Drawing a Nude Male Model

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I love to do nude drawing (or nude paintings). In the art world they call it Figure Drawing or Figure Painting. I am involved in a Figure drawing club, which is enjoyable, but the class is very professional like a college art class. What I mean is the poses are never sensual. Think of it as a Playboy magazine pose, rather than a Penthouse magazine kind of pose. I always learn a lot in those classes, and enjoy being around other artists, but sometimes I just want to have the freedom to do a sensual, very sexy, pose.

So, occasionally, I run an ad on craigslist for a nude model that I can draw on my own. I post the ad sporadically, basing it on how busy I am in my everyday life. I might run it for a few weeks, then not run it for 6 weeks. I list it to attract couples, females, or males. I am specific to say in the ad that I really prefer people who are in shape, or close to it. And, I also say that I prefer shaved.

Most of my responses on craigslist come from guys. I’m betting I average 80% guys, 15% couples, and 5% females. When a guy responds, I have learned to email back and forth with them many times. I had learned to do this after one previous negative experience that I had with a guy. The negative experience that I had was with a very strange acting guy, who lived in a bad area of town, and was dressed in skin tight leotards. He had gay porn on the tv when I arrived. It just weirded me out. So, after that experience, I became extremely picky, as I started “weeding out” the guys that responded to my ad. Now I turn down about 95% of them. So, I have learned that by emailing back and forth, and asking questions, has helped me not have any more negative experiences with males.

The only other time that I accepted a guy (after I had learned how to weed them out) was a guy who I ended up having a very good experience. He was a nice guy, lived in a decent area of town, and was easy to chat with while I drew him. It was a pose with the guy sitting, with his legs open. His cock was not hard in the drawing. He had on a cowboy hat and cowboy boots with nothing else on. He wanted me to draw him as if he was sitting on a bale of hay. So, I googled a picture of a bale of hay, and added that into my drawing instead of the chair he was actually sitting on. He was happy with the drawing, and so was I. I posted a copy of it on my flickr page and it was extremely popular.

Recently, I decided to run the ad again after about a 2 month break. I got an email response from a guy that said he thought it would be a lot of fun to be the model. He said he was 5’10, and 170 lbs.. We emailed back and forth numerous times just to get to know each other, until I reached a point that I felt comfortable with him.


As I was getting closer to scheduling him, I asked if he had an idea of what kind of pose he wanted to do. He emailed back that he would leave that up to me. He said he would do any kind of pose I wanted. I then told him in another email that I wanted to try to start emphasizing the sensual side of guys when I do the drawings. I explained that with women they have lots of areas on their body that make them look sensual, like tits, ass, and pussy. So for women, almost any pose has a sensual look to it. Then I told him that I have learned that a naked guy can be rather boring unless you pose him in a certain way that emphasizes his cock in some way. (Like the naked cowboy on the bale of hay) I then explained that I was not gay or bi, so don’t get me wrong, but I definitely appreciate seeing a guy in a sensual pose and with a cock that is ½ hard, or ¾ hard. I said that it makes a very sensual pose for a guy. I told him that I wasn’t requiring that, but was just suggesting that it would make for a hotter pose. Then I said “But, that is up to you.”

He emailed back that he was open to whatever I wanted, and that the idea of emphasizing his cock in a sensual way was not a problem at all. He agreed that it would make a much hotter drawing. He then said that he would not have a problem being hard during the drawing because it was a “turn on” to him to be naked in front of someone else. In the same email he told me he was shaved (He hadn’t told me that yet) and that he doesn’t like to shave himself because he feels he does not do a very good job. He said he had a woman who did that for him once every couple of weeks.

