Emma and Seduction Ch. 04

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It was close to Emma’s birthday, at the end of summer break. She would soon be nineteen. When I first met her, just before my marriage to her mother, I could see she was a charming young lady. Certainly her mother’s daughter, in so many ways. Now she was my stepdaughter. Her thirty-eight year old mother and I had wed in the spring. I was a fifty-six year old professor of English. It was my first marriage.

I must say, I knew very little about women, to be honest. I was educated as a scholar of the English language, and its literature. Of course I was not ignorant, but the subtleties of the female mind often escaped me. What they wanted, or what they needed could elude me. But I was happy that I seemed to have brought pleasure into Erica’s life, and to that of her daughter, Emma.

Emma came downstairs one day around noon. I had just finished having a snack. Nothing heavy. I noticed she was wearing a dress. It was what they call a sundress, I believe. It had straps holding it up, fit snuggly about her bosom, and then flared out at the waist. Her legs were long and perfectly tanned now. Her tiny feet were in ballerina slippers. Her hair was not in braids today. Long, brown tresses fell about her shoulders.

I didn’t believe she was wearing a bra. Not that she really needed it. Her breasts were conical in shape and had little, if any, sag to them. I had been watching them for weeks now. They were similar to the tits I might suck every night before going to bed. Emma and her mother were almost twins when it came to body shape. But there was something compelling about my stepdaughter.

“You look fine, Dick. Always wearing the tie. It’s terribly sweet, you know that? So let’s go. I’m ready.”

“What? I mean, I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say, Emma. Ready for what my dear?”

“Dick, please. It’s almost my birthday, remember? We’re going shopping. It’s so nice of you to do this. You’re the best, Dick. Always so good to me.”

“But I’m not sure about this. Did your mother give her permission? Does she know? I hadn’t really decided what we were getting for your birthday, Emma. This may not be a good idea today.”

“Sometimes I wonder about you Dick. I think you may be the original absent minded professor. Of course we can go. You promised, you know?”

She giggled. Placing her delicate hand on my bare arm she stroked it and the goose bumps rose up as always. A slight shiver ran up my spine, making my groin tingle. I felt a slight growth there. It would be best to allow this little trip to happen. I supposed that I had promised. Yes, of course, I had.

“Well, just let me get my cap, and we can be on our way. I hadn’t thought about it. I’m not sure where we shall go.”

“Oh Dick. Don’t be silly. You’re so funny sometimes. We’re going where I want to go. It’s my birthday, after all. I know exactly where to go. Come on. Let’s get on our way.”

Emma took my hand. I feared she would feel the dampness of my palm. It was still summer and I must have been feeling the seasonal heat. We walked out to the car and were soon on our way downtown.

“I’ve been online checking the local stores, Dick. You have quite a nice college town here. It has everything one could want. I like it here. Especially with you and Mom with me. I love living here with you, Dick. Both of you.”

She giggled again. Her mother giggled like that. Often it would come when we were having our little sex games. Yes, Erica often giggled like that. It always aroused me, somehow.

The address Emma gave me was right in the Central Business District. I knew where to go, but I couldn’t recall what shop we would find there. Emma was being rather coy about it. Well, it was her birthday. I wasn’t going to spoil it with questions.

We parked off the main street, in a free lot, and walked down an alley and around to the front of the businesses. She had taken my hand again. It was rather sweet. Yes, she was a sweet girl in many ways. I was smiling as we walked to the display window of a jewelry store. Emma stopped and looked at the items on display. It was alright to look, but this was a rather expensive place, I believed.

“Okay Dick. Here we are. See that lovely locket there? I saw that one day last month. I realized it would be a perfect present. I’m right, aren’t I, Dick? I’m turning nineteen, and I really ought to have some nice things to wear when we go out to dinner. Come on, we’ll go in and I’ll try it on. I want your honest opinion whether I’m pretty enough to wear something like that.”

It wouldn’t hurt to try it on, but I was already wondering how much it cost. Besides, avcılar escort it seemed rather extravagant for a young lady. It appeared to have some rather expensive looking gems on it. Oh well, I could just say no. We went through the door, tinkling the little bell. A lady my age approached.

