Education of a Skateboarder

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Some people figure out who they are early in life, it takes others a bit loner. Some never do. For Brad Keeler, he started figuring things out after graduating from high school.

“You sure this is okay here?” the driver of the car said after I told him that he could let me out at the corner. “I can take you right to your house if you want.”

“No, this is good here mister. I can just cut down this alley. That way you won’t get lost back there with all the one-way streets,” I told the man, whose name I didn’t even know, and that was embarrassing when you consider what we spent the last half hour doing.

Actually, I lived about a half mile away, but I was so paranoid that I was afraid of having the guy know where I lived, and even more scared of having somebody see me get out of the car, so I grabbed my skateboard out of the back seat and said goodbye to my acquaintance.

As I walked home, my thoughts were racing. Less than an hour ago I was a sexual virgin in every way, and had been just killing what was left of the day by fooling around with my board at the park The place was pretty quiet, which is the way I like it because I’m not very good at it.

I only took it up last year, and I think that starting when I was 17 meant I was never going to be much good at it, because I was old enough to have common sense and not interested in being the punch line on one of those blooper reels on TV. When you’re really young you have no fear and are willing to take crazy chances, and learn how much you can really do. I only started it doing it in the first place because I wanted to fit in since I’m not very popular, but so far it hadn’t helped much in that regard.

Then today, this guy started watching me while I was doing a few things on the ramp. Simple stuff that I didn’t do all that well either, but the man watching me seemed impressed.

“You’re pretty good,” the man said when I managed to stay upright after leaping off a little shelf.

“Not really,” I said while looking at the guy, who was about my height but maybe 20 pounds heavier.

He was wearing light blue pants that looked kind of dorky and a yellow short sleeved shirt, and was probably around my father’s age. Even though I didn’t encourage it, he started up a conversation that went from skateboarding to me looking lonely and seeming like I didn’t have many friends because I was alone at the park.

He was right about that, even though I only shrugged when he said it, but then he asked me if I wanted to have some fun with him, seeing as we were both alone, “I’ve got a joint, if you want to get a buzz with me.”

I had only smoked grass once, and didn’t like it much, but for some reason I said okay.

“Not here,” he said, and before I knew it I was in the front seat of an old Mazda, headed toward this place the man knew where we wouldn’t be seen smoking.

The park had been pretty empty, so I didn’t understand why we couldn’t have smoked it there, but it wasn’t like I had anything better to do, so there I found myself, riding in a strangers car heading for who-knows-where, and all I could think of was what my mother would say about all of this.

“This is good,” the man said as he pulled off onto some dirt road, and after stopping and looking around, pulled a ratty looking joint out of his shirt pocket.

“You smoke altyazılı porno a lot, kid?” he asked after I almost choked on the first hit.

“Yeah,” I lied.

“Your generation has the right idea,” he said. “Smoke a lot of dope and get a lot of pussy, right?”

I nodded while holding the smoke in as long as I could before letting it out, not wanting to admit that the only pussy I had ever touched was our tuxedo cat Elmer, because I was really lame around girls.

“Glad you’re hip to the scene,” he said, and I almost laughed, not only at his lame rap but for anybody thinking I was hip to anything. “I would hate to think I was corrupting a kid. How old are you, 15?”

“Huh? I’m going to be 19 next month,” I said with a little annoyance in my voice.

“Oh. Sorry. All you kids look young to me these days,” he said. “Well, since you’re old enough I can tell you this story. This happened to me last month. You ever hitchhike?”


“Good idea,” he assured me. “Anyway I pick up this kid about your age. I’m driving, and all of a sudden he reaches over and grabs me under the steering wheel. You believe that? What would you do?”

“I dunno,” I said as he handed me the joint.

“I couldn’t believe it. He grabbed me, just like this,” he said, and before I knew what was happening he had leaned over and grabbed my crotch, managing to find my pecker in my shorts. “This is what he did.”

As I sat there petrified, he started pulling at my dick through the fabric, and when I looked over at him he was grinning.

“Feels pretty good, doesn’t it,” he said as he started pulling on what was becoming a stiff dick. “Say, you’ve got a pretty big one for a little guy. Yeah, you like it as much as I did when he did that to me. You’re getting hard.”

With his free hand he took the joint from me, and after flipping it in the ashtray, grabbed my hand and put it in his lap, and not only did I let him, I didn’t pull away when he started to squeeze my hand onto his crotch.

“I started playing with his stuff too, and then he tells me he wanted to suck my – hey, it’s kind of cramped in here. Why don’t we take a walk?”

So there I was walking into the woods with a stranger, and if he was a serial killer or something I wouldn’t be alive today because I went like I was on a leash.

“What’s your name, son?”

“Bradley – Brad.”

“You like it up the ass?”

“Huh?” I asked.

“You just like oral? That’s cool too.”

“What? I never did that.”


“No, not anything.”

“You mean never sucked cock or you never had your cock sucked?”

“Both. Neither.”

“And you’re 19?”

“Next month,” I mumbled.

“You must live under a rock, kid,” he snickered. “Bet you jerk off a lot though, don’t you?”

I felt my face burned as he finally guessed something right, and then he said, “That’s okay kid, we all do. Sorry. Didn’t mean to make fun of you. Bet you’ve thought about it though. Bet you check out the guys in gym and dream about sucking the cute guys off.”

I said nothing, because it was like this guy either knew me or could read my mind.

“This is good kid,” he said as he moved me back against a big oak tree and grabbed my stuff again, and although I had lost my erection along the walk, after a few seconds of his squeezing it was coming zenci porno back.

