Double Trouble in Helia Pt. 04

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I hope you are still enjoying the series.

I haven’t become a great writer overnight, so keep that in mind.

Please leave any and all comments and feedback in the comments.


Another day at the university had come to an end as Alex was scribbling his final notes down. He let out a content sigh as he put away his pencil. They had finally started to get some new material and information to work with and enjoyed puzzling with the new problems they were introduced to.

“Do you have any plans for the weekend?” Zack asked him.

“I’ll probably finish the assignment and head into town for once. I haven’t had the time to properly check it out.”

“Still working with Emily? How’s Miss ice cube treating you?”

“She’s alright to work with,” Alex responded. That was quite the understatement, but Emily had made it clear he shouldn’t tell anyone about what happened, so he chose to keep it pretty vague. “Not as bad as you made her out to be in any case. Have you started at all?”

“I’ll get it done next week,” Zack said with a sheepish grin. “My weekend is pretty full as is. You should join me when you’ve got time, bro. I’ve been trying out some self defence stuff and you might like it.”

“I did Judo before I got here, so I’ll give that a shot.”

“Really? Then you’ll love this place. I’ll send you the location.”

The two of them spent some time discussing the location and working out a suitable date for Alex to join Zack at the gym. By the time they were done the lecture hall had completely emptied.

“See you later, bro. I’ve gotta bounce,” Zack said as he left the room.

Alex wasn’t too far behind and closed the door to the room as he left. He turned around and noticed Emily had been waiting outside the room in the now deserted hallway. The blue-eyed vixen wore a white dress-shirt that appeared to hug her body tightly and was tucked into a black skirt that fell just short of her knees and showed off her great legs.

“Oh, hi Em,” he said in surprise. They had communicated mostly through texts and calls before, so her direct approach startled him a little.

“Hey! I was wondering if you’d like to come over tonight so we can finish the assignment,” she responded. “Making a report is a lot less boring in person I find.”

“Sure thing, when should I be there?”

“Err, if you could swing by around seven, that’d be perfect.”

“I’ll take my laptop with me then. Anything else I might need?”

“My address, obviously,” Emily said with a giggle. Her pale cheeks had already reddened a little as she smiled at him. She gave him a handwritten note. “Here it is. Don’t be late!”

Alex didn’t recognise the address, but he barely knew any in the city, so that was to be expected. He looked up from to note to ask her for directions, but his lab partner had already disappeared.

The sky was still brightly lit by the evening sun when Alex stopped in front of a tall apartment complex. He craned his neck back to see the top of the building. It was colourful and covered in plants, which were swaying in the breeze. It seemed a lot more fitting for a student their age, not that he disliked his house, but it was a little odd for an eighteen-year-old.

He had his backpack slung over one shoulder and it tapped his lower back once in a while as he entered the building. A few others were moving around in the central area whilst some others were spending their evening chatting with their friends on the chairs and couches that dotted the room. The music that was playing through a few speakers along the walls certainly added to the atmosphere. He might have stopped and watched a little longer under other circumstances, but he couldn’t keep Emily waiting and quickly stepped into the elevator.

It took the lift some time to get to the right floor, which in asyabahis yeni giriş turn gave Alex plenty of time to worry. This would be the first time Emily had invited him over and he wanted to make a good impression. He wasn’t sure where they stood currently and didn’t want to ruin whatever it was they had.

The sound of the doors sliding open stopped his train of thought and he walked down the hallway until he reached the right apartment. He checked the number trice before he knocked on the door. He couldn’t hear any sound coming from the apartment and was about to turn around and call it a day when the door swung open.

He noticed Emily was still wearing the same outfit as before, but her hair was a little wilder and she had put on some dark red lipstick, whose colour was amplified by her fair skin.

“Hi Alex, come in,” she said as she stepped aside to make room for him.

He stepped inside and took a look at her apartment. He noticed her laptop was sitting on a table that stood in the living room/kitchen A couch lined the wall on the other side of the room, which faced the television. He could see two doors, one presumably leading to the bathroom and another to her bedroom.

“You sure have a nice place,” he remarked as he put his bag down on the table and pulled his laptop out and set it down next to hers.

“Thanks. I like to keep it tidy, but my bedroom is still a mess. Luckily, you don’t have to see it.”

