Enslaved by Myself Ch. 03

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I was dreading what was about to happen. My master was going to hurt me badly to ensure I would never rebel. I knew this for certain because I would do exactly the same if the roles were reversed. I could only hope that my affection for myself was strong enough to limit the pain. He left me tied up alone for hours, I was thirsty as I didn’t drink the whole night and morning. He was able to use all this time to improve his methods, search the internet for ideas, and think of a cunning plan to manipulate me into true submission. Meanwhile, all I could do was squirm. This time he tied me up much better with many more knots, even though the knots still were nothing special, I couldn’t even reach them.

After a while, my clone returned. He looked fresh and still angry. In comparison, I still hadn’t showered since I drove to pick him up. “I hope you had some time to think about how stupid you have been.” He said. He brought a box with stuff and placed it on my desk and took a blindfold out of it.

“I’m sorry master, I will never do it again, I was stupid and confused, please forgive me!” I said with a high-pitched voice.

“You know very well that that isn’t enough, I hope you’re ready for your punishment,” he said while moving towards me. “I’m going to completely break you, your ego will disappear and you’ll truly become just the submissive part of our identity.”

“I understand master, but please can I have some water?” I begged desperately.

“Not yet.” He said as he softly choked me. He put the blindfold on me and started untying me. He pushed me off the bed and I fell on my knees. “Take off my shoes.” I knew what I had to do, I’d have to worship and kiss his smelly feet. Although the humiliation turned me on, it disgusted me more. I used my hands to feel the floor and managed to find his feet and I struggled to untie them without vision. He was wearing socks and I could already smell them. “You know what to do, bitch.” And I did. I started sniffing them and kissing them. “Take them off with your teeth.” He commanded, I obliged and worshipped his smelly bare feet, humiliating myself. I started to get an erection from the humiliation, but my master couldn’t see. As I got more into subspace I desperately tried to clean his toes with my tongue.

After a while he got bored of it and he guided my face upwards. I knew what I had to do, I looked for his dick Beşiktaş Escort in his pants and pulled down his underwear to free it. “Worship it like a desperate slut.” It turned me on so much, this was different than being forced the cock in my mouth, now I had to initiate, it was so much more humiliating. I was so turned on that I was genuinely going to try my best, trying to remember any tactics from porn I watched. I sniffed It first and kissed it softly. Then I licked my uncircumcised dickhead below the foreskin. His got dick was larger than I usually got and I was surprised how it barely fit in my mouth. I made sloppy sounds and started sucking. I took his now wet cock in my hand to slap my own face with it. I couldn’t see it but I knew he was smirking. I was feeling so horny and degraded, I had no idea I could act so slutty and gay. My master was moaning softly, it turned me on more, even though it was in my own voice. I was even feeling proud as I was pleasing my master. I was afraid to look up, but I did it anyway, I looked up to my master’s eyes as I continued my worship and that made me feel even more submissive.

As he felt he was close he ordered me to stop, he didn’t want to cum just yet. He put his cock back in his pants and took the leash of my collar. He guided me outside of the room and to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and told me to clean myself, especially my ass. I was still blindfolded and too afraid to remove it and did as I was told. The water was nice, I really needed that and I was glad that my master didn’t punish me as severely as I expected. I knew he was going to take my anal virginity but as I was still horny I was excited for it. I had put in toys in my ass before, they were often small so I doubted I could handle the size of my large cock. It would probably hurt a lot, but that’s okay, I deserved to be punished. I wanted to masturbate then but I wasn’t sure whether my master was still watching so I was too afraid to, my cock was still as rock-hard. I drank some of the shower water to lessen my thirst and started feeling much better than before.

