Eastern Tradition Ch. 3

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Vivian woke feeling well rested. She was stiff and sore and she knew that she was going to have trouble walking once she was freed from her restraints. She stretched and shifted trying to relieve some of the stress that she was feeling in her muscles. Settling into a new position she strained, trying to hear something beyond her walls. While well made the room was not sound proof and she was able to discern the sounds of life stirring outside her room. The distinct sounds of people walking past her door mixed with the tones of voices kept low in conversation. She expected that sooner or later someone would come by and release her.

It turned out to be later, she had no way of judging time as there was neither clock nor windows but she guessed that at least two hours passed before the door to her room finally opened.

Omal unlocked the door and let himself in. Switching on the light he was pleased to see Vivian squirming uncomfortably in her bed.

“Where the hell have you been?” Vivian didn’t bother to try and look over her shoulder. She was pissed. Her body was a mass of cramps and she needed to use the bathroom. She was dangerously close to relieving herself in her bed and she knew that it was going to be difficult getting to the bathroom on her own. “Let me up, now!”

Omal enjoyed the sound of panic and desperation he heard in her voice. He had deliberately delayed releasing her so as to extend her discomfort for as long as possible. Smiling, he took his time unlocking her.

As soon as he released her ankles, Vivian pulled her legs up and under her body. Her muscles protested, loudly, and she struggled to keep from crying out in pain. Cramps rippled through her legs, the pain so intense it brought tears to her eyes.

Next, Omal released the bar holding her waist up and off the bed, which helped to relieve some of the pressure on her bladder. Finally, he released her arms and pulled her leash free from the eyebolt at the head of the bed.

Vivian didn’t wait; she rolled off the bed pulling her chain with her and on to the floor. Literally crawling to the bathroom she managed to get herself up and onto the toilet before humiliating herself. Turning back she saw Omal smiling maliciously at her. With a sneer she slammed the bathroom door on him and locked it.

Taking her time she ran a hot bath and took an hour to soak the aches and pains from her body. Tipping her head back against the edge of the bath, she smiled as Omal banged on the bathroom door. His obvious anxiety caused her to move slowly, ensuring she took the time to wash her hair and brush her teeth. Finally, an hour later she emerged, with her chin up in silent defiance she walked over and handed Omal her chain.

Omal glared at her and pulled her out of the room. Lengthening his stride, he forced her to run in order to keep up with him as they made their way through the house. She was scheduled to meet with Alex, one of the trainers, and they were already late. He didn’t bother to stop and let her eat but instead led her through a series of halls and corridors until they reached the training wing.

Alex stood tall, dark and imposing in the center of the room. Several women surrounded him each one engaged in some sort of study. There were two women bent over what appeared to be textbooks, both of them taking notes on state of the art laptops. Another woman watched one of the international news broadcasts (in French) while another sat quietly painting.

Vivian took in the scene and felt herself relax. She had been worried about their unknown destination but it appeared that she was to spend at least a part of her day studying either current events, academics, or art.

“You’re late.” Alex’s voice snapped out and across the room. While none of the women stopped what they were doing Vivian caught several pairs of eyes looking up and inspecting her. “Come here.”

Omal handed Vivian her chain, bowed respectfully to Alex and left the room. Vivian walked over, feeling herself shiver as Alex’s ice blue eyes pierced through her, and handed him her leash. “I apologize for being late. I needed to take care of a few personal issues this morning.”

Alex frowned down at her. He was perfectly aware of the reason for her tardiness. Monitoring mechanisms had notified him as soon as Omal entered her room (two and a half hours late) to release her yet she didn’t bother making excuses. “You will be expected to see to those things on your own time. From now on you are to be here by eight o’clock every morning, except Saturday and Sunday.” His frown deepened at the sound of her stomach growling. “You have not had breakfast.” It was not a question but a statement that ended in a growl.

