Em’s Panties Pt 3

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Angela White

I woke the next morning to jog. Last night played over and over in my head. My sister. My SEXY sister. And her gift of the used panties. I had sniffed them through the night and when I got up this morning I threw them in the hamper. I so wanted to keep them but if mom found then while cleaning up, I was done for. I was sluggish, and could already feel the Oklahoma heat radiating through the bedroom window. I went to piss and brush my teeth before heading out. When I was done on knocked on the door to Em’s room. “Sis?”. No response. So I opened the door to peek in and saw her unmade bed, but she wasn’t in it. Strange as she wasn’t usually an early bird. I went back to my room and put on running shorts and a tee.

Mom was up and doing her coffee shuffle in the kitchen when I walked down the stairs. “Where’s Em?” I asked.

“She went out for a run almost an hour ago. Not sure what got into her but she woke me to tell me, and off she went.” This was unlike my sister. While she joined Dad and I from time to time on a jog, it was almost NEVER by choice. I figured this was either really good, or really bad.

“Well I was going to do the same, just not so early” I defended. “But it’s already getting hot I’m not sure I’ll still go.” Just as I finished saying that the front door opened and in walked Em. My eyes were immediately diverted to her crotch. I could see camel toe, and seat patches in her grey yoga pants. When I looked up she was wiping sweat from her forehead but looking me in the eyes.

She smiled “Morning. I was going to wake you bro but all I heard was snoring when I stuck my head in the door.” She walked past me on her way to the kitchen. She leaned over to kiss mom on the cheek and again as she was looking back made eye contact. She looked beautiful with her hair up and sweaty, and of course her little ass shaking as she walked to the fridge. Her and mom engaged in some small talk but I just stood there staring at her.

“Keith?” Mom asked “Were you listening?”

“Oh sorry. What?”

“Honey, come back to earth. Don’t be a day dreamer be a day doer” She said, reusing one of Dad’s famous go to lines. “I said you two will be on your own today I have ambassador duty at the base and the Mitchells’ are being deployed overseas so we have lots to do to get them ready.”

“We’ll be fine, Mom.” Thankfully Em was paying attention. She gave me a look as if to say what the fuck as she walked past me and up the stairs. I stood there not knowing if I should go for that run or not. I decided the heat was too much and excused myself and went to my room.

I closed my bedroom door and sat in the chair by my desk. I felt like I needed to talk to Em. Was she as confused as I was by what was happening, or had happened? Did she feel like I did? My mind flashed back to last night, when she bent over to remove her panties, and the gap between her thighs and that outline of what had to be her pussy. I wondered if she knew I’d seen. I also wondered if she’d let me see more. Suddenly I had the urge to jerk off and got up to go to the bathroom hamper to retrieve her gift from the hamper. The door was locked. I tapped lightly. “Em?”

“Hey” she responded “I need a few minutes I need a shower. Unless you need to go quick?” I heard the lock click and the door open an inch. “Can you be super quick?”

“Uh yeah, yeah. I just gotta pee” I lied “Prob 30 seconds”. We swapped positions, her walking into my bedroom and I into the bath. I closed the door and clicked the lock behind me. I made a show of lifting the toilet seat and flushing moments later. While the sink was running I got the panties and stuffed them in the waistband of my boxers since my shorts didn’t have pockets.

“Thanks” I said as I opened the door. Em was standing by my closet but didn’t move toward the bath when I exited. She was looking down at the floor and shifting gorukle escort back and forth. “What’s up? You ok?”

“I’m sorry, if you didn’t like my present last night. Or if it was gross or weird or whatever” she said shyly. “I just wanted you to know that I appreciated what you did.”

“What do you mean, Em? I loved my present.”

“Oh well I just saw them in the hamper to go to the wash while I was in there and I understand if you don’ want them, that’s all” she seemed visibly unhappy at the thought.

“Oh no, Em, no. It’s just I didn’t know where to put them that Mom wouldn’t see and since I was going out this morning I didn’t know…I just wasn’t sure where to save them. But since I didn’t go running I just went back to get them now so I could..”My voice trailed off.

“You could what Keith?”

“So I could jerk off.” I said in a lower tone. My hand went down the front of my shorts as her eyes got big and I pulled the white bundle from their temporary hiding spot. “See, I was going to do it now while you were showering and then put them in when I showered.”

“Oh good!” She perked up “Well maybe I could watch before my shower? I thought about it, your penis, all night. I have questions too. Can you tell me why you only used the top last night? Before you used the whole thing. And where does cum come from? Can you come a lot like girls do? My friend Cindy says she can come three, four times a day.”

