Elevator Music

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Double Penetration

He waited impatiently for the lift doors to open. The single occupant in the elevator wore a short black skirt and stockings. She seemed to be an executive at one of the numerous law firms in the building. He had an important meeting in an hour at one such firm. He flipped the pages of his thick file, unable to concentrate because of the titillating perfume emanating from the lady. He sneaked a peak at the long legged companion. He could make out the distinct cleavage from her while blouse, unbuttoned at the top.

This isn’t helping, he thought, hoping the lift would quicken its pace. He had just reached page 5 when she said, “What brings you here?”

“I have a meeting at the law firm,” he replied, barely muttering the words across, his tension both from the interview and the fact that he was in a lift with an extremely sexy woman.

“I’m a secretary there. Anything I can help you with?”

“I… uh, yeah, sure,” he said hesitantly, not sure what was coming.

“Anything at all,” she said, leaning towards him, giving him a glimpse of a black bra and the outline of a well toned bosom.

She took a step closer to him and they could feel the heat in each etiler bdsm escort other’s body. As she leaned towards him, she could smell his aftershave. She had always been an impulsive woman, and hit the Stop button in a desperate motion. She looked into his eyes, and he into hers, the significance of what was about to happen clear and unwavering. She stood bowed before him and ran a long finger down his shirt.

He swooped down to her neck and nibbled her ear lobes, as his fingers slithered down her shoulders and waist. His meeting was in 50 minutes, this had to be a rush. Her clothes were off in less than a minute. Engaging in lip lock and wrestling with their tongues, they explored their bodies with their hands, stopping and swooning over every part. Her perfect figure was accentuated by the black bra and matching panties. She unbuttoned his shirt in a flash, clearly experienced at it. At the same time, he snapped the bra clasp open. She took a moment to admire his muscular frame as he took in the sight of her wondrous C cup breasts.

They continued kissing, but he left her lips to suck on her already pointed tits. He lapped etiler elit escort them gently with his tongue like a kitten drinking milk, giving her little scoops of pleasure. When he wasn’t using his mouth, he kneaded her breasts with his palms. Meanwhile, she let her hands roam around his trousers, caressing the bulge through the fabric. She unbuckled his belt and let her hands into his boxers, his hard cock fighting like a caged animal.

Abruptly, she bent down and removed his trousers, dragging the boxers with it. His dick popped out and she pounced on it, eager for flesh. She caught his balls with her hands, kissed the head of the cock and put the 8 inch machine into her mouth. He buried his tool deep into her throat, and credit to her, she took all of him. From her vantage point, she could see their reflection on the glass panel on the roof of the elevator. This only made her wetter. She slid her fingers into her panties and softly rubbed her pussy, unable to moan because of the expansion in her mouth. As she continued performing fellatio, he clutched her hair with one hand and toyed with her breasts with the other. When he was close etiler escort to coming, he pulled back and pushed her against the wall.

He reached for her neck again, sucking and biting, while his fingers slid her panties down her silky thighs. She was wet and more than ready for him to enter her. He fished out a condom from his wallet, something he always carried, just in case. He took one deep breath and entered her with a gigantic thrust. She did moan with each of his thrusts. His hands never once left her nipples and his lips gave hers constant company. When he felt like he couldn’t control himself any longer, he took out his cock from her throbbing vagina and inserted two fingers into her, gently thumbing her clitoris. He added another finger, making her cry out in agonizing pleasure. No more, she begged him. She wanted his phallus to finish the job. He accepted her request and began straddling her again. The groans from them both could have easily been heard outside the elevator’s doors. He quickened his pace, the faint slush of his cock ramming into her making a rhythmic beat. Closer and closer, the finale got near. With every bit of energy he could muster, he made one last phenomenal thrust, and came. She let out a monumental moan as she came simultaneously, and collapsed on to the floor. He looked at his watch. Seven minutes to the interview.

They didn’t exchange cards. They hadn’t even exchanged names. But something told them that they’d be seeing each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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