Dream House

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I imagine if you looked at me, you might question my choice of career. You might assume that I’m an actress or a model, or maybe that I have a rich husband that bought me the custom Harley that I chose to arrive in when I greeted my clients. You’ll also probably wonder how a nice girl like me ended up here. I guess you never know what you’ll find underneath the covers. Here’s how I got here.

Being tall and having a mane of strawberry blond ringlets attracted attention all through school. So did the way I was built. I soon learned that having a tiny waist and lots of cleavage would give me the edge that made life simpler.

It was easy to use my looks to get what I wanted. There was no challenge to it. People are like that. When you’re beautiful, friendly and outgoing, they swoon to get you whatever you want.

It didn’t take long for life to become dull after high school. I wondered from one job to the next, bored as hell. My ex boyfriend Mario was connected to some people that discreetly proposed an offer one day two years ago. It was an offer of three jobs in one. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Ebony they told me. This opportunity will make you rich beyond your dreams.

Besides money the offer also included adventure. But there was a dark side. It was a tough decision to make but I took it, and I haven’t looked back since.

What about my conscience you might ask? Maybe I wasn’t born with that part of my brain developed because I’ve never felt guilt, remorse or sadness my entire life. I just move forward to the next adventure and feel the familiar feelings of accomplishment that comes with a job well done.

I had just finished designing an updated advertisement for my client’s Dream House. I liked to work at least three cases around the globe at one time, so my client’s cravings for me can build during my absence. I had just finished hacking into their accounts and now all I had to do was to hit send. The near duplicate flyer hadn’t been questioned yet. The concept was too intriguing; too inviting.

The minute the digital ad arrived he called his boss.

“Yeah, she took the bait. I don’t know exactly. The advertisement she sent is about a Dream House. I don’t know what that means but I’ll find out. It’s an interesting twist,” Jaxon said to the voice on the phone while eyeing the exclusive flyer that had seconds before appeared in his inbox.

What I didn’t know is that even though Jaxon was very rich, he had a full time job that he was very devoted to.

In a previous situation his boss had noticed the near perfect ad contained some flaws that made it different than the original ones he’d viewed. The differences were subtle, but they were there. It was only a hunch but it was worth looking into. They were able to trace the ad to the owner’s IP. Then all they had to do was set the scene and make sure Jaxon got on her list.

Click on the link boys raced through my head as my adventure began. It was a challenge and I loved challenges. The billionaires were not easily fooled and they weren’t easy to meet. They were accustomed to people wanting their money. The exclusive club gave me an in. My advantage was that I cut and pasted my ad into the secret elite news flyer, Jam, that was only available to the ultra rich. Then I re-sent it. With membership, clients were offered exclusive opportunities only available to A listers and celebrities. It was a very, very exclusive club, and my boss was a member.

Viola, they first one clicked on the link. I looked at my phone with anticipation. Would the fish bite? It took two hours for that to happen. The call came in just as I was getting a manicure.

Once outside the shop I explained the Dream House concept, how it worked and what properties were available for the offer.

“So you’re telling me, that for an additional 250 k a year, I can plan instant excitement at my fingertips? I’ll never be istanbul escort bored again?”

“Yes, that is exactly correct. We can cure your boredom and take care of life’s mundane little tasks for you. We do all the planning. We’ll set the scene in every way. That includes the people involved. They have a job and a purpose. They know how to entertain. Some activities require only one hours notice. If you want to go surfing a limo will arrive with a surf board and a qualified instructor to take you to the ocean. Let’s say for example that you wanted to organize a poker game with some guys at your house. There is a large room in the basement in any of the houses you pick that will be transformed on your whim. Within an hour four fun loving guys with great attitudes and jokes will be sitting in that room awaiting your arrival. They’ll have money on them so betting means something. Or maybe you decide that you’re in the mood for a romantic date with a very attentive and attractive woman without strings attached. The room will be set up to romantic perfection including the sex chair she’ll eagerly let you fuck her on. You can pick her bust size, her hair color, and your sexual style preference if you like. Toys, condoms, anything you need or request will be in the room.”

“The idea sounds intriguing. When can you show me some properties?” said Jaxon. We arranged a meeting.

When Jaxon first set eyes on me, a slow, low whistle escaped his lips. I had chosen an off the shoulder oriental design that showed off my slim figure, tiny waist and the curvature of my breasts. I greeted his interest with a brilliant smile. He had a quality about him that was raw and animalistic. Something about Mr. Jaxon Reynolds was a definite turn on.

