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Weekday Evening Plans

It was a regular weekday evening in May in Sussex county, south-east England, UK. The weather was turning barmy and evenings were lasting that bit longer indicating the arrival of summer. Thirty-two year old Sara Jones was on her commute home on the train thinking about her work day and wondering how Ken’s (her 35 year-old husband) day had gone. She was also mulling over the recent development in their lives and the arrival of Master, who they had met at a party. They had been pleasantly surprised when they learned what he was into. Following several meetings and discussions, Sara and Ken had agreed for Master to be a part of their lives, blissfully unaware of the unknown world they were getting into.

That evening, unbeknownst to her, Master had messaged Ken and was informed that the couple didn’t have any plans for the evening. Ken was a timid, work-from-home cuckold husband doing freelance translation. Sara, a demure closet elitist who could turn very extrovert with the right type of alcohol, was a finance manager at a local bank. Both were of posh, middle-class lineage from the rolling hills of the Sussex countryside. Sara was still deliberating between dinner at home or at Valerios, a new Italian eatery in their town, as she entered their flat and closed the door behind her. As she stepped into her flat, she felt that extra spring in her step from the familiarity and warm comfort of her own home. But she was definitely not prepared for how the evening was going to pan out.

Sara was of a slim, healthy build. She had pale Welsh skin, 5’6″ tall, green eyes, and shoulder-length black hair tied in a short ponytail. She was dressed in a light green top and tight black pants, handbag on one shoulder, laptop bag in the other hand, and medium-sized heels on her feet. Sara had closed the door of her flat behind her and entered the short hall that led into their living room when she stopped short in her tracks.

Her mouth started opening and closing like a fish and she looked like a deer caught in headlights as she saw Master’s 6’2″ frame standing around fifteen feet from her, his arms crossed with a serious look on his face. She looked over enquiringly at Ken, who was quietly preparing dinner at the kitchen counter with a white kitchen towel draped on his shoulder, and mouthed “Why didn’t you message me?.”

Ken looked up and made eye contact just long enough to acknowledge the arrival of his wife. Then, glancing over to where Master was standing, he lowered his eyes and went back to what he was doing without uttering a word. There was no “Hi babe,” or “Hey darling! You’re back!” to his wife. It all had been forbidden in Master’s presence. Ken’s manner was also an acknowledgement of the fact that he and Sara were in store for some dire punishment that evening: first, Sara was inappropriately attired indoors, wearing clothes in Master’s presence; second, she hadn’t performed her regulation greeting to Master: a bright smile and cheery hello, with a display of emotions like a dog welcoming his owner.

As part of the relationship set by Master, it was mutually agreed between all that Sara belonged to Master at all times and was his property. Ken was only meant to be a token husband when Master was physically not around. At all other times, Ken’s role was just to be a caretaker and take instructions even if it meant being asked to disappear for a while because Master wanted to use his wife. His response would always have to be “Of course, it’s an honour, Master” or something similar before he disappeared.

As part of their training, Master had Sara kneel in the slave position–naked, hands locked behind her head and chest thrust out proudly–and would slap her face, asking “What are you?”

Sara would respond “I am a dirty slut!” or “I am your bitch, sir. Treat me like shit,” or “I am your pet, please abuse me, sir!”

Ken had to stand in attention and watch sincerely without intervening, periodically thanking Master as his wife got abused. Sara was to be trained as Master’s pet, with Ken being her caretaker and Master their owner. This was done outdoors and indoors. Some nights they would go for walks. Sara was allowed to wear only shoes with a dog leash around her neck that Master held. Ken’s sex izle job was to walk ahead and make sure they would be safe from people or other interruptions.

“Oh…h-h-hello Master! Wh-what a pleasant surprise!” Sara stammered, rattled at the unexpected presence of Master in her house.

She stopped and abruptly stepped back into the hall and put both her bags down, trying to gather herself. She unsteadily started to undo the laces on her top, without taking her eyes off Master, and remembered that her hair was still tied.

“Oh!” She hurriedly pulled the band from the hair and shook her head so that hair opened and settled around her shoulders. She had messed up the order, as the hair and heels should have come off first. She crossed her hands across her chest and slowly pulled her top through her head. Then, still with eyes on her Master, she unbuckled her heels and took them off. Sara unzipped and pulled her tight pants off as if it were a hindrance, and then slowly dropped the last piece of clothing protecting her dignity on the floor. All the while she was standing just inside the door of her own house. Her instructions were to be fully naked in Master’s presence at all times, which in this case meant she should have stripped even before she entered her own living room.

Sara tiptoed barefoot and completely naked into her living room, her breasts gently swinging and her hands by her sides.

