Double Time 5

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The play-script form used for Double Times 1, 2, 3 and 4 will not serve for the next episode of the sequence of my encounters with a pair of young transgirls in Portugal 20 years ago. In Double Times 3 and 4, my delightful transpanions described their initial sexualisities with their mothers. Those incestuous events led on in due course to a four-way affair which had been crucial to their development as transwomen, sexual beings and humans. It also surely underlay their engagement with a woman so much older and not unlike their dear mammas.

We lay on their bed, their heads pillowed on my bosoms, as they concluded their account of their love making with Linda’s mother. After she had orgasmed, she had ejaculated them onto her breasts. Then, realising she was not satisfied, they had sucked, licked, stroked, caressed and fingered her to four more climaxes. After which they had declared their desire for sex with both mothers together.

Not surprisingly, their narrative had aroused them to the point of needing to come again. Their penises were jabbing at my legs even as they were fastening their lips round a nipple apiece. Their story had, of course, had its effect on me, too, and my vagina was exuding lubricant. Their sensitive noses registered the scent of a heated women, which they had, no doubt, first smelt not long before from their lubricious mammas.

‘Turn over, please, Norma,’ Kathy bade me, ‘We want to come into you under your botty, if you would like that.’

‘Anyway you like, my dear little mother-suckers,’ I said, turning over. ‘Just make sure to cram into my crack.’

They placed a pillow in mid-bed and arranged me so that my pelvis rested on it. They parted my legs a little and debated silently which one should enter me first. ‘Lin will come first,’ Kathy said, ‘And I’ll slip in on her jizzle.’

I felt Linda’s cock probing into my crack, a little heat-seeking missile questing for the hot target. At the same time, Kathy took hold of my cheeks and forced them together, while Linda slid the edge of her hand between them. I do love to have something to grip on with my bum while someone is inside me.

Kathy’s tip found my vestibule, and, without haste, she drove slowly in, resting in place when she was fully home. She said, ‘Oh, Norma, I feel as if my whole body is inside you. It’s like being born again, but going in, not coming out.’

‘That’s my baby,’ I said, ‘Give yourself back into mummy. Right now I’m giving you birth again as you come. Give me your spermilk.’

She moved a little within me. ‘Take me into you, mummy,’ she said. ‘Suck me up your vagina.’

‘Push hard, darling,’ I said, ‘Push to be born in your foam.’

Linda said, ‘I’m pushing you in, darling, pushing you deep with my hand on your bare, newly born, bottom. Do you feel me?’

‘Hold my bott tight, Lin,’ I’m going to come, to come alive in our mummy.’

‘That’s right, baby,’ Linda said, ‘Come for Lin, come for mummy.’

Suddenly Kathy cried out, ‘I can’t, I can’t come!’

‘Yes, you can,’ I called out, ‘Mummy wants your cum, mummy needs your cum.’

Kathy said, ‘Must I come, mummy?’

‘You must come, darling, come for mummy.’

She began to move inside me, and asked in a little girl voice, ‘Mummy come?’

‘Make mummy come,’ I commanded, ‘Be a dear girl and make her come with your coming inside her.’

‘I’m coming, mummy!’ she shouted, ‘I’m coming. Here it comes! Oh, come!’

Linda shoved so hard I was driven into the pillow, but I felt Kathy’s cock pulsing with her boluses of semen, and I came myself, thrusting my bottom back and up to contain her.

But even as I did so, Linda said, ‘Let me have mummy now, darling. I need mummy. Give me mummycunt. And Kathy’s cock and weight were suddenly gone, and within seconds I felt Linda’s cock jabbing into my crack, even into my anus a moment, well-greased with Kathy’s cum. I was, indeed, still in the last throes of orgasm as the cock lodged in my cunt and pistoned in on the cum.

Linda said, ‘I’m inside mummy now. Can I come, mummy? Can I come, too?’

Linda edged her fingers into my crack and I felt her clasp Kath’s bottom and push.

‘Come, darling,’ I said. ‘Drive her into mummy, Kathy.’

‘Yes, mummy,’ Linda said, ‘I’m going to come. Take my come, mummy.’

‘I want your come, Linda,’ I said, ‘Give me your come, and come alive.’

I felt her cock stiffen as she whispered, ‘I’m coming into you, mummy. Oh, mummycome, mummycunt! Now.’

