Erica’s Awakening Ch. 07

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This is basically a love story and of course all characters are over 21. I want to thank stg0936 for the original idea, although I deviated from his idea during the writing of the story. I also want to thank Navaura for her spot on editing and suggestions for the improvement of this story, it is a much better story because of her editing.

I hope all of you enjoyed the story as much as I did writing it.


Erica spent the next hour getting ready, and since most of her outfit was her skin, she spent a lot of time giving her skin that special silky sheen. Alan had only seen bits and pieces of everything on her before, but the whole ensemble dazzled him. As she came out of the bedroom and into the living room, his jaw fell open and he just stared as she walked towards him. She walked up to Alan and giggled. She inquired coyly, “does that mean I look okay?”

“Oh my God baby, the room just lit up when you walked in. Honey you look unbelievable!” He stated with pride and love filling his eyes, ” Give me twirl and let me look at you.”

“If I get this kind of a reaction out of you, I might have to do this every day.” She uttered in a sultry tone.

Erica stepped back and did a slow turn. Her lustrous skin shown with a soft brilliance and with this outfit it was a good thing, because her back, belly, arms and legs were all bare, with the exception of the strings that were tied around her waist and neck in a bow. The curve of her breasts were also bare and as she walked they would sway back and forth, threatening to break free of her top. Her miniskirt was so low on her hips that she had to shave her pussy bald. The bottom barely covers her ass. A pair of four-inch strappy heels completed the stunning picture.

He held out his hand to have her come to him and when she was standing in front of him, he pulled out a sliver choker and put it around her neck. he slipped two silver bracelets over her wrists and finally slipped diamond studs into her ear lobes. As he finishes she’s looking at him with love like she’s about to start crying, but before she does Alan leans down and softly nibbles on her lips. Alan can’t resist the temptation beckoning him and runs his hands over her back and belly caressing her silky smooth skin and in this outfit there is a lot to caress. As he ends the sensuous kiss and stands back up, he gazes into her beautiful green eyes full of love and trust.

“Not everything is as it appears” he spoke her. Alan walked behind her, pulled her arms behind her and used the hidden catches in her bracelets to lock her hands behind her. She sucked in a deep breath and breathes his name in excitement. Her hands fell softly behind her, as he walked around in front of her and knelt in front of her. His hands ran up the outsides of her legs, up under her skirt and grabbed the thong she’d put on, slowly he slid it down to her knees, and let it hang. One at a time, he inserted a pair of Ben Wa-Balls into her pussy. As Erica feels them going in, she sucks in her breath and shivered. Alan then replaces her thong but not before giving her fragrant pussy a kiss.

Alan stands in front of this beautiful woman and says “Erica I love you so much, and while tonight is your night, never forget you’re my women.” He reaches behind her and unlocks her bracelets. Alan puts his hands on her hips and has her walk with him. After the first step she understood what the balls were going to do to her all night.

“One thing you need to understand about those balls is the more you strut, the more they stimulate you. Let’s try a few different kinds of walks.” For the next couple of minutes Erica tried a catwalk strut, a stripper strut and a sashaying walk with her hips going from side to side. By the end she favored the sashaying walk and came over to Alan, put her arms around his neck and said.

“I hope you’ve taken your Viagra, because the way these things are making me feel I’m going to be insatiable tonight.” Erica pulled him down into a kiss and then laid her head on his chest as she held him close and added.

“We haven’t even left the house yet and you’ve made me feel sexier and more beautiful than I have my entire life. Alan you have no idea how much love I have for you. Thank you for everything, but mostly thank you for loving me and making me feel like a beautiful sex goddess.”

Alan ran his hands over her soft naked back and said. “I haven’t done anything but love you with all my heart. You’ve always been an incredibly beautiful woman and a very sexy goddess. All I’ve done is let her come out and show off a little. I’m very proud of you Erica, now let’s let the rest of the world see the sexy goddess that I’ve known all along.”

As Alan looked down into her eyes, he saw the deepest pool of love he had ever known. His wife was aiming all that love at him. Her eyes were swimming tears as he bent down and softly kissed those luscious lips. “My God you look incredible tonight” he whispered to her.

