Dowdy Mother in Law Ch. 04

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Viv had told me she wanted to try everything with me and especially to suck my cock.

When I arrived home Yvonne was in bed just as she said she would be. I ran a bath as I needed to get the scent of her mother off me and in particular the scaly residue of Viv’s secretions that had dried on my cock.

If Yvonne decided to wake me up with a morning blow job it wouldn’t be good to have that incriminating evidence on my cock, nor in her mouth! If I’d been single I’d have left it there as long as possible as a reminder of one of the best fucks of my life.

As I lay soaking my mind was in turmoil. Here I was, a year or so after taking wedding vows and already I had broken them. If it all came to a head it would be one thing to have to explain that it was a relationship that developed at work or a drunken one night stand, but for it to be her mother FFS!!! However, I knew I could not give Viv up and I was going to follow this path wherever it led.

I thought it better not to go seeing Viv for the rest of that week, it would have been too much out of the ordinary as Phillip and Yvonne would know I was there. The next day I phoned her from work during my break.

“Hello?” she answered.

“Is that the woman that I can’t last the rest of the week unless I at least get to speak to her?”

“Oh David it’s you!”

“Yes, how are you? I won’t be coming over any more this week, it will be too suspicious, I can’t wait for next week.”

“Me neither! Yes, I understand and agree about this week. I’m OK. I sent the letter to the church I’ll wait to see if I hear back from them.”

“Do you expect to?”

“Oh yes, they don’t let sheep stray from the fold without trying to ‘rescue’ them. They’ll be wasting their time though, I’ll explain when I see you.

I’ll miss you. I still think about you all the time, I’m like a teenager! And…”

“And what?”

“I’m masturbating far too much!”

“Really? I am as well, in fact just hearing your voice is making me hard.”

“I have my hand in my knickers, I’m really wet.”

“Well, I’m getting really hard. But I’m not going to release my cock and stroke it because I’m in a corridor at work where the pay phones are!”

“Well, that’s too bad for you, I’m going to say goodbye, then go back to my chair and think about you as I play with my clit.

Do you still have a key to this house from when you used to stay here?”

“You tease! Yes I do, remember Yvonne said we’d keep it, in case you and Phillip ever locked yourselves out you’d have a spare.”

“Well use it to let yourself in on Monday afternoon. I’ll take a nap after my lunch and I’ll be in bed upstairs waiting for you.”

I groaned down the phone, “You Minx, what am I going to do with you?”

“Everything I hope! Bye, see you Monday afternoon.”

“Bye Viv, I can’t wait.”

We hung up and I went to the toilet to relieve myself. I wasn’t very productive for the rest of that day as my mind was elsewhere.

Monday couldn’t come around soon enough. I had a copy of the key made in case Yvonne saw it wasn’t on the hook.

Monday came and I arrived at Viv’s just before 2:30. I let myself in very quietly in case she was asleep.

I crept up those creaky stairs like a Ninja, keeping my feet away from the centre of each tread. Instead I placed my feet at the end of each tread where they joined the stringers. It worked, only a couple of them creaked.

Viv and Phillip slept in the front room. The door was open. I softly entered the room. The curtains weren’t closed but they had net curtains, so you could see out but nobody could see in, not during the daytime.

Viv was lying on her back with a duvet over her. Her breathing was slow and regular. Her jaw was relaxed and open. If she’d been feigning sleep she wouldn’t have held her jaw in that fashion as it wasn’t a good look, but it made me smile.

I contemplated putting my erect cock in her mouth to fulfill eryaman orospu numaraları her desire to suck it. However, the thought of a nervous, biting jaw jerk, if she woke up suddenly made me think twice.

Instead I undressed quietly. My cock was very erect and bobbing around as I moved. I gently lifted the duvet and could see no trace of any gown, bra or vest on her top half, I didn’t expose her breast at that point, I was teasing myself.

I lifted the duvet at the side and saw bare hip, she was naked! As I lowered the duvet she muttered something unintelligible and changed position so she was lying on her right hand side with her back to me.

I knelt down and lifted the duvet, her bum was exquisite, smooth, white and unblemished. Not a trace of cellulite, I wasn’t expecting there would be and if there had I wouldn’t have minded one bit. I had to remind myself that she was in her early to mid-forties, not her sixties, as her outward appearance led one to believe.

I gently stroked one cheek, from her hip down to the cleft where it met the other. Then I lifted the cheek to expose her brown rosebud to my lustful gaze. I could also see part of her closed pussy lips, her inner labia that I loved were also peeking out.

