Drunken Thrills

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Donnie groaned, the world spinning and turning about him as he moved (at least, he thought he was moving) through the home of someone he didn’t know. He couldn’t have said where he was right there and then, off in a city that was not his home, although the penthouse suite was expansive and large, dripping with the tellings of wealth.

He blinked, leaning against a wall, oddly vulnerable and comfortable with it at the same time. Xander was there, somewhere, and he could not have honestly have thought that Xander would have ever have brought him somewhere that was dangerous. Hell, that would be more up John’s street, his brother’s way, though John never really meant any harm either. That didn’t mean, however, that harm was not caused, sometimes.

No… No, that wasn’t something that he was to think about. That was why he’d gone out with Xander, getting out, ignoring things that were happening, if only to take a break for a little while. That was all he needed and everything he needed and then Xander was there, his pink hair cutting through the crowd so that he was unmistakable, his easy smile and softer jaw-line setting Donnie’s heart pounding oddly.

“Come on…”

He was led, drunk on atmosphere and more alcohol than he should have probably imbibed, a dark room calling him, calling them. Not perfectly dark, of course, with the light of the city glimmering in through the full-wall windows, though that was none of his concern as Xander’s lips found his throat and Donnie knew no more of his worries.

Down, down, down – but a good kind of down, not the kind of down that came after getting high. He didn’t know how he’d gotten there, stomach turning over and heart pounding, but Xander’s cock in his mouth was all that he needed, fingers twisting into his longer hair and surely yanking out some of the brown strands to be found later by whoever owned the penthouse.

“Fuck, Donnie…”

But Donnie couldn’t say anything snarky back to that as his mouth was filled, forcing his head down, taking that cock deep into his mouth. It pushed sweetly over his tongue, lingering with a hint of male musk and pre-cum, yet he wouldn’t have wanted it any other way as he tried to get as much as he could into his mouth. Alas, he was not quite as skilled as he would have liked in giving head while so drunk that standing may have been beyond him, though he could at least be pleased that his cock would stand up hard and ready regardless of how much alcohol he’d had.

Maybe it was his youth. Maybe it was a skill. Maybe it didn’t fucking matter one bit.

Xander growled, grunting heavily and thickly in the back of his throat, speeding up, dragging Donnie’s head back and forth. He must have been drunk too but not so that he could hold off indefinitely, time seeming to have Porno no meaning in that moment even as Donnie’s jaw ached. Yet he was more than happy to push through that, hands on Xander’s bare thighs, jeans having slipped down, grunting wantonly around the length of his cock as if that alone would get him what he needed.

It was only a matter of time, however, until Xander unloaded in his mouth, though it was not a clean load. It was a load that drooled out of his lips as he gasped and tried to contain it, though the wild thrusting of his friend, well… It wasn’t partly conducive to not making a mess. His hard-on throbbed in his underwear, still contained, yet that was soon to be pleased too as he found himself in his next breath on the bed with a pair of strange hands on his belt, trying to get his trousers off as the world spun delightfully around him.

Someone kissed him, another person that he did not know the name of, but it did not seem that he had to know who was there with him, two others, at least, in the bedroom along with him and Xander. It was all rushed and heated but his cock was freed and his erection clasped in the hand of another man who could be considered as lustful as he was. He didn’t need to know who was there as he pushed over another body, moving and living in the moment, his inhibitions, if they had even been present, lowered with the swell of alcohol clawing at his mind.

He was on top of someone, their chest rising in a gleam of city-light as he found his mark at last after a few fumbling tries, grunting in the back of his throat. Yet no one cared that Donnie was slow in thrusting in, a needy hole parting around his cock as his partner groaned out loud.

“Fuck yes…”

Donnie relished in that sound. It was raw and it was carnal and it was everything that he needed to sweep all thoughts of what had happened from his mind, grasping at the other man’s thighs, trying to push them up, all to allow him to grind in even more deeply. It was all there for him to take and he could only relish in the moment, all that he could take, slamming in, humping and grinding, however erratic he was. No one cared and it was unlikely that he would ever again meet who he was fucking, caught up in a moment that was his to experience just as he wanted to.

Masculine grunts and moans filled the room, no one trying to be quiet as they revelled in the experience. They were not the only ones in there as the door opened, allowing a slash of light to cut briefly across the carpet, a stumbling duo laughing drunkenly before their words were swallowed up in moans. It was the name of the game, hot, sweaty bodies relieving their most carnal of needs in the best of ways, Donnie groaning deep in the back of his throat as he slammed in, working his hips despite Türkçe Altyazılı Porno just how his glutes and lower back ached.