“If you’re telling the truth about being cherry, you’re going to remember this moment for the rest of your life,” he said, and then he was kneeling in the grass and undoing my belt.

I watched him tug my shorts down and cringed when I saw my underwear had a big wet spot that my dripping dick had caused, but he said nothing but simply grabbed the elastic and pulled them down.

“Nice,” the man said as my dick sprang around after being freed before he grabbed it and stroked it a couple of time. “Nice big dick you’ve got here Brad. Shame not to use it.”

It’s not that big – it’s kinda long but and is skinny like the rest of me,, but he seemed to like it because he leaned forward and kissed the tip before parting his lips and letting them slide along the way down to my pubes.

It was a trip my fist had made thousands of times, but it had never felt anything like this, and as I looked down at the thinning scalp of this stranger I could tell that I was going to cum pretty soon and tried to warn him.

His response was to suck harder and faster, even grabbing my balls and squeezing as my feet dug into the dirt. I stared cumming in his mouth, and he was swallowing it and sucking everything he could get out of it, and after I stopped cumming he kept sucking, moving his hands up and around to my ass.

I had cum, and he had to have known it because it felt like a shot a pint of cum into his mouth, but he was not stopping. His hands were squeezing my ass, and then he was spreading my cheeks. I gasped when I felt his finger go into my ass as far as it could.

I was like his puppet, dancing around while he skewered me with his finger, and somehow I felt my dick getting hard again. Not really hard, but pretty close, and then his finger started rubbing something inside of me and I started cumming again while my legs practically gave out on me.

“No more – please,” I gasped, practically pulling his mouth off of my dick because I couldn’t take anymore.

“Not bad, huh Brad?” the man asked as I leaned against the tee with rubbery knees. “See what you’ve been missing?”

I shook my head, unable to speak, and bent over to pull my underwear and shorts back up. My deflated dick looked the same as it always did, but it had at last been somewhere besides my palm, and I wished that I would be able to tell somebody about what had just happened.

“My turn,” the man said and he undid his belt and eased those goofy pants down, exposing white boxers with faded red stripes.

“I never – never did it,” I said, and wasn’t all that anxious to try.

“More blessed to give than receive, Brad,” he said as he tugged his shorts down. “I don’t mind being your first. Besides, it’s not like you’ll choke on it.”

I looked down and saw the man wiggling his dick around with this right hand while putting his left hand on my shoulder and coaxing me down.

“Just watch the teeth and you’ll be fine,” he said, letting go of the brown stub that looked lost in the forest of hair that surrounded it, and when I touched it I was surprised to feel it was hard and as big as it would apparently get.

“C’mon Brad, you know you want to,” he said while putting his hand on the back of my head and drawing me near.

He aldatma porno was probably right. I did want to do this. I had wanted to do it to guys in gym when we would take showers. I even got a nickname after being caught looking at guy’s dicks. Pecker checker.

So I opened my mouth and let my lips slide down his dick like he had done to me, right down to where my face got buried in his crinkly bush. His dick wasn’t much bigger than my thumb, so once I started doing it, it was easy.

“That’s it, Brad. You’re a natural, Suck my cock. Suck it hard.”

I did. It smelled a little sweaty at first, but I guess I sucked it clean after a bit. The man didn’t cum as fast as I had, which was good because I didn’t know if I would like that, and besides I was really starting to like doing it.

“That’s babe, now lick my nuts,” the man asked, and he took his cock pout of my mouth and lifted it, exposing a little nut sac that was really hairy.

I licked the furry pouch, and then when he told me to suck his balls, I did, putting the musky scented nuggets in my mouth one at a time. When he had enough, he gave me back his cock and let me go back to sucking. After a few minutes, he told me he was going to cum soon, and told me to just suck on the head of his cock and block the opening with my tongue so I didn’t choke.

The man took the shaft of his dick between his thumb and index finger and started jerking himself off while I let my tongue rub his opening, and soon he was groaning. I felt the cum hit my tongue, and I kept blocking it as best I could while he came.

I didn’t care that much for the taste, but let it go down my throat as fast as I could. He squeezed out the rest of his load before finally pulling himself out of my mouth and pulling up his pants.

“Not bad at all,” the man said as he helped me to my feet. “Seemed as though you liked it too.”

“It was okay,” I admitted, but it had been better than that.

“You got any left in the tank?” he asked while squeezing my crotch again. “Think you can get it up again? You can fuck me in the ass if you can get it up. I’ve got some lube in the car.”

“I don’t think I can,” I said, although that might have not been accurate. I think the thought of maybe having to let him do it to me too was what made me say no. “Gotta get home anyway.”

“Another time,” the man said, and then before you know it he was letting me out of the car and I was going home.

When I got in the house I ran upstairs, yelling hello to my mother instead of going in the kitchen and kissing her, because I didn’t know whether she would be able to smell the men’s cum, which I could still taste. I brushed my teeth and then took a leak, and after I wiggled my cock dry I looked down at it and wondered what it would have been like, putting it in that man’s ass.

As I fantasized, my dick started getting hard, and soon I was doing what I do best, stroking my boner. It wasn’t the same as a mouth, I thought, and somehow I didn’t think that jerking off would ever be the same again.

In my wallet I had a slip of paper that the man had given me before we parted. It had his cell phone number on it, and when he gave it to me he told be to call him if I wanted to have some more fun, and the more I thought about it, the better that sounded. By the time I was pointing my dick down and spurting my load into the bowl, I was pretty sure I would be calling him, and would make sure I got his name this time.

The man had been right. He had given me a moment that I would never forget, and now I wanted more.

thank you for reading

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