A while later my master opened the shower again and suddenly turned the water completely cold. I was completely shocked and panicked hard. It hurt, it was so cold, my heart started beating loudly and I needed some time to get to my senses. He grabbed me out of the shower Beşiktaş Escort Bayan and gave me a towel and I quickly dried myself. He took the leash again and guided me to another room that I couldn’t identify yet. My dick had shrunken from the cold water. He threw me on a clean bed and told me to lie on my back. “I bought you a present my dear slave, can you guess why?” he said as he touched my flaccid cock. As he started putting it on my penis, I realized what it was, it was a chastity cage. It was metallic and cold and I realized why he made me wear it. “Very smart, master, that should keep me under your control.” I praised him. I used to fantasize about having slave girls and I’d make sure to keep them horny and submissive by not letting them cum and make them wear a chastity device. Naturally, my clone would do the same to me. I was worried I’d never get to cum again. He locked the cage and slapped my ass to indicate I should change my position. I turned around on the bed, sticking my ass up.

“You sure are desperate for my cock, aren’t you slut?” he asked laughingly.

“Yes master.” I said, even though I wasn’t that horny anymore, I knew it was what he wanted to hear.

“But first you deserve a hard spanking, don’t you think?”

“Of course, master.” I said thinking it wasn’t that unexpected.

He suddenly spanked my ass with his barehand, harder than I expected. In my fantasies, I’d usually make my sub count them so I did to please my master. “One.” The next one was even harder. “Two.” He continued to ten and I was sure my ass was red. I didn’t like to admit how much it hurt so I didn’t moan or allow an ouch, but it hurt a lot and I had tears in my eyes.

“Turn around.” He commanded. I turned around to make sure I faced his cock. I opened my mouth, expecting him to put it in.

“I can’t believe how obedient you became.” He said as he used my mouth to wet his cock. He then slapped my cheek with his dick. I assumed it meant he wanted me to turn around again and I did. I stuck my ass up in the air and made sure my shaved asshole was ready for pain.

He spat on my asshole first and put a finger in. It hurt a little because the nails were sharp but I was glad he didn’t. I got really horny again, I was excited to learn how it feels to be fucked in the ass. I was excited to completely surrender my body to my master Escort Beşiktaş and lose all control and hope. He shoved the buttplug in and gave me one last spank. The buttplug only hurt a little, it wasn’t that big. My cock tried to get hard but it was stopped by my new chastity cage, it hurt and was frustrating.

He suddenly left the room, I was wondering why but I couldn’t see anything. All I could do was wait patiently, I was too afraid to take a peek. I was getting tired in the position and rested a little by relaxing my ass. I tried to touch my cock but all I could feel was it trying to escape the chastity cage. My sensitive dickhead would escape the foreskin and hit the metal, it was a really annoying pain.

My master came back within a minute and jumped on the bed. His cock had mostly dried and he didn’t seem to want to bother to wet it with my mouth again. He yanked the buttplug out and I screamed in pain, tears falling down my cheek. Then he rammed his large cock in my ass. It was far too big and felt very painful. He aggressively started fucking my asshole while he pulled the leash, choking me too. I was moaning, crying and begging him to stop. “Please stop!” but he ignored me completely. I didn’t even know I could fuck so hard, I’d usually get tired after a while but he just kept on going and going. I begged him over 20 times to stop and he kept ignoring me. He slapped my ass and yanked my leash whenever I begged again. Even though the pain was excruciating, I did get turned on too much and my cock would be at its biggest if it wasn’t for the painful chastity. After ten minutes he finally came in my ass. I don’t think I had ever cum that much before, it kept spurting out for a minute, filling up my ass. I put my face in the bed and just kept crying. I really did not expect it to hurt that much.

My master jumped off the bed and walked towards my face. He grabbed me at my hair and used my mouth to clean his dick. He took off my blindfold and looked me in the eyes. My eyes were still releasing turns and must have been red. “Do you finally understand your position?” he asked with pity. I just nodded. My eyes were still teary and red. He joined me in the bed and hugged me. He apologized for being too harsh and told me he loved me. “I love you too.” I said in a soft voice while crying my last tears on his shoulders.

I lost all desire for revenge, I had accepted my position. He is the one in control, he is the master and I am just his slave. I deserved this pain, I shouldn’t have rebelled. I knew he would be loving if I was obedient and loyal and so I would become that. I was tired of all the pain and fell asleep in my master’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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