Eugene’s Fantasy

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He walked hesitantly towards the door, reminding himself that he needed this tonight. Today’s episode kept running through his mind. His long term affair with his secretary of ten years had ended. Her husband had gotten a promotion but they had to move across the country for his new position. So Ms. Proctor turned in her resignation and told him that she was pregnant and that he could be the father. She thought she would be comforting him by saying that she asked nothing of him and that jack would raise him.

Denise was happily married but she had been restless for a while and her boss, Mr. Humperdink, had what it took to calm her. Her husband never suspected a thing or never let it show if he did. They were their own kind of perfection.

Eugene Humperdink finally reached the entrance of the cat house, shaking he closed his eyes and a calming breath before entering.

“Hey Mack, you coming in or what?” a gruff voice asked, startling Eugene.

“Um-um-um,” Eugene cleared his throat. “I’m coming in.”

The bouncer opened the door and held out his hand for the cover charge, “Five dollars.”

“For what?”

“For what? Whaddya mean, for the cover that’s what. Five dollars pay it or get out of here before I bash your face in.”

Eugene quickly gave the man the money and proceeded to the booth at the end of the hall. Straightening his bow tie and glasses he came up close to the round circle cut out of Plexiglas window, “Good evening.” His voice was weak with fear.

“Whatcha want?”

Trying to pretend to be cool he slouched a little gave a half smirk and asked, “Whatcha got?”

“Listen bub I ain’t got time for games. Tell me what you want or get out.”

Eugene’s meekness returned to him and he shyly stated, “I don’t know what I want. I’ve never been to a place like this before.”

The old wrinkly bitter woman on the other side of the glass chuckled a bit, the cigarette in her mouth bobbed. The raspy voice of a longtime smoker filled her lungs as she spoke, “A newbie huh? Ok, newbie here’ how the game’s played. I’m gonna give you a list of girls that are available and pick one.”

“I’m just picking a name?”

“Look we’re working on the system, ok? Right now all you got is a name and a picture. Better for you Newbie?”

“Well, I guess.”

“Rates vary per girl; they have their own menu of goodies with their own prices. Here, this is the list of girls currently available.” She handed over the print out of beautiful working girls. The poses were mostly nudes focusing on their best feature, and all had hypnotizing smoldering gazes.

After looking over them all intensely Eugene picked one, “I’ll take her.” He handed back the list. “She’s pretty.” Eugene blushed a little; he hadn’t been this expressive since the last night he and Denise made love. He had told her he loved her and she had cried, leaving immediately.

“Nice choice, Constance will be gentle with you, I’ll buzz her.”

Eugene took a deep breath.

He listened to the woman’s conversation with, whom he guessed was Constance, on the other end of the phone.

“Hey hun. . . Yeah, he’s a newbie. . . yeah, real timid,” she laughed after a short pause. “You running that kind of game tonight. . . I don’t know if he’ll go for that. . . Yeah, could be right about that.”

Eugene’s shoulders slumped lower as well as his self-esteem.

“Hey buddy,” the receptionist beckoned. “You got a second choice?”

Eugene’s broken heart bled as tears threatened to flow but he cleared his throat, “No, if she doesn’t want me I’ll just go home.”

“Ain’t that buddy, we just don’t think you’ll like her theme for tonight or the game she’s running.”

“If I don’t like it I’ll pay her what I owe her and then I’ll go home.”

“Ok buddy, it’s your dime,” she responded and relayed the message to the person on the phone. “Ok, she’ll be down in fulya escort a minute.”


“Are you Catholic?”

“Do what?”

“Hi there, I’m Constance,” the brunette said as she descended the stairs. Long shiny hair, exotic tan features and miles of legs. She wore a black silk robe, fire engine red lipstick and the color of her eye shadow was a dark but bright blue color setting off her matching eyes.

Eugene could do nothing but stare; he looked from the perfectly sculpted eyebrows down to the luscious mouth, full and firm breasts, thick but not fat core, blooming pelvis, olive colored legs, and the blue toenails that peeked out of the black furry stiletto heels.


Constance laughed; walking up to him she slipped an arm around his, “What’s your name hun?”

“It’s- it’s Eugene, Eugene Humperdink,” he swallowed hard.

“Ok Eugene, well when we get upstairs to my room, we’ll talk about what you’re looking for, prices, and work from there, ok?”


Constance led Eugene back up the stairs to her private room. She shot a look over her shoulder to the woman at the booth and mouthed ‘Eugene Humperdink’ which made both women chuckle. The booth lady shook her head.

