Drive Ch. 02

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Lou’s car pulled up to the pair of dim spaces at the side of a small white service station. At least, Chris thought it had been white at one time. Dust, exhaust fumes from the single repair bay, cigarette smoke, and god only knew what else had dulled and muddled the exterior paint since its 1940s completion. The lack of illumination didn’t help, either. One covered utility light hung out from the wall between two dingy and peeling doors. Its bulb had probably blown years ago, leaving the parking spaced bathed in a darkness only broken by the soft overspill of the lone street lamp around the building’s corner. The gloomy appearance wasn’t a surprise, when Chris thought about it. Lou seemed to prefer conducting his Thursday night escapades under the blind eye of darkness.

“I’ll be right back, son. Have to see the man about the key. Don’t do anything, don’t talk to anyone, until I get back. Understand me?”

Chris humored him with a nod, watching the older man toddle off in the side mirror. The real purpose for this stop was anyone’s guess, but it certainly wasn’t to use the one bathroom. Lou had taken care of that before leaving his house. He’d also taken a different road than usual, driven farther. Chris noticed, no matter how heavily-wooded and similar the route may have looked. The sudden, small hope that Lou had finally decided to stop for condoms crossed the boy’s mind. Better late than never, he supposed.

The portly man’s reflection ambled back into view. Rather, the movements of its outline did. If Chris hadn’t been so familiar with Lou’s shadow after eight weeks, he’d have been hard-pressed to make the figure out at all. Outside the car door, Lou came to a stop, with waggling jerkings of his thumb motioning for the boy to get out. Chris seemed to be the only one between them concerned with watching around them for any unwlecomed spectators. Lou knew the area too well to bother. The station sat far from the freeways and thoroughfares. Languished there. All of the business that kept it operating came from small-scale farmers filling tractors and equipment. Farmers all at home and predictably asleep at ten-thirty on a Thursday night. The only person anywhere within earshot was an attendant inside the tiny shop. A grizzled, wiry old man Lou had effectively silenced with a hundred-dollar bill, and the promise of more interesting entertainment than listening to Hank Williams on a worn-out cassette.

The power crackled on inside the unlocked restroom with Lou’s slap at the switch. Even the light looked dirty as Chris took in their close quarters. The small, dingy room didn’t reek, but certainly possessed its own unique odors. What did smell unpleasant was unexpectedly the lingering scent of straight chewing tobacco. Stains of brown marred the back panel of the sink, doubling as a spitoon for the regular patrons.

“Take ’em off, son.”

The blunt request broke Chris’ concentration, refocusing his attention on the night’s employer. Lou leaned back to the wall opposite from the outside door, a hand already touching to his crotch.

“What… in here??”

“You’re welcome to strip in the parking lot.”

Chris started at the man for several seconds, but it quickly became obvious that Lou wasn’t joking. The man had intended from the start to sodomize his babysitter in this pit of a bathroom. And honestly? The prospect was getting Chris stiff. The thought, the danger of just anyone mistakenly walking in on them, was seductive. The chance that someone would walk in on purpose, however, was to be a different matter.

The boy had pulled his loose long-sleeved teeshirt halfway up his torso, when the door did in fact open. The old man who’d given Lou the restroom key stood in liseli porno the doorway, looking over the startled and frozen blond with lecherous appreciation. An approving sharp whistle, aided by a mouth missing most of its teeth pierced the room’s quiet.

“I tell you, he got a body just like that skinny red-haired boy, worked here a summer back in ’71. Whoo, always wanted to get that child back in here alone.”

“What the fuck is this?”

A light slap, meant only to get the boy’s attention, landed across Chris’ cheek. Lou’s fingers immediately touched for a gentle drag down the same spot once the startled brown eyes were focused on him. His other hand produced a folded but obvious hundred note from a pocket, and tapped it to the boy’s chin.

“Watch your mouth in front of your grandpa, son. He gets to touch, I get into you. Do as you’re told, son, and everybody leaves here much, much happier.”

“He a cocksucker?”

Chris’ eyes cut to the old man’s expression of genuine curiosity in his own disbelief. Lou, meanwhile, pursed his lips as he mulled the question over.

“I don’t know, pop. Haven’t had the pleasure of finding out yet. But then, all fags are, aren’t they?”

“You son of a bitch…”

A harder slap met with Chris’ cheek. Controlled. Certainly not all the strength Lou could have put behind it. Still enough to prickle and burn.

