Educating Our Son

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Our son had always been shy and quiet. In fact one could call him a bit of a loner. However, he had never been a troublemaker and he had always been good at his studies. Of late, however, he had become quite unsocial and even unstable in his behaviour. The quality of his performances at his studies had begun to decline rapidly. He frequently got into fights with the few friends he had. At this rate we were apprehensive that he would be soon be ruining his life and future irrevocably.

I had a long talk with our son and he promised to pull up his socks, but nothing of the sort really happened. I could understand problem. His hormones were boiling inside him looking for a release. His thoughts, from the moment he woke up in the morning to the minute he fell asleep at night, was occupied with thoughts of girls and sex. Unfortunately, his innately introvert nature made it difficult to make friends with girls, let alone have sex with them. The more he found himself frustrated the worse it became for him. His behaviour with people, and in particular with women and girls, became ride and boorish. They began to avoid him. He was now trapped in a vicious circle and he had no idea as to how he could get out of it.

The best remedy for him, I realised, would be to somehow get him sexually involved with a woman so that he could get what he wanted so badly. The problem was how to get it for him. In the past, boys of his age were usually already married in our society. In aristocratic sections of some societies they were taken by their fathers or uncles to learn about it all from women euphemistically known as being ‘women of the world.’

Unfortunately, these options were not available to us anymore. The marriage of underage children was now banned by law. Taking my son along to a prostitute to was not an option either given the prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmissible diseases among these women.

One night as we were going to bed, my wife told me to have a talk with him.

“He is nowadays taking my dirty bras and panties out of the laundry basket and messing in them. He masturbates in them and then leaves them back in the laundry. It is all so embarrassing. If you don’t do something soon I shudder to think where all this will finally lead to.”

I was at my wits end. It was not unnatural for a boy to have a sexual crush on their mother. In fact, psychologists considered it the most basic of sexual urges. However, actual sex between mother and son is strictly taboo in almost all societies. It was no different in ours.

However, what my wife had said got me thinking. Though past forty, my wife was still a very attractive woman. Standing 5 feet and 5 inches tall and weighing about 65 kilogrammes she had a lovely creamy skin and a very wholesome 40D-36-42 figure. I could well imagine how attractive she must seem to a lonely and sex starved young man. What was the harm, I thought, in having her satisfy the sexual needs of her son?

The next night I sounded her out on the matter. At first she was shocked and angry at the suggestion, but gradually I was able to bring her around. I told her how it would benefit our son. I explained to her that what I was asking her to do was for the purpose of helping our son get his life back on track. I warned her that if we did not help him he could either turn to drugs to deaden the pain of his frustrations or could end up harming some girl. Besides, he could learn so much about life and about sex from her. Who could help him and teach him about it all better than his bursa escort bayanlar own mother?

My wife told me to think about what it would do to our relationship. After a time, she warned me, I would begin to have second thoughts on the matter. If she began to enjoy having sex with our son I might begin to get jealous. If so, even if I never expressed my feelings, it would slowly but surely ruin our marriage. I told her that we were married long enough and were mature enough to avoid having any such feelings. It was with our own son that I was asking her to have sex with, not some stranger. If anything, I told her, I felt that it would bring us all closer still to each other.

Finally my wife agreed, albeit rather reluctantly, to the whole idea. If nothing else, she said, it would spice up our sex life. Besides our son was quite a good looking fellow. Seducing him would be fun. However, she would not be able to proposition him by herself. I would have to help her get started. I readily agreed to do so.

The next night, after dinner, my wife and I knocked at the door of our son’s room. It took him almost two minutes to finally open the door. From the way he was trying to hide the tent in his pajamas, I guessed he had been jacking off merrily when we had knocked. I wondered who he had been thinking of while masturbating.

My wife and I sat on his bed while our son sat on the chair of his study table facing us, apprehension writ large on his face.

“Look, my son.” I began. “We want to discuss something very important with you.”

“I know what you want to talk about, Dad.” He said almost tearfully. “I am trying my best to study hard. Just give me some more time. I promise I will not let you down.”

“That is a part of what we want to talk to you about.” I told him. “What we really want to talk about is the reason for your paying less attention to your studies. We are getting a lot of complaints about your general behaviour. You were not like this before. What is wrong with you?”

Our son hung his head shamefully and did not utter a word.

“Look we understand your problem.” I continued. “It is an age old problem faced by all boys. I had the same problem when I was your age, and I am sure my father did too when he was your age. You are want to have sex with a girl but unfortunately, you are unable to do anything about it. Am I right, so far?”

Our son continued to look at his feet, saying nothing.

“Am I right, my son?” I persisted. “Am I right if I say that you are unable to concentrate on your studies because your mind is always preoccupied with thoughts about girls and sex?”

He did not shift his gaze but gave a slight nod of assent.

“Your mother tells me you even find her very attractive sexually.” I continued smiling gently at him. “It appears that she does not have a decent pair of bras and panties to wear anymore because of what you do to them.”

Our son’s head snapped up when he heard what I just said. He gave a wild despairing look at me and then at his mother, and burying his face in his hands, he began to sob.

I leaned over and touched him on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. His sobbing slowly subsided as he sensed that we were not mad at him for what he had done.

“It maybe that what you did was not correct.” I told him. “Nevertheless, it is a very natural attraction, particularly at your age. I had similar feelings for my mother too at one time. However, she was not, at the time, as young or as attractive bayan sarisin escort bursa as your mother is today. So don’t feel too guilty about it.”

Our son looked up at me, and then at his mother, his eyes reflecting the relief and gratitude he felt.

“I am sorry, Ma.” He told his mother. “I will never do it again.”