Once in the room Constance sat Eugene down on her bed and brought over the vanity chair directly in front of him but before she sat down herself she made sure he was comfortable, “You thirsty Eugene? I have a beer if you want one.”

“Oh no thank you ma’am, but if you have water I’ll take some.”

“Sure sweetie,” Constance made her way to the little fridge in the room. “So tell me something about yourself Eugene?”

“What would you like to know? Because honestly, there’s not much to tell.”

“Oh I’m sure there is,” Constance replied.

“Oh no the most outrageous thing I’ve ever done was sleep with my secretary who’s happily married. She resigned today; her husband got a promotion that requires them to move cross country. She’s pregnant and it might be mine but I’ll never know. I loved her.”

Constance sat back in her chair, stunned, “If that was the most outrageous thing I’d hate to hear your other stories.”

“No that’s it. I was a nerd in high school, a nerd in college. I kept to myself, no real friends, good relationship with my parents and my family. I’m an only child and I didn’t lose my virginity until after I started my own businesses to Denise, my secretary.”


“What?” Eugene asked. He didn’t realize he had zone out while talking.

“How long had your affair with Denise lasted before she decided to end it?”

“Ten years. She told me after we’d made love for the first time that I was the best she’d ever had and that I was a quick learner.”

“Mmhmm,” Constance listened closely to gain information needed to fulfill his pleasure.

“I feel like I’m talking to a shrink.”

“Good I’ll charge you double.”

Eugene made a nervous laugh then looked down into his lap.

“I was just kidding, the shrink session is free,” Constance tried to rectify. “Eugene, sweetie, relax, because I’m here for you and your pleasure. We dn’t do anything you’re not comfortable with. Ok? So why don’t we talk about what you want out of this and I’ll name my price.”

Eugene replied with a shrug of the shoulders, “Okay.”

Satisfied with the answer Constance began to pry into this man’s mind, “All right handsome, what are you into?”

“Well,” Eugene cleared his throat. “Denise and I weren’t very exploratory, boring really, when compared to others.”

“Explain it to me further.”

“You know, the usual positions, we’d alter though, one or the other on top.”


“I guess.”

“Okay, did you two participate in any oral sex? Blowjobs, hand jobs, lick her pussy, finger fuck her, anything like that?”

“Yes. It’s like you can enjoy gebze escort the pleasure entirely without distraction and I greatly enjoyed watching Denise while I pleasured her.”

“Okay, all right,” Constance listened intensely. “What about sixty-nine’s and titty fucking? Ever did that?”

“No. Never thought about that.”

“Would you be willing to?”

“I assume so.”

“Ok, we can try that tonight if you would like to.”

“I’ll think about it.”

“Okay,” Constance decided to plunge forward. “So what would you like to do tonight?”

“Well now that you’ve got me thinking about the one night that Denise had teased about having fantasy night,” Eugene chuckled. “She said that she would get a French maid costume or a Catholic nun or a nurse. I liked the idea of her dressing up as a Catholic nun. I was raised Catholic, went to Catholic school and I had a teacher, she was young and beautiful. I was just a teenager at the time; she had to have been in her twenties. I would dream of her, flirt with her and try to seduce her. I knew I’d never have her but I had a ray of hope.” Eugene came back to the present. “Denise never did.”

“Do you want me to be your nun?”

Eugene thought about her offer mixed with his own desire of the past and need of right now, “Yes I would.”

“Okay,” Constance started. “What do you want me to do as your nun?”

“I don’t know, I need a guiding light.”

“Okay Eugene, I’ll toss out ideas until you’re comfortable enough to do it on your own.”

Eugene agreed, Constance excused herself to prepare or his fantasies. Eugene sat nervously on the bed until Constance came out from behind the curtain.

There among the translucent shell shaped beads she posed. Tan legs and latex, she was the smoldering hot nun. The latex dress came mid thigh showing off her shapely legs, the cap sleeves revealed her tone arms. The front of the dress mocked that of a normal habit, her head dawned the same as what nuns would wear. She wore black stilettos and fishnet thigh highs where the tops showed under the dress.

“This work for you?” Constance asked seductively.

Eugene’s jaw dropped, “I don’t remember the teachers dressing like that but I wished they would’ve, I’d have enjoyed class more.”

Constance laughed as she walked over to the bed. She decided to straddle his lap instead. She stood over him, looking down into his nervous eyes.

“Relax Eugene, I’ll make a deal with you, if you aren’t one hundred percent satisfied with tonight you won’t owe me a dime. Okay?”

Eugene thought it over, “Yeah, okay.”

“Good, now unless you’ve thought of something you’d like to do . . . to me, I’ll toss out a couple ideas now.”