As they walked to the car he watched her porno practice her sultry walk and as she got into the car she looked at him and said. “God Alan I almost had a cum just walking to the car.”

The whole drive to the restaurant Alan kept looking over at Erica and he couldn’t believe they were finally doing this. The woman he’d loved for six years and had been married to for four had finally come out of her shell. She had always been the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and now the rest of the world would know it too.

At the restaurant the parking attendants jaw fell open when he opened the door for Erica. He just stood there dumbfounded as the goddess got out of the car. She stood there waiting for Alan and he thought he heard her giggling as he had to goad the attendant to get a chit for the car. She possessively put her arm through his as they went into the restaurant. At first he thought Erica was a little nervous but she wasn’t, she was exhilarated, but she put her arm through his to let everyone know that she was his woman.

As Alan watched her walk through the restaurant he was so proud. She had her shoulders pulled back and she was walking like the regal goddess she was. She was proudly displaying her unfettered breasts as they forced the fabric of her top to sparkle and shimmy as they bobbed seductively on her chest. Her taut belly rippled as her hips rocked back and forth completely independent of the rest of her body. Every eye in the restaurant, male and female alike, tracked her progress as she walked by. The waiters and waitresses stopped and stared and everybody knew they were seeing somebody special.

They were seated in a rather secluded spot towards the back of the restaurant, and that was fine with Alan. He looked over at Erica and he could see her entrance had done everything he hoped it would. She felt beautiful and he could see it in her eyes that she was excited. He could see her self-esteem had risen just by walking into the restaurant. She grabbed his arm and pulled herself into him and held Alan tight and then said.

“Did you see the way everybody looked at me; they thought I was a movie star or someone important.”

“Actually baby I think they just saw an angel come down from heaven or a goddess among mere mortals and they were right, that’s exactly what they saw.” He said.

Erica looked at him as Alan said that and her smile lit the dark corner of the restaurant and he could see her eyes starting to water again. She laid her head on Alan’s shoulder and then leaned to kiss him as she said.

“You make me feel so beautiful. Never in my life have I felt like this and it’s all because you are my husband and because you love me. I’m the luckiest woman in the world because you chose to love me.”

Two waiters and a bus boy immediately came over and in a lingering fashion filled their water glasses and went over the wine list and daily specials. All of them seemed to want to linger and bask in Erica’s glow, maybe he was being melodramatic, and it could be they just wanted to ogle Erica in her skimpy outfit. After they ordered dinner a nicely dressed gentlemen came over and politely ask if he could sit down for a second.

“I’m sorry to intrude but I have to ask are you a model or do you doing modeling?” He asked

“I’m sorry what business of this is yours?” Alan responded.

“I’m so sorry I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Johnathan Hanson VP of talent for Playboy Enterprises, and the entrance I just saw from this young lady is the kind of presence we are looking for.” He said.

“I’m sorry, are you asking my wife to pose for Playboy.” Alan said.

“Well that could be one avenue; Playboy also has a modeling agency as well as other ventures including film and recording. As your wife walked through this restaurant every eye, male and female alike, watched her and that presence is something we look for in all of our ventures.” He responded.

“To answer your question, no I’m not a model. I’m a legal assistant. If you leave your card we will think about it and get back to you, but right now my husband and I are celebrating and we would prefer to be left alone.” Answered Erica.

“Absolutely, sorry to intrude.” He said as he left his card, got up and left.

As he left, Erica turned to look at Alan and she had the biggest Cheshire grin on her face and she grabbed him but she didn’t stop there as she slid over into his lap. Alan put his hands around her naked waist and began to caress the soft skin as Erica leaned in and kissed his neck. Then she whispered “Can you believe Playboy would like to have me?”

“Yes I absolutely can believe it. What did I tell you earlier today? You are more beautiful than most movie stars or playmates that I see. You see my baby, you think I see you as beautiful because I love you, and while that’s certainly true, I also see your true beauty both on the inside and outside. I’ve always known how beautiful you were, even before I fell in love with you.” anime porno Alan said

Erica threw her arms around Alan’s neck and clung to him as she started crying “Alan you’re the only one who ever believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. You’re the only person who knew what I could become. You’re the only person who believed in me and loved me for who I am. Oh Alan, I love you so very much, I don’t know what I did to get you in my life but I’m glad I did and I’m so happy you’re my husband.”

