Emotional Rescue

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This story contains graphic sexual descriptions.

Copyright 2005 October, All Rights Reserved

There are elements of this story that are true.

To those whose experience I based it on I thank you. Feedback as always, is really appreciated Petra Rose

I really should try and cut down on the coffee. For one thing it makes me extremely irritable and later on I find it impossible to go to sleep.Yeah, I know I could try decafe, but here in the office I find it’s the only thing that ‘legally’ gives me a buzz. It gets me through a stressful day, and believe me, today was about as stressful as it could get. There were deadlines to hit and as usual people either hadn’t finished the work or simply cried off ‘sick’ added to which, my boss was not being helpful.

So there I was; either chasing people on the telephone or rushing around the office like a headless chicken. I could feel myself beginning to reach that point where several cups of strong coffee would not be enough and the only thing left was to start screaming or take up smoking. Was I in the wrong job? Whatever gave you that impression?

Then to cap it all I get a small package delivered which I notice had my girlfriends writing on it. What the hell has she sent me I wondered? I begin to worry, had I forgotten something important? I left the flat so early in the morning without saying goodbye. Oh my God! I suddenly remembered that it was our anniversary. I begin to visualize what she could have sent me. Probably a dildo with a message attached saying; “If you can’t even remember our anniversary, take this toy and stick it where the sun don’t shine! P.S We are through!!”

Now, I really was in a panic. I tried to compose myself, wondered if it was not too late to send her some flowers and book a table for us at some fancy restaurant. Someone interrupted me with a stupid question; I nearly bit their head off. Then the package my girlfriend had sent began to vibrate right there on my desk! I almost fainted. It really must be a dildo with a note telling me we are finished!I grabbed the package and headed for the wash room in some distress. Once I locked the door I just bust into tears. I really was so stressed out.

I began to open the package, dreading what I would find inside as it continued to vibrate in my hands. As I ripped it open I found to my great relief that it was not a sex toy at all, but a mobile phone! It was vibrating because someone was ringing me on it. I began to laugh, what an idiot I was, I really was so emotional. I flicked the phone open and it burst into life. To my complete amazement my girlfriend’s happy face appeared

on the screen, causing me to nearly drop the phone on the floor.

“Hi Petra.” She said. “Surprise, Surprise! Happy anniversary! How’d you like your new phone I got you? It’s one of those G3 video phones. I got us both one, so we can now see each other as well as talk. Are you alright sweetness?” Staring at her beautiful face made me once again just bust into tears. I wanted a kiss and a cuddle.

“Hon, what’s wrong? Hey, come on. What’s the matter? I was really worried about you this morning, you just left without saying a word. You’re so stressed out lately. I can tell you’re depressed. Your job is really getting to you? Come on tell me.”

“Yeah it is, but it’s not only that” I began to reply in between floods of tears. “I’m sorry but I forgot it’s our anniversary. Jane, I love you so much, please forgive me. I really am so stressed and..”

“Petra, listen to me. It’s alright. I can’t say I’m not disappointed, but I know you are so stressed out at the moment. That job of yours is not right for you. It’s making you ill. I really worry about you.” My girlfriend said sympathetically.

“I know. But what can I do Jane?

“Simple. Leave. Grab your bag and leave. That boss of yours puts to much unnecessary pressure on you and then takes all the credit. He would look real sick if you just walked out. It would show him up for the lousy fool he is. He just takes advantage of you and treats you like shit. Leave and come and work for me.”

“I couldn’t do that” I said in horror. “I mean, I’d love to work with you Jane, but I…”

“Then do it” My girlfriend said.

There was a long pause as we stared at each other. I could tell Jane was getting as emotional as me. I could see the tears welling up in her eyes. Then she said something that sent a shiver down my spine.

“Listen to me Miss Petra Rose.”

Jane only ever used those words when she wanted to act the dominant.It was our signal. The signal that it was time for me to take on the submissive roll and do whatever she wanted me to do. It was words that she had never used outside our bedroom, until now. I felt a knot in my stomach and realised I was beginning to feel turned on.Jane could see she had grabbed my attention and continued.

“Now Miss Petra Rose, it’s our anniversary and I want you to do the following. Listen to me real good, I don’t want you to disappoint me twice in a day.” I nodded in agreement.