“You had better not.” I told him, mock seriously. “Tell me, my son. Have you ever seen a woman naked?”

“I have seen some in pictures only, Dad.” He said, looking away in embarrassment.

“You have never seen one in the flesh?” I asked.

“No, Dad, I have never seen one.” He replied.

“Would you like to see one?” I asked him.

Our son looked at me in astonishment. He did not say anything, but the eagerness in his eyes was eloquent enough.

“Your mother will show you.” I told him. “Do you want to see her naked?”

Our son looked first at me, then at his mother, then at me again before looking back at his mother. His eyes expressed his total bewilderment at what was happening, but they also reflected the yearning and desire he felt inside him.

His mother got up. She walked over to him and put his hands on his shoulders.

“Do you want to see me naked?” She asked him. “Tell me what you feel. I will not be angry with you. I love you and I want to help you. I am ready to do anything to make you happy again.”

I could see our son slowly beginning to comprehend what was being offered to him. His eyes lit up with joy and anticipation. He nodded slowly.

His mother stepped back. Slowly she began to take off her sari. She was not wearing a petticoat. I saw our son’s eyes hungrily drinking in the sight of her lovely, shapely legs Then she removed her blouse. Her magnificent breasts strained against the restraining straps of her bra. Our son let out a low moan of desire.

His mother now removed her bra. Her splendid breasts jutted out firm and proud with hardly the hint of any sag on them. Her nipples stuck out and inch long, hard with desire. I saw our son gaze at them with his eyes glazed with desire as his hand caressed his cock. It was by now poking a huge tent in his pajamas.

Slowly, very slowly, his mother removed her panties and threw it on his face. She now stood in front of him in all her wanton loveliness. I could sense the madness of lust beginning to course through his veins as he looked at her with undisguised admiration and longing.

“I think you should learn what sex is all about.” I said, getting up and beginning to take off my clothes as well. “Your mother and I will make love in front of you. Having sex is not just about shooting off your load. It’s about giving pleasure and receiving the same. We want you to watch everything closely. Then it will be your chance to have sex with your mother. So don’t jack off watching us, okay?”

The look on his face was too funny to describe. It was a mixture of disbelief and expectation, of joy and apprehension, of frustration and satisfaction.

My wife and I began to make slow and languorous love to each other. Over the long years of our marriage we had learnt exactly to arouse and to give the maximum pleasure to each other. Even so, it was always marvelously exciting, and it was particularly so this night doing it in front of our own son. We had extensive foreplay until we sensed that the right time had come for me to finally enter her. We took each other to the heights of ecstacy, reaching for and arriving at new peaks of pleasure, bursa evi olan eskort until my dam gates inside my balls burst and I spewed my sperms inside her womb. We caressed and kissed each other as we lay exhausted and spent beside each other.

After a while, when I had got my breath back, I got up. I walked over to where my son sat looking on with a dazed expression on his face.

“Come on now. Take off your clothes.” I told him. “Go to your mother. She is waiting for you.”

Our son looked at me, wonder and incredulity writ large on his face, and then at his mother. Like a man in a dream he got up and walked over to his bed where his mother lay waiting for him, nude and inviting.

Hesitant at first, then with increasing eagerness, our son stripped himself naked. He was a good athlete, and had the slim and hard body of one. However, he had not yet fully lost the softness of youth. His cock was as hard as rock as it jutted out of his nether regions. He was nearly as big as I was, I realised. His mother was going to have one hell of a time making love to him.

She gestured to him to sit down beside her. She pulled his head to her breasts. Like a man in a dream he began to kiss them, hesitantly at first, and then as he grew in confidence, with increased fervour. She began to kiss him back. They caressed and kissed and fondled each other. He had seen how I had aroused his mother during foreplay. He was a good learner and he followed the road I had shown him, even improvising a little as he went along. Slowly they drove each other wilder and wilder with ecstacy.

His mother slowly raised herself a little, and helped him put his cock inside her pussy. The pure joy on his face as he did so was quite comical to look at. This was the paradise he had longed for, and now at long last he had attained it. When he was finally fully inside her she began to rock him back and forth. I could see my son attain new raptures of delight. He began to thrust back and forth, slowly at first then harder and faster. Their rocking grew more and more frenzied. They were both groaning with the enjoyment of each other’s body. Their groans turned into little yelps of pleasure as they reached still higher and higher levels of unrestrained ecstacy.

The moment came when our son could hold back his sperms no longer. He cried out in sheer relief and joy as his balls released his long pent up sperms and they disgorged from his cock and flooded into his mother’s belly. He continued to ride her and hump her until all his seed had been squeezed out of him and deposited inside her. Finally, spent and exhausted and wholly satiated, he slowed down and slumped down over his mother’s body.

“I think I will turn in for the night.” I said, getting up and stretching. “I leave the two you to enjoy yourselves. Make the best of it, my son. You do not know how lucky you are.”

They made love two more times that night after I had left. My son is a young buck, his needs are insatiable and his energy is quite inexhaustible. My wife is now getting all the sex she needs and then some more. Her pussy and arse are often quite sore after taking in all husband and son have to offer. She now spends at least one night each week with our son. On the appointed night she goes to his room and they have all the sex they desire. We do not do threesomes, since we find the idea rather depraved. However, I do sometimes go over and watch mother and son screw each other crazy.

Our son is a changed person now. He is still rather shy and quiet, but his social skills have improved markedly. His studies have picked up. In fact he is doing even better than before. He is making friends once more. He is even friendly with some girls now, though nothing serious has developed as yet. It was a desperate throw of the dice on my part, but my gamble appears to have paid off quite spectacularly.

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