“Ok ok” I laughed. “Wow, ok. Em I would LOVE to explain it and show you if that’s ok. I thought maybe I was scaring you away.”

“Nah,” she replied. “Keith, last night was the first time I felt like a woman, not a silly girl. Like my body was feminine and not goofy. What a thrill watching you, and having you help me with my problem.”

“Hey, my pleasure” We both laughed. “Anytime.” I offered.

“Any time?” she said, more serious but still looking away. “Like will you let me watch you when you have sex with yourself? Whenever you do it?”

“Sure Em, if that’s what you want?” My dick came alive. Would she really want to watch my rub one out twice a day? “Maybe you could even help me?” I was taking a shot but she didn’t seem interested.

“Maybe I can just watch for a while” she countered “Maybe you can help me understand what the girls talk about sometimes at lunch or walking to the bus?”

“Yeah sure, we can do that.” I smiled at her and she looked up and smiled at me. I moved to the side of the bed and pulled my shorts and boxers down, and then off. The sun was shining through the windows and gave her ample light to get a good look. I was less than half hard. I removed my shirt and scooted to the edge of the bed. Without being told Em grabbed the desk chair and scooted around so she was in front of me.

“Go ahead” she urged.

“I’m warming up.” I defended with a smile. We both laughed, “Don’t want to pull a muscle pulling my muscle.” We both had a good laugh. I saw Em look around for a sec then jump out of the chair, squat down, and get her white panties from the floor.

“Will these help?” she knew they would.

My dick soared. Blood filled me up and I could feel my pulse in the shaft. Em gently tossed them to me and sat back down on my desk chair. I raised them to my face. I took a sniff then another. I smelled mostly old sock. My penis downshifted a gear and went a little soft. “Oh” I said “These smell like old gym socks. What about the ones you have on? Could I use them?”

Em smiled and stood up. “Sure but no peeking while I get them, deal?” I nodded quickly. I put my hand over my eye and she quickly slip her pants down. I looked through the crack of fingers and could see her panties stayed on only the pants came off. I sat there pretending like I couldn’t see. “Hey, can you sit on the floor and do this? I have an idea.” There was excitement in eskort bursa her voice and I immediately complied. I slid down to the floor with my hand still covering my face. She took my other hand and placed it across the first hand and now I really couldn’t see. I was sitting on the floor of my bedroom, back against the bed, completely naked, and now blind, taking orders from my sister in her panties. This was going well.

“Kev,” Her voice was directly in front of me, but higher, “Go ahead and smell.” I inhaled deeply and the sharp scent of pussy hit me hard. Fresh, musty, moist pussy. I loved that smell. I loved HER smell.

“Mmhhmm. Smells so good Em.” I started to lean forward and the tip of my nose bumped something soft. I dropped both hands and opened my eyes. There my sister stood, one foot one each side of my thighs, her pussy clad mound an inch from my face. I looked up, her eyes were closed. My erection jumped. Blood once again rushed in to fill my member. I took another breath. My right hand found my cock and I started to stroke. “Em baby you smell so good. You look so good.” She opened her eyes to look down and see me staring deeply at her mound.

“Cheater.” She whispered softly, barely audible. “You like this?” she asked already knowing the answer. She slowly slid her left hand down, over her clit to her sweet pussy lips. Over the top of a pair of pretty light blue thong panties, Em rubbed her sex just a touch. The smell became stronger. I moaned loudly. I was jerking at a medium pace, I didn’t want to cum to quickly I wanted this to last. Again her fingers shuffled her lady bits and again the aroma was stronger. Again and again she touched herself, gently, over her panties. The light blue fabric turned dark from moisture. My nose a mere inch or two away. Her knees bent slightly, and she picked up the pace. So did I. Her breathing turned into short, sharp breaths. Her panties were visibly soaked.

“Oh Em, I’m getting close. I may cum. Are you going to cum?” She responded by moving her hand faster but in smaller circles, then up and down.

“Kids, I’m going. Love you, and behave.” Mom yelled up the stairs as she exited.

“BYE. MOM! Shit…” Em yelled. Whatever she had been on the verge of was gone. Her concentration broken. For my part I kept stroking. I knew the reward that awaited me if I continued my rhythm. “Fuck I was so close Keith.” Her hand kept moving but slower and with less purpose now. I had an idea and I hoped it would work. With my free hand I grabbed her hand that was try to get her off and moved it to the side. In the same motion I buried my face in her pussy. Her panties were indeed soaked. She faintly tried pushing my head away but withing a second or two my tongue had made a few lashes and she didn’t try to stop me.

