Emilie Indulges Ch. 02

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The two young women strolled down towards the dark serpentine river Seine, the temperate Parisian night feeling comfortable on their skin. Marie chattered gaily, her eyes gleefully flashing at her lover. Emilie seemed equally excited at the course the evening was taking, and still felt somewhat weak-kneed from the girls’ brief, intimate exertions at Bar Vingt et Un. As they walked together, arm in arm, it seemed to the pair that there was a sense of something special in the air.

Approaching the river, they stood together wordlessly looking into its depths, the streetlights casting a dim yellow glow across them. Emilie slid closer against Marie, and slipped an arm round her waist, pulling her in close, hip to hip. Marie felt the warmth against her, and immediately caught the subtext of Emilie’s subtle gesture.

“After some more playtime already, ma chérie?”, Marie wryly inquired.

Emilie’s answer was to turn and lunge passionately into Marie’s arms, pressing her lips hard against Marie’s. The sheer exuberance from her lover made Marie quiver with excitement, as her tongue snaked into the damp warmth of Emilie’s mouth. Spinning almost drunkenly together, Marie pushed Emilie back against the railing, kissing her as if her life depended on it. Tangling her fingers in Emilie’s hair, she felt a rush of warmth through her whole body, her arousal palpable to her partner. A cool breeze whispered through Marie’s auburn curls, as she ferociously made love to Emilie’s mouth with her own.

Emilie gave a cursory glance around, to ensure their privacy; finding their little part of the river bank devoid of people, she initiated her next move. Emilie scrabbled behind Marie, and daringly took the zip of the silky green dress between her finger and thumb, sliding it enticingly down the length of Marie’s spine. Marie smiled, and shrugged her shoulders, allowing the dress to fall around her waist, exposing her voluptuous breasts, pushed into a vertiginous cleavage by her expensive cream brassiere. She felt a small, soft palm cupping her, the material of her bra rasping across her almost painfully aroused nipples. Shutting her eyes, she gasped slightly bursa escort bayan as Emilie continued her exploration. Emile took Marie by the hand and took a couple of quick steps backwards, then seated herself on the modernistic metal bench. Marie, catching her intent, lifted the hem of her skirt and straddled her younger lover’s lap, legs behind Emile.

Emilie lowered her head to Marie’s cleavage, the fall of her dark hair creating a pleasing contrast with the ethereal glow of Marie’s pale flesh. Her nimble fingers unclipped Marie’s bra, and removed it, carefully laying it across the back of the bench.

Marie giggled her approval, “Good to be careful chérie, I’m a girl on a budget after all”.

Emilie took a moment to enjoy the sight of Marie’s heavy breasts, her large pink nipples flushed with passion. Gently taking the left one in her mouth, she pulled on it slightly with her teeth, before greedily circling it with her warm tongue. Laving it fiercely, she sucked Marie’s nipple like it was the only thing that mattered in all the world. Marie responded by tossing her head, and arching her back, a gentle hum escaping her mouth. Her breast sang with pleasure at the moist heat enveloping it. Breathing heavily she shifted a little on Emilie’s lap, gathering the skirt of her dress up round her thighs.

Emilie read this as an invitation to run her fingers up the inside of Marie’s thigh, and toy playfully with the lace at the edge of her French knickers.

“Tease!” was all Marie could gasp, as Emilie’s teeth nipped at her breast.

Marie began to slide herself along the length of Emilie’s thigh, enjoying the rasp of her panties against her ever-so-sensitive clit. She rubbed herself vigorously where Emilie’s stocking top met her tanned flesh, and was rewarded with a flood of moisture between her thighs. Emilie helped her by clutching her arse tightly, fingernails scratching at Marie’s curvaceous rear.

“Oh, chérie,” whimpered Marie, “I want you so much it hurts!”

