it back here. We probably could have sold a few extra condoms, but I don’t want to get sued, at least not until I have passed the bar.”

We laid a couple towels on the machine, and Judy bent over, and spread her legs slightly. I gave my penis a few pumps to make sure that it would slide freely inside it’s latex jacket, and then I entered her from behind in one slow thrust. She was certainly not a virgin, but she was very tight, and hot. When the cheeks beşiktaş üniversiteli escort of her butt push up against my groin, I started to pull back but Judy looked over her shoulder and said ” wait for it..”

I said ” have you done this before?,”

Just then the machine started to shake, and sent waves of vibrations through both of our bodies. She gasped again and said ” last night I tried this with a dildo, just to see what those kids had found, and I have been thinking about it ever since.” I smiled and thought to myself how lucky I was to show up at just the right time.

In spite of our resolve to let the Maytag earn it’s keep, we could not remain still and I started to thrust, and Judy pushed back as my penis moved in and out while the machine pushed us up and down and from side to side. I would not feel a sensation like this again until many years later when I made love on a moving train. Finally, the spin cycle started to slow down just as I was beginning to feel my groin trying to give up my load of goop. When the machine’s timer signaled a rest between cycles, I started to pump hard, but Judy was the first to go. Her body tensed up for just a moment, then shuddered, and I heard a low cry from deep in her throat as the water gushed into the machine. Before it had finished it’s task, my hips gave two final involuntary jerks and I filled my condom. I laid down on top of her sweaty back and nibbled on her ear. Soon our bodies were swaying back and forth in time with the machine that was gently massaging my clothes

We were both physically spent and to emotionally drained to endure the final spin, so we just stood, naked in the middle of the room holding each other until the machine came to it’s final stop. I broke the silence first and said ” I think we could both use a shower, let’s go back to my place, and then I’ll cook you lunch.” We got dressed, threw the clothes into a dryer, but before we left, she pushed a handful of condoms into my pocket and said ” that’s for later. ” But that is another story.

But sadly, the relationship that was born out of mutual lust was cut short before it fully matured. We were always too busy to date very often, but Judy and I did spend some time together on weekends that Summer and during the Fall Semester, both in and out of bed. In January of 1968, the North Vietnamese launched the Tet Offensive and my Reserve Unit was called up. Apparently the Army decided that their need for an Officer to fight in the jungle was more important than society’s need for another Lawyer to fight in the courtroom. By the time I returned home, Judy had graduated with our class and had moved to Oregon to work in her father’s Law firm. We wrote for awhile, but eventually she became just another memory.

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