Educating Ken Ch. 02: Ski Trip

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I owe massive thanks to Melanie for her input on this one. And thanks as ever to my editor, goddess9991. She seems to be doing a good job fooling some of you into thinking I can actually write.


I was chilling in my room at the barracks, all caught up on my classwork and passing the evening with a book, when Nicolas and Jon called. The call was more than welcome, I’d been thinking about them a lot since our weekend together. And not just because of the sex. They’re the beautiful gay couple who’d truly initiated me into same-sex loving, I’ll always carry good feelings for them.

Seemed they’d been thinking about me, as well. The call was to invite me along on a ski trip with their friends, and they were pretty excited by the idea. Sounded good to me, too, except for one small problem.

“I don’t have skis,” I said, interrupting Nic’s gushing enthusiasm. “And I barely know how to use them anyway.”

“We’ll rent you some,” Jon answered. “And that’s what the bunny slope is for, bunny.”

“Besides,” said Nic with a laugh,”what makes you think you’ll be out of bed for two consecutive hours?”

“Well,” I laughed in turn, “I guess that saves me asking if you’re sure you have room.”

“Yeah, you can sleep with us,” said Jon, “when you don’t have something else to do.”

“Or some one, you slut,” teased Nic. The conversation turned absolutely filthy when I asked what I needed to bring along. Various parts of my anatomy were discussed, to the accompaniment of enough giggles for a bunch of schoolgirls. There was a lot of affection in the teasing, enough that by the time we hung up I had a little bit of a warm fuzzy feeling to go with my great big horny one.

Permission for a three-day weekend can be tricky while one is in training, but I had a good relationship with the boss. Honesty seemed more likely to succeed than the more typical far-fetched sob stories.

“Chief,” I said as I sat down in his office, “I’m not going to bullshit you. My long-lost twin sister who I haven’t seen in ten years and who also happens to be gravely ill with something really painful has asked to see me. I need a three day pass in January. Oh yeah, it’s MLK day that Monday, so she’s also black.”

“Well, with a story that solid, how can I say no?” He laughed and kicked a foot up on the corner of his desk. “So what’s really up?”

“Got a chance to mooch along on a ski trip to a place called Mammoth. Apparently there’s snow in California. Who knew?”

“Good snow, too, at Mammoth. What have you got between now and then?”

“Two exams and that inspection next week.”

He nodded thoughtfully, looking past me at his wall calendar for a moment.

“Tell you what,” he finally said. “Ace all three, put at least a couple more points between you and the second guy in your class, and you can go. But you’ll owe me one, which I will collect. Fair enough?”

“More than fair.” I stood to go. “Thanks, Chief.”

“Perks of being top of your class. Don’t make me regret it.”

It was 85º Fahrenheit when I left San Diego. To ski. In January. Gotta love California. I’d just bought my first real motorcycle, an old Nighthawk 750, and since no new snow was expected until well after I’d be in Mammoth, I decided to take a chance. I pulled on an old pair of Levis, black boots, a t-shirt, and the brand new black leather jacket that had cost more than the motorcycle. The jeans were thin and tight enough to show my religion, and the t-shirt clung to my shoulders and chest and was short enough to blow up and show my abs as I rode. I couldn’t have been better dressed to attract gay men if I’d been in a pink mesh shirt and high heels.

A fact Nicolas made abundantly clear the instant I arrived at the cabin. He waved me into the garage next to their BMW and I’d barely taken my helmet off when he grabbed me.

“Jesus Christ, Ken,” he said, shoving me against the car. “Look at you! You’re a gay wet dream, kid.”

He gave me no chance to reply, kissing me hard and urgently. I can’t even call it a makeout session, it was too quick and too hot. It was barely foreplay. Nic’s hands were under my jacket and pulling up my shirt five seconds after he grabbed me. He pinched my nipples, kissed my neck, pushed his tongue into my mouth, and had me hot and moaning within a minute. I started to say something about taking it in the house, but he was already kissing his way down my body and just shoved me back against the car again.

“Damn, Nic,” I sighed. “Glad to see me?”

“I think it’s mutual.” He grinned up at me as he grabbed my rapidly hardening cock. I laughed as he yanked open my fly, but the laugh quickly turned to a moan. He sucked me so fiercely I was afraid he’d hurt me, my entire cock in his throat within the first few strokes and his moans almost as loud as mine. When he pulled back to concentrate on the head it buckled my knees.

