Emily Quietly Slips Into Your Room …

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I quietly slip in your room, shut and lock the door behind me. I walk to your bedside, slip off my flip flops, and pull my thin pink cami top over my head, my nipples are usually hard it seems but at this moment they are extremely hard. I didn’t wear a bra, and everyone that I encountered today, their eyes immediately went to my chest and nipples that were poking in my top. I unbutton my short, slide my thumbs in at the hips and pull both my shorts and thong undies down to my ankles. I stepped out of them, and a quickly touch of my pussy confirmed what I knew, I was soaked. I usually don’t wear panties either, but I knew I was excited and didn’t need to have a wet spot in my shorts, to go along with my hard nipples under the top.

I pull back the sheet, exposing your nude body, you lying on your back, half open your eyes and smile at me. I climb into bed as you stretch your arms over your head. We both know what that means, as I lay on my side next to you and rest my head on your shoulder. My face buried into you neck, my leg draped over and between yours.

I whisper in your ear, “I need you.”

Your arm wraps around me, I softly kiss and lick your neck. My arm across your chest, my hand touches your chin and turns your head to face me. I push closer to you and softly kiss you sweet lips. Our lips part and our tongues meet, a soft moan from you tells me that you’re glad I’m here to, which urges me on even more. I climb on top of you on my knees and elbows, my leg between yours, my thigh pressing your wet pussy. Damn babe, you so wet. I feel your leg rise and your thigh press into my soaked pussy, I gently rub back and forth on it. Our lips still pressed together, our kiss becomes more passionate, we london escort breathe ask one. Our breast pressed together between us as our nipple kiss, I softly moan into you mouth and you moan in to mine. My pussy so wet it’s I’m soaking your thigh, passionately kissing and melting together as one. Could stay like this forever, as our tongues play together and bodies are pressed so tightly together..

I kiss across your cheek; you turn your head as I go. Reaching your earlobe, licking and sucking on it. Then I move to your neck, you gaps as my tongue touches the sensitive area behind your ear, I softly moan too because I love how much this turns you on. Kissing and licking down your neck, I stop where your neck meets your shoulder. I softly suck, I hear you gasp in pleasure, which makes me suck harder, I release your skin from my lips and smile at the work I have done, a nice purple hicky. I kiss under your chin, back up your neck and nibble the other earlobe. Lick behind it, then kiss and lick down your neck, your wetness on my thigh tells me how turned on you are. My lips suck on your neck again, you softly moan and I suck harder. I release your skin, smile and fall into your arms, our lips meet in a passionate kiss, a kiss that screens I want you, I’m yours. Tongues playing I melt into you again, I’m so hott and wet for you babe.

I breathe you in, break from our kiss, a quick little Eskimo kiss before I start kissing down your chin, across your chest and to your boob. Circling your nipple with my tongue, before wrapping my lips around it and softly sucking it. I gently release it and lick my way to your other nipple while I grind my soaked pussy on your thigh. Softly licking your nipple like a cherry london escort agency on top of a scoop of ice cream, my lips suck on while my tongue swirls around it. I softly release it and continue my kissing and licking descent down your sexy body. I climb in between your legs, kissing across your tummy, swirling my tongue around your belly button, and continuing to your panty line. I feel you tense up a little as my tongue hits your ticklish area. I work a combination of wet kisses and licks through out your panty area, ending up at your mound where my lips start sucking your flesh again. You raise your hips off the bed trying to get my mouth to make any kind of contact to your soaked pussy. But my firm suction on your mound won’t allow that, you grown in frustration, as my lips release you skin. I marvel at the hicky I left on you as your pussy bounces around in front of my face trying to get attention. Finally I grab your hips and cover you pussy with my mouth; my tongue licks a long deep lick from your creamy hole to your hard clit. You let out a gasp of relief as I do so. I give you a naughty smile and move back up to your face, softly then passionately kisses. You tasting your juice on my lips and in my mouth, you’re so sexy!

I then kiss a beeline from the lips of your mouth to the lips of your wet pussy, stopping just before I reach them. I gently lift your legs in the air, raising your hips so that I have access to your cute little butthole. Bend down; I lick up the juices between your pussy and butthole that have leaked out of you. My tongue swirls around your pussy juice covered butthole as you softly moan, making me even hotter for you. My tongue pushing against your butt, I can feel it escort london relax a little. I bring my hand to your butt, straighten out a finger and slowly slide it in your ass. Your hips rock down shoving my finger deep in your ass as you softly moan. I lick from your butthole up to your soaked pussy, licking the juices that are leaking from you as I go. My finger in your butt slowly moves in and out of you, my tongue licking softly up and down your wet slit. I add a second finger to your butt, and then use those fingers to feed your pussy to my eager tongue, licking up your creamy center, the cream you made for me.

Licking and licking you, my fingers in your butt building more speed. Licking your clit with my tongue, sucking on it with my lips. Your orgasm builds quickly as your body tenses up, your hands gripping the bed beneath you and your butt rises up. You let out a deep moan as the first wave of orgasm hits, you hips buck and soon the second wave is upon you. My fingers still feverishly fucking your ass, my lips licking the juices that pour from your wildly bucking pussy. Another wave of orgasm hits you again, this time thrusting you hard against my mouth. I pull my fingers from your butt and continue softly licking you clean, make sure to get all of your cummy juices as you began to relax again. I keep licking you, not for your pleasure, but just because I enjoy it, the way it feels, the way it taste, every thing about it. All cleaned up, I smile, climb up, and lay next to you. I raise my arm above my head, your signal to roll to me rest your head on my shoulder and to cuddle in close to me with my arms around you. We softly, lovingly kiss, a kiss that becomes more passionate as you taste your juices on me. My arms squeeze you tighter, I can’t get enough, and I don’t want to let you go. We break from our kiss and quietly lay there, forehead touch and in each others arms, drifting off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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