A weekday evening visit from Master was not a usual occurrence in the Jones household. Sessions were normally held on weekends and with prior notice, as Master was demanding and unrelenting most of the time and wanted things done exactly as he fantasized. However, they had been forewarned to expect him at any time and any place. On a normal day, Sara would put her bags down and walk straight into the arms of her husband as she walked through the door, kiss and cuddle and make quick plans for the evening. Some days, depending on how stressful the work day was, they would end up on the kitchen or living room floor between each other’s legs, going at it like rabbits. Master had entered their lives at an opportune moment when they were anxious, but fully ready to enter a new phase of submissiveness. They were ready to submit to a personality who would take them to the depths of servitude and control that Sara and Ken longed for.

Unimpressed by the haphazard turn of events, Master turned to Sara and coldly said, “You have five minutes.”

Sara immediately rushed into the bathroom after-thanking Master profusely, her breasts and arse jiggling as she went.

She came out of the bathroom still fully naked and flashing a big smile at Master, having sorted herself out a bit with fresh lipstick and eyeliner and her hair neatly tied. She took her slave position. “Ready for inspection, sir.”

Master had not moved until then. With a sigh he reached down and fondled her 34 DD breasts. Sara’s assets were something that Master used as a ‘reset’ switch for himself when he wanted to feel better. It helped perk him up. He would often send for Sara, who would generously put her assets on offer for his pleasure and attention.

Master sat on the sofa, switched on the TV and gestured his slave towards him. Sara sat on his lap and adjusted herself, sexily flicking her hair around, moistening her lips while Master started to feel her up. He lifted her spotless, shaven armpit and started kissing and licking it, tasting the sweat and salt.

Master moved to Sara’s full breasts and took the nipple into his mouth and moved it around with his tongue gently sucking and licking. She started moaning and slowly turned her head away as the sucking got intense.

Master popped out the wet nipple. As his head moved back, Sara asked, “Some more, sir?” On his acknowledgement, she twisted her body and presented her other breast. Sara closed her eyes as Master accepted the soft nipple into his mouth and began sucking.

On Masters’ orders, she pulled out the long black dildo from the living room closet and secured it to the floor. This was one of several toys that Sara was instructed to own and take care of as her prized possessions. As part of their training, Sara and Ken had to prepare a timetable of which sex toys they would practice with alt yazılı porno on a weekly basis and send it to Master for his approval. To add to their humiliation, they also had to regularly provide a list of punishments that they would like meted out to them. The harsher they were, the happier Master was.

As Master watched, Sara mounted the nasty-looking black dildo slowly, lowering her butt on it and wincing and moaning as she allowed the dildo to impale her. Ken, meanwhile, quietly concentrated on the cooking while hiding his massive hard-on under the kitchen counter.

Master watched as her buxom arse moved up and down on the big, ugly dildo while Ken poured Master a drink.

‘SWITCH!” shouted Master and Sara immediately stopped, pulled the dildo out of her arse and pushed it inside her vagina and started again. A thin layer of sweat was forming on her body.

Master walked over and gathered Sara’s hair and pulled. “Ahh…mmm…sss,” she hissed, wincing at the sudden pain. “Thank you, Master,” she whimpered.

While her hair was being pulled, Sara arched her back and started squeezing her breast furiously with one hand while continuing to move on the dildo. Sara had special instructions that when Master pulled her hair she had to drop what she was doing and start squeezing her breasts. There was no exception to this rule and it had to be done both in private and public, with or without other people’s presence. Master had experimented on this with Sara on several occasions. In one instance, much to the bewilderment of people in a crowded restaurant, Sara put her glass down abruptly and spilled her drink as she grabbed her breast through her tight black dress and started fondling.

Sara was told to put the dildo away and walked to the bedroom, followed by Master.

“Keep dinner ready,” said Master to Ken. He looked around and handed Ken a kitchen bowl and said, “Strip naked, kneel and jerk off into the bowl. You and the bitch can share it as appetizer.”

“Ye-s-s, Master!” came the startled reply, as Ken slowly pulled his shorts off and got down near the bowl with his dick in one hand.

Sara arranged herself on the bed on all fours, looking back at Master.

Master flipped Sara on her back and held her down while beating and slapping her body. He started slow but smothered her face with rough licks, kisses, sucking kisses from her mouth and leaving her gasping for breath. He turned her face to suck her ear lobe. Finding the earring there, Master was unhappy. He growled, and slapped Sara hard across her face couple of times. Sara apologised profusely, hurriedly removed it and threw it away.

Ken, the cuckold husband, could hear several muffled curses and cries of “OH MY GOD,” “please, Master,” “ohs” and “ahs” followed by feminine yelps from the bedroom, as Master whipped his beautiful wife while he focused on the job given to him .

Light thudding sounds emanated from the room as Sara was thrown around the bed. Master pulled her back into bed by grabbing her breasts and hair as she tried to escape the sexual ecstasy she was being sent into.