“You must be Mr. Reynolds,” I said, moving toward him and taking his hand.

He lifted my hand to his lips and kissed it softly as we maintained eye contact. I went right into sales woman mode, yet I gave him subtle well timed clues that I found him interesting and attractive. We looked at several homes and found one he seemed very interested in.

“Do you come with the place?” Jaxon asked seductively eyeing my luscious curves and landing on my cleavage.

“Occasionally I have been known to show up,” I replied mysteriously, purposely showing him a glimpse of my long, lean, legs as the slit in my dress rode up while entering my car.

I gave him a beautifully seductive smile and drove off. The bait was set. Now it was a waiting game.

As I flew to Lisbon to set up my next deal I kept thinking about him. We had connected, like I hadn’t connected with anyone in two years. There was something special about Jaxon and I couldn’t put my finger on it.

A week later the call came in. I flew back to New York and the deal was signed on one condition. He wanted me to be included in one of his adventures once every two months for a year.

“You may be very attractive, but I don’t rent out my body,” I had warned him.

“I’m not asking you to. I have a very demanding schedule and I just want to enjoy your company when it suits both of us, is that asking too much?”

His boyish charm could not be denied. Showing mock exasperation I signed my part of the deal. There was no denying it. He was playing right into my hand. I would have him in no time.

No matter how charming Jaxon was, I was steely eyed and determined. Feelings hadn’t entered the picture before so why should they now. Why should the rush of excitement when I see him, get in the way of me doing my job? I shrugged off the thought.

Our first Dream House encounter was a poker game. Jaxon’s sandy, longish hair hung in his sparkling blue eyes. He wore a jean shirt and tight black jeans. He wanted me to be his cocktail waitress.

I wore a shimmering, short, black sequence dress. The dress could almost be used as a mirror but avcılar escort not quite. I moved too quickly.

“I’ll have a martini doll,” one of the players said, careful not to proposition me, or linger on my cleavage, since he was at work after all.

Then as a joke I decided to stand behind Jaxon’s competitors, giving him a welcome or unwelcome view of the cards his opponents were holding. I did it repeatedly with a sly smile on my lips. “Stop that,” he scolded laughingly. The money obviously meant nothing to him. He had plenty of it. I had imagined the laugh meant more to him. Little did I know he had his own hidden agenda.

Jaxon threw down his cards and motioned me to exit the room. He pulled me into his arms. He smelled clean, and his aftershave was intoxicating. When he kissed me I felt instant and needy passion like I had never allowed myself to feel before. Suddenly I needed to feel this handsome man’s cock down my throat and I needed him now. Taking my hand Jaxon guided me up the stairs to his lavish bedroom. It had a large sitting area and a fireplace.

“Stand there beautiful,” he said as he grabbed his phone in an attempt to take pictures. I threw the phone down and kneeled before him. One thing I love to do is suck cock. I love the feeling of my mouth being filled by a hard, forceful, shaft and the victory of tasting cum. Cum has a habit of tasting like the preference a man has for his food. Very soon the sweet taste of red pepper would disappear down my throat. While I sucked him Jaxon played with my curly hair and tits. Surges of lust went straight to my pussy as he squeezed my nipples and fucked my mouth hard and forcefully. He released into my mouth holding my head in place as he did. Jaxon pulled me up then and started undressing me.

“Whoa, let’s wait handsome, things are moving too fast,” I said pulling away while kissing him. Moments later I was out the door. I had sprung my trap and was intent on wrapping him firmly in my net before I would give myself over to him.

Over the next two weeks he called on my services repeatedly. I was off in Denmark charming a very rich, older, business tycoon. I don’t know what he had done.

“Darling you’re looking absolutely gorgeous,” Caesar said pulling me into his big arms and kissing me intently. I had arranged for us to meet in an exclusive cabin owned and managed by my boss. My boss owned a lot of property.

Caesar was very secretive about a particular briefcase he kept under lock and key in the safe. He checked it with his back turned to me before positioning my face down in the pillow. Caesar snapped my g string with purpose and trailed his hand down my long, lace, stocking.

He was a big man in every way. His hands spread wide covering the circumference of my ass cheeks. Then he pulled his hands apart.