“I told you to watch that mouth. If you want something more loving than that plunger handle shoved up your ass, you damn well better start respecting your elders. Now, your daddy and grandpa want you naked, boy.”

Chris’ hands again reached – slowly – for the bottom of his shirt. All the while, his eyes followed the ambling movements of the old man. This “pop” of Lou’s crossed the short path behind Chris to retreive a plastic milk crate from the corner next to the sink, and use it for a chair. Lou, himself, seemed content to watch from his place standing by the wall. The shirt left Chris’ hairless torso at last, getting hung on the lone, small hook affixed to the door. Stepping out of his sneakers and onto the grimy floor on his bare feet wasn’t partcularly appealing, but Chris brought himself to do it. In spite of the summer night outside, the tiling was colder than he expected. The chilly shock raised goose flesh and perked his small nipples. He could hear the old man licking his lips.

Down to only his jeans and nothing underneath them, Chris fumbled with the buttonfly for the first time in his life. Something about the stranger in the room was more disconcerting than he’d intitially figured on. Lou noticed. He ordered the blond to turn, and give the old man the pleasure of undoing the buttons for his “grandson”. Hands that felt made half of crepe paper and half of toughened leather pulled the opened pants down to Chris’ ankles, then rose to manually inspect the freshly disrobed young skin. It felt more like being a colt under a judge’s eye at a livestock show, than being seduced. Especially so when the old man hefted Chris’ balls in his hand, as if noting their weight.

“The missus bore you quite a virile little boy, sonny.”

Chris’ eyes narrowed at the old man’s words. He really thought Chris was Lou’s son? It wasn’t beyond believing that Lou could have told him so, himself. The old man looked to be enjoying the lie greatly, either way. The creepy examination gradually turned to an earnest fondling, one Chris reluctantly felt himself hardening to.

“Mmm, very nice, child. Bet the girls’d love this, if you didn’t love your daddy’s so much. Like things in your mouth, boy? Like having something to suck on? ‘Course, you do. Your ol’ gramps has something for you. Get down mobil porno there, and unwrap it.”

The layers of grime on the floor made Chris want to refuse. The fact of being naked between two clothed men, however, made it seem like there wasn’t much choice to be had. Chris sank to his bare knees, immediately feeling something oily stick to his skin. The old man leaned back and shifted his bony hips forward. His legs spread wide to display the crotch of worn grey mechanic’s pants. Chris popped the center button and pulled down the zipper’s tab, willing down the nausea in his throat over the thought of what he was about to do. His temporary grandfather took the initiative to help matters along by pulling a small penis with a sheath looking made of rumpled tissue paper through the front door of threadbare white briefs.

Inexperience reared its head in the form of a nervous shudder. Chris had stolen looks at pictures and film clips through his mother’s computer before, wasn’t wholly ignorant of what to do, but knowing and making himself do it were hardly the same thing. Finesse was virginally absent as his young mouth closed around the penis of a man easily four times his age. A weathered hand slipped behind the boy’s neck to keep him from rearing back. The old man sighed, relaxed his posture, and wriggled himself against Chris’ lips. Stiffening in the shaft was slow, but soon noticeable, giving the boy something to work on. Closing his eyes tightly, Chris gave an earnest suck on the withered organ. Pulled his mouth back. Leaned in for the slicked shaft to repenetrate his lips. The fingers behind his neck rubbed and petted at the skin. The hips in front of him bucked up sporadically to thrust the small dick towards his throat. Not at all how Chris had pictured his first blowjob, but it… it felt… it tasted… good. Natural. Obscene. Yet, that was possibly the best part.

He wanted more. Something akin to instinct drove him to get it. Chris’ tongue cradled the undershaft. Licking, caressing, all the while his lips were bobbing faster. The attendant was in ecstacy, mummbling about things Chris was glad not to have a coherant translation of.

Behind the distracted youth, Lou lowered down with a knee to either side of the boy’s knelt and clamped legs. The sounds of wet suckling and lusty groans confined in the minescule bathroom had the man unhooking his belt and opening his zipper quickly. The sight of watching the naked boy he’d groomed into his personal bitch servicing a stranger with abandon had Lou’s cock out in the open and receiving a slow beating.

