ESTIM Experiences Ch. 03

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DAY 1)

I have always had a large libido but I am 60!!

I’m laying here naked, horny, my cock is so hard, and I am all fired up. It feels so fucking good. So fucking hard and wet with an electrode around the base of my cock, I have one around the head of my cock, and one wrapped around my balls!! I am estimming my cock! I have been teasing myself over 90 minutes so far oh my god I am so aroused, throbbing, lusting, and dripping with precum!!

Oh yeah! Fuck! I am trying everyday to masturbate!! EVERY TIME it seems better. I feel so good aching, oh my god I can’t believe how good it feels, fuck yeah! oh my god I’m doing it right now!

I am thinking about pleasure, I’m thinking about hard cocks, wet pussies, nice big tits, nipples, silky spread thighs. Lingerie beauties…

I think about your swollen pussies and erect clits, squirting!

My mind is racing.

I like tight assholes, jerking off, watching porn,

I’m thinking about how good it feels when I cum, and about my need to do this, my need to get off, it fucking feels so fucking wonderful!!

I don’t want to stop!!

I just want to do this forever, just feel this forever: ecstasy, pleasure, sexual pleasure, sexual addiction, masturbation addiction, porn addiction, reveling in it all!!

I am going to cum soon!!

I’m speaking into my phone Escort Arnavutköy as I do this; what you’re seeing are my words as I do it, as I feel, as my balls are tightening up, my cock throbbing. I’m about to blow, oooh but I feel so good…! There it goes! Oh god! Yes! Oh yeah! Fuck! Oh fuck it’s cumming! Cumming…

I just came so fucking hard!!

Gobs of milky white gizm all over me feels so good, so intense.

I am going to do this again as soon as I have the opportunity.


Last night I had my phone on and was dictating a post into my blog as I was ‘stimming’ and was getting more worked up, as I had been doing it for awhile, all the time watching online porn and getting really turned on. I had found a particularly great clip 38 minutes long of a woman doing repeated tongue/blow jobs and looking so sexual, primal and it had me hard as hell.

The precum was flowing freely and I was so excited.

My cock was STIFF! The swollen purple head, with the rubber electrode fitted snugly under the head, and a metal ring electrode around the lower shaft, and a large rubber electrode wrapped around the base of my balls was doing its best to milk me!

By varying the intensity of the dual controls I could adjust the intensity of the strokes and found the exact setting Avcılar escort to feel the stroking, sensation, that fooled my brain into feeling a very similar sensation of getting a long, lingering blowjob. I played with the settings from time to time to vary the intensity to the lower or upper shaft, and this of course affected how my sack felt as well.

Edging like this makes me CRAZY. I was dripping and oozing, throbbing in ecstatic pleasure.

So as you can see from my upper part of this post which was in effect a recital as i did it, that I was in heaven! Words do not do it justice. However, my own words and the porn I was watching was exciting me over the edge!

Next time I am going to try to record an audio file and upload it.

Happy playing.

Stay hard.

Stay wet.

DAY 2)

Another horny morning watching porn. My cock seems reluctant at first. Came so hard last night, feels almost painful as I start to stiffen. However, I feel that familiar sensation, a soft tingle, slight tightness in my balls, as my cock starts to fill, harden and throb with pleasure. I gaze at the image of a hard cock, wired up like me, almost like watching myself. Hell, he even SOUNDS like me!

As his arousal progresses so does mine. I KNOW what he is feeling. I feel it too! His cock starts to ooze, Bağcılar escort bayan and swell. His head is disdended, tumescent; I look at mine, pulsing. I haven’t even turned on my unit yet and I’m already throbbing with lust.

Suddenly he lets out a loud moan, his cock spurts ropes of hot cum! This excites me so much it makes me crazy and I put on another clip.

This time it’s incredibly sensual woman, close up of her dripping swollen pussy. She is naked, moaning softly, has her hand rhythmically caresses and strokes her swollen clitoris. She’s literally dripping down the crack of her ass onto the bed. There are contractions, it is clear that she’s feeling really, really good. Her sighs increase, little sharp intakes of breath, her hips rocking, the inner cords of her silky smooth thighs prominently displayed. The effect this is having on my swollen penis feels astounding! I ease the power up a bit more and feel that tingling caressing up and down, from my balls to my throbbing cock head.

Is there any wonder why I want to do this all the time? I am so aroused, I need this so bad! The urge to cum so strong, I set my machine on steady pulse, This makes my cock feel so fucking good! I know I’m going to shoot my fucking load any second now! Frantically arching my back, thrusting my hips back and forth in just a feeling of constant, pleasure, my balls tense, my eyes grow hazy, I let out a grunt, and then a loud moan of ecstatic sexual bliss, spreading across my entire groin, as spurt after spurt of hot, juicy, thick wet cum shoots out of the swollen purple head of my excited prick. As the last bit oozes forth, I breathe deep, feeling wonderful…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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