Ebony Seduction Ch. 04

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Nothing else happened sexually between us for the rest of the night. I am pretty sure that both of our bodies just needed time to recover. I got up to clean the dildo off and put it back in my special drawer before climbing back into bed. Keisha pressed her body next to mine and we just enjoyed each others company. We discussed Hawaii and I found out that Keisha had never flown before, having driven up from New York City to Cambridge. We also discussed our families, a topic that had never really come up before. It turns out that she was the middle child of five siblings and had an older sister with three brothers. That taught her to be driven and goal oriented. Her father had passed away several years ago and she still kept in touch with her mother every week.

I told her about my younger sister and how I was the responsible one. My parents were still together, having celebrated their thirty third wedding anniversary last year. But in my post Lisa funk, I hadn’t talked to them nearly as often as I should, always making an excuse to not visit them during the holidays and just sending an e-card on birthdays.

“Do they know you’re a lesbian?” Keisha asked, her hand just resting on my stomach.

“My mother knows. I’ve never told dad, though. Melissa caught me once fooling around with another girl in my room so, yeah, she knows too.”

“How did your mom take it?” I knew what Keisha was really asking. How hard was it to come out to your parent?

“She took it okay.” I replied. “I sat her down and we talked about it one afternoon. I mean, yeah she was a little disappointed that I wasn’t planning on giving her any grandbabies and all,” at that Keisha giggled. “but, deep down, I know she wants me to be happy.”

“God, I’m so afraid that my mom will freak.” Keisha said. I could hear the worry in her voice and gave her a hug to comfort her.

“Well, not to shoot myself in the foot but it’s only been two days since you’ve been with a woman. Are you sure about this aspect of your life?” Keisha was silent for a while. She started trailing her fingers around my stomach and breasts as she thought about the question I’d asked her.

“Honestly, right now, I don’t know.” she finally replied. “All I know is that being with you feels right and that I’m not looking forward to tomorrow night when I have to sleep in my own bed rather than be here with you.” I sighed when she said that. I wasn’t looking forward to that myself.

“My roommate asked me where I’d been last night. I told her that I’d met someone special and that I spent the night with her.”

“And how did she take that little revelation?” I asked, a little surprised that Keisha admitted that she’d been with another woman so readily.

“Oh, Aimie took it well. I mean, there are several women on the team that are lesbians so I am not the only one that’s spent the night with another woman. My guess is that it will be all over the damn campus by Monday. News travels fast around there.”

We continued just to converse until she drifted off to sleep in my arms. I thought about what she asked on how my mother had taken the news that her eldest daughter was gay. It was one of the toughest things that I’d ever done but was such a relief when we talked about it. I did need to start getting in touch with my family again. I remembered the last time I saw them. It was soon after Lisa and I broke up and I came home basically an emotional wreck. I could see that it was making my mother uncomfortable talking about my relationship issues and I cut my visit short, saying that work needed me. That was over four years ago.

I looked down at the sleeping form pressed against my body. Again, her beauty almost took my breath away. Keisha’s full, kissable lips, her silken smooth ebony skin, the large breasts that caught my eye when she walked into my office the first time and the long, muscular legs that felt so good to rub my hands over. But, physical features were one thing. She was intelligent, witty, and her charming personality was infectious. One couldn’t help but smile when she was in your presence. I slowly sank into sleep thinking that someone was looking out for me when they sent her to me.

I woke up the next morning to the feeling of Keisha rubbing her hands on me again. I turned over on my side to her smiling visage and she kissed me as a way of saying good morning. I kissed her back and then brought my hand to her cheek, lightly grazing her face mecidiyeköy escort with my fingertips. “Good morning, beautiful one. Did you sleep well?” I asked her as my hand trailed over her ear and down her neck. She nodded and stretched out, letting out a long moan as she did.

“Oh, yes ma’am I did.” she said, putting her hand on my ass. “I was planning on working out today. Want to come with me?” I really hadn’t planned on any one thing today and I did need to go to the gym so I said yes. Keisha smiled at that and then got up and went to the bathroom. I laid in bed for a few moments, just trying to motivate myself to move. The scent of her body lingered on the bed and I rubbed where she had just been laying, feeling the warmth of the sheets. I heard the shower start so I got up, relieved myself and then joined her in the shower. It was a repeat of yesterday morning, Keisha washing me and I returning the favor. I loved the way she pressed her back into my body as my soapy hands gently cleaned her front. I caressed her breasts before cleaning her underarms and then trailing lower to her genitals. She gasped as I ran my fingers through the cleft of her vagina and briefly dipped two fingers into the entrance of her pussy. I leaned down and kissed her neck before giving her a little love bite as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. “Oh, Miss Smith…” she said as the hot water cascaded over our bodies. I skillfully brought her off to an orgasm as she continued to press against me. I could feel her tense up and a tremor coursed through her as she coated my fingers with her juices. She sighed again, turned around and kissed me deeply, her hands moving up and down my back and ass.

