Dream Guy Ch. 02: Ready2run

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Last installment of the story hope you liked it. Please comment, feedback is welcomed.


Ready to run- one direction

No no no no no. Is this a joke, was Travis getting punked? Mark’s sweaty meaty hand firmly held Travis, his sausage fingers gripped Travis like a vase. The trek up the stairs felt endless and Travis was glad. What should he do? Maybe run, but that means he will never be able to come back. He will never get a chance at . . . Teller. Teller was perfect, Teller lit his body on fire. Not Mark.

Once they reached the bedroom reality crashed down on Travis hard. Oh fuck Mark wanted sex, it was something they talked about doing when they finally met. Ready2run said how he was going to Fuck him hard and slow. At first the words were hot and exciting but now the idea made Travis want to cry, scream or run.

“You are so sexy,” Mark says.

“Ha ha thanks,” Travis nervously says. Mark slowly starts stripping, he rubs his man boob while making this weird face.

Travis just stood there and watched disgusted and angry. This wasn’t fair, and the messed up part was he couldn’t even get out of it. If he told him that he couldn’t sleep with him because of his looks he might feel hurt and Travis would look like an ass. And worst what if Teller found out he will never have a chance with him.

“You like,” Mark says as he slides out of his tight jeans.

“Maybe we should take it slow?” Travis offers.

“Come on babe I’ve been waiting for this for months. And now seeing how gorgeous you are I might bust now,” Mark whines.

Mark flops down on the queen size bed, His nude belly juggles as he moves around. His tanned hairy skin looked as appealing as being murdered. Horrifying and scary.

“Come on baby strip for daddy,” Mark says trying to lower his voice. Was he trying to be sexy? Gross.

Travis slowly started giresun escort taking off his shirt, and he wasn’t trying to be seductive. Mostly he was thinking about jumping out the window but they were up too high. Travis was skinny and pale, slender and girly. Travis knew he was good-looking but right now he wish he was as nasty as Mark. Mark was drooling and making animal noises.

He panted and huffed, and twice he meowed. Travis walked over and set on the bed. Right way Mark started biting and sucking on his nipples. Mark took Travis finger and stuck it into his belly button.

“Fuck no I can’t,” Travis yelled as he shot like a bullet away from Mark.

“Baby?” Mark says confused.

“I’m sorry your just . . . And I’m not. . .”

“Travis, your beautiful you don’t have to feel self conscious,” Mark says.

“I’m not,” Travis says.

“Then what is it your sort of being a tease,” Mark groans harshly.

“Who are you?” Travis says frustrated.

“Me, your the one acting weird. Over the internet you were cool and flirty,” Mark says.

“That’s because. . .” Travis starts. I thought you were attractive.

This was a nightmare could he really not get past the looks. Maybe he owed it to himself to try to recapture the heat. They connected online Travis liked him there must have been something between them right? Maybe he was his soul mate.

“Fine but did you really mean those things you said about being with me?” Travis says. If Mark said yes and that he meant every word then Travis would do it.

“Oh um yeah I think I said that,” Mark says sounding preoccupied with Travis long legs. His eyes didn’t even waver, was he even paying attention? Did all he care about was sex? But then Mark’s earlier words hit him. I think I said that. Wait a second.

“Was it even you?” Travis says.

Yeah yalova escort of course it was,” Mark says offended.

Travis stared Mark down, there was truth in his words but there also were lies. Travis crossed his arms and waited soon Mark cracked.

“If I tell you the truth will this change anything, about how you feel about me?”


“Okay a friend of mine may have wrote some of my messages,”


Yeah well all the boring ones,”


Your hopes and dreams, your day, your life just minor stuff,”

“So basically you wrote only the sex parts?”

“Yeah,” he says. “Teller the one you met did all the personal stuff. Funny part he’s not even gay. At first he was uncomfortable but I just told him to pretend you were a girl,”


“Clever right?” Mark boasted.

“I’m gone, fuck you you ugly pervert,” Travis screamed.

“Hey you said that your opinion of me wouldn’t change,” Mark whined not at all sounding sorry.

“It wasn’t high to begin with,” Travis says while reaching for the door.

A loud noise scared Travis as he flung open the door. A deep voice said fuck. Travis looked down at Teller who was leaning against the door on his knees. He was holding his face, his eyes wide with shock. Teller was eavesdropping and got caught.

Travis closed the door on Mark Who was jacking off. Teller quickly stood and faced Travis who eyes were locked on his.

“I’m sorry,” Teller says. “I never meant it to go this far I was going to stop it but I heard you both arguing instead and I,”

Travis held out his hand to stop him. Travis just needed one answer.

“White or wheat?”

Teller looked confused. “Wheat.”

Travis pounced on him, he mashed his lips against Tellers soft full lips. Teller greedily touched Travis he yozgat escort ran his hands up and down his body. He rubbed his chest and cupped his ass. Travis wanted Teller to know that no matter what he wanted him. That’s why he asked the question to prove to Teller that even though he was in on it, Travis didn’t care.

The moment he saw Teller he found love. Teller led Travis to his room down the hall. Travis pushed Teller down on his king size bed. He climbed onto his lap and he grabbed his face and kissed him. Travis head leaned back in moans as Teller licked his hard nipples. Travis felt his hard on through his pants, and he wanted it inside him.

Once they were completely naked Teller reached over and took out a bottle of lube. He held out two fingers and squeezed the liquid on his fingers. Travis kissed Tellers neck and chest as he slowly inserted his fingers inside of his awaiting opening. Travis rocked his hips riding Tellers fingers and hips.

Teller laid Travis down and thrust his cock inside of his hole. Travis held on to Tellers broad shoulders as he shoved himself fully inside of him. Teller cock was nine inches cut and thick. Travis moaned with pleasure as Teller pounded into him. Travis wrapped his legs around Tellers hips and he felt everything. His body was hot and rock hard, the sweet rough pounding quenched every thirst and need. The moans and groans filled the dark room as they fucked hard and fast.

Soon hot cum shot out of Travis cock, the sticky white cum spurted between them. Then Teller growled and shot into Travis, cum and fluid covered them.

Teller rolled off of Travis and laid there beside him. Both hot, sweaty and panting.

“Theirs something I always curious about?” Travis says.

“What?” Teller says trailing kisses up his spine.

“Ready2run did you pick that or?”

“I did,”

“At first It was manslut30 then after we talked for a while it changed. Why?”

“Because I knew even though I tried to deny it I was falling in love with you. And then in that moment I knew I was ready to run with you,”

“I love you,” Travis says. “And I’m ready to run with you too,”

And they did off into the sunset.

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