Hardly had her cock stopped spasming than she, too, abruptly withdrew. I understood it was because they needed to cling together, breast to breast, cock to cock. They had consummated their liaison again, as they needed to keep doing, and would shortly enact a further ritual intercourse to consummate it in yet another way. Their whole life together, I realised, was a continuous enactment of their all-consuming beylikdüzü escort passion, their endless wedding.

There was a long interval while we lay in a tangled heap, half asleep. I reflected that others were sometimes needed in the role of priestess, goddess, servitor, vessel. I was, and had been since we first met, and they ejaculated into the sand in the cove, the medium, the earth-mother, whose body enabled them to be at one. No wonder they had wanted me to be mother, for they were sisters, body and soul, daughters from my vagina.

I, and any other woman who would give herself to be so, was the ocean in which twin Aphrodites were re-born in their foam and my secretions. They were repeatedly re-virgined in a series of vaginas. They had just re-enacted that crucial ceremony with their mothers, which they had yet to relate, but which they had now shown me.

Before they resorted to words, however, there was one more ritual, and Linda said, ‘You know what we need to do now, Norma. We need your help.’

I was to be the priestess again, in yet another, more hieratic, way, though they would be using my libations. So, I moved to the side of the bed and knelt, ready, and they knelt one behind the other, it didn’t matter which way round, because that would keep varying. In fact, Kathy was in front of Linda. Both cocks were rigid and both girls were trembling slightly.

My task was to take hold of both cocks, and, while guiding Linda into Kath, hold Kath’s cock tight and prevent her coming. Until they had reversed positions. So, I reached into my cunt and gathered a good amount of their semen and my juices and anointed their cocks. Then Linda pushed her hips further, slid easily into Kath’s bottom, called out, ‘I love you, Kathy,’ and came.

She remained inside only a moment or two, then the two reversed positions and I guided Kathy into Linda. Kathy slid home, called, ‘I love you, Linda,’ and also came.

She also remained inside only a short while, before they lay down together, holding each other’s penises to squeeze out the last cum-drops. And as they slept I knew that our time together was almost over. Not because our vacations were ending but because the sequence of our forms of intercourse had only one more occasion remaining. After that it would be anticlimactic, even wrong, for all human activities have their orders and tides, and these must be respected, or their fulfilments are compromised.

When they awoke, therefore, I proposed we shower, eat together and part for the night, and reconvene the next afternoon. So, our ablutions were purely for cleansing, and I went to my room for clean clothing before we met for dinner.

They were subdued at dinner, knowing that ‘mummy’ was going to be prescriptive, as she was, indeed, resolved to be. For their sakes rather than her own.

Linda: You have some advice for us, Norma, haven’t you? We do know.

Kathy: We want to thank you in advance, because we may be embarrassed later.

Linda: We had an idea when we first spoke to you that you would be ‘the one.’

Kathy: The one to call us to account, to order, to good sense.

Norma: Are you ready to listen? If not we will part now.

Linda: Yes we are. Please go on. I speak for us both.

Norma: All right. You are not little girls anymore, going through your transpuberty. You are mature transwomen, in your middle twenties, with college degrees. You are highly intelligent, perceptive, self-aware people, and it is time for you to grow up. To leave mummy behind. Not least because she needs to be free of you, to live her own life. To share it with her lover. You know this perfectly well, don’t you?

Kathy: We do. I speak for both of us.

Norma: With me you have acted out your sexual infancy. I have indulged you, entered into your teenage fantasies. But now it is time to enter into your transmaturity.

Linda: Please guide us, Norma.

Norma: Tomorrow you are going to describe, in detail, the one time when you fucked with mummy. It was just once, wasn’t it?

Kathy: How did you know?

Norma: Because your mothers were wanting to re-birth you through their vaginas, to deflower you into independent, self-directed persons. You had not been inside a woman yet?

Linda: No We’d buggered a couple of neat-bottomed boys at college, and we’d seen the vulvas of girls who were curious about us, but we’d not been in cunt.

Norma: Your mothers asked you, didn’t they, whether you saw your sexuality in the future in relation to women?

Kathy: Yes, they did.

Norma: So, out of love, they gave you the primal experience to set you on your way.

Linda: We didn’t properly understand that at the time.

Norma: You realise you had the chance to act out the pubescent dream?

Kathy: Yes. As if becoming transgirls moved us past the boys’ taboo.

Norma: Tomorrow when you tell the story it will be the last time ever. You must beyoğlu escort stop using it, exploiting your mothers’ loving generosity. You have been drawing on the memory and telling the story to power your sexual relations, haven’t you?

