Erotic Massage Diary

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Big Dicks

I’ve been wanting to write some stories about people I massaged while working as a masseur in a big hotel in Las Vegas. The stories are true, I’ve only changed names to keep from causing trouble for anyone.

I’m not sure where to start, so I’ll begin out of order, just writing about what comes into my memory.

She was from Reno and her name was Debra. She was a mature woman in her mid 40’s and it was obvious she had been very attractive in the past. She still was, and her only tribute to the aging process was long blonde hair that was interlaced with some gray. I never saw her with make-up, only in spa bathrobe, but I’m sure she was a stunningly beautiful woman when she dressed up.

I met Debra at the back entrance to the ladies spa and escorted her to my massage room down the hall. We entered the darkened room, her first and I asked her to disrobe, place her robe on the hook behind the door and place herself face down on the massage table. I stepped out of the room to give her some privacy, then knocked lightly and entered the room.

Debra had followed my instructions and I explained to her that I wanted her to enjoy her massage and if anything made her uncomfortable I wanted her to tell me. She murmured something in response and I began her massage.

Years ago, I had decided to start my female massage clients face down, on their stomach, because I found women relax better if they aren’t on their back and a strange man is looking at them and touching them. It seemed easier for them to relax, and they were more involved in the massage by the time I turned them over on their backs.

Debra killing county izle responded to my touch very well. She was quiet and somewhat introverted, but I felt that she was experiencing a lot pleasure during the massage. I began slowly, with a couple of long, deep strokes extending from her shoulders down her spine to her buttocks — then back up to her shoulders. She moaned inaudibly and I could feel her lower back arch slightly, elevating her firm buttocks. I continued the steady, kneading motions, working my way down her back to her buttocks.

When I arrived at Debra’s buttocks, I spread her legs slightly and draped her in a kind of diaper fashion with the drape towel. That way, one butt cheek was exposed, but her pubic area was covered. After thoroughly kneading the buttock with my hands, getting the feel of the flesh and muscle, I used my forearm, leaning over her and sliding the forearm from her buttock down her thigh to the place a bit above the point where the knee bends. Then I brought my forearm back up her thigh and dug it gently into her buttock, applying pressure to the hip as my forearm came up over her round butt. Finishing the left side, I moved to the right and repeated the process.

Moving down her hips, I took plenty of time working the thighs and buttocks, gently pulling the muslces in a way that spreads the lips of her vagina, ever so slightly. My heart raced when I did that, because the towel moved slightly, revealing her vagina. As I peeked, I could feel the cum dripping from my hard cock and my breath was coming faster.

After kıyma izle working Debra’s upper thighs I traveled down those shapely legs to her’s calves and feet. I slowly kneaded those sensitive calf muscles, finishing her *back half* with several long, sensual strokes up the back of her legs similar to the ones I’d began the massage with

The long strokes up the back of the legs are a favorite massage technique of mine. The move is very pleasurable and I’ve found that many women (and men) become aroused by that long slow, steady pressure on their legs.

Debra certainly was enjoying the massage and it was time to turn her over to work on her front half. I began on her neck, cradling her head in my hands, then working the muscles of her neck and shoulders with my strong fingers. I worked her arms and hands paying special attention to her fingers, then placed her arm alongside her head, as if she were reaching for something over her head. I slowly ran the palm of my hand up the side of her torso, feeling the curve of her ribs and the round softness of her breast. After duplicating the moves on her left side, I worked my way to her stomach and gently and firmly manipulated her stomach muscles.

Debra was enjoying the massage and although she wasn’t making any overt signs of wanting me to be more sensual, I felt she wanted me to go further. By this time, my erection was dripping and throbbing, but I refrained from touching her with it. I have learned through the years that there are less problems with massage if I focus on the pleasure of the client, rather koala man izle than my own. It’s also very erotic for me because the eroticism of the situation keeps incresing.

After massaging her stomach and lower abdomen, I traveled the fleshy journey down to her legs, once again focusing on those thigh muscles which were so well developed from exercise and proper diet.

As I continued to knead and manipulate her legs, her pelvis began to twitch slightly, then more pronounced. Her face revealed nothing, she was entirely self-contained, without any sort of

As I stroked up her legs, her pelvis would arch to meet my hands, as if she were trying to pull my hands closer to her sex. I kept up the pressure and the movements and she kept responding. I stroked closer to her *mons veneris* and Debra’s hips arched higher. I stroked closer and closer until my thumbs were sliding over the swollen lips of her vagina and she was arching her hips, raising her buttocks several inches off the table.

Suddenly, silently — her orgasm began. It surged up and those lean, strong hips and thighs bucked and jerked, then settled back onto the table and were still. It was a powerful orgasm that started deep in her loins and abdomen, coming into the open from somewhere deep in her physical and mental unconscious.

Strangely, I felt honored that she had shared such a powerful sensation with me. It had been a fascinating experience although I received no physical gratification.

We finished the massage and Debra said nothing — nor did I. There was nothing to say. We didn’t know each other, only some sensual, passionate side of ourselves had become acquainted with one another. There was no talk of: *”I’ll see you again”*, or any sort acknowledgment of friendship. I stepped out of the room, Debra put her robe on and I walked her back to the ladies side of the spa.

She did return for another massage, though.

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