Erotic Meeting

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A few years ago when I was single fancy and free I went hunting for a woman that would be wild. I wanted the type of girl that wouldn’t go home with me to meet my parents. I was in Southern California at the time and there were many girls to pick from. I decided that I would find one using a telephone messaging system that allowed users to talk live.

I am a good looking guy and back then I was in great shape too. I had a really spiffy house and a nice car and really nothing to hold me back. I met this woman on the phone system and she immediately wanted to talk to me in a one on one. I went for it! I was pretty horny at the time, as most of us guys are usually. One thing led to another and Rebecca and I were doing phone sex. Both of us were very actively masturbating. My 7″ cock was so engorged that the veins on it were popping out. It was one of those erections that you only get when you are really horny and very young. It was very hot and we were both really uninhibited. Unfortunately, these services bill you while you talk. I decided to give her my phone number so we could continue offline. She called me back immediately.

We both got satisfied on the phone and really wanted more. We both lived pretty close to each other and decided that since we were both single sane and extremely horny this was not something to pass up. She warned me that she was a very experimental girl when it came to sex. This excited me a great deal. Without hesitation, she gave me her address. I went for it once again!

That evening I went and picked her up in the High Desert area of California. She was everything she had promised and a bit more. almanbahis She had dirty blonde hair, stood about 5’4″ and was pretty fit. She was well endowed with large breasts in a push-up bra. She was in her late 20’s but lived with her mother, so we decided to go for a drive. At the time I had a pickup truck, so we decided to take this.

As soon as I got her around the block she was all over me. She was an amazing kisser and I thought her tongue was going to go down my throat. As I was driving, she began licking and sucking my neck. Not hard like a teenager, but soft and gently like a woman that is driven to feel good.

I saw a liquor store and stopped and bought a pack of condoms. She went in with me and picked out ribbed ones because they made her feel better. The clerk was amazed as I sauntered in with a visible erection in a pair of khaki shorts bought a bottle of Jim Beam and an 8 pack of Trojans with ribs. All the while this girl is feeling me up and sucking on my neck and kissing me. It was a really voyeuristic moment and I enjoyed it. So did the Middle Eastern cashier, as he smiled and wished us a good time.

I drove her out of town into the desert a ways onto some remote off-road areas I was familiar with. Before I could get out of my seatbelt we were all over each other. I finally extricated myself and led her to the back of the pickup. The bed had a liner made of plastic with those little ribs in it. We were fully naked in minutes as I tore off her clothes. She actually tore my underwear off of me rather than have me pull them down. I didn’t even have time for a condom, nor was I caring…

Rather than almanbahis yeni giriş just beginning to fuck her I decided I wanted to eat her out. She was completely shaved and very clean. She told me she had douched prior to my arriving and had gotten a Brazilian Bikini wax only a week before. What blew my mind was that she whispered in my ear that she had also done two enemas and was very clean down there. She would love it if I played with her ass.

This had been an extreme fantasy of mine to this point. I got her on all fours in front of me and began by playing my fingers over her bare ass and vagina. I worked my fingers from top to bottom and lubricated her anus with some spit. I then began to gently lick her anus and all around in circles. This drove her wild. I then fully engaged her anus with my mouth and began eating out her ass. It was dirty, disgusting and amazing at the same time. She was panting and grunting and said “I could do anything to her I wanted.” Then she came. She actually pee’d a little bit while she came. I lapped this up and tongued her from clit to asshole. I loved the wetness and the gyrations.

She then went down on me and sucked me like a pro. I could feel her tongue as it rolled around and massaged the tip of my cock. She was working my cock with amazing dexterity when she decided to ramp things up. She stuck a finger up my ass. This felt amazing and I almost came. She noticed I “was liking” it and told me to turn over. When I did this, she began finger fucking my ass and eating my asshole. I had not used an enema but had taken a shower and was reasonably clean – she didn’t care and neither did almanbahis giriş I. We were both intoxicated with the momentous sex we were having. I finally came all over the bed of my truck.

Afterwards we laid there side by side making out. Both of us had raunchy breath but didn’t care. The dirtiness of the whole thing had been a huge turn-on. I came back to life very quickly and began to fuck her without a condom. We were both ravenous. I was fucking her pussy and fingering her ass while she was fingering my ass. I sucked on her nipples and she actually bit mine. It was wild. I came hard inside her while she came again.

I laid back in the truck next to her, pretty spent. She was feeling very good and was not done. She asked if I would fuck her up the ass and I told her I would love to but I was too tired. She giggled and said she could fix that. She put her head between my legs and began licking my balls and asshole and everything in between. She blew air on me and it was very nice. I pulled her over and she positioned herself so I could do the same to her. Soon we were very aroused again.

I then laid on my back and she mounted me with her asshole. I reached around and played with her tits and her clit going back and forth. I slowly felt the tip of my cock penetrate into her asshole. It was very tight and silky smooth. I had never done this before and was surprised at the initial resistance followed by the “gliding to heaven” sensation. She was moaning and panting. I felt like I was going to tear her open but she wanted me to keep going. It was a really spiritual thing that I have only repeated a few times since. I came again like a bolt of thunder.

I ended up dating this girl for several months. She was bi-curious and this led to other adventures. One thing is for sure, while I was dating Rebecca I was encouraged to do anything sexual I could imagine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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