“Good day. We’re still having lovely weather aren’t we? What can I help you with today?”

“Well, we were going to just try on that locket in the window. Here, it’s right there.”

“Yes, fine choice. You have a good eye. That piece is actually on sale this week. It’s marked down.”

She handed the locket to me. Emma’s long fingers, with the ruby red fingernails, touched my palm and took the locket. She gazed at it and then handed it back.

“You put it on me Dick. Alright? Let me lift my hair up.”

She turned away, raised her arms and hands, and brought her brown hair up. Her long, tanned neck was bared. My slightly trembling hands placed the gold chain about her neck, allowing the locket to lay on her dress, between her breasts. I assumed it would fall just above her cleavage when wearing a lower cut garment. But I was still not sure something so expensive like this was appropriate for a girl her age.

“It’s perfect Dick. You have good taste. I could tell you liked it, and you were right, of course. But am I pretty enough to wear something like this? I’m not sure.”

“Well, you’re certainly pretty enough. That would go without saying, Emma. You wear it quite well. You know you’re a lovely girl. But I’m still not sure this is proper for you. And the price. It’s something your mother might want to be part of deciding, perhaps.”

“You’re always right Dick. I think it looks perfect on me too. Yes, it’s just what I wanted. Mother will be surprised on my birthday. What fun that’ll be. Thanks Dick. It’s lovely. Let’s have it wrapped. I still want to go to another store.”

She had reached up while she was talking and had unclasped the chain, removing the locket and handing it to the store clerk. The clerk smiled as she was ringing the piece up, and then wrapped it quickly, as a gift. I paid, since I seemed to have approved. I would sometimes get a little befuddled with Emma. Her chatter was so fast. But it was a nice present, certainly. And she definitely deserved it. I mean, she was a grand stepdaughter.

As we left the jewelry store Emma placed her arm in mine and walked along with me, in step. She was smiling into my eyes as I placed the gift in my coat pocket. We were walking about a block when she stopped and looked into a store window.

“Yes, this is the place. Let’s go in here Dick. I need to try something on here. I’ve decided I need to feel my age now. I’m a young lady, aren’t I dear Dick?”

“Of course, Emma. You seem older and older every day. Yes, you’re quite a lady. But this is a shop for undergarments, isn’t it? I mean, these things are rather risqué, I believe. Not exactly what I would think you would want or need, Emma.”

“There you go being silly again, Dick. You’re always trying to get me to laugh. Come on. I was in here before. There are a few things I thought I might try on.”

She went about the shop, picking up items. She had four or five when she came to me. Taking my hand she drew me to the back of the store. I assumed she wanted me to wait for her outside as she tried on items. A clerk came over. This time it was a young lady not much older than Emma.

“Hi. This is my dear friend. He’s going to help me pick the right things. That’s cool, right? Can we use this dressing room?”

“Oh, sure. Yeah, he can go in. You can have up to six items. Let’s see, oh, five, that’s okay. Great. If you need help just call me. Okay?”

As she walked away I turned to Emma. “What would you need me for? I shouldn’t be in there. I’m sure you know that Emma. It wouldn’t be the thing, you know?’

She giggled. “Dick, Dick, stop making me laugh. I know you aren’t serious. You’ve seen me without any clothes on, haven’t you? Silly dear. Come on. I need your opinion. I’ve never worn things like this before.”

She took my hand and brought me into the empty cubicle. I was reluctant, because anyone I knew could have entered the shop. It wouldn’t do to have them see me. I didn’t think it was so terrible, really, because I had, after all, seen Emma sun bathing in the nude many times now. But what would people think?

She drew the door closed and slowly started to remove her dress, after slipping her slippers off. Her little feet were bare as she lifted her dress up and over her avrupa yakası escort shoulders and head. For some reason she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. I had thought she was without a bra, but she didn’t have panties either. Her hairless pussy was sending out a scent that mixed with the jasmine perfume she always wore.

She smiled at me as she selected some kind of garment to put on. I didn’t really understand what these things were. It was getting hot there. I could feel it. I wiped my face with a handkerchief.