I was surprised at his comment about a woman shaving him. It sounded hot, and it also made me very curious. So, in my email back to him, I told him that it had made me curious. I asked him to tell me more about that. I also told him that I thought that it would be hot to be able to have someone do that to me. I said “I know I would love that, so I understand why you do.” I then asked him if it led to sex when she shaved him. His email back to me said “Yes,” and then he shared with me a few things that usually happens. (usually lots of oral sex between him and her)


So after numerous emails, I scheduled a day and a time to meet porno 64 with him. When it came down to the day before our art session, I decided to check back with him to get directions to his house and to be sure we were “still on.” His return email said “Yes, I am looking forward to it,” and then said “But, I haven’t been able to get with my lady friend to be shaved since you and I last emailed each other.” Then he made a somewhat daring comment in the email by saying “You can do it for me before our art session if you want to, that is if you don’t mind doing it. Plus, if you want, I will shave you first, so you know what it’s like, since you were curious about it.”

Again, I don’t consider myself bi, but I have always appreciated seeing a hot shaved cock on a guy who is at least within 10-15 lbs of being in shape. I have watched guys on cam before and found that I can get turned on watching some of them. I have also looked on websites for naked guys to draw, and have noticed that a few of the pictures I saw turned me on.

I would probably call myself “Situationally bi.” What I mean is I could see myself playing with a guy but it would have to be the right kind of situation. These 4 things would need to happen: He needs to be a decent looking guy, have a nice looking shaved cock, had a good personality, and while I was with him something turns me on. Those four things could make me enjoy playing around. Otherwise, I am not interested.

You might say “Well, isn’t that bi?” My answer would be twofold. Every bi guy I have talked to is ready to have sex “in an instant” with most guys. They can meet a guy and instantly have sex with them. Secondly, they tend to look at guys in a sexual way. I am not saying that all bi guys are like that, I am just saying that this is what I have noticed with most bi guys I have ever talked to. In my case, I do not fit either of those two categories. There is no way I could instantly have sex with a guy, and I don’t look at guys as sexual opportunities.

Anyway, let me get back to our last minute emails about our upcoming meeting. I answered his comment about me shaving him or him shaving me, with “I may let you shave me. I have thought about your comment about being shaved by your woman friend several times since you told me about it. It sounds very hot. Of course, I would prefer a woman do that to me, but just to have the experience, I may let you do it. As far as me shaving you, let me see how things go when I get there. I have never touched a guy before, so I will have to see how comfortable I feel with you. Is that okay with you?”

He emailed back with “Sounds great. See you at 10 am tomorrow.”


I gathered up my easel, drawing pencils, sketch book, and then headed over to the guy’s house the next morning. When I arrived, he introduced himself with his first name only. He said he was Gary. I saw that he was a decent looking guy, and seemed to be in decent shape. He was not muscular, which I really did not want, anyway. In my artwork I like to portray a normal looking person that you might see on an everyday basis, not necessarily a muscular person.

He gave me a quick tour of his house so that I could get an idea of what scene to use for the pose. I decided that the living room couch might be a good pose area, so we settled into that area.

We talked for awhile as we both were trying to get more comfortable with each other. He asked how many of these I have done. I told him that this was fairly new for me. I had only done 10 people so far. I told him that I rarely do guys, and that I had only done 2 so far. Then I told him that I had also met with 7 couples, but all of them but 1, wanted me to just do the wife while the husband watched. Then, I said “But, I did do one couple where they posed together on their bed.” Then I said “I have only done one woman so far.”

I explained why I do not get to do many women. I said “They do not know me personally, and I think they worry that I might be some weirdo who is going to hurt them.” Then I said “If they knew me personally, I bet I would have women lined up to do it. I believe there are a lot of women who would love to pose nude if it was a situation where they felt they could trust the artist, and felt comfortable with them.”

He asked if I knew why most people want to model nude. I said “It is a combination of many things. Some want the nude art on the wall of their bedroom.”

Then I said “Others, like in the case with couples, are situations where the husband convinces the wife to do it as a way of opening her up to future things like doing 3 somes, or even possibly having sex with the artist while he (the husband) watches. I have two husbands who, I believe, are trying to take things that direction right now because both have had me back for another drawing. Each time I come back, there are more hints from him in front of his wife. Plus, I have noticed that the wife is getting more comfortable with me. So, we will see where that goes in porno izle the future.”

I mentioned to him one more reason why people like to pose nude, and that was they just get turned on by being nude in front of someone. They are probably exhibitionists, so it becomes a hot experience for them to be the nude model.”

