Dr. Mitchel: The Letter

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At just a few minutes before 1000, Marsh’s desk phone interrupted a conversation he was having with Trish about the progress of the contractors that she and Marsh had hired to build the new employee gym and fitness center.

Marsh saw that the call on his private line was from the security office down at the loading dock entrance. He pushed the speaker button and answered:

“This is Marsh, What can I do for you this morning?”

“Marsh, this is Tim at the back door. I have a private courier here with a large envelope addressed to Patricia Jackson.”

Trish took a deep gasp and her face immediately took on a frightened look.

“I’ve checked the employee list sir, and we don’t have a Patricia Jackson in this building. What would you like me to do, sir? He says he can only release the envelope to this Patricia lady, and he says he is sure she is here.”

“I’ll be right there, Tim. Tell him to wait for me.”

Marsh ended the call and stood up. “Trish you need to come to Jimmy’s office with me, right NOW!”

Marsh walked around his desk and took Trish’s hand. He led her through the side door into Becca’s office and told Becca to drop whatever she was doing and come with him. He went through the side door of Becca’s office directly into Jimmy’s office where he let go of Trish’s hand and pulled her into a hug.

“Becca,” Marsh directed. “Please close the door to the reception area.”

Jimmy was on his feet immediately. “What’s wrong son?” Jimmy asked as he came around the desk.

“Dad,” Marsh responded. “I would like you and Becca to stay here with Trish while Wolf and I go to the receiving dock. There’s a suspicious envelope, with a private courier attached, which is addressed to Patricia Jackson. Nobody that knows her in the here and now would know who that is. Wolf will make sure the envelope is safe. I’ll be back as soon as I find out what’s going on.”

Jimmy and Becca both walked over to Trish and wrapped her in a hug.

“You be careful Marsh!” Becca ordered.

Marsh went back into his office and called Wolf to follow him as he went to his private elevator.

The trip to the basement was a quick one. Marsh and Wolf walked into the security office briskly.

“Who are you, and what do you want with Patricia Jackson?” Marsh asked the young man that held the envelope.

Marsh had given Wolf a hand signal, and the big K-9 was making a pass around the courier smelling everything from the man’s shoes to his pants and then the bottom of his shirt. The envelope was included in his exam.

Marsh watched as Wolf did his search and noted the dog’s alerts at the man’s left ankle and at his waist at the right side of his back.

“Tim,” Marsh instructed. “Remove the firearms from the man’s right waist band and his left ankle.”

The courier had a shocked look on his face. “H…how did you know?” he asked. He had not heard Wolf make a sound. Neither had anyone else, for that matter. Marsh and Wolf had their own silent communications.

Tim removed a Glock G26, 9mm from the courier’s waist band, and a small S & W (Smith & Wesson) .38 snub nosed revolver from the ankle holster. He offered them to Marsh who told him to lock them up here at the office and return them to the courier when Marsh let him go.

There were now six men wearing Turner Security combat gear in the receiving bays. All six were armed with AR style rifles and side arms. All six looked like they wouldn’t need the firearms to kill any one person.

Marsh picked up the sign in log that was on the desk. “We need your name and the nature of your visit,” he told the courier. The young man’s hand was shaking as he took the clipboard from Marsh.

“I’m sorry for all this trouble.” The young man said as he printed his name and signed the log. “I’m just trying to do what my mother wanted me to do.”

When the young man was finished Marsh looked at the name; Kevin Daniels.

“Who is your mother, Kevin?” Marsh asked. “And what does she want you to do?”

“My mother was Arlene Daniels.” The young man replied. “She passed away last month sir, and she left instructions in her will to give this envelope to this Jackson woman. I have no idea what’s in it sir.”

“OK Kevin,” Marsh spoke in his police officer voice. “Show me some identification including your concealed carry permit.”

Kevin quickly reached into his pocket and pulled out his wallet, from which he removed his driver’s license and his concealed carry permit. Both were valid and current.

Marsh handed the documents back to Kevin and invited him to come with himself and Wolf to the office where Trish was waiting for them. Marsh led Kevin to the main elevators and pushed the button for the sixth floor. He walked to the side entrance to his office and stood in front of the keypad as he entered his code to open the door and then led Kevin through his own office, Becca’s office and into Jimmy’s office, where Jimmy, Trish, and Becca waited. All three of them bursa eskort bayan stood up and turned towards Marsh and Kevin.