I finished washing up when we broke the kiss and stepped out of the shower to see Keisha unwrapping a brand new tooth brush. “Um, not to be forward, but do you mind if I leave this here?” I laughed a little and replied that it was more than alright. After finishing our morning routines, I put my workout outfit on and donned a tee shirt and shorts for modesty’s sake. I put an extra set of panties in Keisha’s bag and off we went to her school. Boston traffic, even on a Sunday morning, meant it took us about a half an hour in her car. Sitting in the passenger’s seat felt weird but I didn’t complain. We stopped at Starbucks for a quick coffee and muffin before arriving on campus. She was about to open the door to exit when I put my hand on her arm, stopping her.

“Are you sure about this? There could be some of your teammates there.” I couldn’t help but be a little apprehensive. This was the first time that we would be together in public since we had sex. She smiled, assuring me it would be alright and we left the car to go to the gym. There were a few people there but Keisha told me that no one from her team was working out right now. She and I pushed each other on the equipment, each urging the other on. I loved the way her toned body moved as she used the elliptical and light weights. At the end of the workout, she and I both hit the sauna. It was in the woman’s locker room so we both undressed, wrapped a towel around ourselves and went into the steaming hot room where we let the towels fall open to enjoy the full effect of the heat. I closed my eyes, laying my head back and resting against the wall when I felt hands on my knees, prying open my legs. My eyes flew open to see that Keisha had placed her towel on the floor and was kneeling down. She met my gaze, smiled and lowered her head between my legs.

She stuck her tongue out and licked my Mons clean of the sweat droplets clinging to my skin before using her fingers to pry my pussy open. I was worried that someone might come in but all of that went right out the window when I felt her tongue caress my inner lips and tickle my clit. She latched onto my pussy with her mouth and really went at it, causing my breath to quicken. My hands went to her head, holding her in that position. She used her tongue, teeth and lips to bring me to an intense climax. I sat there, panting from the orgasm and heat, my legs still splayed open as she climbed next to me. Just in time too as the door opened and two women entered the sauna. I quickly shut my legs, a little embarrassed about being so lewdly displayed as Keisha introduced me to Bella and Sherry, two of her teammates. I shook hands with the two younger women as they removed their towels. After a few moments conversation, Keisha and I left the sauna aksaray escort and went to shower.

When we were finished, I was treated to a tour of the campus which ended in her dorm room. I was then introduced to Aimie, her roommate. She was very pretty and had the most adorable British accent. “It is wonderful to meet you Pamela.” Aimie said, shaking my hand. “I think I’ll leave you to alone though. Three’s a crowd and all.” She winked at Keisha as she left and favored me with a smile as I blushed a little. The room was nicely furnished with two beds, a study place and a loveseat and recliner. Keisha and I sat on her bed as she showed me pictures of her family. My hand was around her waist and our knees were touching. It was easy to see where she got her looks from. She was an almost spitting image of her mother. After finishing that, Keisha laid back on her bed and I joined her. Laying on my side, I placed my hand on her breast, kneading the pliant flesh with my fingers. She pulled my head down to kiss me as I trailed my hand down to the waistband of her shorts. I slipped my hand into her shorts, gently rubbing her pussy through her panties. Keisha began to rub on my tits as we continued kissing. It felt so erotic making out on her bed, like I was back in college. I removed my hand from in her pants, sat up and took off my shirt and unclipped my bra. Leaning down, I dangled my tits in her face. She licked them all over and began to suckle on my nipples. Gently at first but then getting a little more aggressive the harder they became. I gasped, then let out a moan as she bit down. Not hard but enough that I could feel her teeth. I felt her hands glide over my ribs and then push down my shorts and panties.

Standing up, I removed the rest of my clothes. Keisha was laying there, a hungry look in her eyes as I knelt down facing the end of the bed with her face trapped between my legs. She gripped my thighs and began to eat me out, swiping her tongue from my clit to my puckered ass hole. Swirling her tongue around my rosebud, Keisha then inserted it deep in my ass. I closed my eyes and gasped when she did this. God, she had such a talented tongue. I reached down and began rubbing her tits as I rode her face. I was getting close to climaxing when I heard the door to the room open. I tried to rise but Keisha’s strong grip and wonderful ministrations prevented me from rising. Aimie walked in but stopped short, her eyes glued to the scene in front of her. She and I locked gazes as I orgasmed all over Keisha’s face as she moved from my ass and started sucking and nibbling on my clit. I cried out as I watched Aimie start fondling her breast with one hand and stick the other hand down the waistband of her shorts, frigging herself off. Keisha wasn’t finished with me yet though. She kept on licking me, building me up again. I figured that Aimie had already seen me in a compromising position and wasn’t put off so I leaned down and pushed Keisha’s shorts and panties off her body.

I began to eat her out, deciding to put on a show for Aimie. Spreading Keisha’s legs wide, I licked her outer lips before spreading them open with my fingers and feasting on the delicate pink flesh inside. I glanced up to see that Aimie had lifted her shirt and bra up over her breasts and was pinching and rubbing her nipples as her other hand was frantically rubbing her pussy under her shorts. I came first, screaming into Keisha’s pussy as the orgasm ripped through me, followed by Aimie and then Keisha, who flooded my face with her cum. After coming down, I stood up and watched Keisha as she opened her eyes to see her half naked roommate standing on the other side of the room, licking her fingers clean. I had to laugh as Keisha let out a little squeak and tried in vain to cover herself.