Emilie kissed her passionately, meshing their tongues together, whilst simultaneously hooking her fingertips into görükle escort the waistband of Marie’s knickers and sliding them down her pale thighs. As they fell round one ankle, Marie kicked them wantonly aside, feeling the cool night breeze caress her soaked cunt. Emilie’s hand found it’s way over the auburn curls of her mound, and parted her swollen lips eagerly, two fingers sliding easily into Marie’s well lubricated womanhood. She begin to rifle he two fingers in and out, her other arm slipping round Marie’s waist to provide purchase. Locking her lips on Marie’s, her rhythm slowly began to increase, as it did so she added little flicks with her thumb against Marie’s clit.

Marie was lost in physical ecstasy, as Emilie played her pussy expertly. A series of high pitched yelps emanated from her throat, and she grew increasingly flushed. She ground her hips in a circle, all the while aware of her impending climax. Their sex grew louder and more wanton, as Emilie nuzzled the hollow at the base of Marie’s throat, the freckled skin glowing with exertion. The heel of Emilie’s hand slapped hard against Marie’s mound, as she drove her fingers into the welcoming pink folds of her pussy.

Marie felt the honey-sweet glow of orgasm flood through her veins, and she cried out aloud, legs locking reflexively around Emilie’s waist. Her fingernails dug into Emilie’s smooth shoulders, spasmodically scratching in sexual abandon. The force of her climax brought tears to her eyes as her pussy shook, the swollen flesh reacting to the intense pleasure that was filling her every sense. The sheer sauciness of their outdoor sex served only to heighten the sensation.

Marie breathed. It felt like a hundred years had rushed by, not just mere seconds. Her eyes were filled with tears after the emotional outpouring of lust. She kissed Emilie slowly and sensually, the touch of her lips speaking volumes. Emilie looked demurely through her eyelashes, and murmured, “I have more fun in mind, my darling”.

She motioned for Marie to stand.

“Now turn around, chérie, and put your hands on the railings.”

Marie obeyed, grasping bursa escort bayan the cool metal, her full breasts pendulously wobbling. The height of the low railing by the river forced her to bend at the waist a little, her raised dress exposing her bare bottom and pussy. Emilie knelt behind her and giggled, planting a kiss on Marie’s soft buttock.

“You’ll like this.”

Emilie ran her tongue slowly along the still tender flesh of Marie’s pussy lips, gathering the hot sticky juices that had leaked during their lovemaking. Marie groaned with pleasure. Emilie licked again, the taste arousing her further. She ran her tongue inexorably upwards, caressing Marie’s perineum, and flicking at the dark star of her arse.

Marie moaned louder, anticipating the exquisite pleasures to come. The little pink tip of Emilie’s tongue rimmed Marie’s rear gently, circling, caressing. Spreading Marie’s cheeks, she pushed her tongue into the resistant ring, her saliva lubricating it a little. Next, she lasciviciously wet her index finger on Marie’s cunt juices, and slid it into Marie’s arse up to the second joint. Slowly rotating it, she lowered her head and began to greedily lap at Marie’s pussy.

This dual assault in such a whorish position made Marie feel outrageous, yet horny as sin. She gripped the railings like a vice, her legs shaking, desperately seeking to come again. She bucked her hips as Emilie fucked her arse with her finger, and her pussy melted under Emilie’s gifted tongue. Swearing loudly, she climaxed for the second time, her legs turning to jelly. She nearly collapsed, sinking to her knees as her body shook in ecstacy.

The girls embraced, both kneeling, catching their breath again. Marie’s heartbeat and pulse slowly returned to normal.

Wistfully,aware of the cooling night air, Emilie mooted a new suggestion.

“This is dreadfully fun darling, but I think we should take it somewhere mildly more private. My apartment?”

Marie eagerly nodded her agreement, as she carefully slipped back into her bra. She turned her back on Emilie.

“Zip me up?”

Emilie obliged, and reaching down, picked up Marie’s discarded cream knickers.

Marie giggled. “What a little tart you make me feel.”

She stepped into her crumpled panties, and reordered her clothing as best she could, though her dishevelled auburn hair was more or less a lost cause. Hand in hand, they walked away from the river to hail a taxi.

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