“What do you think, Dick? Is this nice on me? It’s a bustier, you know? Tell me what you think.”

The item she was wearing was lifting her bosom and baring her nipples, now red and swollen in appearance. It didn’t cover her bottom area. I could see her labia, which also seemed rather rosy. Her hand rose and it caressed my cheek. I was very warm. I nodded at her. Yes, it was fine. It was lovely.

“It’s good? You like it? Great Dick. I’m glad it pleases you. I’m never sure if I can pull off these things, but you make me feel I’m pretty, and I’m glad you brought me here, dear. That was sweet. We’ll just get this one. I liked it the best anyway. I think you need a reward Dick. What would Mother do to thank you? I think I know. Get down on your knees Dick. You can have a reward for being a great old sweetie. Get down dear.”

I was trembling. I fell to my knees. She stepped to me and my mouth went to her pussy lips. It tasted of honey to me. My hand unzipped my trousers as I kept shaking. This was so strange. I could lose everything. My god, she was my stepdaughter! In public. it was insane! My tongue was lapping her juices which were flowing and her hands held my face against her. I could hear slight whimpering sounds.

“Yes, yes. Yes, Daddy, yes.”

My prick was out. I was stroking it faster as I sucked her clitoris and made her moan louder. She was grinding her little pussy, trying to get more satisfaction from my lips and tongue. I tasted her and knew she tasted the same as her mother. Her mother, the sexual being. Her mother who loved being used. My hand was rougher on my cock.

“Everything okay in there?”

“Yes, yes, it’s fine. I like some of these a lot. Yes, I like them a lot. A lot. I’ll be out soon. Okay?”

“Okay. Take your time.”

It amazed me that Emma could be so calm as she shuddered with an orgasm. I knew what it was, because her mother acted the same way. My prick was close. I hadn’t stopped masturbating. So close. Heavens, I was coming, right on Emma’s feet. God, spurting out come on her. I covered the scarlet toe nails with my milk. Fuck, this was dirty. Dirty.

I sat back on the floor. I looked up at Emma. She was grinning. She started wiping her feet clean with a hand wipe from her purse. She giggled.

“Dick, you’re a naughty boy. You shouldn’t have made me do this. I blame you. But you can’t help it, you silly boy. Here, I’m going to get this bustier. You were right. It’s perfect for me. Shall we wrap it up as a present too? No, I think not. I’ll just take it home and put it away for a special occasion. Right, Dick? Don’t you need to put something away, too?”

I gathered myself together, getting my penis back into my trousers. I dusted my knees off. I wiped my face off. I was so hot and sweaty. This summer heat was horrible. I helped Emma replace her sundress, and we took the garment she wanted to keep out to the clerk. After paying, we walked to the car, arm in arm, and returned home. Emma kept her hand on my thigh as we drove home. When there she skipped out and upstairs. I waited for Erica.

Erica arrived home after four o’clock. I was in my library. It had been impossible to get any work done. I needed something. My wife could give it to me. My dear Erica was going to give me what I needed. As she entered the house I was coming out my library door and I took her hand. She giggled.

Going upstairs at almost a run, we entered our master bedroom. I didn’t care if Emma heard us. I didn’t care. I needed something. As we got into our room I was stripping my clothing off, and then I helped Erica, who was moving too slow for me. Her eyes were wide as I almost tore her attire from her body. Her lovely body, just like Emma’s. Almost the same. Almost. But not Emma.

I felt like an animal. I wanted something now. I was going to get it. My wife liked it rough. Well, I was going to be rough.

“Get on your knees! Do it now. Get on your fucking hands and knees. On the floor. Yes, that’s right. Get the fuck down now.”

She was down, with her forearms on they bağcılar escort carpet, and her ass in the air. I knelt behind her, with the cock that had been hard for what seemed like hours now. I needed this. I spit into my hand, rubbed it on my cock, and I rammed it into her cunt. She howled. I began stroking like a piston, into the cunt and out again. Fucking her like I was rutting animal. Fucking her, and knowing she loved every moment. She was grunting with every thrust.

“Come for me, now. I want you to beg for me to fuck you. Dammit, beg for it, cunt!”

