Dress Down

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I went into the shop, attracted by the bohemian décor and the gauzy drapery styles on the mannequins.

The tinkle of the bell blended into the silence. After a moment, a woman came from the back room, arms full of lace.

“Oh! You startled me,” she said, “I didn’t hear the bell.”

“That’s okay,” I said, “Looks like you were busy.” I studied her covertly. Her startling green eyes were surrounded by lush black lashes, long and dramatic. Her skin was a perfect bronze with a hint of peach undertones…beautiful. Tawny curls brushed her shoulders and teased her ample bosom, catching in her cleavage. Prominent nipples stood out under the thin fabric of her blouse.

My mouth felt dry; my pussy not so much.

As a lesbian, I am attracted to pretty women…no butches for me. And this beauty was turning me on without even a finger stroke.

When she turned around to put her burden down, I was done in. That ass. High and plump, I could imagine my mouth sliding over it to her perfect bung hole, to tease and taste…

“‘scuse me?” I said. She shook her head and laughed, showing her white teeth and deep dimples.

“I said you were really out there, you know, on another planet,” she smiled and held her hand out. “I’m Dani, owner and manager and chief bottle washer.”

I shook her hand, warm and light. I didn’t want to let go.

“Can I help you find something? We have some really nice vintage wear.” She looked at me interestedly, “You look like that might be your style.”

I grabbed desperately onto the idea. “Yes, yes…I’m looking for a new outfit, top to bottom.”

“Perfect! I know where to start,” she said, bending over the pile of lace she had placed on the bench. “We just got these in.”

The lace turned out to be matching pieces – a scrap of lace for underwear and matching bra.

“Shall we start here? What size do you think?” I just looked at her…”uh…It’s been a while since I bought a bra…”

“Well, we should measure, just to be sure.”

I quickly agreed. Picking out a dusky pink set, we set out for the dressing room.

“Oh, wait şişli escort just a minute,” Dani went to the door and turned the lock. “I’m the only one here today and I don’t want someone coming in while I’m in with you.”

My heart pounded.

The dressing room was large, with a comfortable looking chair and couch with large pillows, an antique dresser, a vintage floor mirror that tilted and soft drapery. More of a boudoir than dressing room.

“Here, slip your bra off and get comfy in this,” Dani handed me a short silk dressing gown. “I’ll get my tape measure.”

I quickly pulled off my t-shirt; I had no bra on. Then I shucked my pants, my string bikini almost coming off. I pulled the wet fabric away from my pussy.

She went over to the dresser and pulled out drawers, looking. “Damn. I don’t know where I put it!”

She turned, leaning on the dresser. “I know this is unconventional, but I’m pretty good at sizing people up. I’ve done this for a while…would you be okay with me just using my hands? I’m great at approximation.”

She gazed at me with those green eyes, and let them slide over my body as she came near me. I shook my head, mutely giving consent. I could feel the dampness between my legs.

Untying my robe, Dani encircled my rib cage with her hands, bringing them up right below my tits. My nipples hardened, standing out in points.

“Do you prefer the natural look?” she asked, as she breathed softly over my tits. “You have beautiful breasts. Very delectable.” She brushed her hands upward and touched my nipples. I moaned softly. Dani smiled. “You like to be seen, no? I noticed when you came in – no bra. Your nipples were hard the whole time.” She pinched one, making me gasp. A lightning bolt to my cunt.

“I think I must measure more closely.” She stood behind me as she turned me to the mirror. Bringing her hands around she caressed my tits and began to pinch and pull my nipples, squeezing my tits as I moaned and dropped my head back. My cunt juice was beginning to leave a wet patch on the front of my panties.

Dani turned me around and put her çapa escort mouth on my nipple, sucking hard. My knees began to buckle and she guided me to the edge of the couch, giving a gentle push. I fell back, legs splayed.

“Perfect,” she dimpled. She pulled her tight knit dress over her head, totally naked underneath.

Damn. Her body was taut and toned. Her pussy was shaved, and the sweet lips looked ready for licking. My mouth watered, wanting to start munching on her.

But she had me, legs open, on my back. Dani laughed and kissed me, deeply, twisting her tongue around mine while her fingers hooked on my panties, drawing them down.

“Oooh, what’s this? A forest to explore!” she said as she saw my hairy pussy, lips swollen with desire and the slick trail of juice wetting the hair. Bending her head, she licked my cunt, pulling the hairy lips open and planting her mouth in my pink. Wiggling her tongue, she moaned as she licked and slurped, sucking my clit and lapping me like a dog. My juices were all over her face and lips as she brought her mouth to mine. My cunt was on fire, I rubbed my pussy on hers, sliding friction giving me pleasure.

Her fingers found my holes…ass and cunt…and she plunged them in deep, fucking me hard. She rubbed my clit with her thumb as she fingered me, bringing me to the brink. I gasped and opened my legs wider to give her full access.

She played with my pussy, pushing 3, 4 and then all five fingers into me…then her hand. She bent and licked and bit my clit…I screamed and came over and over, with her fist fucking me. I could smell my pussy everywhere and taste it on her lips as she kissed me hard, pinching my nipples, twisting them and making me cum again.

I bit her tongue. My pussy was thrumming, and I was full of adrenaline, ready to ravage her.

Her green eyes widened, then she smiled, showing her dimples.

I held her arms above her head and sucked her nipples, bit them hard, then gently as she whimpered. I sucked them hard again, then licked them, circling the hard berries and biting them hard again. She bucked mecidiyeköy escort against me, pushing her pussy against my cunt. I ignored her and continued to lave and suck her nipples, taking turns biting and sucking them until they were red from my attention.

I slid down her body, my tongue leaving a wet trail…past her pussy, which she tried to push in my face.

Ignoring it, I moved to her inner thighs, where I licked and stroked and pinched the tender flesh. She writhed, trying to move her cunt toward me. I resisted and licked the inside of her thighs, moving upward slowly toward the pink shaven lips.

They were so swollen, pooched out with her clit swollen and poking out of its hood…ready for me.

I held her hands down by her side, leaned over and licked her clit, pointed my tongue and worried it, lapping back and forth as she moved ass upward, trying to capture my mouth.

Finally I gave in, and swooped, putting my mouth over her clit and sucked hard, grazing with my teeth as I rammed my fingers into her slippery slit. So wet, juices flowing like a river. I slid down to her hole and lapped her nectar, pointed and poked my tongue into her, tongue fucking her. My fingers slid around her ass cheeks and found her tight bung hole and I slid a long finger in, fucking her ass while tongue fucking her cunt.

My face was sticky with her, my body was slick with cum and sweat. I slid easily over her body, rubbing her nipples with my pussy, sitting on her face to let her eat me again, body quivering.

I turned around, sixty-nine, and buried my face between her legs, munching and sliding my lips and tongue up and down her slit. She came on my face, moaning and bucking as I ate her.

Finally, exhausted, I slid back and gathered her to me, running my hands up and over her tits, pulling her nipples softly. She thrust against me, aftershocks of pleasure. I slid my finger inside her. We just couldn’t stop touching. She made me want her, just being next to her.

Dani’s shop stayed closed all weekend. We stayed, fucked, rested, fucked some more. Ordered Chinese from next door (guess what you can do with chop-sticks?), ate noodles off of each other, fucked again.

I bought the lacy underwear – every fucking pair. No bras. Dani likes seeing my nipples through my t-shirts.

And I like what happens next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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