Twenty minutes earlier Caesar had asked permission to line my tight hole with desensitizing cream. I knew I would be at the mercy of the shear enormity of his cock, but I couldn’t say no. He had high expectations and was use to being catered to 100 % of the time. I could only hope I would be able to walk the next few days after his powerful shaft penetrated me. He was a true Master by every definition and he wanted me. Two hours later I was able to turn the tables. When I left the cottage I knew my boss would clean up the mess. When the cream wore off I would be sore. It would be a reminder of a job well done.

When I arrived home I was informed by the Dream House rep that Jaxon had been phoning every two days requesting my services. It made me feel powerful. These men were so interested in a hot fuck from a beautiful woman; they let me get dangerously close to every aspect of their lives. It was my edge and I used it to perform my third job.

My instinct and intuition failed me at that fateful moment when Jaxon called to arrange a meeting.

I remember the şirinevler escort details as if it were yesterday. I was wearing a vic secret lace x that really covered nothing at all but would be good if a lover wanted to hang on to some fabric while he was fucking me. I had prepared the room for Jaxon’s arrival, complete with drinks, ice, candles, music and a well placed piece taped to the underside of the night stand.

I answered the door with pasties on my nipples, a freshly waxed pussy and sexy fuck me heels.

He got rock hard instantly.

“You look stunning girl!”

Jaxon threw me on the bed and slid two fingers in my mouth for me to suck on while his hands scoped the delicious curves of my sensuous body. His hard on was pressed into his pants. I rubbed my clit as the sexy man in front of me fumbled with his pants.

With a swift movement Jaxon positioned my legs over his shoulders. Then he was inside me, watching my tits jump with every deep thrust. He changed his tempo and fucked me to the beat of the music hitting my g spot every time.

Again I started having second thoughts. This man was amazing. He was charming, handsome and he fucked like an animal. We feel asleep together with his cock still inside me. I woke up first and eyed his limp, sticky, cock. I wanted to bring it to life. He did such wonderful things to me with it. A voice inside my head reminded me I could have any man I wanted and to do my job. A moment later my tongue and lips were stirring a growing hard on while my long, red, hair tented around his cock. I had a thing. I adored giving my clients the best bjs of their lives, just before I did it.

He woke up and started thrusting upwards to greet my humming mouth. Then he turned me suddenly and pinned my legs wide apart.

“Let me suck you Jaxon.”

“Not until I’m done.”

He went down on me then, with his fingers, his mouth, his teeth. He made me cum and then cum again and then again. By the time he was done with me I didn’t think I could fulfill my job requirements. No man had ever been so generous and so handsome and kind. He was one in a million and I was surprised he wasn’t hooked up to some nice woman by now. I asked Jaxon that very question as I rode him slow and steady, feeling so relaxed and spent from the magic of his skillful tongue and fingers.

“How do you know I’m not babe? I could have a girlfriend in the wings. A hot smokin babe just like you. How would you know?”

His tone and his words had changed a little. It surprised me. The suddenly he flipped me, so I was under him. His look had turned to a sneer as he took his cock and put himself inside of me.

“You’re just a nasty little slut aren’t you?”

Okay I thought. You just like to role play. I started to respond to his thrusts pushing back into him. He was fucking me like I was a hooker. Pounding into me mercilessly.

“You like taking advantage of men, don’t you,” Jaxon said giving me my fill of his big cock, full throttle.

“You know what happens to assassin sluts like you don’t you?” He asked menacingly as he emptied his load of sperm inside me.

My alarm signals went off and I squirmed to get out from under him to reach for the gun I had taped onto the bottom of the night stand.

Jaxon took one hand and held both of my wrists behind my back.

“Busting one of your boss’s key henchmen got me on your list babe. Don’t get me wrong I had fun fucking you Ebony. You’re a hot sexy bitch.”

“Here’s one for the road baby,”

With that he fingered me with intense movements that left me breathless regardless of the warning bells going off.

He grabbed each of my arms, handcuffed me to the two posts, and got dressed leisurely.

“Let me go Jaxon, I’ll do anything. I’ll satisfy your every waking desire. I’ll be your sub in every way possible. Please let me go.”

I’ll never forget the moment he stood in front of me and held up his badge. F.B.I.! fuck me!. Now here I am in this cell awaiting my lawyer. He’s a good one. Talented. Deep pockets. My organization won’t cut me lose. They need me. Now I know why they wanted Jaxon dead. He had no compassion. A lot of money will be thrown at judges and lawyers. I’ll be free in no time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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