He said “Well, I think I fall into at least 2 of those categories. I would love to have the artwork of me in a nude, very sensual, pose. The more I thought about your comments about a sensual pose, the more I loved the idea. So, you can make it as sensual as you want as far as I am concerned.

Then, secondly, I am definitely an exhibitionist. It turns me on to be nude in front of someone else.”

I said “I understand that completely. If I was the model, my reason for doing it would be exactly the same as yours. In fact, I hope someday to find a woman artist who wants to draw, or paint me, in the nude.”

He laughed, and said “Paint you while she is in the nude?” Then he smiled.

I laughed, and said “Well, I meant ME being in the nude. But, it would be an extreme turn on to me if she would be willing to be nude with me while she did the drawing. I would absolutely love that.”

Then I told him about how one woman (from a married couple that I did) asked me to be naked while I was drawing her. She said she would feel more comfortable if I was nude with her. So, I agreed to do that. Then I told him “It was very flattering because she kept staring at different parts of my body while I drew her. I actually loved it.”

He then asked “Did you get hard while drawing her like that?”

I said “I was actually very hard at first. But, as I started concentrating on doing the art and getting it right, it was difficult to stay turned on. Your mind changes gears. You enjoy being nude and seeing someone in a nude pose, but it is hard to keep it as a sexual thing in your own mind, which is what would make you stay hard.” Then I said “But, then again, out of all the nude poses I have drawn, I haven’t done one that was a super sensual, or super sexual pose. Plus, I haven’t had any sexual teasing going on while I did the art. I have had some light teasing comments, but nothing very sexual.”

He then said “I know you said you weren’t bi, and I hope this comment doesn’t bother you, but I would love it if you would be naked while drawing me. I think it would make this whole modeling thing a greater experience for me. In my mind, I would remember this as the day I was drawn nude in a very sensual pose, by a naked artist. It just makes it a unique experience.” Then he said “I get the feeling that you wouldn’t mind being nude when you do most of these. It seems like you are a bit of an exhibitionist like me. So, if you want to be nude with me, I would love it, and actually, would prefer it.”

From everything the guy had said in his emails, and also what he said on this day, I knew I really was a lot like him. I knew that I get turned on with the idea of being nude around others. Plus, he didn’t know it, but I actually love being asked to do something a little naughty, so to speak. That is a super turn on to me. So, when he said what he said, it actually sent tingles to my cock.

I said “Sure, I’ll do that. But, let me come up with a pose idea for you first, then I will join you in being naked. Why don’t you go ahead and strip down, and let’s try some different poses?”

As he was stripping down in front of me, I found my “Situationally bi” side starting to kick in. He met the criteria of the things that would turn me on. He was decent looking, looked like he was in shape, and had a great, easy-going (non-asshole) personality. Plus, he said things that were turning me on. All that was left was for me to see a good looking, shaved cock.

He got down to his underwear, then slid them down and off. His cock was hard, like he said it probably would be once he got nude. He wasn’t huge. He was actually my size. It looked to be about 6 inches, and cut, plus he was not real thick. He was shaved, but had a little bit of hair growing back from his missed appointment with the gal that shaves him. He wasn’t a real hairy guy anyway. There was very little hair on his chest and legs. I hadn’t seen his ass yet, but I figured there wasn’t very much hair there either. All in all, I thought his body was attractive.

I said to him “Very nice. You have a great looking body. I’m impressed.”

He said “Well, thanks.”

I started thinking “How can I come up with a pose for him that would be very sensual?”

I said to him “Turn around and let me see your ass. I am trying to think of a pose that will be the hottest for this drawing. Not sure if I want you bent over, or what.”

He turned around and I noticed there was only some light amount of hair on his ass. Once again, I attributed it to his not seeing the lady that shaves him.

I said “Nice,” as I stood there thinking of art poses.

After a moment or two, I said “Let’s start sex izle with you laying on the couch on your side. Bend your left leg up so that your left foot is flat on the couch.” As I was telling him how to pose, he was doing it. I continued with “Good, yes, like that. Now spread your legs as wide as you can, on the couch. Bend your other leg up toward your chest, but keep the side of your leg, flat on the couch.”

