D’s Second Adventure

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(This a continuation of D’s First Adventure. Many of the characters are introduced in that story)

(Background on the group)

D is a 45-year-old female that was widowed 2 years ago. She experienced quite a coming out after meeting Marsha and members of a local rugby team. She helped Marsha host a regular party for the core of the team; Jim, Mike, Lenny, and Early. This story starts the next day.

“How are you feeling this morning,” Marsha asked D on the phone the following day after the Saturday night party.

“I feel great,” answered D. “Almost like I have been freed to start my life again. In the last two years it seemed I could not move past David, my deceased husband.”

“Let’s have lunch next week,” suggested Marsha. “We have so much to talk about.”

“Let’s do,” answered D. “What about Tuesday at Alexander’s. They make a good salad and I need to drop a few pounds. Also Tuesday afternoon my classes are out with other teachers.”

“Tuesday it is,” Marsha agreed.

At Alexander’s the following Tuesday we did meet for lunch. I ordered their chopped salad and Marsha got their bacon burger with fries.

“How do you eat that and still stay so small,” asked D? “If I ate like that I would have an ass the size of Texas.”

“It seems I can never gain weight,” Marsha laments. “All my family is small.”

“Well I guess we all have a cross to bare,” D moues.

“I can’t believe that was your first outing since your husband died,” Marsha said. “Tell me a little about that relationship.”

“Well we married as we finished college,” D said. “We could not have kids and really were not that interested in having kids. It was a loving relationship but sex was never that interesting. David just did not seem to be interested in doing anything but the traditional stuff. I thought it was me, that I was not attractive enough for the extra effort. David died in an auto accident. He was a sales representative for a pharmaceutical firm. He traveled to the hospitals in a several states. He left me well taken care of but I wanted to keep working as I love the kids.”

“So for the last two years you have mourned his lose,” asked Marsha?

“Probably for the first year,” answered D. “But then I really started missing sex and men. I think I have always known that my sex drive was not being satisfied and Saturday night made it clear how much I like men and sex. I must admit to being surprised by my reaction to this. I enjoyed it greatly but I feel guilty that I did that with the guys. People I did not really know. Things just got away from me. I would hate to be the one that caused them any marital problems. I mean I don’t know anything about these guys.”

“Well, Mike and Early are both 28 and not married,” answered D. “Both seem to be confirmed bachelors. Mike and I are really good friends and you know I am a groupie to the team. Mike mainly dates me but there is no commitment either way. Early has not been serious about anyone. He has the pick of the field and is very selective. He has not dated the same person for more than a month. Of course you know how hot he is but he is also funny and smart. In fact all four are successful in their careers.”

“What about Jim and Lenny,” I asked?

“Jim is married to a hot Latino named Esmeralda,” Marsha answered. “They have been married for ten years with one child. Jim is 32 years old. Lenny is 31 and has been married to Joy for about 7 years with no kids. Jim and Lenny both work for a local bank as loan officers. Mike is a stockbroker. Early owns an Internet company he started while in college. So even though he is young and you will rarely see him in anything but jeans and tee shirt he is rich. I think one of the reasons Early have not been interested in any particular girl is because he works all the time. He just has not had time for anything but his company and rugby. As you also have seen, all four are into working out.”

“Is there any way we could cause a problem with Jim and Lenny’s marriage,” asked D?

“Well, Esmeralda, nicknamed Mera, was supposed to be the hostess but the baby sitter feel though at the last minute,” Marsha explained. “With Mera hosting it would have been at least as wild. You see Jim and Mera have an open marriage. Mera loves experimenting with sex and as long as they are open with each other anything goes with them. They have both been very honest with each other and I know Mera would be all right with Jim and he told her about it. I can’t wait for you to meet her. And oh by the way, I would have had a hard time entertaining all four of these guys by myself.”

“What about Joy?” I asked.

“Joy has participated in a couple of parties that I know of,” Marsha explains. “I think she was coerced by Lenny to the parties. Joy does know that the parties can get raunchy. I think she will be OK with it, but I will have to ask Lenny.”

“I really want to make sure not to cause problems with these guys,” I said. “I liked these guys but think this is my last adventure.”