Linda: Yes, as we did with you.

Norma: Will you promise never to do that again, after tomorrow’s last time?

Kathy: Yes. We know there would be no tomorrow with you otherwise.

Norma: Good, Tomorrow you will purge the need to tell the story. Then you will fuck with me, person to person, separately, two adults together. You will not forget your mothers’ devotion and how they showed it, but it will no longer be a porn movie to sex you up

Linda: We understand.

Norma: Give me your hands, kiss me, go to bed. Hold each other in love, without fucking tonight, because after tomorrow you should fuck as grown-ups.

Thus, we come to the culminating occasion on which those two beings and I met, and I will use a third-person narrative to relay the story of those transwomen’s vaginitiation. Linda and Kathy delivered it to me in their room the next afternoon. We were naked on their bed, with me face down and their heads this time resting on my bottom, cheek to cheek.

Kathy’s mother’s name was Pamela and she was the one with the large bosom. Linda’s was Jennifer, with the big bottom. They were in their early forties and well cared for, fit and healthy. Kathy said they were won’t to remark that if they could swap tits the result would be a voluptuous woman and a cat-walk model.

There were two hindrances to the plan for the mothers to initiate their daughters. The location and the contraception. The latter was solved by their learning of the morning-after medication. For the former they decided it would be best not to use either home, where there might be callers, telephone calls and other disruptions. Since the daughters were going to undertake postgraduate study in California, the mothers resolved to go with them and return home afterwards. A small house was rented within convenient distance of the college.

The quartet waited patiently to recover from jet-lag and for Pamela’s period to finish. They swam, walked, slept, ate lightly, as if preparing for an expedition or ordeal. Then they were ready, all as relaxed as possible and certain that they all really wanted to proceed.

They began in the morning, after breakfast, cleansed inwardly and outwardly, with Pamela and Jennifer going to their bedroom, undressing and getting into bed. Kathy and Linda, in dressing-gowns, then entered the room and sat at the end of the bed and drew back the covers. The two women, already lying close, began to make love. As they deeply kissed, they fondled each other’s breasts, eventually breaking the kiss to take turns nipple-sucking and caressing each other all over. Their daughters were as much profoundly moved by the love on display as by the sexuality activity in itself. What they were witnessing was the expression of passionate adoration, and that transcended mere arousal.

After a time the women moved their focus to the pelvic region, but without ceasing to lip and stroke breasts. They began to smooth bottoms and delicately finger vulvas, in no hurry to begin stirring each other towards orgasm. It was touching to see how there were special little contacts and ploys which one or other especially relished. Jennifer liked having her meaty buttocks gently scratched and squeezed. Pamela liked a finger-tip in her anus.

Almost imperceptibly they edged into more overt stimulation. Pamela’s fingers crept into Jennifer’s labia and skiied up and down between them, resting briefly on her clitoris.

Jennifer’s fingers slid into Pamela’s vestibule, stopped a moment, then dipped in and out with an easy, regular movement. Their excitement increased slowly and steadily, their fingers centring more and more on their clitorises, while they kissed, breaking off to tongue nipples, and used their other hands to caress bottom or breast.

Kathy and Linda meanwhile shed their gowns and embraced, also kissing and caressing breasts and fingering cocks, but all the time remaining aware of their mothers’ burgeoning desire, until, without any speaking, the two young ones lay down alongside the older ones and the kissing and caressing smoothly became that of Pamela with Linda and Jennifer with Kathy, not yet mother and daughter.

While Linda gently took over the clitoral caresses, Pamela began to fondle Linda’s penis, squeezing it with the motion of a woman working the fat into the flour making pastry. The mutual breast-lipping of the older women transferred to the older-with-younger. Jennifer and Kathy echoed these movements, until the mother’s spread their legs, the transgirls unhurriedly moved between them and both pairs paused, poised for penetration.

Kathy said, ‘Are you ready for me, Jennifer?’

Linda said, ‘Will you take me into you, Pamela?’

Jennifer said, bomonti escort ‘Come into me, Kathy.’

Pamela said ‘Give yourself into me, Linda.’

The transgirls slowly moved forward. Pamela and Jennifer took their cocks and guided them home. Kathy and Linda gasped with the hot, sweet, slippery feel of those cunts closing round them.

Pamela said, ‘You’re safe inside me, Linda.’

Jennifer said, ‘Kathy. I’m holding you.’