“Kevin,” Marsh began. “My name is Marshall Mitchel. I am the CEO of The Turner Group. We are a multi-national group of companies that include a security company with agents and operatives around the globe. This young lady,” Marsh pointed to Trish. “Is my wife Patricia Mitchel. Trish is also one of my vice-presidents.”

“As you might guess Trish’s name has not always been Mitchel. It was Jackson at one time, several years ago. No one in this building knew Trish back then.” Marsh knew that Jimmy was the only one who knew Trish when she was Patricia Jackson, but thought it was none of Kevin’s concern.

“Now Kevin, I’d like you to open the envelope and take out whatever is inside.” Marsh was giving instructions in his serious police officer voice again.

“My mother’s instructions were to deliver the envelope and then leave.” Kevin spoke timidly.

“Kevin,” Marsh responded. “If you want to leave this building as a free man, you will open the envelope and remove the contents.

Jimmy walked around his desk, opened a drawer, and handed Kevin a letter opener. “Here,” he said, “please use this. I’d hate to have you cut a finger on the envelope.”

Kevin’s hand was shaking again or maybe still, as he took the letter opener from Jimmy and slid it under the flap of the 9 X 12 manila envelope. He handed the opener back to Jimmy, who set it down on the top of his desk.

Kevin looked at Trish. “Really ma’am, I have no idea what is in here, and I really don’t want to. My mother’s instructions were very clear. Deliver the envelope and leave.”

“Kevin,” Marsh spoke very deliberately. “You’ll remove the contents of the envelope now. You’ll hand it to me, and if you want to leave before I give it to my wife, I’ll have my K-9 walk you back down to the loading dock. Am I being clear enough for you to understand, Kevin?”

“Yes Sir!” Kevin almost barked as he reached into the envelope and removed a small stack of papers.

“Fan the sheets.” Marsh directed.

Kevin held one corner of the papers and spread the top of the stack.

Marsh extended his arm and opened his hand. Kevin handed the sheaf of papers to Marsh, and heaved a deep sigh of relief.

Marsh flipped through the papers and turned towards the main door of Jimmy’s office. “Kevin,” Marsh instructed. “Walk out to the hallway, turn left and walk down to the elevators we came up on. Call an elevator and take it down to the basement level and walk down to the loading dock. I’ll call Tim and tell him you’re coming. Wolf will walk down with you and Tim will send him back when you leave. Thanks for being so cooperative.”

Marsh turned to his K-9 partner. “Take Kevin down to see Tim, Wolf. I’ll see you when you get back.”

Wolf trotted out the door and waited for Kevin to catch up. As Kevin walked out the door Marsh stepped out and spoke to Sally Armstrong. “Please let me know when Wolf gets back Sally.” Marsh closed the door behind himself as he walked back to sit in a chair next to Trish. Becca pulled another chair over close to Trish on the opposite side from Marsh. Jimmy remained standing and leaned against the front of his desk, about three feet in front of Trish.

Marsh held the sheaf of papers and looked at Trish. “Sweetheart,” Marsh began. “Do you want to read what’s in here? Do you want me to read the papers to you? Or do you want one of us to read them and then tell you what they say? The envelope was addressed to you, so I’d like you to tell me what to do with the contents.”

Trish looked at each of her family members that were in the room. She saw love and acceptance on each face. “Daddy,” Trish started tentatively. “Do you have any idea who this lady was? You are the only person I know who could ever identify me as Patricia Jackson. You adopted me right after Henry Jackson died, and I don’t think there would be anyone around that would remember me from when I was thirteen years old. I was Patty Turner in high school, and I’ve only been Trish Mitchel for a few weeks. This comes from someone way back in my life.”

Jimmy was quiet for a few minutes. He looked like he was deep in thought. Finally he spoke. “Trish honey, it’s been quite a few years. The only person I think I’ve ever known of named Arlene, was one of the staff at the hospital when you had your babies. I don’t remember what she did there, but I remember that name on a nametag. I have no idea if she is still around here or where she would be. Maybe the papers will tell you who this one is. Until someone reads the papers we have no clue who the woman is, or what she has to say.”

