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I was 24 and recently graduated the Masters Program at Duke. I really liked the south; and hoped I could find a job which would keep me in the area.

As luck would have it, I was hired by a national pharmaceutical company to open a new territory in North Carolina. The job would require extensive road travel with 2 or 3 nights per week out in a hotel.

The first order of business, on completion of training, was to drive the new company car to Raleigh and find an apartment. Now most young professionals would look for an apartment project which catered to their age group. But not me; I’d learned it was better to get an apartment in a community which catered to middle age and older couples and females. There were a couple of advantages. You always got invited for home cooked meals. There was always someone who could sew a button. And, there was always neglected females available for enjoyment. And with the age difference, they knew it was only a temporary fling for pleasure.

I lucked in to a luxury 3 bedroom, furnished apartment in a downtown high rise project. There were only 5 apartments per floor; onsite gym and buca escort pool; and an onsite clubhouse. It hardly took any time to move in my clothes and get my bearings.

I’d put my clothes away; set up my computer and office in the third bedroom; and changed into a pair of loose fitting, terry cloth shorts. The shorts accented my legs and torso as well as allowing ample room for my balls and cock. Each of my balls was the size of a goose egg; and my 9 inch cock was 4 inches in circumference. I really had to pay attention or all of the package would dangle out the leg openings.

I had been a 2 sport athlete in college. Working out and lifting weights had given me a 44″ chest and 30″ waistline. I spent much time outdoors; and as a result, with the exception of a brief thong tan line, I was deeply bronzed.

I was going to sit out on the patio; but as I was about to grab a beer and go out the door, my doorbell rung. Stopping in my tracks, I turned and went to answer the door.

On opening it, I was greeted by a strawberry blonde with a flashing smile. My initial guess was that she was alsancak escort in her late 50s; a perfect age for enjoyment. She looked to be about 6 foot, and 4 or 5 inches in height and was about 195 pounds. I realized later her height was caused in part by 4 inch stiletto heels; how she balanced on them was a mystery.

She had huge tits and was very stylishly dressed. She was wearing a silk, sleeveless vest type top; the upper 3 buttons were undone, revealing an ample cleavage. Her slacks were more like tight leggings in a snake skin pattern; they were thin enough I could see the outline of dark colored panties. Her ears were adorned with heavy gold ear rings which were matched by a heavy choker necklace.

Her face was somewhat puffy and bloated; signs she either enjoyed rich food or good bourbon. Her belly was rounded and slightly bloated; and her ass was full.

“Hello”, she said, “I’m Elsie your next door neighbor and I wanted to welcome you and invite you over for a drink.” She offered her hand to shake; and I continued holding it as we talked.

Thanking her for her welcome, bornova escort I said I’d put a shirt on and be right there. “That’s not necessary she said; we’re very casual; and Jerry is out of town on business.” Her latter comment caught my attention as I wondered whom Jerry might be. Not giving it much thought, I followed her out my door. All this time, she continued holding my hand.

Her apartment was next door to mine; and she had left the door unlocked. On entering, I scanned the room which was tastefully furnished in French design. She led me to a love seat; offered me a seat; and said she would be right back with drinks. I continued to be amazed as I watched her sway on those 4 inch heels as she made her way to the bar.

It was barely noon; yet from her walk I guessed she either had a slight buzz on or was unaccustomed to the heels.

I watched as she filled 2 glasses. One, for me received ice, bourbon, and water with an emphasis on the bourbon. The second, which proved to be hers, received bourbon. Before returning, she switched on the stereo which was playing a soft, slow type of music.

My interest was peaking as she started to slow dance in place to the music. Her ass had a nice wiggle to it as she turned to face me.

She returned; handed me the tumbler with ice; and seated herself next to me. I had slightly turned; and in taking a seat, her ass was up against my knee.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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