The way he was going it wouldn’t have taken him long to get me off, but that wasn’t his intention. After a few minutes he gave a long moan and let me slip canlı bahis from his mouth. He kissed and sucked my balls more gently, then looked up at me with a big grin and real heat in his eyes.

“This thing is beautiful, Ken,” he said in a thick voice. “Do you know how lucky you are?”

“Feeling pretty lucky right now, yeah.”

He laughed and stood to kiss me again. This time it went on a little longer and had a little less urgency, but it was still only a few minutes before he took out his cock. He stroked us together for a moment, staring into my eyes from about six inches away. Finally he smiled.

“Your turn,” he said. “Jon’s been teasing me all day, wouldn’t get me off. Said I had to wait for you.”

I started to kiss my way down his neck, but before I’d even opened the top button of his shirt he laughed and tilted my chin up to face him.

“I am way beyond the slow, tender stuff,” he said. “Your cock was all the foreplay I can stand, handsome boy. Please, pretty please, help me out before I explode.”

He pressed down on my shoulders and I let myself be urged. I liked his cock as much as I remembered, liked having it in my mouth as much as I remembered, but I got no chance to explore it this time. He pushed forward as soon as the crown passed my lips, almost faster than I could handle. His need fed mine and I was soon sucking him urgently, his cock sliding all the way into my throat on each fast stroke. My hands held his hips as he thrust, the only sounds his grunts and my moans.

I won’t deny it, I loved it. I loved his need, I loved his cock, I loved being on my knees and being used purely for his lust. My cock stayed hard enough to break glass the entire time, bobbing in front of me with each thrust of his hips. My world was the feel of his cock in my mouth, the taste of it, the faint smell of his sweat, and my only regret was that it was over far too soon. Nic’s cock swelled, his strokes got shorter and his tempo quicker, and almost before I realized it he was pumping a huge load down my throat. He always came big, but this was just a ridiculous amount of cum. I must have swallowed four times by the time it was over.

Finally he relaxed and the geysers of semen stopped trying to overwhelm me. I sucked him gently for a while, enjoying the feel of his cock slowly deflating in my mouth and finally taking the chance to explore it a little more with tongue and lips and the capacity for rational thought. It was only with reluctance that I let him draw me to my feet. We spent a couple minutes kissing and touching and smiling at each other.

“Damn, Nic,” I finally said. “I thought you were going to drill a hole in the back of my head.”

“Didn’t I?” he asked, touching my head and neck as though checking. “Well, it wasn’t for lack of effort. And don’t pretend you didn’t like it. You’re still hard as a rock.”

“Yeah. And since you brought it up,” I said, both of us grinning at the double entendre, “why don’t you be a dear and get to work.”

“Because you still have to say hi to Jon,” he replied mischievously.

“Oh, you one-way bastard,” I said with a laugh, grabbing the front of his shirt. “You know I can put you on your knees.”

“And you know I’d love every second of it.” He kissed me on the nose, smiling broadly. “But you won’t, because you’re loving exploring your bottom side. Aren’t you?”

My smile slowly spread to match his while he peppered my face with kisses.

“Yeah,” I finally acknowledged. “Yeah, I am.”

The mischievous grin came back and he kissed me deeply for a moment, then patted me on the butt and pushed me toward the house.

“Good,” he said. “Then since we have that settled, go find Jon. He jumped in the shower when you pulled in, he should be done now. I know he’ll be as happy to see you as I was.”

Jon was waiting in the front room, sitting on the couch with a glass of wine. All he was wearing was a white bathrobe that was open far enough to show a lot of tanned, hairy chest and short enough to show his thick, strong legs. Everything about him was immaculate, from his neatly trimmed beard to his well-manicured hands to the carefully sculpted body that the robe had obviously been chosen to show. I found myself thinking a word I’d never consciously applied to a man before: sexy.

“Damn, Ken,” he said as I came in. His smile was a brilliant flash of white teeth in the dark beard. “Look at you in those jeans. Every fag you passed must have chased you all the way here.”

“They tried. I outran ’em.”

“Good. There are plenty of us here to keep you busy.” Another big grin. “Take that jacket off and turn around, let me look at you.”

I did, without even really thinking about it. There was a lot to be learned about tone of voice and the expectation of obedience in the way Jon handled himself. You found yourself halfway through doing whatever he’d asked before you really thought about it, just because of the quiet authority in his voice.