Everyone knew of Omal’s prejudice against women but never before has he come so close to neglecting one in his charge. The entire managing and training staff had been notified of the arrangement between Omal and Vivian. Tahal was to be notified of any punishment or rewards that üvey kız kardeş porno Vivian earned throughout the day but so far she had been at the mercy of Omal. It was a shame that she was going to have to pay for his infractions. With a mental shrug, Alex turned and signaled to one of the women bent over a book. “Gina, fetch something from the kitchen for Ms. Vivian.”

Turning back to the young woman standing silently beside him, Alex held out his hand and gestured to the surrounding room. “This is the study. You are expected to spend three hours here each morning enhancing your social, academic and cultural skills. As one of the Tahal’s companions you are expected to be able to carrying on intelligent conversation on any number of topics. You will be instructed on his preferences as well as those of his most frequent guests.” As he talked Alex walked Vivian around showing her the different stations. The study was arranged so that the various sections encouraged a particular activity. There was a comfortable sitting area for watching television, which only received the news and educational channels. In addition, there was a small circle of easels set up next to the window to allow for natural light. Finally, in the center of the room was a long, narrow mahogany table where two women sat studying.

Frowning, she couldn’t help but think that this was not something she needed. She already held a law degree and had always made a point of keeping up with important current events. The only area of her life that could use some work was in art. While she appreciated all forms of art, especially music she wasn’t artistically inclined.

Alex noticed her frown. “I understand that you are well educated but not all our guests come to us with the level of sophisticated knowledge that you do. However, there are always current events to keep abreast of and you can use your time to acquaint yourself with those things that most interest Tahal.”

Vivian took the seat Alex offered her and smiled appreciatively as Gina set a plate of breakfast in front of her. “Thank you.” Digging in, she ate with gusto not knowing when her next meal would be. After her initial hunger had been filled she lowered her fork and eyed the young man sitting across from her.

Alex had sat quietly, letting her eat while he studied her. Vivian was no longer self-conscious about her unclothed appearance. She had a figure that most women would kill for and she had never been embarrassed to show it off to its best advantage. Besides, so far, almost everyone she had seen was naked with only the bands of metal adorning their body. Even Alex wore only a loincloth, which did little to hide the size of his cock, the rest of his body shown bronze and heavily muscled in the morning light. She had studied him just as much as he had studied her while she ate. He was tall, obviously of western decent, with his black hair and blue eyes but hours in the sun had turned his skin dark.

“Where should I start?” Vivian was curious. Some time during her long night she had come to grips with her situation. She had been taken from her home, brought half way around the world, and placed in a situation in which she had little control. And while she had enjoyed her life, her career and her friends there was something going on here and she found herself eager to learn more.

Alex shook his head. “Today is a day for you to get comfortable with your new situation and to learn about what is expected of you. From here you will be taken to see the training facilities and then up to the main house. After that, unless Tahal sends for you, you will be returned to your room. The evenings are your own unless your presence has been requested else where.”

“I see. Will you be the one to show me around?” There was something kind in those blue eyes and Vivian found that she felt comfortable with Alex.

“No, I have duties here but Omal should be along shortly, until then why don’t you catch up on the latest news. Tahal has several diplomatic and governmental connections, it is always good to know what is going on in the surrounding countries.” Alex left her to watch the news. Every once in a while he would find his attention wandering to where she sat.

Vivian’s arrival had been noted by many. It wasn’t often that Tahal took such drastic measure to secure a new companion. He was attractive and wealthy and most women were willing to serve. The staff knew better then to discuss Tahal’s personal agenda but there had been some speculation regarding his intentions. Vivian could never be released back into the world. The risk to Tahal and everything he’d built was too great. Tahal had been restless and it was thought that he was ready to settle down and sire and heir; perhaps that was the reason for Vivian’s presence.

Alex was both heartened and saddened by the thought. He enjoyed serving Tahal and he wanted to see his Master happy. However, if he settled down then it was xnxx porno conceivable that the training staff would no longer be needed. Alex had been with Tahal for five years, he enjoyed his work and was considered one of the best in the world. He would easily be able to find work with one of the other Masters but it wouldn’t be the same. Tahal had the most extensive estates in the world with well over a thousand slaves both male and female. He held his staff to the highest standards and was admired by all who met him. Alex’s position was one of power and prestige and he didn’t want to see it go.