“Right now I’d like to touch you in this, get to know you and your body, if that’s all right?”

“Sure baby,” Constance replied.

Eugene wrapped his hands around each of her legs, running them up and down, “You have nice legs, real smooth.”


Eugene moved his hands over her dress that covered her ass, which was plump but firm. He slid his hands up further along her back, his thumbs brushed against the sides of her breasts. Constance’s breath caught in her throat.

“Okay?” Eugene asked.

“Oh yeah,” Constance replied.

Eugene began to bring his hands around to cup her breasts fully.

“Full and firm, like your butt, I think you’re perfect in every way.”

“No I’m not Eugene, far from it.”

“Are to me.”

“You’re too kind.”

“Maybe but its true. You are perfection to me,” Eugene spoke while kneading and teasing her breasts.

She moaned in pleasure as the heat began to rise in her body, “Okay, I’ll let you win.”

“Lemme see your breasts Constance, I want them,” Eugene’s voice came out raspy and filled with passion.

Constance did as she was asked. Her breasts were full, gültepe escort luscious, and tan with no lines, her nipples were a lighter shade of brown and rock hard from Eugene’s caress.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Eugene breathed out as he brought one breast to his mouth. Constance’s hands braced her hands on Eugene’s shoulders. This urged Eugene on as he teased and suckled her wonderful chest, reveling in the pleasure hi was giving her.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe she’s leaving you,” Constance breathed out heavily.

Eugene stopped, looked up and Constance met his gaze.

“Oh I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to bring her into this.”

“That’s okay,” Eugene slipped a hand under dress and found lips moist and warm. Constance, her breath sucked in sharply as his hands crept inside her folds of her womanhood. Once again his mouth sought out her nipple as his fingers found her clit and rubbed it till she came with a loud moan. Again he probed a finger deep inside her, bringing out a finger full of glistening cream; sticking it in his mouth he sucked it clean.

Constance sat, still straddling his lap. He brought his lips against hers, her tongue parted and invaded his mouth, probing and tasting the flavors her juices mixed with his own. She wrapped her legs around him and he pulled her closer to him so she could feel his growing erection.

“I could be wrong but I think I’m in love,” Eugene broke the kiss. “I’m willing to sleep on it though.”

Constance laughed, throwing her head back which Eugene took the opportunity to run kisses down the column of her throat to her shoulder back don to her breasts.

“Keep this up and I might run to the same conclusion,” Constance whispered in Eugene’s ear.

Eugene’s erection grew to its peek and Constance slid off his lap to kneel on the floor in front of him, spreading apart his legs. Slowly she took in the head of the penis, sucking gently at first then slid down further to take in more until she reached the base, her hands came up and coupled his balls, massaging and fondled them. She sucked harder and tighter being urged on by his moaning which became louder.

“C’mere baby, I wanna be inside when I cum,” Eugene whispered softly, tugging her to him.

Constance came up to his lap, crawling and laying him down in the process. She straddled and together they guided him into her hole. She groaned as he entered her, she began pumping and driving, the urge to cum being the only focus. Hands roamed over body parts and mouths rubbed and planted kisses.

“Oh Constance, baby, I’m cumming. I can’t hold on anymore,” Eugene rasped out.

“Eugene just try to hold on a little bit longer, I’m almost there,” Constance urged.

“Okay baby,” Eugene agreed and tried his best to hold on to the edges of his erotic abyss.

Constance suddenly bucked ad sat rigid, breathing heavily as her climax overtook her.

“Look at me,” Eugene said. Constance obeyed as his juices splashed against her walls.

“Beautiful,” Eugene whispered as she fell on top of him and his arms came around him while he died inside her.

“You’re the best one I’ve ever had,” Constance complimented him while propping up on his chest.

Eugene smile, “I’ll bet you’ve said that to all the men.”

Constance leaned up, “No Eugene, I haven’t.” She leaned over him to look him closely in the eye. “In fact, if you’ll have me, I love you and would like to have you take me away from here.”

“Why, don’t you like it here?”

“I won’t be able to work now.”

“Why not?”

“Because I’m pregnant.”

Eugene’s eyes widened, “Why didn’t you tell me?! What are you doing working?”

Constance laughed, “No silly, I mean that I’m fertile and we didn’t use a condom, I’m not on birth control, so we just conceived.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah pretty sure.”

“Let’s get you married and get you out of here because I don’t share well.”

“Do you love me?”

“Yes, Constance I do.”


“Just one question, why me?”

“I don’t know,” Constance replied and then began to think. “I guess I just had this feeling.”

“Well little mama, let’s go.”

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