“It can’t be that bad, but you didn’t invite me to just give me a house tour, did you?”

“Maybe I did,” she replied with a playful glint in her eyes.

Alex chuckled as he sat down behind his laptop and booted up the machine.

“Can I get you anything?” Emily asked him as she sat down next to him and awakened her laptop from its slumber.

“Your notes, preferably.”

“Very funny,” she responded. He did get a notification that she had shared several files with him however and they soon got to work.

They kept up a light conversation as they spend two hours writing and polishing the report. The only brief pause came when Emily closed the curtains once it got dark and turned on the lights. Alex hoped their shared kisses wouldn’t be a one-time thing, but he didn’t dare bring it up.

“Aaand, we’re done,” he said, slightly disappointed that they had finished the report already. He was glad they got it done, but he didn’t think Emily would have a reason to talk to him anymore.

“I’ll let you know when the professor answers my email,” Alex told her.

He could see her fumbling with her fingers, but she didn’t say a word as he got up and packed his things.

“I guess I’ll see you around, Em.”

As he walked towards the door, he could hear a chair being pushed back and a few hurried steps.

“Wait, Alex!”

He turned around and watched Emily bridge the gap between them.

“Why?” he asked her.

“Here’s why,” his lab partner responded as she fiercely pressed her lips against his.

“I’m sorry, I thought-” Alex managed to say once she let go of him.

“Don’t think, kiss me!”

He obeyed her and bent his head to reach her lips. He could taste her strawberry lipstick as their mouths met. He awkwardly shifter his shoulder and ridded himself of his backpack to free his arms, which he immediately put to good use as he pulled her against him. He could feel her soft breasts against his chest as his fingers traced the outline of her bra straps through her shirt.

“Is this good enough for you?” he said as they let go momentarily.

“You may be the judge of that,” Emily responded as the panted and pushed herself a little further into him. He could feel the buttons of her dress-shirt press into him as her hard nipples grazed his chest despite the fabric separating them.

His neck began to protest due to the awkward angle and Alex came asyabahis giriş up with an idea to elevate the issue. He grabbed Emily’s skirt-clad butt and hoisted her up, which caused her to squeal. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked the two of them over to her couch and sat down on it.

Emily was now sitting on his lap with her legs around him, which she used to pull herself against him. Her tongue darted into his mouth briefly and he responded in kind. Soon they were French kissing with a passion he hadn’t expected from her.

Alex still had his hands on her firm cheeks and decided to give them some love. As he groped her ass, she mashed her lips with more fervour into his, letting him know his efforts were appreciated.

He took the risk and slid up her skirt to expose the smooth skin underneath. Although he couldn’t appreciate their beauty as his eyes were still locked to Emily’s, he could still enjoy the feeling of her firm teen ass. It had looked great in the jeans she had worn earlier that week and were more than he could fit in his hands. His massaging of her taut ass was rewarded with a few moans that escaped her luscious lips.

Emily started grinding herself against the massive bulge that had formed in his pants. She drew her head back and cupped the sides of his face as she looked at him.

“Seems like I’m not the only one enjoying this show,” she said.

“You don’t know how great this feels,” Alex said as his hands clutched her supple bottom. It wouldn’t get him off anytime soon, since the tough fabric of his jeans was in between them. Still, he enjoyed her presence and the heat and pressure she was applying on his stiff members.

“Hmm, touch me, please.”

He only needed to look at her flushed face to know this wasn’t a question. His hands spread her cheeks and ventured down. His fingers rubbed her the crack of her ass through the silky fabric of her panties. As he inched down, he could feel the contours of her asshole. Alex’s digits danced in circles around it, stopping once in a while to press against it.

“Maybe later, Alex, but you have to move a little further down,” she cooed.

He was surprised by her comment and the potential of anal in the future, but he didn’t let it distract from his mission.

His fingers slid down further across her panties, which became hotter and hotter as they travelled south. Once he hit a moist patch, he knew he was near her tight slit. Emily kept grinding him as he traced the outline of her vulva. She started mewing into his ear, which let him know he was on the right track. Finally, he reached the apex and felt her clit through the cloth. He cupped her sex with his hand and started rubbing it whilst paying special attention to her hard pleasure nub. Her nipples were now digging into his chest as she continued grinder herself against him.