I kissed her cheek then licked her rosebud and as much of her pussy as I could reach. Her unmistakable feminine, mature musk had me in raptures. My mouth on her pussy woke her up.

“David? You’re here!” she rolled onto her back again and I threw the quilt right off her.

Viv and I were in her bedroom, both naked, with the house to ourselves and the rest of the afternoon to spend together!

I didn’t know where to start. It was the first time I’d seen her with not a stitch of clothing. She was the epitome of a Rubenesque figure. One arm was above her head, her forearm resting on her greying hair, her other hand was resting languidly on her sexy, rounded tummy. Her large breasts were not sagging to the side (but I wouldn’t have cared if they were.) Her brown, pimpled areolas with their firm, pencil eraser nipples were making my mouth water. One of her shapely legs was straight, the other bent with her foot under the knee of her straight leg, causing her full, rounded thighs to part slightly, exposing her pussy.

And what a pussy! It was the catalyst that on holiday had triggered the chain reaction that led us to that bedroom and that bed nearly four weeks later. It was the most perfect pussy I’d ever seen up until that time and have ever seen since.

Every man has a different view of perfection, thank goodness. Mine is for the woman’s mons pubis to have a rounded bulge from the cushioning fatty tissue beneath, for her to have a pronounced clitoral sheath, the clit just peeking out when relaxed and when aroused exposed and erect, like a miniature penis, just begging for attention. For her labia majora to be plump and long and her labia minora to be brown and crinkled and clearly visible at all times. Pubic hair? It can be there or not, but if there I prefer long and curly, not straight or short and stubbly.

The pussy in front of me had all of those attributes and with her legs slightly parted her pinkness was visible, as was the entrance to her tunnel.

“Turn over.” I said, my voice soft, yet firm.

She did so, her head turned to the side so she could look back at me. I could now see both of her large, firm, rounded globes with their smooth, white, alabaster skin. I was captivated.

“You body is gorgeous, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you,” she said whilst shimmying her knees, making her bum wobble.

“Can you get up on all fours? If not I’ll help you.” (This was in deference to her infirmity which, had I thought about it, was becoming less and less apparent each time we met.)

She got onto her hands and knees with no assistance from me.

“Now come to the edge of the bed, so your knees are at the edge, then gölbaşı orospu numaraları move your knees apart so that I will be able to stand between your legs. Rest your elbows on the bed and stick your bum up as high as you can and get your tummy as close to the bed as you can.”

She did so, with a long drawn out grunt that could have been pain or passion.

“Are you alright,” I asked, “did that hurt?”

“It didn’t hurt, what are you going to do?”

“Don’t be concerned, just relax and enjoy.”

Viv, my dowdy mother in law, was in a most provocative, ‘fuck me now’, pose. I was not going to fuck her though, not just yet.

I knelt on the carpet and brought my face close to her sex and inhaled her heady scent. I was hard beyond belief, almost painfully so.

I placed my hands on her buttocks with my thumbs close to her pussy. I spread her apart gently. Her brown rosebud made another appearance. Her inner, moist pinkness appeared, her dark tunnel was now visible. Her meaty crinkled, brown labia were reluctant to let go of each other and stayed slightly connected by her moistness.

I blew gently over her pussy, she moaned, I pointed my tongue and licked from the base of her clitoral hood, over her protruding clit and between her labia, parting them.

I paused at her entrance then inserted my tongue as far as it would go and made circular motions. She groaned. I withdrew my tongue, flattened it and continued up and over her perineum to her rosebud. I flicked it several times with my tongue.

“Oh God I can’t believe this, you’re so naughty, but it’s so wonderful, take me now David, FUCK ME!”

I was about to say, “Shhh, keep it down!” and then I remembered there was nobody there to hear us.

I wasn’t ready to fuck, not yet, I opened my mouth and clamped it over her sex, my tongue ravishing her clit and her vagina. She was moaning wildly. Eventually she started panting, “There! That’s it, there, oooh, don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop… AAAAAH!”

And with that she came, I still didn’t stop and her orgasms didn’t either. Then her chant became, “No more, no more, stop, I can’t take any more.”

She started to collapse on the bed, “No! Get back up, keep in the position.” I stood between her legs, the bed was a bit too high, “Bend your knees slightly, that’s it, stay there.”

Her pussy was wide open and begging to be fucked. I ran my cockhead up and down her sopping slit, then I aligned myself and entered her. Her vagina adjusted to take my girth, her labia quivering. I entered all the way with one smooth motion, until my groin met her buttocks and my scrotum made contact with her clit. She groaned.