“Speaking of that.” He pulled out a very large diamond ring and slipped it on her finger and said. “Erica, love my life, I feel like we’ve wasted the first four years of our marriage and if you’ll have me I would like to marry you all over again. I want to take you to St. Barts and marry you again, Erica, will you be my wife.”

Erica screamed and started kissing Alan all over his face. A couple of the waiters came over thinking something bad was happening when they saw Erica kissing Alan madly, immediately they backed off. After the initial flurry of kisses, Erica attacked Alan’s mouth with a passion he’d only ever dreamed about; and then she grabbed his hand from her waist and pulled it up under her top to cup her breast. Alan got the hint and he began rolling and pinching her nipple. Erica’s kiss lost focus and her mouth slid off his. As she laid her head on his shoulder, she started whispering. “oh god … oh god … oh god … you’re going to make me cum … oh god … oh god”

Alan’s hand slipped from her breast and up under her skirt and finding her clit he began to caress it between his thumb and forefinger and her body immediately began spasming in a massive cum. Erica bit into his shoulder and she desperately tried to keep from screaming her completion. Alan kept rubbing her clit and kept her cumming for a full minute before he let up. With his other hand he held her tightly against his body so her spasming wouldn’t be noticed as much.

As her orgasm started to abate, Alan noticed her thrashing had shifted her top and both magnificent breasts were on display for everyone to see. Alan bent down and whispered in her ear. “Baby, not only did everybody see you cum, but your completely topless and hundreds of eyes are staring at your naked breasts right now.”

Erica passionately gasped at the thought of being completely exposed to everyone and started shaking as another orgasm consumed her, and Alan helped by resuming his pinching of her clit. This time Alan only kept her cumming for a few seconds and then relented. Alan readjusted her top so that her breasts were covered, while Erica quivered in his lap. She was still quivering when their dinner came.

Erica looked up and kissed him softly on his lips and as she looked into his eyes, she said.

“Oh Alan I couldn’t stop, that was the most intense cum I’ve ever had. You’ve ruined me. All I want is for you to make love to me. I can’t stop cumming when I’m in your arms.”

“So is that a yes?” Alan ask.

Erica grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him hard on the lips and said “Oh yes, yes a thousand times. I can’t live without you.” She gushed, “I don’t want to live if I’m not in your arms. Alan you’re the only thing I want and I want you all the time.” Then she noticed the bloody bite mark on his shoulder and squeaked “I’ve hurt you, oh god I’ve bit you.”

Alan turned his head to look at her and smiling broadly said

“It was worth it seeing you cum apart at the seams.”

They ate her dinner with Erica sitting in Alan’s lap and feeding each other. As they finished, Alan held her tightly in his arms and said.

“Do you know how proud I am of you tonight? Less than a week ago, the thought of being beautiful or sexy was repugnant to you and you thought your perfect breasts were at the root of your problems. Tonight however, you showed everyone here just how beautiful you truly are. You showed your breasts and even had two orgasms that you showed to everyone here. Baby the evening has barely begun.” He said.

“Erica a few days ago you were my fantasy girl. Now you have exceeded my fantasies and we’re charting new territory. I have always been in love with you and now I’m in awe of you as well.” Alan said

Erica’s eyes softly transmitted her love to Alan’s eyes as she whispered. “Baby I can only do this because I have you. You give me the love, courage and the safety to be your fantasy girl. I couldn’t do any of this if I didn’t love you. You set me free, free to be everything my loving husband wants me to be. Your love is what makes me powerful. Tonight I am your love slave and if you command me I will do whatever you want.”