In order to punish Sara for her mistakes earlier, Master ordered her to lie on her back with her vagina thrust up in the air and fully available. Master then used his whip of soft leather strips on her vagina and made Sara count all five lashes and beg for the next one.

“May I please have the next one, Master?”

With each lash, Sara squealed, her body shuddered and she thrashed around in bed. She grabbed the bedsheets with white knuckles to deal with the pain and humiliation while keeping her lips pressed tightly together and trying not to bite her tongue off. Master enjoyed watching her and waited for the shuddering to stop before delivering the next lash. Sara’s moaning and pleading and sounds of beatings from the bedroom startled Ken, who thanked Master from outside the room while kneeling and holding his erect throbbing penis, dripping with sperm.

Master then spread Sara’s legs and placed loud, wet kisses on her red and swollen pussy, which made her cum ooze out. She physically and mentally felt the effects, while the guilty pleasure and the frissons of excitement made her wish that this would not end.

“Run altyazılı sex izle the shower, bitch, you need to clean me off.” Master ordered.

Sara moved towards the bathroom, barely able to walk. In the shower, Master forced Sara against the wall and spread her legs wide. Master then started with slow thrusts into her arse. Sara, completely overpowered by her beloved Master’s throbbing dick impaling her already-hurting arsehole, moaned loudly “Thank you, Master.”

As she was being pounded against the wall, Sara realized that neither she nor Ken had a say in this matter. Her dignity, social status, her notion of self-worth and middle-class entitlement were all mercilessly violated and sent down the drain along with the shower water.

Master finished his shower and returned to the living room, allowing Sara to recover from the grueling session he had put her through. Ken was still kneeling with his hands locked behind his back and his cock still erect and dripping into the bowl. Seeing Master’s naked tanned body, strong muscular legs, large chest and broad shoulders slowly making its way towards him turned Ken on immensely. Master walked straight up to ken and fondled his hair and face like a pet dog. Ken let out a moan and nuzzled his face against Master’s hairy legs, desperate to lick a bit of that beautiful cock hanging just above his head. Master sneered, grabbed his hair and twisted his head so that Ken was now looking straight at him.

“If you want to kiss it, make it loud and proud,” growled Master.

Ken adjusted himself, feasting his eyes on Master’s cock. Master closed his eyes in anticipation as Ken pressed his lips against Master’s cock. He moved his lips all around the hard shaft and squeezed loud kisses on it and let his lips linger for a moment. Master pouted and moaned and gently fondled Ken’s hair. Ken continued to place kisses while staring up at his powerful Master, desperate for his approval. He had done well and Master was sufficiently aroused. Master gruffly ordered Ken to strip completely, which Ken did in double time. Master grabbed his hair and twisted him around and over the kitchen counter. Master parted Ken’s legs enough to let the bum cheeks push out and slapped them hard, making Ken yelp. Master then kept his hand on Ken’s burning butt cheeks, loving how smooth and firm they were. Knowing what was to come and with cold sweat running down his back, Ken arched his back and thrust his butt out as Master proceeded to enter him from behind.

“No lube for you today, bitch!” hissed Master as he started a slow thrusting in and out of Ken’s arse hole.

Sara, meanwhile, had come into the living room and on seeing that Ken was servicing Master immediately knelt in slave position with hands locked behind her back.

“Look what a sissy faggot you have for a husband, slut. Does he ever satisfy you? His cock is beautiful but seems to only be for men,” Master chided her. Occasionally, Master paused to slap Ken’s butt or reached forward to fondle Ken’s balls and cock. Ken, his eyes closed, had a look of agony on his face as he did his best to move in rhythm with Master’s thrusts. His back arched as his hair was pulled. Sara was turned on a lot by this amazing sight and bit her lip as both men reached climax. Master shot a huge load into Ken and slapped Ken’s head. Ken, aware that he was not allowed to cum before Master and that he needed Master’s permission to cum begged loudly for permission.

‘You can cum now, sissy faggot,” said Master. Ken pumped his cock and squirted fountains of cum all over the kitchen floor, thanking Master profusely at the same time.

Ken was ordered to lick every bit of cum from the kitchen floor as Sara set the table for dinner. The three, dressed in t-shirts and underwear, then had a normal dinner, a vanilla affair where they talked about their day and general topics and current events. Plans were made to attend a popular play and rock concerts. Master and Ken talked about sports and finance while Sara cleared the table and they all moved to the sofas to watch some TV before bedtime.

While getting ready for bed, Ken asked Master if he would be in bondage or chastity lock that night. Master shook his head with a half-smile, saying he wanted full access to his cock. Ken and Sara stripped naked and got into bed either side of their Master. Sara softly kissed him all over, glad that he had happened into their lives. Master’s hands were gently wrapped around Ken’s cock. Soon all three drifted off to sleep, ending an eventful evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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