“No, görükle escort it’s not,” Marsha laughed. “I know you are hooked on young studs and they are taken with you. By the way, I taken with you also and I am going to find you other adventures.”

“Well, you may be right but I will have to be convinced it is OK,” I argue. “And I am sure I need to find someone older.”

“You know you need to upgrade your wardrobe,” Marsha advises. “Mera owns a small boutique not far from here. Why don’t you let me set you up with her?”

“You must be kidding?” I gasped. “I just fucked her husband Saturday night. Surely she would not want to help me!”

“You would be surprised,” Marsha admonishes. “I bet not only will she help you, she would be pleased to help you and will welcome you with open arms. Besides, if you feel guilty what better way to make it up to give her some business. Remember, Mera and Jim have an open and honest relationship.”

“You know I think you are right, ” I exclaimed. “Do they carry plus sizes?”

Marsha laughs and said “Yes they do but you won’t need that size anyway the way you are not eating!”

Marsha set me up to visit Mera’s shop Saturday afternoon.

(D’s shopping trip at Mera’s)

I arrived at Mera’s around 1pm. Mera is a voluptuous latino. She had perfect olive skin, big dark eyes, heavy eyelids, lots of black hair that is wavy past her shoulders. She was my height with large breast and very flared out hips. She is slimmer than me and about 30 years old.

As I walked in I was wearing my normal drab grammar school clothes which was really all I had now.

“You must be D,” Mera said gleefully. “I am so glad to meet you and I have heard so much about you.”

“Oh, I hope some of it was good,” I said.

“It was all good,” Mera smiled. “You are prettier than I thought. I can see why Jim was so complementary. Oh course he goes for sexy and he definitely likes full bodied women. It was the first thing he liked about me.”

“So you aren’t mad about the party,” I asked? “You know it got carried away and it went further than I thought it would.”

“My only worry is that I missed it,” Mera laughed. “I would have loved it. You are everything Jim and Marsha described. We are going to be good friend and have a great time together.”

“I am glad,” I exclaimed. “I need some new friends.”

“Now how can we help you?” Mera asked. “Is this how you dress at school?”

“Yes, it is,” I answered.

“This is fine for school but you want to be more adventurous if you want to interest guys,” Mera said. “Let’s start with two outfits. One you can wear to the games and one for a party. In fact, next Saturday night I am having the guys over for a night of games. Why don’t you come?”

“Let me think about it,” I said. “But let’s try two outfits you suggest, one casual and one for a date night. I would like to date someone my age.”

“Let’s see if we can attract a few flies with some honey,” Mera coos. “But in the meantime why not have a little fun with the guys. Another groupie is always welcomed for the four horsemen.”

Mera went away and brought back a few panty and bra sets. The shop had a large private area that was set up with mirrors and a locked door. So I started to undress and was down to my granny panties and thick bra when Mera came in with some wine.

“Thought you might like this,” Mera said as she handed me a glass of wine. Mera sat and watched me as I drank wine and got undressed and tried on various sets of bras and panties. Mera was very hands on, touching me way more than I thought necessary but I was enjoying the attention from this attractive women. She commented often on how sexy my body is. We selected a sport bra and a couple of very sheer bras that showed the outline of my large dark nipples. Also, several panties set none of which covered much of my bottom but none as reviewing as the cord thong I wore to the party.

“I heard about the cord thong you wore to the party,” Mera laugh. “I think I want to try those.”

“I am embarrassed,” I blushed. “I can’t believed I let anyone see that.”

“Let’s try a few dresses,” Mera said as she left. I was now on my third glass of wine and was very relaxed, So I waited in just a sport’s bra and panties. Mera brought back a casual outfit and several party dresses. As I tried on some tight short. Mera helped but as she did she began to rub my ass. I must admit it felt good. Then as she helped me on with the top her hands lightly brushed the nipples that were sticking out of the bra. I couldn’t believe it but this made me go weak it felt so good. Mera stepped back and said, “Let’s see how that looks.”

As I got my breathe back I said, “That looks good. It will work for me.” I had to admit while it showed a lot of leg the outfit really made my attributes stand out.