“We can’t” She said. “Keith, we can’t. This is INCEST.” Like THIS was the line. I paid no attention and removed my hand from my cock and up to her ass. My other hand let go of hers and I slid it down to my chin, where I moved her panties to the side and pushed my tongue into her. She was tight. I barely split her lips. But when I moved up, I hit her clit a few times and she spread her legs wider confirming my suspicion she was ok with this. I had literally only made a dozen licks with my tongue when she exploded without warning. Her warm juices leaked onto my chin. Her knees buckled and her legs gave out and she collapsed onto me. I rolled to my side to take the pressure off my back and help her to the floor. She landed with a thud.

“Oh god. That was amazing Keith? Where did you learn that?” Her breathing was fast and hard.

“Pornhub.” I joked. We were awkwardly entwined, with legs touching and going in two directions. Our chest were touching, and between our stomachs my cock was pulsing. She still had her shirt on so I couldn’t see it but karacabey escort we both felt it beating fast with my heart. She looked at me with her beautiful deep blue eyes and asked “Can I touch you?”

“Of course, Em. Always.” She didn’t move away but slid her hand between us. I felt her small digits wrap snugly around my shaft. I leaned forward, kissing her softly on her lips. She pumped my dick firmly but with no rhythm. “Em hun, let me show you.” I moved her off me and stood, pulling her to her feet as well. I moved to the bed and motioned for her to sit. I stood in front of her. My dick head a foot from her face. “When you jerk a guy off you need two thing, rhythm and lube.” I took her hand in mine and put it on my cock. I was so close to exploding. I wanted this to last as long as possible but knew it wasn’t going to. She gripped it and with my hand on hers, she moved up and down my length.

“It’s big” she whispered. “My hand doesn’t fit. Where do we get lube?” my pre cum was dripping out but we needed something else.

“Your mouth” I said. Her eyes got big and she stopped stroking me. I could sense she was scared. “No Em, spit, from your mouth. You can spit in your hand and use that. You don’t have to put it in your mouth, unless you want to. When it comes to sex and fooling around, lesson one, the girl decides. Always.” She seemed to relax when I said that. She broke off the hand job, and moved her hand under her chin. She spit into her palm. “Good girl,” I said praising her. “Now spread that over the head and the shaft. Here and here.” I pointed so she was clear. “Now remember what happened when I came last time? The mess? Well if you aren’t carefull that will hit you square in the face. Keep that in mind. Some girls will catch it in there mouths, some aim it down to the chest. Others use a cloth like we did” I was hoping this was helping her education a little. I was trying to buy time while enjoying the sensations of getting a handy from my little sis.

“I don’t want it by my face, Keith, please?”

“Ok sweetie that’s fine. But when I cum it’s gotta go somewhere? And I’m gunna cum REAL soon”.

“Where do you wand to cum?” she was so cute asking that in her shy tone I was boiling over.

“Your panties Em. Hurry. I’m so close baby girl. Ugh” I felt it boiling in my loins. I didn’t know what she was going to do but she’d better be quick. Em panicked as I grunted and did the only thing she could that made sense in that position. She laid flat back on the bed, In doing so that brought her knees up, and her panty covered pussy right in front of me on the edge of the bed. I squatted down a little and aimed my cock at her panty covered pussy. My first shot came out with such force that it her her pubic mound, but skipped up her torso to her tee shirt. Loads two, three, and for coated her panties and it ran down between her legs. I was grunting fiercely as she kept pumping my cock. I was starting to go soft in her hand. I touched her hand with mine and she stopped. I pulled her back up to a seated position. She was smiling, sweating, but had a glow to her.

“What a fucking mess boys make.” She was shocked as she inspected the damage. “A days worth of laundry” she joked. My comforter on the bed had globs on it. “Shower. I need one. Now” she said. She stood there trying to untangle her yoga pants. I could see her mind working. I laid on my bed, limp dick looking sad but feeling great. “Did I do ok? That was ok, right” she sought validation. I didn’t know what to say. I stood and completely naked, I took my sister into my arms. I could feel our juices, and the heart from her crotch still.

“That was the best thing I’ve ever felt. More pleasure than I knew was possible.” I leaned in and kissed her. She responded by kissing me back hard. I pulled back a little, looking into her eyes. “Thank you.”

“Anytime” she laughed. She pulled away slowly. We held hands briefly, then she said “shower”. I nodded and she turned to head for the bathroom. I flowed her nearly bare ass, watching with interest as the thin blue thong disappeared between her perfect ass.

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