His thoughts were interrupted by Omal’s arrival. He looked fresh and relaxed and well pleased with himself. Alex waited until Omal and Vivian had left before calling for one of the younger servants. The young boy silently accepted Alex’s note and took it to Tahal. Turning back to the other women still in the study, Alex pushed all thoughts of Omal and Vivian from his mind.

Omal was showing Vivian the estates when a messenger arrived with a note summoning the two of them to Tahal’s chambers. These were his private quarters not seen by many. Omal, as his personal servant of several years was a frequent visitor but Vivian was new and it was unheard of for an untrained companion to be summoned.

Omal was surprised to see one of Tahal’s bodyguards waiting outside the door. Jem, a large black man from Africa, opened the door and escorted them inside. Tahal was nowhere to be found.

Jem caught Omal’s glare and smiled. Omal had a superior attitude and he never missed a chance to show himself as the Master’s preferred male companion. This was the first time Jem held the upper hand and he planned to enjoy it. “I’ve been asked to see you properly situated.”

Working quickly, Jem grabbed Omal by the wrists and pulled him across the room. Vivian, surprised by the turn of events, stood watching as Omal was stripped and then secured to a chain hanging down from the ceiling.

Omal struggled and it was only with the help of two other guards that they were able to finally subdue him. With a light pat on the ass, Jem turned his attention from Omal to Vivian. “My apologizes, Ms. Vivian, but you’ve been ordered to join Omal.”

Vivian let herself be led over to the other side of the room. She smiled as Jem apologized once again. It would seem that he really didn’t like Omal and thought that Vivian was to suffer a fate worse than death. Vivian remembered her first night here. Tahal had ordered Omal to please her and while it had been humiliating it wasn’t the end of the world.

When all was said and done, Omal and Vivian both had their wrists attached to a chain that hung down from the ceiling. The length of chain had been pulled tight and their arms stretched high over their head. Standing on their tiptoes, they were forced to lean into one another.

Jem and the other guards left the room closing the door behind them. For several minutes Vivian was content simply to look around. They had been brought to Tahal’s private chambers. Upon entering they had been escorted through the main sitting room and secured in a large bedchamber. The room was dominated by a large, four-poster bed covered with jeweled tone blankets and pillows. There was a large fireplace flanked on either side by oversized lounge chairs. Floor to ceiling shelves lined several of the walls and were in stark contrast to the medieval torture tools.

Having familiarized herself with her surroundings Vivian turned her attention to her companion. Omal stood glaring at her as if this was her fault. “Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t do anything!”

Omal turned his head breaking eye contact.

“Look, you’ve made it perfectly clear since the moment I first got here that you didn’t like me. Fine! But it would appear that our fates our intertwined so it would seem to me that getting me in trouble is a little like shooting yourself in the foot.” Vivian waited wanting some response from the man. Long use to confrontation, she preferred meeting her adversaries face-to-face instead of this quiet distain. “Why won’t you say something?!”

“Because he can’t.” Tahal, dressed only in a white terry cloth robe, entered the room. Making his way to the bar he poured himself a drink before turning back to consider his latest acquisition. “Omal was given to me by his father; he has been my closest companion and knows all there is to know about me.” Tahal circled Vivian and Omal, his stride long and languid reminding Vivian of a sleek cat considering his prey. “Now, you must understand, I am a man of power, position and wealth. There are those that would see me fall and would go to extreme measures to secure sensitive information about myself and my business.” Tahal ran his hand appreciatively down Omal’s broad back. The dark skin was smooth beneath his hand and immediately conjured up images of nights spent together. “Omal, having been raised beside me was privy to much of zenci porno that information. I couldn’t risk that information getting into the wrong hands.”

“What did you do?” Vivian wasn’t even aware she had spoken until Tahal turned those dark eyes back on her.