Chris shivered at the first touches of thick hands on his back. The palms made hot by fastly pulsing blood rubbed from the bottom of the boy’s spine, up to hook over his shoulders, and back again. Three times, four, this caressing went on. It was soothing. Calming. Blinding to the moment when those hands stopped on Chris’ hips. One aiming touch of head to hole, and Lou ploughed into his babysitter with one thrust. Chris cried out around the old man’s shaft, but the attendant wouldn’t let him pull off to give a proper scream of pain. Barked orders to keep sucking snapped out from both men. Lou’s pounding sent rhythmic tremors through the boy’s body, jostling the attendant’s cock in Chris’ mouth in a way that had the old man howling in the close room.

Lou’s dry shaft pumped the tight anal sleeve ruthlessly, far too turned on by the fantasy brought to life to bother with any measure of care. The old man pistoned in the blond’s mouth almost as hard to watch as this perverted father took his own son like a cheap hooker. From the sounds of his moans and gasps, the little queer must be used to it. The oral öğrenci porno and anal violations fast became too much for the boy, evidenced by the drops of sperm being tossed around the floor beneath him from the bouncing erection between his legs. Getting him so worked up and rattled first got the boy off without even needing to touch him, leaving his employer free to chase his own fulfilment singlemindedly. Lou would have to remember that.

The old man strongly slapped his hips up to Chris’ face a few times, then pulled out suddenly. Chris’ eyes opened at the unexpected move, only to close again instantly when a hot streak of sperm squirted out along the side of his nose. Lou’s pushing shoved the boy’s cheek up against the cockhead just as another milky burst sprayed out. A thumb shoved into Chris’ mouth, pulling his jaw down and holding his mouth open for the head leaking its orgasm to trace around the soft, full lips and rub on the boy’s tongue. The attendant sat back on his crate heavily, stroking himself back into a state of calm. Lou took the opportunity to pull out of Chris and push the boy’s back onto the vile flooring. Precious few seconds of struggling from both the blond and his employer, and Lou’s dick was once more vaulted up Chris’ ass. Chris contiuned fighting against being pinned to the disgusting textures beneath him. Every attempted shove only aroused the much heavier man into fucking the boy harder.

Chris let out a loud, frustrated grunt through clenched teeth. Lou responded by giving the side of the blond’s ass a hard slap, and lying down on the boy completely. His tongue lolled out, dragging over Chris’ face and pushing around the old man’s cum. It was useless to try turning away from the moist onslaught. Lou clamped his mouth on the boy’s, sticking his tongue through the lips that had just given their first blowjob. The portly man kept the kiss sealed, moaning deeply into Chris’ mouth as an orgasm saved up for days flooded up into the young body. Caught between the icy floor and Lou’s feverish bulk, Chris’ body spasmed violently at the abhorment of gettng filthy and the unwanted pleasure of being filled. Lou virtually collapsed atop of the small body. Slender legs draped limp over his stout thighs. The sound of a ragged voice’s delighted chuckles reached them from their added participant.

Eventually, Lou forced himself back up onto his knees, letting inertia and the limited elasticity of his flesh pull his cock out of Chris. Lou pulled up his pants and zipped with a satisfied grin to look the spent body over. The tiny white waterfall of semen dripping from the boy’s raw sphincter was a thing of twisted beauty. The man nudged his sitter less than gently, adding growls to get dressed that were slowly and exhaustedly obeyed. As Chris finally stood, the thin fall of sperm trickled down the inside of his leg, collecting in a tiny pool on the floor. The boy staggered more than walked to retreive his clothes from the hook, assisted in putting them back on by two extra pairs of hands eager to get in a final groping. Lou ordered the blond out to the car. He got no argument nor hesitation. Waiting until the car door closed soundly, his hushed voice turned to the attendant who’d shared his favorite toy.

“Have a marker on you, pop?”

The men parted with matching smiles once the instrument exchanged hands. The attendant left for the station’s storefront, his pace slow from a satisfaction it seemed he hadn’t felt in ages. Lou took the few steps back to face the wall opposite from the bathroom’s entrance. He scrawled out large letters declaring CHRIS MULCAHY IS A CUM CATCHING SLUT – AND HIS DADDY KNOWS BEST. Crude stick figures in a doggy position were added nearby, repleat with smaller text in a word bubble depicting the figure on all fours begging his once-a-week “father” for more and clusters of tiny hearts floating over its circular head. Laughing to himself under his breath at his creativity, Lou capped the felt tip and left the bathroom to drive his whore home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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