Trish sat up a little straighter in her chair. “Marsh, you have made my life feel so safe since you came into it. Will you please read the papers aloud? I would like to know who Arlene Daniels is, and what she wanted to get off of her conscience after she died. It must have been important to bursa otele gelen eskort bayan her.”

Marsh held the papers in his left hand and slowly flipped through them again with his right hand. He saw that there was a letter and there were several pages that looked like some sort of legal documents. One of them was a birth certificate. Marsh didn’t take the time to read the birth certificate at this time. He went back to the first page and began to read the letter.

“Dear Patricia,”

“I hope this letter finds you in good health, and under better circumstances than when I knew you. If you are reading this, I am dead. There is no good to be gained by trying to prosecute my son. He had no idea of the guilt I carried to my grave. I left the envelope with my lawyer with instructions for my son to find you and get the envelope to you. I told my lawyer that the envelope was important and that I knew your uncle was Dr. James Turner.”

“I was a volunteer at the hospital where you were admitted to give birth to your babies. You may never have even seen me, but I was in and out of your delivery room that day. I had been assigned to the nursery to help take care of the babies that day and they were scrambling to take care of your three babies.”

Trish gasped as Marsh read the part about “three babies”. Marsh paused and then continued.

“When the doctor was delivering your three babies, he handed them to the nurses that were in the room. The first baby that was delivered was given to the neonatal RN, who handed the baby to me after she cleaned her up.”

“At the change of shift there was quite a bit of confusion as not only did the nurses have to give report, but they had to keep up with the deliveries of your triplets, and the procedures that were happening.”

“That particular day was one of the nurse’s birthday, so they were having a bit of a party in the nurse’s lounge, as well.”

“With all that was going on I saw an opportunity to do something I should not have even thought of. On my way out of the nursery I stopped and picked up one of your babies. I carried her out with me.”

“When I went back to the hospital two days later I heard that there had been a baby abduction and that the RN that was supposed to have been in the nursery had been fired. They blamed her for not being in the nursery when it happened. She had been at the birthday party.”

“The risk management director of the hospital instructed everyone else to tell you that your twin babies had been taken by the child protective services agency, and that they were being adopted out of state.”

“One of my friends had told me her father was a lawyer and that he knew someone that wanted to adopt a baby. When I went to his office he said he could get me ten thousand dollars for a baby. No questions asked. When I hesitated he told me he might be able to get me as much as twenty five thousand.”

“I went back to my apartment and called him. He said he would call me back in a few minutes, and when he did he told me he could only get me twenty thousand. I told him I had a baby and I would take the twenty thousand dollars.”

“I met him at his home, and there was a couple there that was going to “adopt” the baby. They looked at your baby and the lady started to cry. I handed her the baby, and my friend’s father handed me an envelope with twenty thousand dollars in cash. He never asked me where the baby came from, and I never told anyone.”

“For a twenty year old student that was a fortune. I went to another city and finished my nursing school with the money I had gotten for your baby.”

“I got married and had a baby of my own. I have had the nagging guilt of what I had done with your baby, but was never brave enough to tell anyone about it and risk being prosecuted for the crime of kidnapping your baby.”

“I have never even tried to find out what happened to you since then. I knew you had lived a hard life after your mother died, and I knew that your uncle was trying to help you. I was led to believe that he had a lot of money and I thought you would be OK, since you were never going to get to keep your babies anyway.”

“I know it was wrong, but at the time I was desperate, and just wanted to get the money. I’ve lived with the guilt. You may or may not be able to forgive me for what I did. I hope you can, but there is nothing more I can do.”

“I did go to the county records office and found the birth certificate that my friend’s father had made. I also found the record of the “adoption” that he filed. The man was good at what he did, because it all looked legitimate.”

“When I was given the diagnosis of breast cancer, metastasized to my lungs, I looked up your uncle. Dr. James Turner has a very large conglomerate. He’s known to be a really good man, with a very long reach. I’ve included the documents that I found, in the envelope so that you can try to follow up if you want to know. Your uncle’s companies bursa eve gelen escort should be able to do some tracing and may in fact be able to find your babies; all three of them.”

“Good luck, Patricia. I hope you are well.”

The letter was signed; Arlene Daniels, with a PS. “(My name is not what it was then.)”

While Marsh read the letter Trish and Becca sobbed quietly. When he finished reading the letter Trish continued to cry, but Becca looked at Marsh and Jimmy. “You will try to find my sister, won’t you Marsh?” Her voice was soft and pleading and Trish was nodding as Becca spoke.