“Oh, fuck!” she cried into his ear. “Keep that up!”

“I take it you like it,” he said.

“No!” she responded between moans. “I -oh god- I fucking LOVE it!”

As she maintained the pressure on his crotch, he felt her panties become absolutely soaked. Alex decided to press on and slowly pulled her the fabric aside and started rubbing his fingers against her bare sex. Soon they were coated in a slick layer of her juices. He put the tip of his finger at the front of her hot channel and waited for her response.

“Do it,” Emily simply said as she backed herself up on his finger.

Her vaginal walls clamped down on the invading finger, which he slowly inserted into her. Alex kissed her again and she moaned into his mouth as he sunk his finger in her wet box past the knuckle. He moved his other across her firm ass cheek and placed his thumb against her puckered little hole. Slowly he started teasing it, without ever pressing into it. He just rubbed it up and down whilst massaging asyabahis güvenilirmi her taut butt. This time he didn’t hear her protest however.

“You’re fucking good at this, Alex,” Emily moaned again.

“Do you say that to everyone?”

“Just to people that get me this damn close to cumming with just a single finger.”

Alex took this as a sign to bring another one in her tight snatch. He pulled back his hand and slowly pushed the two of them into her soaking hole. This time they met more resistance as her muscles stretched and contracted around them. Each time she rocked her hips back and forward they got a little deeper until his hand was firmly pressed against her wet sex once more.

He wiggled his fingers up and down whilst he rubbed her clit with his thumb, teasing her spongy insides.

“Stop messing around and fuck me with those fingers already!” Emily moaned. “I’m sooo close.”

Alex pushed her against his bulging crotch with the hand still on her ass as he increased the pressure on her taut little hole. At the same time he started pumping his fingers in and out of her pussy. Her fluids were flowing freely and dripping down his hand as he increased the pace.

“Yes, yes, yes! Keep going! I’m almost there. FUCK!”

Emily let out a wail as her body tensed up against his. Her vaginal muscles were contracting whilst she came and he kept pushing her digits in her spasming hole. Alex felt a warm wetness soak into his pants as she spread her hot girlcum across the front. He let go of her ass and convulsing sex and pulled her tightly into his chest, kissing her passionately. He held her like that whilst she rode out the intense waves of her orgasm.

After a few minutes of gently making out she disentangled herself from his grip and slowly got off the couch. One look at her told Alex her orgasm hadn’t quenched the fire of passion inside of her. If anything, it had fanned the flames. He didn’t know what she planned to do next, however.

He was therefore surprised when she managed to unzip the front of his girlcum soaked trousers and wrestled his hard erections free from their constraints. They almost struck her in the face when they were released.

“What the hell?!” Emily exclaimed as she jumped backwards, away from his twin cocks.

When Alex saw the look of shock on her face, he felt the ground fall away beneath his feet. Even to those that liked him, he was clearly a freak of nature. He knew instantly from the look of her that he had ruined any chance he might have had for a normal relationship, even if it was a friendship, with this girl. Even worse, she could spread rumours of his freaky physiology throughout the school and ruin any future chances he might have had.

Without a word, he jumped up from the couch and forced his hard members back into his pants. The sight of Emily’s face coloured by her recent orgasm and the juices coating her thighs would have prevented them from going soft under any circumstances.

Alex snatched his backpack and swung the door open.

“Wait!” Emily called out in a desperate attempt to stop him and calm him down as he left.

This time he wasn’t going to listen to her. He thought the was just going to ridicule him. He entered the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor. The last thing he saw before the doors closed was a teary-eyed Emily running towards the elevator.

Once he got home, he just lay in his bed whilst staring at the ceiling. The trip to his house was a blur, but he didn’t think it mattered. Right now, he just wanted to look at the roof and hoped sleep would overtake him soon. At least his erections had died down, finally listening to him for once.


This fourth chapter has been a little shorter than the rest, but variety is the spice of life, right?

I want to make the story a little more “realistic”, so don’t expect any sex acts that aren’t too vanilla in the next few chapters. I hope it makes some sense at least.

I’d like to thank you for reading the story and I’d love it if you’d leave some kind of feedback or comment down below.

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