“Oh fuck, Aimie! Um…” Keisha said trying to find the words to explain herself.

“It’s okay love.” Aimie said, adjusting her clothes, covering herself up again. “It’s me who should be apologizing. I came back for my laptop and forgot to knock.” I sat down on the side of the bed, still naked. I saw Aimie lick her lips at the sight of my cunt, glistening with my juices. An idea came to me then. I took Keisha by the hands and pulled her into a sitting position. Grasping the bottom of her shirt, I pulled it up over her head, removing her bra at the same time. Keisha looked at me in surprise as I reached around her body and pressed her tits together, her nipples nişantaşı escort pointed right at her roommate.

“Maybe Aimie would like to have a closer look seeing as she enjoyed the show so much. I kissed Keisha on the mouth. Our tongues entwined as I heard Aimie begin to remove her clothes. I broke the kiss and Keisha and I watched as the pretty woman disrobed and walked over, kneeling in front of Keisha. Aimie started to caress Keisha’s tits before leaning in and lick and suckle her nipples. Keisha moaned before returning to kiss me. I gently laid her down on her bed again, Aimie not disengaging from Keisha’s tit. I stopped kissing her and moved down to her chest, taking the other nipple into my mouth. I heard Keisha sigh as I felt her hand on the back of my head. Then she squealed. I looked up to see that Aimie had moved from sucking on Keisha’s teat to between her legs. I just watched as she ate out her roommate, the contrast of Aimie’s pale skin and Keisha’s dark thighs arousing me even more. I straddled Keisha, my ass perched on her tits, reached down and lifted her legs into the air. Aimie looked up, blew me a kiss and began eating her out again, this time shoving two fingers into Keisha’s pussy. I could feel Keisha begin to pant as she was brought closer to another orgasm. I felt her whole body tighten as the climax hit. Her legs were shaking in my hands as she cried out, covering Aimie’s face with her cream.

I got off of Keisha and knelt by her, rubbing her chest and giving her a deep kiss. She wrapped her arms around me and moaned into my mouth. “God, that’s a beautiful sight.” Aimie said as she wiped her mouth off with Keisha’s blanket.

“Why thank you dear but it’s not quite done.” I said as I rose up. I gently pulled Keisha off of the bed. “I think it’s time that Keisha show you what she has learned this weekend. What do you think, my dear?” I asked, turning to face my lover. Keisha smiled at this, reached out and took Aimie by the hands. She laid the woman on the bed, kissed her on the mouth before moving down to her tits. I was watching the show, my hands trailing down to my pussy as I started to rub myself off. Keisha then laid a trail of kissed down to the fur covered pussy before spreading her legs and diving in. I was kind of surprised that the sight of this woman that I’d grown to have deep feelings for giving oral pleasure to another didn’t turn me off or spark jealousy. In fact, it was having the opposite effect. Then I felt Aimie’s hand grab mine, pulling me onto the bed. I straddled her face as I had done Keisha’s as Aimie held onto my thighs and began to lick my pussy. I looked down, watching Keisha lick and finger Aimie as Aimie tongued my hole and sucked on my clit. Just the surreal, erotic nature of what was happening was enough to push me over the edge and flood the face of the poor girl trapped between my thighs. I heard her squeal and saw Keisha clamp her lips down on Aimie’s cunt, sucking up all of the juices that sprayed out. We stayed locked like this for what seemed like ages.

I finally collapsed next to Aimie on the bed, my chest heaving like hers as we both came down from the orgasmic high. Finally, Aimie raised up and kissed me on the lips before getting off of the bed. I scooted over as Keisha took her place next to me. Aimie smiled at that. “Jesus Pam, you taught her well.” I smiled at the compliment and could see Keisha blush. “And don’t worry about me trying to steal her away. I’ve got me own girl whom I’m going to meet now.” I wrapped my arm around Keisha, pulling her close to me. I leaned down and kissed her cheek as we both watched Aimie dress, grab her laptop, and blow us a kiss as she headed out the door.

“Fuck that was intense.” Keisha exclaimed, maneuvering her body to face me.

“Yeah it was.” I agreed. “I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable with her.”

“Nah. She’s going back to England when this semester is over anyway. May I tell you something?” I nodded in affirmation.. “I’m kinda shocked that you initiated it. I mean, with what happened before.” I took a moment to collect my thoughts before answering her.

“I admit I surprised myself with that. I hope I didn’t upset you.”

“No, it’s cool. I am glad you aren’t the jealous type though. Trust me. I’m not going to start bedding every girl in the dorm now. I don’t want to hurt you or screw up what we have.”

I smiled at that and kissed her on the lips. “That makes me very happy to hear. Come on. Let’s get back to my place so I can put on some decent clothes. I want to take you out tonight.” Keisha smiled at me and put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt as I dressed back into my shorts and tee. Then we headed out to her car where she drove back to my place.

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