Linda and Kathy moved a little, easing out a little way and then gliding in again. Linda said, ‘It’s so lovely, so lovely.’

Kathy said, ‘It’s beautiful, Jennifer.’

Jennifer said, ‘Give me Linda, darling.’

Pamela said, ‘Let me have Kathy, darling.’

Without haste, the two cocks withdrew, the two transgirls exchanged places, and once more poised on the point of entry to their mothers.

Pamela said, ‘Come into me, my sweet Kathy. Yes, yes, that’s right. You’re in me.’

Jennifer said, ‘Linda, darling, come into me. Oh yes, I am taking you into me.’

The two women said, ‘Don’t wait…Go ahead…Let go…Be with us.’

Kathy pushed into Pamela and came at once with a sigh. Linda bucked twice and emptied herself into Jennifer.

The couples embraced tightly, gently kissing and murmuring in gratitude and joy. Then they parted and reformed, woman to woman, trans to trans, and rested a while. Then the women began again the slow crescendo of their love-making, until first Pamela, then Jennifer, climaxed with little cries of ecstasy.

The story had been given slowly, with only minimal emphases and variations in intensity. After a few minutes I said, ‘Thank you. That is a beautiful story, which you will treasure in memory for their rest of your lives. But you will never tell it again. Now, we will kneel up together. Yes, like this. Let us be clear. These are not buzzies or titties or buzzooms – (holding their breasts) – these are breasts, tits or bosoms, and they are little ones at all.

‘No more little girl talk. These are not botties – (patting them) – they are bottoms or arses, and they are not small. Not as big as mine, but too generous to be belittled. Baby talk is fun when you are an adult using it for fun, but it’s creepy when you are using it to infantilise yourself. And now, Kathy, you and I are going to make love. Linda can watch, but it will be just the two of us, one mature woman with a mature transwoman. You are not girls – you are transwomen. Lie down with me, Kathy. Make me feel your presence, bring me to the brink, while I cherish you to pleasure.’

We lay face to face and kissed, while Linda sat on the end of the bed. Then Kathy and I stroked and sucked breasts for some time, while she became hard against my thigh. ‘You are ready,’ I said. ‘Go into me, and clit me to climax.’

I took her between my knees and she pushed into me, penis easily parting my labia. She remained half upright, so as to bring her fingers to bear on my vulva. ‘Can you come, Kathy?’ I asked, ‘Can you come as a transwoman sperming into a woman?’

‘I can come, Norma,’ she said. ‘Can you come for a transwoman deep inside you?’

‘Let’s come,’ I said, ‘Look into my eyes and give yourself into me.’

‘Take my come, Norma,’ she said. ‘Give me your coming.’

Her penis stiffened in its throes between my lips, and my orgasm spread outwards from it. We crushed ourselves together, bottoms clenching and relaxing in accompaniment.

She lay on my bosom, panting, quivering in little jerks between my thighs. After a few minutes I said, ‘Now we’re going to take a shower, so that Linda can enter me without Kathy’s semen to grease the way. You are two separate people now. Another time you cans share a woman, use each other’s cum, but today I want you both as partners differently.’

They both joined me in the shower, where we soaped and rinsed each other decorously. I was at pains to clean out my cunt, scissoring my fingers within it to spread it and help Kathy’s semen drain out.

Then Linda and I lay on the bed. Kathy said on the end of it. Linda was already fully hard She said, ‘Norma, I just want to fuck you, to dive in and come.’

‘Who wants to do that?’ I said, ‘Who wants just to fuck me?’

‘I, Linda, want to fuck you,’ she said.

‘What are you waiting for?’ I asked.

She threw herself on top of me, wrestled my legs wide apart and speared at me with her penis, jabbing and probing until she engaged my opening. Since I had washed out all lubricant and not yet made much of my own, getting into me wasn’t easy. But Linda forced her way in, backing off a little to make a new thrust, and eventually she was buried to the balls and I was loosening up and secreting afresh.

‘Norma, this is marvellous,’ she said, ‘You are so fresh and tight and grippy. Hold my bottom. I’m just going to come, just going to come. Oh yes, here it comes, I can feel it coming from my balls. Here it comes!’

As I pulled her in with my hands round her bottom she shuddered bucked, squirmed to get in further, and I felt her penis pumping between my labia. I didn’t come, but I was happy. Coming could wait for another time, another man, another woman, another trans.

We did not meet again, but waved from a distance. Then I came home. I never saw them again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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