“Let’s try some of these party dresses,” Mera said. “Let me show you what I think looks good on me. We are so nearly bursa escort bayan the same size.” So Mera pulled her shift dress over her head and she was wearing a very revealing thong and an almost invisible bra that barely held up her full breasts. That really began to turn me on seeing this extremely sensual women nearly nude next to me.

“How do you like this set,” she laughed?

“I think you are a beautiful sensual women,” I whispered. “That is so sexy.”

She put on a very short pleated skirt that really showed her broad hips, then a dressy bustier. It was really sexy.

“I don’t think that is right for me,” I said.

She handed me a stretchy lycra like black dress that was cut low and was about 5 inches below my pussy. I looked in the mirror and was really taken aback. In the meantime Mera was back in bra and panties. She began to touch me around the top and I could not believe how it felt. She kept fussing with the fit and then decided a different bra was needed. Then she messed with the helm raising and lowering the helm. With each move she came closer and closer to my now wet pussy that was barely covered by the thong. Then she had me turn around and rubbed by ass saying there was a panty line showing. I had to admit she was right and the dress really showed off my broad smooth ass. She left with just her bra and panties on told me to undress as we would try a different set of underwear. I did and sat on the couch nude and could not help touching myself. I first pinched my hard nipples. Then I started rubbing my smoothly shave pussy. That felt too good and then rolled my lit between my fingers. I was moaning and beginning to orgasm when I heard Mera open the door.

“Let me be of assistance,” Mera moaned. She was now also nude and dropped between my legs and slowly began to lick my pussy from back to front. This felt so good I could not speak. I just lay back and enjoyed the orgasm I was having. She then rolled by clit between her finger while kissing my ass. “I heard your ass was sensitive,” Mera moaned.

She stuck her tongue in my hole while messaging my pussy. This felt so good I almost forgot this was my first real women to women experience. She then moved to sucking on my sensitive tits while rubbing in and out of pussy. I was now completely under her control.

“Take your hand and do the same to me,” Mera commanded. I did. This women was giving me too much to not give her pleasure. After we each had a couple of orgasms, she positioned her pussy over my mouth while she worked on my pussy with her mouth. It felt so good. She grabbed my ass cheeks and started kneading the mounds. I did the same to her. She then stuck her finger in my ass as she pushed her tongue as deep as possible into my pussy. I did the same. We kept this up for about five minutes and several orgasms until we were both satisfied.

As we set up Mera said, “Well how was your first female sexual experience,” Mera asked?

“How do you know that was the first,” I asked?

“Two reasons; it was obvious you were following me and Marsha said you were inexperienced,” she laughed.

“That Marsha. I did enjoy it but I like males better,” I confided. “Did the two of you plan this?”

“Well, not exactly, but I hoped, ” Mera said. “I also like males better but occasional female experience is also good. You are very sensual and that was very enjoyable. How about coming to my party?”

“Would it be OK to wear this as I held up the stretchy lycra like dress?”

“If you wear this set of bra and panties,” Mera exclaimed. “And I am going to wear this bustier and skirt with the same set.” She put on the thong and it was so thin the lip of her pussy were visible and the little landing strip showed above it. I did not look at the bra and panties, she just put them in the bag with the other purchases. We both dressed and went out front and I settled the bill. She gave me a big discount.

A couple days later I received a called from Early. “Can I pick you up for the party?”

“Well, it is not necessary but if you really want to, why not,” I answered.

“I will pick you up at 7pm,” Early rejoiced. While Early was my favorite I was truly surprised he wanted to pick me up. I knew he was 28 and I am 45 so it was just a younger brother thing but it still made me feel wanted.

(Night of Mera’s Party)

This time it was easier to dress. I now knew that I would shave my pubic hairs, how I wanted my hair to look, and what I would wear. I was also not as anxious about how people would react to me. I really was looking forward to the evening as I now knew the other 5 people who were going to be at the party. Marsha had told me that Lenny and Joy could not make it so it would be Early, Jim with Mera, and Mike with Marsha. I had to admit I was glad Early would be my companion for the night. And what is wrong with that, he is a successful, muscular, attractive young man.

The panties and bra set that Mera had sold her was identical to bursa escort what Mera tried on at the shop. Very sheer that revealed my large nipples and the fact that I have a fat pussy. The dress was very low cut and showed cleavage but the bra was not visible and while showed plenty of leg it easily covered the panties. Since the material was so stretchy, I only had to be careful about bending over deeply. It did however show my figure off nicely.