Jimmy answered. “We will use the information we have, and I’m pretty sure Rick and his team will be able to dig up something.”

Marsh walked over to the scanner that was on a table next to Jimmy’s desk. The scanner was programmed into the Wi-Fi network, and Marsh sent digital copies of the files to Jimmy, Trish, Becca, and Rick before he sent it to his own computer.

Jimmy went back around his desk and pushed the speaker button on his phone. When Rick answered Jimmy gave him a brief summary of what they had just learned and asked Rick to get right on the search for Trish’s third baby. Just before he ended the call Rick said, “I’m sure there is no rush with this project, eh boss”? Nothing needed till, like, yesterday?”

“I see you have the right priority already set, my friend. Take your time. As long as we know something before noon. Hell’s bells Rick, it’s only ten o’clock in the morning, and you should have a pretty good profile by ten thirty.” Jimmy and Rick were both chuckling before they ended the call. Everyone in Jimmy’s office knew that Rick would indeed have a lot of information within just a few minutes.

Marsh turned and offered the envelope, with the papers all returned into it, to Trish. “Would you file that in your office safe Marsh?” Trish asked. “I don’t want to lose any of it. I think the safe in your office is about as good a place as any other in the world.”

“Oh my God, Marsh.” Trish continued. “Can you imagine what this could mean? My baby may have been sold into slavery in some third world country.”

“Or Trish,” Marsh interrupted. She may have been bought by some rich couple in another city that couldn’t have children of their own but didn’t want to go through the tedious process of the normal adoption procedures. All we can do now is wait for Rick and his people to do the research.”

“Trish,” Jimmy began in a very smooth soothing voice. “When Rick gets us the information, we will give your daughter a chance to get to know her mother. I can’t guarantee she will want to have anything to do with us, but we’ll sure give her the opportunity if she wants it. I think you should take some comfort in knowing how convincing your father and your husband can be.”

“Mom,” Becca now added. “If the girl is anything like Becky was, or like you and I are, she’s gonna want to leave any schmuck she’s with, and marry our husband. If she doesn’t want to share like we do, our lives may be in danger.” Becca was laughing, and Trish picked up the humor instantly and started to laugh too. With the mood lightened by Becca’s humor, everyone joined in a light hearted discussion of who they hoped they would find.

The family members talked for a bit over a half hour before Marsh’s private line started to ring, in his own office. Marsh jumped up and ran through Becca’s office, to get to his own. “This is Marsh.” He answered as he picked up the receiver and sat down in his chair at the same time. “What’s up Rick?” Marsh had caught a glance at his caller ID feature and knew who the caller was.

“Marsh,” Rick began. “You need to make some decisions in a bit of a hurry. Finding your sister-in-law, Tiffany Rochelle Madison was very easy. She is listed in several places, and lives up in the southwestern portion of Minnesota. Contacting her could get really tricky.”

“Marsh, This young woman owns a rather large ranch between Marshall and Granite Falls, MN. The catch is that the ranch is in foreclosure and is scheduled to be sold at an auction, on the steps of the county court house in Granite Falls…” Rick paused for effect, and then he continued. “Tomorrow Marsh.”

“OK,” Marsh sighed. “No pressure, eh? I better get Jimmy in here and we better have a discussion. My gut says to take the Gulfstream and go to Minnesota to buy a ranch that I have no information about. Do you know what it is, Rick? Or more importantly, what it’s worth? Hold on to that answer while I get Jimmy.” Marsh stepped into Becca’s office and walked to the door of Jimmy’s office.

“Dad, please come into my office. Rick needs to tell us something. I’d like you to be here and help me make a decision.”

“Marsh…?” Becca questioned.

“I’ll let you know as soon as I actually know what’s going on myself, sweetheart.” Marsh assured her as he and Jimmy walked into his office. Marsh closed the door and told Rick to carry on.

“Marsh, Jimmy,” Rick spoke tentatively.

“Yes Rick,” Jimmy replied. “We are both here. Give us as much as you’ve got.”

“OK,” Rick began. “The birth certificate is a forgery. We knew that from the contents of the letter. The adoption records are legitimate. From that we got the adoptive parents names and an address to follow up with.”

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