“Good. amsterdam shemale I want you to leave work immediately and get a cab to take you to the Lexington Hotel which is down town. You understand me Miss Rose?”

“Yes. Yes I do.” I whispered back.

“When you reach that hotel ask for room twenty four and wait there with your phone. You have twenty minutes before I call you again. You better be there by then Miss Petra Rose. Or we are finished” Jane said sternly before she hung up.

For a few seconds I stared back at the blank screen, then stood up and unlocked the door of the washroom. I walked straight to my desk and ignoring various people hounding me with questions or messages that apparently needed urgent replies, I simply picked up my bag, put on my coat and walked out of the door.

“I’m going to lunch.” Was all I said as I walked out of the office.

Fifteen minutes later a cab dropped me outside the Lexington. I noticed the driver watch me as I went inside, it was not a nice area and I guess he was making sure I actually made it to the door safely. Still determined not to let Jane down and do as she had ordered me, I made my way briskly towards the reception desk which was at the end of a very dark and dingy hallway. The receptionist was equally dishevelled with about three day’s growth of beard and greasy hair that hadn’t seen a comb in weeks.

But I hadn’t time to back out now. Was this part of Jane test for me I wondered? But with only a few minutes to go before she called me again I had to get to the room as soon as possible. As the receptionist let his piggy little eyes feast over my slim figure,I asked for the key to room twenty four and hoped he wouldn’t ask me for identification. Thankfully he simply produced the key and informed me the room was on the second floor.

“You’ll have to take the stairs as the lift is out of order.” He said, then as an afterthought added. “Everything been paid for. Though I don’t know if that includes your services though. Let me know if you want to make anything extra? I’m sure we can come to an arrangement”

Shocked that he thought I was some sort of hooker, I simply grabbed the key from his hand and made my way as quickly as possible up to the second floor. I had just found room twenty four when my phone began to vibrate. As quick as I could I opened the door, rushed inside and answered my phone. Once again Jane’s pretty cute face appeared on the screen.

“Well Miss Petra Rose, have you made your escape from that torture you call work? Have you followed my instructions or do I hang up now and never see you again?”

“No wait!” I cried out. “I’ve done what you ordered me to do Jane. I’m here at the hotel in room twenty four!”

“Prove it to me Miss Rose” Jane demanded.

For a few seconds I was stumped as to how I could do this, then I realised I had the phone. Quickly, I held it up and hoped that Jane could see the room which I was standing in. To be honest, compared to the awful looking décor I had seen so far in this hotel,the room itself was fairly pleasant and clean. The walls were painted the usual light brown colour, the carpet was clean and the simple furnishings were at least not falling to pieces. However, the biggest surprise was the large double bed that took up most of the space, it looked brand new, with sparkling white sheets and pillows that had that fresh clean smell about them.

“Good” I heard Jane say. “Turn the phone towards you again Miss Rose, so I can see you.” Quickly I did as she said until I could see Jane once again looking back at me.

“Excellent! Well you have past the first test Miss Petra Rose. I guess you do love me like you say you do. You prefer me to your job at least. But I haven’t finished with you yet. Place this phone on the table over there, so I can watch you.”

With total submission I did as Jane said. As she like me to do, I respectfully knelt in front of her and let my head bow down, waiting for her next command.

“In the next few minutes there will be a knock on the door. Miss Rose, you shall immediately answer it and let the stranger in. Then let me do all the talking. You are not to answer unless spoken to, you understand?”

By now I was really getting turned on. Many times we played the roles of sub and Domme, with Jane taking on the Mistress role. We both loved role playing in this way, although as I had mentioned earlier, only in the privacy of our own bedroom. Now it appeared if there would be a third person involved. I could feel myself becoming wet at the mere thought. Then I heard a knock on the door.

As commanded, I immediately got up off my knees and went to answer the door. There standing before me was one of the cutest oriental girls I had seen in a long time. Her sexy little smile alone had me almost fainting on the spot. Her beautiful dark hair was delightfully shaped into a fashionable bob. Her face had a natural beauty of its own and her slim body seemed to offer many delightful possibilities. If only I could get her rotterdam shemale undressed I thought.

“Hi, you must be Petra. I’m Mai Lee. Are you ready for your personal massage?”