It was not the easiest position with the bed dipping and swaying under him but there were lips on his again as someone else got in on the action, heaving and panting, moaning into another lustful mouth. There was no room for outside intrusion as he pounded over and over again, grunting and moaning, not even aware of the sounds coming out of his mouth. It didn’t seem like him, not in that moment of complete drunken lust, aching to spill a load that he had not even known he was so desperate for.

His hand found the cock of the man he was fucking and jerked him off wildly, roughly, not caring whether that was what he liked or not. There were too many naked bodies all hot and close to one another to ask questions and a muffled groan heralded the orgasm of the guy under him, his anal ring pushing down more urgently than ever around his cock. Whether that was a bodily reaction or him actively trying to do something was by the by as cum trickled down Donnie’s hand in the clasp of the dark room, hips working as he tipped over that delirious edge himself.

Orgasm was wonderful, so very much so that he lost sense of time and place as he ground in, his only concern that of his pleasure. Whoever was kissing him broke from his lips and allowed his moans out, hands trailing down his chest, feeling out his body, the light muscling there, his slim form. They had to move, however, as hands groped his arse, tugging his trousers down even more and, somehow, managing to get them off in his spinning drunken stupor.

His seed filled the backdoor entrance of his partner but the next he knew was that he was flat on his back on the bed with his softening cock resting on his lower abdomen, even though he was still as horny as ever. His head hung down over the side of the mattress, sheets twisted and rumpled under his body, a cock finding his lips and shoving itself deeply. That was not a part of the interaction for him to control though and even less so as Xander, the rasp of his voice recognisable even then, penetrated him once more.

Donnie’s eyes rolled into the back of his head trying to see everything at once but he was not in any kind of position to control anything. But maybe that was what he needed, considering everything, breaking from sordid reality into something even more sordid. It was all there for him to experience and he snatched it up greedily as he was pounded.

How much time had passed that Xander was hard and ready to go again? It was hard to say but neither did he care all that much as long as he got what he needed. He didn’t have to tense and yet it was a struggle to get his body to Brazzers relax as he was filled, his body opening up around his friend’s shaft as it had done so very many times before already. Yet experience was the spice of life and he ached for it more than he even did to get off all over again, cock throbbing though slow to pump up again. It was not normal for him to be hard most of the time he was getting his arse fucked but the sheer eroticism of it all, not knowing who was slamming into the back of his throat with a little too much roughness. Maybe that was what he’d needed all along, rocking his hips, trying to grind up to Xander even as his body was pinned pleasurably in place.

“Fuck… Take it…”

No, no one was all that eloquent in such a situation but those words alone made his heart pound, lust rising all over again to a burning fever-pitch. That wasn’t Xander but Xander talked with his body rather than words in the heat of the moment, leaning over him, hissing through his teeth, lasting longer the second time around.

The cock in his mouth, however, could not have said the same for holding off from the bliss of a high, its owner cursing and ramming in hard, Donnie hacking and gagging around him. It was only the position with his head flung back over the edge of the bed that saved him, eyes streaming, as pulses of thick seed drooled into his mouth. The owner of that dick was not particularly productive, however, pulling back at the last moment to smear slick cum over his lips, a little trickling down his chin as if it sought to break free.

No one replaced him, leaving Donnie free to curse hoarsely, chest shuddering, trying to regain lost breath as his head spun. The room seemed to tilt around him but he only needed to be right where he was, clinging to the edge of the mattress on either side of his head for some sense of stability. Although his cock was half-hard, a second orgasm was not in the cards for him so soon but a thin stream of semen still trickled from him, forced from his cock with every thrust of Xander’s as his body desperately responded to every little bit of stimulation.

But it was the throaty grunt of Xander and the pounding of his own heart that made Donnie arch and exult in the moment, another dose of cum filling his backside, though it was his drunkenness that made it seem more than what it was, imagining it spilling out of him. It did, however, leave a slick mess of a cream-pie in its wake, Xander muttering something under his breath that Donnie didn’t quite catch but, well, didn’t really need to either.

For more bodies were crowding in, everyone interested in him, taking him away to another time and place with the pulsing music of the penthouse party filtering in from the background, lifting him up. Without thinking, he moaned, rolling onto all fours, cock finally throbbing and hard and desperate all over again, a little soberer than he had been when he’d started.

Donnie groaned, arms shaking, hands sweeping his body, wanting him. The night was not yet over.

And neither did he want it to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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