“You should never wear anything other than those jeans, ever. Go into bahis siteleri a club in those and the leather boys would kill each other to get to you.”

I laughed at that, maybe blushing a little. He smiled at me another moment, looking me up and down, then met my eyes.

“Strip for me now, sexy boy,” he said. “I want to see that big cock. And do it slow, make me enjoy it.”

Hard to take your time when you’re only wearing two garments, but I did my best. His gaze was palpable, my cock swelled just from watching his eyes. Finally he stood and stepped toward me. The glimpse I got of his enormous prick peeking out of the robe made my breath catch, and I sighed as he took me in his arms.

We kissed for a while, my arms coming up around his neck and his sliding around my body. Sometime in the middle of it he undid his robe. The feel of his naked body against mine brought me back to full erection, and by the time he stepped back my hips were moving against him a little, searching for friction.

“Such a pretty mouth,” he whispered, sliding a thumb across my lips. Suddenly the brilliant smile was back. “Let’s put it to good use. On your knees, now, baby.”

I took my time working my way down his body, enjoying the feel of his big cock bumping against my stomach and chest. He was in a lot less of a hurry than Nicolas had been, his sighs and touches and quiet compliments encouraging my slow explorations.

His cock was better than half erect when I finally reached my knees. It seemed to aim itself at me, long and thick and lustful, and I couldn’t help licking the drop of precum from the tip. The thing was as thick as my wrist, long and heavy and lustful.

“God, Jon,” I whispered, stroking his thighs with my fingertips, “what is it about size? Just the sight of this thing drives me insane.”

“I don’t know, but it’s everyone. There’s two kinds of people in the world: size queens and liars. A lot of people are going to fall in love with that thing between your legs.”

I grinned and licked another drop of precum from his cock. My intent was to go slow, as much for my enjoyment as his, but that didn’t last. I kissed and gently sucked his balls, licked my way up and down the shaft, and ran my tongue around his crown, but as soon as his cock slid into my mouth my lust overwhelmed me and I started sucking in earnest, pressing deeper on every stroke. It wasn’t long before we were moaning in unison, his hands on my head and mine squeezing his thighs in time with my sucking. I couldn’t get enough, the way the huge cock filled my mouth to the point of stretching my jaw just drove me wild. It was everything I could do to remember to be gentle. And the taste of his steadily leaking cum just added to the lust. I made sure to pull back all the way on each stroke both to feel the head with my lips and to get more of his taste in my mouth, when I was all the way down he was leaking straight down my throat.

I don’t know how long it went on. Jon had amazing stamina, but I was sucking like I was in love with his cock. Which maybe I was, at that moment. I was half lost in concentration on making it feel as good as I possibly could and half just lost in the taste and feel of it when he pushed me back. I resisted, which made him laugh and push harder.

“Come on, let it go,” he said. “You love it, don’t you?”

I just looked up at him for a second. I wasn’t reluctant to answer, it was just that I was in such a haze of lust that it took me a second to process human speech.

“Say it,” he urged, obviously thinking I didn’t want to admit it. “Tell me you love my cock and I’ll let you suck it some more after I fuck you.”

“I love it,” I said with a grin. “I love your cock. Best cock I’ve ever sucked.”

That made him laugh. He pulled me to my feet and kissed me.

“Out of your extensive list of, what? Three?”

He backed me up against a desk and we spent a few minutes kissing and touching before he produced a condom and lube from a pocket of his robe.

It was much easier letting him in this time. I’d worried when it was clear I wasn’t going to get much foreplay, he just lubed it and lifted my legs as I sat on the desk, but knowing it was going to feel good made it much easier to relax. It wasn’t long before I had that amazing warm pleasure spreading through my body, and not long before my cock started jumping with each thrust. My moans quickly turned to cries as he fucked me harder and harder, slamming me against the wall behind the desk and talking filthy, telling me how tight and hot I was and how much he loved my ass. My hands roamed his chest and arms and slid around his neck every time he leaned down for a kiss.

I didn’t even realize Nicolas had joined us until he grabbed my cock and leaned in to kiss me. There was a big smile on his face when he pulled back, his stroking hand finding the rhythm of Jon’s thrusts.

“They can hear you in Nevada, sweet boy,” he said. “You sound so sexy when you get fucked.”

He drew my hand down to his cock as he spoke. He was bahis şirketleri already hard, and I found my hand taking up the rhythm too, all of us being stimulated to Jon’s cadence.

“Tell him,” whispered Nic. “He loves to hear it. Tell him how much you love it.”