I was about to reply when I remembered that Jane had ordered me to remain silent.So all I could do was smile back and let her into the room. As she walked past me her delicate fragrance filled my senses, it was all I could do from not blurting out what a turn on I found her. I could feel my own body reacting to her. Suddenly I heard Jane’s voice on the speaker phone of my mobile.

“Hello Mai Lee. I’m so glad you could make the appointment. You’ve just met my lover Petra. I’ve told her she must remain silent until I tell her otherwise. She’s quite a little minx don’t you think?”

Mai Lee looked me up and down; I hoped I met her ‘approval’ and that I might be having the same effect on her as she was having on me. Although with Jane watching I didn’t exactly know what was permissible. I was soon to find out.

“Yeah, I like her. I like her very much” Mai Lee replied. “Shall we get started then? Petra if you would like to take off your clothes.”

For a moment I hesitated only for Jane to cut in.

“Miss Rose, you are to do as Miss Lee instructs immediately. Take off your clothes,and that means all of them. You don’t want to get massage oil on anything but your skin do you? Do it now!”

I immediately began to strip off. I was a bit nervous about removing my panties as I knew it would show how obviously turned on and soaking wet I was. To my horror Mai Lee grabbed them out of my hands and pressed them to her face.

“Oh Jane! I believe Petra is very horny girl already!” She laughed as she gave me a wicked look.

“I should hope so.” Jane replied. “You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to turn her on. You’ll find her extremely easy to please.”

I felt myself blush a deep shade of scarlet. Part of me was deeply embarrassed,part of me aching with lust. Next Mai Lee motioned me to lay face down on a large towel which she had placed on the bed. As I lay there, my legs slightly splayed apart in anticipation, I heard Jane instruct our oriental beauty to be sure to place my phone close to the bed so she could see all of what was about to happen.

I suddenly jumped slightly as I felt cold oil being poured onto my back. However, this was soon replaced by the delicate warm touch of Mai Lee as she began to sensually massage the oil into my shoulders. It was heavenly and I let out an involuntary groan as I felt the tension begin to ease and be soothed away.

“Oh my! She is so stressed and tense. I’m really going to have to work on her.” I heard Mai Lee exclaim.

“Well I’ll tell you another way in which to relieve her tension Mai.” Jane said. “You can start by letting some of that oil drip between her legs.”

Both women laughed. I thought Jane was just being crude, but the next second I did indeed feel drops of oil being dripped between my legs and over my bottom. Fingers began to press down, sliding between my cheeks and then following backwards to nest carefully on my pussy. Slowly they circled for a moment before they began to find their way inside me. They slide in easily.

“Yeah that’s it. She likes that a lot.” Jane continued. “She always loves me fondling her pussy like that, Mai Lee. Oh, look at her squirm; you’ve definitely got the touch. That’s it, drip some more oil between her legs. Ha! You see how she is now pulling her legs back. She wants more Mai Lee. She’s such a dirty little slut! She loves it!”

Indeed I was loving every second. Mai Lee was an expert with her fingers and it was all I could do not to cry out in ecstasy. But I had not been given permission by Jane to do so, I just had to bite my lower lip and hope I would be allowed to soon. However, I had not anticipated Jane’s cruel streak. She knew very well how I was feeling and either as a test or maybe even a punishment for forgetting our anniversary, she began to instruct Mia Lee to do all the other things that she knew would drive me crazy.

Soon I found fingers circling my ass hole and then sliding in. That drove me wild! Then Jane told her how I like my clit rubbed. Very delicately, with just the tips of the fingers brushing against my bud. That almost sent me beyond what I could endure.

I looked over at my phone, trying to plead with Jane to let me have some release. I don’t know if it worked but the next instant I was subject to the most intense roller-coaster of pleasurable emotions I could ever imagine. It simply started with Jane saying;

“She’s really responding to you Mai Lee. I am very pleased. You have my permission to make her cum in whatever way you want. Oh, and please enjoy her body yourself if you would like.”

“Oh you bet I will Jane.” Mai Lee said. “Petra, you and me are going to share the delights of a women to women massage!”