“A simple procedure and a few minor adjustments to his vocal cords ensures that he never speaks a word regarding anything he has seen.” Tahal caught Vivian’s look of horror and smiled. “Don’t worry; Omal is well cared for. Even if something should happen to me he will always be seen to.”

“But he is your friend; how could you do that to him?”

Tahal considered her, his head titled to one side. “My friend? No, he is my servant, my possession. He is mine to do with as I wish, just as you are.”

Vivian turned from Tahal and once again considered the man chained up before her. She felt no pity for him, if she had she was sure he would have resented it. No, she simply understood better what drove Omal.

With obvious defiance, Omal met Vivian’s stare. He couldn’t say a word but his pride was there for her to see. He had long since learned to communicate using facial expressions, body langue and the written word. He had also learned how to read people and was surprised to see respect where he expected pity. Grudgingly, he had to admit (if only to himself) that Vivian was more than he had expected.

Tahal, oblivious to the silent exchange going on between his two servants, was busy preparing himself for the night’s entertainment. But before the fun there was business that needed to be done. Standing back, Tahal inspected several different instruments tacked to the wall. Several variations on the cat-o-nine were lined up, each one made from a different type of leather with the fingers made of various lengths and thickness. Further down the wall sat several paddles, some studded and some of smooth wood. Finally, he came to what he was looking for. There were other instruments of pain and pleasure but for what he had in mind he wanted something special…something memorable.

Reaching up, Tahal wrapped his hand around the smooth leather handle of a cane. Turning back he wasn’t surprised to find Vivian watching him. “Some people subscribe to the notion that everyone is entitled to one warning. They think that if a person makes a mistake he or she is entitle to a gentle reminder.” Tahal lovingly caressed the cane the length of which was made up of a special type of flexible metal. It looked like aluminum but was flexible like a switch; it raised welts quickly and could break the skin easily.

“I do not subscribe to such a notion. I believe that punishment should be quick and severe.” Tahal brought the cane down quickly, the sound rendering the air, and walked over to take his place behind Vivian. Her back was smooth, untouched and unmarked…but not for long. Without warning, Tahal raised the cane and brought it down against the smooth expanse of skin.

The pain was immediate and intense; caught unprepared Vivian cried out and jerked forward running right into Omal. Omal, familiar with the pain of the cane, sympathized. Spreading his legs shoulder width apart, he braced himself and pressed forward allowing Vivian to use him for support.

Vivian, grateful for the support, allowed herself to lean into Omal as Tahal continued with his work. Once prepared Vivian was able to take the two dozen lashes with the cane. Each one was hard, some hard enough to break the skin and she could feel the blood running free down her back.

Finished, Tahal used a cloth saturated with a special cleaning solution to wipe down the cane. The sight of Vivian, her back beaten and bruised along with her struggles had stirred the blood in him. His cock, already hard at the two of them chained together, twitched and jumped against his stomach…and he wasn’t even done yet.

Her back was on fire. It was the only coherent thought she had as she stood with her forehead pressed against Omal’s shoulder. It had been that touch, that small consideration he’d shown her that had made it possible for her to get through the canning without crying out. It was something she would be forever grateful for. Omal had allowed her to retain some small measure of pride. Lifting her head, Vivian caught his eye and gave him a small smile.

Omal, refusing to acknowledge the kindness stood staring straight as Tahal moved around to stand behind him. It wasn’t the first time he’d acted as whipping boy but it was the first time such a thing had been done in front of another. He was the Master’s personal companion, it was a position he held with pride and to be treated like any other slave was humiliation in itself.

Vivian found herself understanding Omal more and more. She wasn’t sure she appreciated the new ability but it was there nonetheless. Keeping that in mind, Vivian averted her eyes and stared over Omal’s shoulder at some distant point on the wall. The first lash landed across his shoulders and reverberated through his entire body. Holding herself still, Vivian offered him the same comfort of her presence that he had given her.

With little more than a quick hiss of air, Omal suffered through stoically. He held his body erect, feet braced shoulder width apart and eyes focused forward.

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