Dream Weaver

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Lou Lou had courted her cyber lover for months, teasing and tempting his thoughts as she opened her mind to him, she was a dream weaver, a sorceress intent on possessing his very soul, he fell into her web helplessly and uncontrollably, spellbound and forsaking all others he gave himself to her.

After what had seemed an eternity communicating via the net, he ached to hold her and decided the time had come to find this seductress who had bewitched him, he had contacts who could find her and they did, it was time to break the spell, or surrender his soul.

He mounted his iron horse and began his journey into the night, the engine of the black stallion growled as he twisted the throttle and rode towards her, the wind licked at his leathers as he thundered along the open road, piercing the night like an arrow.

He arrived just before dawn, hot and aggressive after the ride. He entered the house where she slept unaware of his presence, he found her naked and beautiful, with her dark hair cascading down her shoulders, he watched in awe at the sight of her, as her breasts gently heaved with the ebb and flow of her breath.

Not waking her he stripped off his jacket exposing his tanned torso, a sheen of perspiration covered him in the humid air making him glisten in the dawn light.

He reached into his coat and removed four black satin ropes and taking each wrist and ankle he tied and bound her to the bed, arms outstretched, legs wide open, she didn’t wake.

He stepped back and sat at the foot of the bed, his eyes traced over every part of her, slowly mapping and scanning they recorded every detail, with each pass he became more aroused and he slowly moved forward towards her, her scent filled his senses as he held his face inches from her velvet skin.

He moved his face to hers, pausing to otele gelen escort admire her beauty, then he gently kissed her lips, she stirred a little and then her eyes opened, he stood before her in his black leather jeans and riding boots, her pupils dilated as her mind began to swim, unable to decipher dreams from reality, she tried to touch him but realized she was trapped, neither of them spoke as she recognized her captor; he saw the recognition in her eyes.

He kissed her again and this time she responded, both probing and licking at each other with desire, as she became aroused he pulled away, needing to be in control he blindfolded her.

Then when she was totally helpless he began to caress her body with his mouth, he kissed her neck as she gently moaned, his hands squeezed and kneaded her breasts as he ran his tongue towards her erect nipples, licking and sucking at them, taking each one in turn between his teeth he pulled and teased, moistening them as he worked greedily, then he gently blew his ice cold breath over them making them harder, he gorged himself licking and sucking her breasts, taking as much of the soft flesh into his mouth as he could sucking, then releasing.

As he ate her his hands slowly stroked the outside of her thighs from the knee to her hips and then around to her buttocks, as he slid around the flesh of arse he gripped and pulled her cheeks apart her cunt opened and closed as he went, releasing the scent of her wet pussy into the room, he could hear the juices licking and sticking to her swollen lips as he prized them apart, overcome with lust he ripped off his leathers exposing his huge swollen cock, mounting her he put it over her mouth as he licked his way down her navel towards her gaping cunt, he groaned as she opened her mouth and pendik escort began to devour him.

Undeterred he accepted the pleasure but continued on his quest to make her submit to his will, his face inches from her mound he stopped to let his eyes take in the revelation of her cunt, her pink lips glistened as her creamy lust spewed from within her, constantly dribbling from her hot pussy down into her tight arse, he watched it pool as he raised her thighs.

The smell of it overtook him like an animal as he sucked her cunt into his mouth, his tongue probing and invading her as he licked and swallowed her juices, his elixir.

He drank his fill of her and swirled his tongue around her clit, swollen and exposed he flicked at it as she abandoned herself to him, she sucked and pulled at his cock with her mouth as it flayed before her, he responded by sucking at her clit, sliding two fingers deep within her wet hole as he worked on her pleasure zone, fucking her hard and deep to the rhythm of her cries, sliding his other hand beneath her he slid a sodden finger into her arse teasing and circling as he penetrated her slowly with it, rubbing the fingers inside her cunt around the fingers in her arse as she lost all control, still he licked her driving her to the edge, then it came, he could feel her cunt contract around his fingers as he continued to lick at her, responding he buried his fingers into each orifice deeper as each grip subsided, juices poured as she climaxed, bucking and straining against her bindings he rammed at her until her body became wasted.

He stroked her buttocks as she subsided, still not a word spoken, then as her breathing eased he arose; and positioned himself before her, he again spread her thighs exposing a wet mass of cream around her cunt, his cock rus escort throbbed with anticipation as he lowered it and worked it around her wet lips with his hand , coating it with juices ready for the onslaught,

he moved the tip of it just inside her lips, feeling the warmth of her as he played. With each pass he slowly worked it in, allowing her to adjust to size of the beast that was about to impale her, slowly he pushed it in, as she gasped he continued to withdraw it and then sink it deeper with each gentle thrust, until its entirety filled her, he waited as she moaned, then it came, “fuck me” she wanted him so badly, but he needed her more, he began to thrust faster and deeper with each movement, there skin slapped together as he began fucking her, and his balls slammed into her as he fucked.

He licked at her neck and breasts biting and sucking as he fucked her faster and faster until his balls tightened and he started to feel the exquisite pleasure of orgasm well within him, the strength of feeling heightening with each thrust, ramming and fucking her harder and deeper there was no return, he gave a primeval grunt and gasped as his cum gushed through his cock, the pressure of which was too strong causing his cock to pulsate as the molten liquid burst through him, squirting the pure white substance so deep within her she could feel it coating the inside of her cunt, she began to orgasm as he fucked her clenching hole exaggerating his own orgasm, he cried with relief as he shot his last and he held her close as he withered.

He removed her blindfold and she smiled at him, he gazed into her eyes and put a finger to her lips as she tried to speak, the stared at each other for hours in silence, then he dressed.

He released one of her hands and kissed her again keeping silent, she could hear the roar of his bike as he rode away, she smiled.

She wandered what would happen from here, would she see him again or not, her heart ached. Later that day feeling lonely she switched on her terminal, it bleeped with a new message, it was him. she opened the mail and beamed as she read the words.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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