Early arrived promptly at 7pm. I opened the door and Early said “OMG, you are drop dead gorgeous. That dress makes me weak in the knees.”

“Oh stop it. I could be your mother,” I blushed.

“Well, I don’t care how old you are, you are more than a male can stand,” Early exclaimed.

As we traveled to the party, Early told me a little about his business. He said since college he had been working on the Internet company that provided arbitrage between small businesses that wanted to work together. It allowed for finding situations where both parties can benefit by joining together, allowing most of the work to be done with proprietary software and methods. I decided Early was most impressive.

As we arrived, we were greeted by Jim and Mera. Of course, Mera was wearing the bustier and very short skirt and I knew what underwear she was wearing as I had on the same. Jim served me a glass of wine and Early went for a shot of tequila and a beer. Mike and Marsha showed up about 15 minutes later. Marsha as usual was showing lots of skin. This time she was wearing a halter top leaving little doubt that was not wearing a bra and a small stretch tube around her hips. I assumed she had on panties. Jim again gave Marsha a glass of wine and Mike a shot and a beer.

After a hour of snacks and chit chat Mera asked “Does everyone know how to play 5 card stud? And I don’t mean these guys.”

Sure all said except me. “I have never played,” I exclaimed.

“I thought so,” Mera said. “I think what we can do is play partner’s poker. You and Early team up with each seeing and play each others hands. So when any one of the partners wins they share the win. So the partnership that wins get to have the other team remove an article of clothing or do a one minute task. At any time a person can take a shot instead. Every third hand the partner have to mess around with each other. Does everyone agree?”

Everyone agreed that sounded like fun.

“OK, the guys can start with three articles of clothing and the girls can have four,” Mera said. “If the girls have on fewer than that they get to pass. If the guys have more than three then take something off now.”

Mike took off his shirt and was wearing a tee shirt now.

The first hand was then dealt. Early and I were looking at each others hand and he was explaining the order of the hand that won. For the first hand, Mike and Marsha won. They had each of the other teams remove an article of clothing. I took my pass as I was only wearing 3 articles of clothing while Mera removed her skirt as she was wearing four article. She was now in the same panties I was wearing but she was a little slimmer than me and her pussy lips were not so prominent. Jim and Early removed their shirts. I continued to marvin at the physiques of these guys.

“Boy are you guys ripped,” I exclaimed. “Rugby must be good for the body. Maybe I should try it!”

“You should come out to practice with us,” Early said. “We really do make it fun.”

“I will think about it,” I laughed. “Any one want another drink?” We all had another round.

For the next deal, Early and I won with my hand. I had a full house Queens over 8’s. “Well done,” Early said.

Mike removed his shirt, while Marsha took her pass. Mera I knew now had to decide as she was wearing a bra that hide very little like me just a strip that stretched over the nipples but clearly outlined the pink tips. She thought about it and decided to take a shot. It was clear to me that Mera with this shot would be passed sober. Jim did not hesitate in removing his trousers. This time he did have on underwear but it was a male thong and he enjoyed showing off. He rubbed his naked butt in Mera face after pouring tequila down his crease of his ass. Mera laughed and appeared to enjoy licking it off.

Marsha and I were both at 3 articles. Jim with one. Mike and Early had on two.

It was now time for the partners to make out for one minute. Mera hit the timer and each couple started to make out. Early and I were satisfied with hugs and kisses. I was really taken aback at how good it felt to just kiss Early. He was really a great kisser. He made me feel smaller than most men could because he had such a broad chest himself and large hands which made me melt. I could not help but rub that muscular chest that seemed so ready to be kneaded.

“Ok, what is good for the goose is good for the gander,” Early mused and started rubbing my chest though the lycra dress. I think he wondered whether I was wearing a bra as he could so easily make my nipples stand up and show through the material.

Ding!!! The noise so loud I jumped. It was Mera’s timer going off.

“Ok, you two, time is up,” Mera exclaimed and laughed. Early and I probably looked dazed. Is it possible that Early really likes me, I thought?

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