Early Morning Quickie

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I woke up this morning and his head was between my legs.

“Ohhhhhh,” I moaned as his tongue dragged from the bottom of my pussy to the top. It made my butt twitch.

My man sucked my pussy lips into his mouth, slowly pulling them in causing me excruciating pleasure. I raised my hips off the bed to press against his loving mouth.

He put his hands on my thigh and pushed me back down before moving to lick my clitoris. His tongue dove round and round in pleasurable circles until it reached my tiny bud. A flick across the top of it caused me to scream out. My hands gripped his head as he pulled my clit between his lips.

One of his fingers slid across my pussy, making me shiver. He twirled it in my wetness, dug through my folds of skin and pushed it into my opening.

“Ayyyyyy,” I wailed as he slid it in. He pushed and twisted it around in me while keeping a firm mouth on my clit. Another finger invaded my hole. He curled them upwards and dragged them along the slick upper walls of my cavern.

I was trying not to scream too much at the incredible sensations I was feeling, and muffled sounds escaped my lips as beşiktaş anal yapan escort I thrashed my head back and forth.

A third finger entered me and it was too much. I pushed hard against his head, trying to stop for a moment the terrible pleasure. He held firm and started pumping his fingers fast into me. His sucking picked up pace as well, making me squirm, making me buck, making me cum!

“Gahhh—Ahhhh!” I yelled as my body rocked. I couldn’t keep the noises in as waves after waves of intense tingles flooded me. He sucked and sucked and I trembled and danced all over the bed.

Finally he released me and I curled into a fetal position, moaning and shaking.

He got behind me, wrapping an arm around me and squeezing my breast. I felt his cock glide along my buttocks and wedge itself between my thighs. His breath was hot on my neck as he moved his hips, dry humping my clenched thighs.

His penis probed inwards, making a path between my legs. His crotch met my butt and I felt the tickle of his matted pubic hair. He sawed back and forth between my thighs beşiktaş bdsm escort and I felt the slickness of my pussy juice spreading between my butt. I moved my upper leg slightly and his penis rubbed against my vaginal opening. He braced himself, moved backwards and then, on his forward thrust, found my sweet hole.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned, still raw from my recent cum. He pulled back then moved forward again, wedging his rod deeper within me. I felt my loins part, making way for his tool, stretching open and feeling so good.

He pushed all the way in, grabbing my breast tightly and hugging me to him. I heard his breath escape him in a rush as he bottomed out and settled within me.

Now he started a comfortable rocking motion, pushing me forward with each thrust, pulling me back with each withdrawal. He slid through me easily, my lube making my channel a good fit for both of us. Our breathing rose as his tempo increased. His fiddled with my nipple, causing me simultaneous pleasure on both ends of my body.

But then he grabbed my tit roughly and started panting. His thrusting increased beşiktaş elit escort and his crotch slapped my butt cheeks with each incoming jab. I bucked back against him, twisting my butt, flexing my pussy, grabbing his dick with my cunt.

“Ah, ah, ah,” he was going in my ear.

I reached back and grabbed one of his butt cheeks, roughly pulling it to me, helping him fuck me. I chucked my body against him, wantonly stuffing his cock in my pussy. Our movements got wilder and wilder. He gripped me tighter and tighter until suddenly, with a bark of noise, he grabbed me tight, jammed himself deep in me and held still for a long, breath holding second, before yanking back and spewing a ton load of wetness in me.

I felt a splash hit my cervix and that triggered my come. I pushed back hard into him as he bucked forward in me, dousing me with another stream of semen.

“Uhhh!” I grunted, giving him my butt. I shook and shivered as spasms tore through my body. His hand clenched and unclenched on my tits and I felt him bite into my shoulder.

Ohhhhhhh,” I heard him moan as he dumped the last of his cream in me and released his hold on my body. He rolled backward, his dick plopping out of me and making me gasp.

I lay there, enjoying the last of my cum as I felt his seed dripping from me, sliding between my butt cheeks.

I rolled over and hugged him, nestled my face on his chest and drifted there, thankful for my lover and his early morning treats.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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