Erica turned around in Alan’s lap so that she was facing him. With her naked back to the restaurant, she put her arms around his neck and sensuously kissed Alan until they both came up for air. Erica sat up just a little bit, put one hand behind her neck and untied her top. Alan watched as her top arap porno cascaded into his lap. Alan gazed in rapt attention as those perfect breasts were revealed and her red engorged nipples were thrusting towards him aching to be played with. Then he looked into her eyes and saw everything she said was true. She was his and she would do everything he wanted, because she loved him just as much as he loved her.

In an emotion filled voice, Erica said. “These breasts are yours. Everything in front of you is yours and I give you all of me, because without you I am nothing. I was empty before and now your love has filled me. What you see in front of you only exists because of your love. Alan I can’t live, I can’t breathe, I can’t exist without your love, so I give you my heart and I give you my body because without you I’m nothing.”

Alan took each nipple into his mouth and in turn gave them the love and affection that they deserved and then slid his fingers under her skirt, pulled her thong aside and slid his fingers into her softly weeping quim and began deep gentle thrusts. Erica felt Alan playing with the balls imbedded in her pussy and her needy excitement took off towards the stratosphere. Alan stopped nibbling on her nipples and locked their eyes in a loving gaze as Erica began to quiver. As she felt the crazed need start to boil over, her incredible breasts began to shake as her breathing became faster and harder.

Alan used his other hand to tease and caress her trembling breasts and nipples. Their eyes were still locked and both felt a joining of their hearts as the need and passion built. With his fingers strumming her body like a fine instrument, Alan continued to move Erica towards her inevitable peak. With their eyes and hearts now fully joined Erica began to whisper the arrival of her peak and she did it by whispering the name of the man who owned her heart.

“Alan … Oh god Alan … my love Alan … I’m yours Alan … Alan … Oh god Alan”

Alan took his hand from her breasts, put it behind her head and moved her face towards his. Their eyes were still joined until the last second when he hungrily captured her lips and poured every ounce of the love he had in him into her mouth. At that moment she exploded in his arms, as her orgasm captured her body and she breathed her completion into his mouth. Alan continued to strum the finely tuned body in front of him and kept her at her peak until her spasms began to lose focus and only then did he slowly bring her back to him. As Erica’s cum diminished, their lips separated and her quivering body pulled her away from Alan.

Their eyes rejoined and without saying a word, both knew they had crossed into a whole new level of love and commitment to each other. As Erica bent to kiss him, Alan retied her top and reluctantly covered one of the world’s great treasures.

Neither felt like dessert so they paid their check and left. As they were walking out, the gentleman from Playboy stood up and said “please call me.” On her way out Erica once again proudly showed her breasts as they bobbed and weaved under the fabric of her top and everyone was hoping they would be exposed again. Secretly Erica was hoping they would as well.

The parking attendant refused a tip, saying that seeing Erica was tip enough. They drove about three miles to the private dance club. The parking attendant there had the same reaction to Erica that previous attendant did, but this one recovered much quicker. Erica linked her arms in Alan’s as they strolled into the club. They bypassed all the lines and cover charges like they were expected, and they were because Alan had prearranged the visit to this private club and there was going to be a private invitation only show.

They were taken to a booth at the very front of the club. A bottle of champagne was brought out and three glasses were placed in front of them. With the special treatment here Erica suspected something, but the third glass confirmed Alan had something planned. Erica didn’t care; she had meant everything she said. She was deeply in love and committed to this man. Erica had never known love or happiness like this existed and the only reason it did was because of her husband.

She scooted closer and lifted herself into his lap and draped his arm around her naked waist she snuggled in to him and said.

“I don’t know what you have planned for me, but I love you, oh god how I love you Alan and I know whatever you have planned for me will take me to a place I’ve never been. So shall we toast or wait for our guest.”

“First, I want you take off your panties.” He said.

Without questioning Erica lifted herself up and slid her panties off, slid them down her legs, off her feet and then she laid them on the table. She gave Alan a look that said “command me and I will do it” and she kissed him and said “yes my husband”.

“Next we toast to us, to a married couple that found love again in each other.” Alan said.

They clinked their glasses together and both took a long swallow of champagne. Alan took another mouthful of champagne and then kissed Erica, sharing his mouthful of champagne with her. But their mouths stayed together in a loving kiss long after the champagne was gone.

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