“Yes, oh, yes, Richard, god, fuck me baby. Yes, fuck momma, dear, fuck me harder baby.”

“You’re coming already, aren’t you, aren’t you. Yes, I knew it, fucking cunt, take it all, come for me.”

“I am, I am coming for my big boy. Fuck me baby. I’m coming. Can’t stop baby, can’t stop.”

I wanted to come. But not yet. No. Not yet. I needed to use her more and more. I pulled out and heard her sigh of regret. But I moved my wet dick to her ass hole and popped the cock head into her pucker hole. I was kind enough to ease it in, but I needed to use her. I needed this. I was almost completely in. Deep in her ass.

“Ugh…Baby, oh, yeah, fuck me baby. You’re so great baby, my great lover. My lover. Yes, fuck it babe.”

I did what she wanted. What I wanted. This was what I wanted and needed. I needed to use this woman. I wanted to use Emma’s mother. Yes. Emma’s mother. I was fucking her ass hole. Ramming it faster now. Fucking her as roughly as I could, and she took it all. I used her and she took it. Oh, fuck. I was coming. Coming.

“Gahhhh! Emma…um,um yes, oh fuck. Coming. Cominnnggg!”

Spurting, coming, jetting out and filling her up. My wife, my bitch, my whore. Yes, Emma’s mother. My dear Erica. She was crying as she took my come. I paused and let it keep oozing out. I laid my chest down on her back.

“Dear, was that good? Did you like that? I needed it dear. Yes. I needed that. Please, Erica. Wash me off and love me dear.”

I slowly rose from my wife’s back and helped her up. I quietly went to the easy chair as she went in to the bathroom and retrieved a wash cloth. I saw the door to our bedroom was ajar. I must not have closed it. Erica came out and smiled at me. She did love me, I was certain of that. With gentle strokes she wiped my penis clean and then she kissed it.

“You always surprise me with how great a lover you are, Richard. It’s always such a pleasure for me dear. Yes, you’re a grand lover. My man. I was so lucky to find you dear.”

She climbed into my lap. I would have liked to make love all night. But my seed had been spent twice today. I didn’t have anymore right now. We cuddled. Then we took a shower together and got ready for dinner. I knew Emma would be hungry after her little outing today. She was a healthy girl. She had a healthy appetite. Yes. A healthy appetite.

“Richard, we need to think of something for Emma’s birthday. You know it’s coming up, right?”

“No worries, dear. I already got her a nice present. It’s in my coat pocket, in the closet downstairs. It’s wrapped, but I can tell you it’s a lovely locket. I know she’ll like it.”

“Oh, that’s nice Richard. You’re so sweet to us. We’re so glad and so lucky to have you. Really, Richard, we’re very happy and glad to be here with you, darling.”

“You both please me, my love. I could almost wish that Emma was my own daughter. Isn’t it odd how we almost met all of those years ago? So very odd. You know, I did have a tryst that evening with a co-ed. I’m not proud of the fact that I was too drunk to remember.”

“Yes. Yes it is strange, Richard. Such a coincidence. I was naughty that night. I cheated on my boyfriend with someone. I was so drunk I forgot to use my birth control.”

“Erica. This is rather interesting. I mean, are you certain your boyfriend then was the father of Emma?”

“Oh, sure…Well, not sure of course. You know, I have wondered about it myself. It never seemed important. And I’m not married to him anymore.”

“I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Only if for some reason you ever needed a donor or something like that, for Emma.”

“Yes, there is that. I don’t know. The only thing I really remember about that night, other than being there, was seeing something like a heart. I mean, I may have seen a heart on the man’s chest on his ribs.”

I was taken aback. I looked at Erica, and wanted to say something. But I was a little concerned. I had that mole removed years ago. My doctor thought it might be pre-cancerous. Right below my left nipple. A heart-shaped mole.

I was sure her words were true. She was glad to be my wife, and Emma was happy to be my stepdaughter. I was lucky too. Yes, very lucky. I had to be a good husband and stepfather. I would be, surely. Or a real father. Emma was such a sweet young lady. I would never do anything to lose her admiration. No, I wouldn’t.

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