To my delight, Mia Lee began to remove her masseuse clothes. In an instant she was as naked as I was and at last I could feast my eyes on her blog shemale beautiful little body. She had the cutest pert nipples you could imagine, her pussy was cleanly shaven, but most noticeable of all was the exquisite tattoo of a dragon that snaked its body down her back, across the top of her thigh and stopped with its head almost touching her pussy. I wondered who had been the lucky person who had created such artwork on this oriental beauty. She noticed my admiring glances and remarked.

“I love women to follow my dragon, follow it with their tongues, fingers or lips,follow it down to my wet open pussy, and then feast on me.”

But before I had a chance to take up her invitation, Mia had made the first move. She grabbed hold of me and started to kiss me with real urgency and passion. Eventually she allowed me to break away to gain my breath.

“You really are still too tense and stressed. Before I can make love to you I really think I should finish the massage off first.” Mia said.

Then showing her extraordinary strength, this oriental angel pulled me over on my front,where she applied even more oil over my aching body. My breasts were soon being wonderfully messaged, as also were my shoulders, arms, tummy, thighs and legs. She worked over my body at such a pace. But it felt so good and warm. The tension just seemed to gradually disappear and drain away. The only place she didn’t touch however was my wet open pussy. How I tried in vain to get her to do so.

“Not yet!” She kept laughing. “You are a very naughty woman. Miss Petra Rose!”

“I think she has suffered enough.” I heard Jane giggle, as she viewed my obvious discomfort. “You have my permission to cum Miss Rose. I want to see you cum with Mia. In fact, I want to see you both cum together.”

I don’t know who was the most grateful, me or Mia as we both began to rub our bodies against each other. In no time my own body had smeared hers in wet glistening oil. I tried desperately to move myself around so I could at least taste her sweet, sweet pussy. However, Mia had other ideas. Once again she pushed me on my back and grabbed one of my feet, then she managed to slide herself in between my legs. It appeared she wanted to introduce me to tribadism, and who was I to complain.

“I’ll put some oil between our legs, and then you must work your clit against mine. We’ll both cum good, you’ll see.” She told me with a mischievous grin on her face.

At first I found it difficult to the find the right position. So Mia took charge and encouraged me to move slightly beneath her, at last I found myself rubbing my horny aroused clit against hers. It felt wonderful. Soon, we had worked out how to pleasure each other by grinding our sensitive clits and pussies together. We were insatiable, moaning, groaning and shouting as each wonderful orgasm built up and overcame us.

Watching Mia cum was so amazingly horny, she would start to breathe more and more heavily until she would arch her back, let her body go stiff and just let me take her over the edge. Then she would return the favour, encouraging me on to experience wilder and more intense orgasms time after time. Finally, after we had managed to cum simultaneously on several occasions I found myself just to exhausted to continue.Despite Mia protestations I just could continue, I was well and truly finished.

“Well, well you two certainly have enjoyed yourselves.” Jane’s said.

Only this time her voice was not coming from my speaker phone. I glanced up to see my lover standing at the foot of the bed, smiling down at our tangle of oil soaked bodies. She bent over and kissed me gently on the forehead.

“Happy anniversary Petra, darling. Do you like you second present I bought for you?” She said nodding towards Mia Lee.

“Mia is the best present ever.” I whispered. “But what about you? Surely all this watching has made you equally as horny?”

“Yeah” Mia suddenly said. “Why don’t you come and join us? There’s easily room on the bed for three.”

Jane continued to gaze down at us and as she did so a broad wicked grin appeared across her face.

“I thought you would never ask.” She said as she started to remove her clothes.

As Jane began to slowly disrobe, both Mia and I watched with increasing lust. Both of us were eager to have her join us, both eager to explore the further possibilities of a female threesome. All of us were certainly desperate for more sex, and this present situation definitely gave us the opportunity to explore our wildest thoughts and fantasies.

“Hurry up Jane and come to bed. You have two very eager women here wanting to devour you.” I said laughingly.

“Yeah, two very hot young women! Soon it will be three!” Mia said excitedly.

“Well how do you two want me then?” Jane said as she stood there unashamedly naked before us.

I have to admit that even though I had seen Jane in every state of dress and undress during our relationship, at this very moment I had never felt so excited as I watched her standing there with her arms outstretched towards me. I loved the way her long blonde hair cascaded down her gorgeous face, the way her striking blue eyes looked at me with such love, the way that her cute little snub nose gave her such a mischievous look, the way her

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