I fucked her with long, steady, insistent strokes. The walls of her vagina were a snug fit, I could just feel her aroused, bump of a g-spot grazing the underside of my shaft, but not the head. I was happy to keep it that way, if the angle was such that it made contact I knew I would come too soon. She was getting the stimulation rather than me and the more times she came the better.

I looked around her side to see her face, her eyes were closed, her mouth open and panting, her fists gripping the quilt. With each thrust her heavy, hanging breasts were swaying, causing her nipples to brush the mattress. Not only that, but each thrust caused her lovely bum to ripple, the waves going back and forth. My balls were bumping against her clit, she was squelching with an occasional pussy-fart that we both ignored. I thought to myself, “God, I so love this woman!”

I lost count of the times she came and then she took me over the edge. I could feel her contracting her pelvic floor muscles and watched her sphincter pulsing in response. I placed my thumb over it to feel the contractions, she grunted. I thrust my cock into her as far as I could and held it there as I pumped her full of my seed.

We stayed connected, panting, then I withdrew. Nothing gölbaşı azeri escort came out immediately, it was too far inside. I crawled to the side of her and flopped onto the bed, my head on a pillow. She crawled next to me, her breasts swaying. She lifted my cock and put her mouth over it, looking at me with her mischievous green eyes. She pulled her lips off slowly, keeping them tight around my shaft. I flinched as her lips passed over the ridge of my glans, it was too sensitive.

She then licked off the remaining residue of our coupling, then she exclaimed, “Ooh, I’m starting to leak, back in a minute.” with that she waddled out of the room, keeping her legs together and her bum cheeks wobbling.

When she returned she didn’t exactly jump into bed, but it wasn’t far from it. She dropped onto the bed in a sitting position, swung her legs over in one fluid motion and rolled over to lie facing me.

“It was because Phillip stopped giving you much attention after the sex stopped wasn’t it?”

She drew her head back with a puzzled expression.

“Don’t worry, I think the world of you Viv and I understand. You are not the Viv you were before the holiday, that Viv often couldn’t walk without a stick and needed a wheelchair to go any distance.

From the way you got onto the bed just now I can see you’re pain free.”

Then she understood my meaning. She started to cry, real wrenching sobs. I put my arm round her and she buried her head on my chest.

When she composed herself she said, “I feel so stupid and ashamed. You don’t know what he can be like, he can be horrible and after the sex stopped he was angry and irritable and blamed me but that was real. Sex with him at that time was very painful.”

I told her about what I saw when I first lived there and that I’d mentioned it to Yvonne and what she’d said to me.

“Yes my mum was hard, but she had to be. My dad was killed in the war and left her with seven kids to bring up. My brothers were right tearaways and ran her ragged. The only time I got any sort of affection from her was when I was ill and I think subconsciously it’s a trait that has stuck with me. People would treat me better, including Phillip.

When I’m around you, I feel very different, you make me feel so alive and wanted and I can just be myself.”

“I think for the time being tho’ you will have to remember to still be the old Viv if we’re together and other people are present. Otherwise, they’ll put two and two together. To remind you I’ll ask about your health when we meet under those circumstances, to remind you.”

“Okay.” she then looked thoughtful, “When I think of you pushing me around on holiday, especially that cliff path, I’m so sorry.”

I squeezed her bum and smiled at her, “Don’t be, if it wasn’t for that we wouldn’t be here.”

She snuggled closer, “I never thought it could be like this, all that you did to me, from behind just now, I loved it.”

“So did I.”

“Do you really think I’m gorgeous?”

“Yes, absolutely.”

“Yvonne’s gorgeous, I’m nothing like her.”

“Yes she is and no you’re not. She is beautiful in that she fits the general description of what is considered beautiful. You are more…,” I struggled to find the right word, “…earthy, more natural, raw sexuality. She’s also willing to try anything and I think she must get that from you.”

“Oh what are we going to do David?”

“Long term? I don’t know. For now just enjoy each other and be very careful. There’s so much more I want to show you.

You said you’d explain about the church and what they’re likely to do?”

She told me she expected that two elders would ask to visit her or an elder and his wife, as they wouldn’t let one man on his own visit a female member of the church on his own.

She hoped it wouldn’t be an elder called Harry Armitage as she thought he was creepy. He was always talking to her breasts, not her face and was touchy feely when nobody was looking. Only a hand on a shoulder or arm, but even so. She asked if I could be there if they wanted to call, in case it was him. I said yes.

“Are you still OK for time?” she asked.

“Uh huh, why?”

“I want to suck you until you cum in my mouth.”

To be continued…

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