“Oh, god, Jon,” I moaned. “Fuck me! It’s so good!”

I’d have liked to come up with something more articulate, but I was more an animal in ecstasy than I was a sentient being by that point. I could already feel an orgasm building, the kind that seems to take forever and involves your whole body when it finally crests. I squeezed Jon’s arm so hard that he had finger-shaped bruises the next day, and when I came it was so intense that the first shot hit the wall behind my head. I absolutely soaked my chest and belly, much to Nic’s laughing delight.

Jon wasn’t far behind me. He leaned down to kiss me after I came, still pounding hard, then suddenly pulled me off the desk and down to my knees.

“Come here,” he said, pulling off the condom. “I want to feel that pretty mouth when I cum.”

The sound I made as I went for his cock was embarrassingly close to a desperate whimper. He was all the way in my throat from the first lunge, and cumming by the third. I swallowed greedily, staying on him long after the orgasm had passed, sucking every last drop of cum from the big, beautiful prick that had taken me so high. It was Nic that finally pulled me off.

“Come on, sex machine,” he said, his voice a mixture of laughter and desire. “You got me going again. Suck.”

I was on him by the time he finished speaking. This blowjob took longer than the last one I’d given him, but not for any lack of intensity. There was no messing around, I held his ass in both hands and sucked him deep and fast. When he stepped back to sit in a chair I followed so closely that his cock barely came out of my mouth, and my chin was on his balls again by the time he was settled. His orgasm wasn’t as big as the last, and I actually found myself disappointed that there wasn’t as much to taste and swallow.

There was another moment of disappointment when he was done and I looked around and realized that both of my lovers were spent, at least for the moment. I laughed at myself for the sheer sluttiness of wanting more immediately after all I’d just had. My cock hadn’t even gone down after I came. Jon, sprawling languidly on the couch, noticed and pointed to it.

“Jesus, Nicolas,” he said with a grin and wink aimed at me. “He’s not even satisfied yet. You’d better look out, that monster between his legs is ready to go.”

“Uncle, uncle,” said Nic, throwing up his hands as though in surrender. “Let him go attack Robert and Shane.”

“‘Shane?'” I laughed. “You have a friend named Shane?”

“Never was a man like him,” said Nic. We grinned at each other. “You’ll meet him soon enough. Or he’ll ‘meat’ you. Whichever.”

The way he emphasized the word “meat” made it clear he was making a pun.

“Okay, that’s like the fifth time one of you has made a crack about me and your friends. Tell me the truth. Did you invite me up here to entertain them?”

“No, no,” Nic answered quickly. “We just meant that you’re free to do whatever you want, and they’re here, and they’re very sexual, and you’re very sexual, and we thought maybe you’d like them, and-“

“What he’s trying to say,” interjected Jon, “is yes. We did invite you up here with that in mind. There’s no expectation, we won’t be disappointed if the only bed you share is ours, but there’s also no possessiveness on our part. You’re free to be as promiscuous as you like. And we’d love it if you were very promiscuous.”

“But we’ll still keep inviting you to our place no matter what,” said Nic, still nervous and talking fast. He slid down off the chair to sit in front of me. “And hopefully we’ll be able to visit you in San Diego. And we’re already planning to invite you to Vegas next month. We’re not trying to pimp you, it’s just that the idea of being your age and free and as incredibly sexual as you are is such a thrill and such a turn on to us.”

“I get it, I get it,” I said, holding up a hand to stop him. There was a momentary silence.

“Then how do you feel about it?” asked Jon.

“I’m not sure. I don’t think I’m bothered, but sometimes I’m slow to see when I should be bothered. I just never thought of anything like this.”

Nicolas started to speak again, but I sat forward and kissed him lightly.

“Nic, I’m not going to stop being… whatever the hell it is we are to each other. I just need some time to process. Let me get a shower and a drink and think a little. Right now I can’t see a single reason why I wouldn’t let your friends seduce me if they’re as charming as you, it’s just… like I said, I never thought of anything like this.”

He wasn’t ready to let it go. I think he wanted to hear me thank them and enthuse at the idea, but Jon put a hand on his shoulder when he launched into another round of persuasion.

“Fair enough,” Jon said in that discussion-ending tone he had. “We set up the downstairs bedroom for you, although I hope you won’t need it much. We’re going to get cleaned up and head for bed, it’s been a very long day and some crazy sex fiend just wore us out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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