He looked a bit confused, so I walked over and moved his leg in the direction I meant.

His cock was very hard. I assume it was from the fact that he likes being seen nude, plus I was posing

him into a sensual pose. I said “Like that. Yea. I want the angle of the drawing to show your legs spread, with your asshole, balls, and cock all being exposed. This emphasizes the sensual, male side of you.”

I paused, then said “Bend your right arm and use your right hand to hold your head. Look my direction as if you know you are exposed to me, and you are not embarrassed about it at all.”

I went over to him to help him see what I meant. I adjusted his position slightly. Then I stood back and looked at the entire pose again. I paused for a moment, while analyzing everything, then I said “Hang on.”

I walked over to a small pillow on a chair, picked it up, and said “Let’s put this under your ass so that

it is up in the air a little.” As he put it under his ass, I said “Yea, like that. Wow, that exposes your entire groin area even more.”

Then I stood back, looked at the pose for a good 20 seconds or so, then finally said “That is one hot pose.”

He said “I wish I could see it for myself.” Then he paused and said “I got an idea. Strip down for me. You were going to do that anyway. You get on the couch and show me the pose.”

I stripped down completely as he watched me, and then I posed the exact same way. My cock was actually about 2/3 hard. He stood there like an artist, looking at me. Then he said “Wow. I see what you mean. This is going to be very hot. I love it.”

Then he said “Hey, wait a minute, you were going to let me shave you. Why don’t you lay there for a few minutes and let me go ahead and do that.”

As he said that, my cock was moving upward (harder) just from the idea of him shaving me. He actually stood there for a moment watching it slowly rise up. He smiled like he was happy about that, then finally walked into the other room to get the shaving cream and razor.

When he returned, he said “Do you mind if I do everything like the gal does me? I mean shave all the same places in the same way?”

I said “Yea, that’s fine.”

My cock was fully hard now and was tingling a lot. I could see a little bit of precum appearing at the tip of my cock. I looked up at Gary and noticed that he looked like he was loving this.

He then said “She always does my ass first. Tell you what, bend over the couch so your ass is easy to reach, and spread your legs wide.”

This guy was turning me on “big time.” It was the fact that I had someone asking me to do something naughty. Bending over a couch with my legs spread was a naughty start.

I got in position, then looked over my shoulder and noticed he had a smile on his face. I laughed and said “You look like you are going to enjoy this.”

“I already am. You have a nice body, and this looks like it is going to be fun,” he said.

He put some warm water on my ass, spread shaving cream on it, and then started shaving it. Gary had no idea that my ass was very sexually sensitive. I had not discussed any sexual things about myself with him before this meeting. He did not know that any touching of my ass was a big turn on for me. He also did not know that my asshole is a extremely sexual area on me. So, as Gary touched my ass to put on the warm water and shaving cream, it was increasing my horny feelings.

The razor felt good on my ass as it lightly glided across it to remove the light hair on it. Once he got both cheeks done, he wiped off the excess shaving cream with a towel. Then he rubbed his hand across my ass and said “Feels very smooth.” That was just one more thing that sent more tingles to my groin area.

He then said “Okay, this part gets a little tricky. I have to use the razor to get in between your ass cheeks and then down by your balls. Hope you don’t mind.”

I said “That is fine,” while I secretly thought to myself “He is about to touch one of my biggest sexual hot spots.”

He grabbed a hold of both ass cheeks and spread them wide. My cock jumped with excitement. I kept thinking to myself “If this guy wanted to seduce me, he couldn’t have approached it any better than what he was doing to me.” I thought that because my ass is a nice area to start with to turn me

on, and get me in the mood to do bi stuff when I normally would never do it.

As he spread my ass cheeks I could feel the cool room air touching my asshole. I felt totally exposed to him. Here I am bent over the couch with my legs spread, and my ass cheeks are being spread open wide. And, since the feeling of being exposed is another one of my sexual turn ons, my excitement level kept rising and rising. I was actually starting to get turned on to the point I was lightly shaking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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