Everything is Right

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I was standing over the stove, stirring a pot of his favorite soup when he walked in. I didn’t turn, but a smile creeped across my face. My Master was here, and all was right in the world.

I heard him drop his keys on the table, and take off his shoes. He walked over to me, and moved my hair to one side to kiss my neck. His hands found his favorite place – my pregnant belly. His pregnant belly. Where our child was growing.

On most days, I felt like a cow. I couldn’t move the way I used to. Everything was harder to do. But on the few nights he was here, I forgot all that. I remembered that I was his, completely. I was giving him the greatest gift I could.

His kisses became more frantic as he rubbed my distended stomach. I could feel his body pressed against my back, his cock growing hard. My smile widened. I doubted we would make it through dinner at this rate.

I was wearing what I always wore during these visits – an apron, heels, and my collar. Nothing else. Thinking of my collar, my hand floated to my neck. So many lonely nights. So many lonely days. But my collar always got me through it. It was the source of all of my strength. When I was going through morning sickness, and had no one to hold my hair, I started binding it with my collar. So in that way, he was with me, helping me. When I had late night cravings, and no motivation to get up, I felt my collar and found the motivation I needed. And when I was alone, unable to sleep, worrying about my future, the collar was there, too. To remind me that Master was there, even if only in spirit.

Master notice my hand, and took it in one of his. He moved my hand to my throat, where the lock rested. He stood there for a moment, his had over mine as I held onto the symbol of my ownership. xhamster porno

He turned me around, then, and noticed that a few tears had fallen from my eyes. They were happy tears, full of love and acceptance. He kissed them from my cheeks, and told me to go to the bedroom and prepare myself for him. He would take care of dinner.

When I got into the bedroom, I took off my apron and heels, rubbing my feet gratefully. He always gave me time for this now – it was getting harder and harder to stuff my swollen feet into the little shoes. Again I thought of how lucky I was to have him.

I then lowered myself to my knees – this was getting harder each time, too, but still possible – put my head down, and waited.

A few minutes later, I heard him walk in. I didn’t look up, as was our custom. He liked to look at me, submissive and pregnant, undisturbed. I waited patiently as he walked around me. Sometimes I would feel him lightly touch my back, my shoulder, my knee. Then he put his hand to my chin and lifted my face up gently.

He was already naked, and completely aroused. I felt my mouth starting to water as I imagined sucking his dick. That was my favorite pastime. He moved closer to me, and put it against my closed mouth. This, too, was a test. I was not to open my mouth until he gave me the order to. It was very difficult, as he was pressing his cock against my lips. Teasing me. Testing me.

“Good girl. Now, show Master how much you love his cock.”

I did it gladly. It had been almost two weeks since I had seen him last, and even pregnant, I had needs. I took him into my mouth slowly at first, teasing the tip with my tongue, swirling it around in my mouth, savoring it. But soon, I couldn’t be satisfied yaşlı porno with only a taste, and I started sucking it in earnest. I heard him moan, and it prompted me to redouble my efforts. Master was pleased. I was happy. The world was gone.

“My pet, you are going to make me cum,” he groaned. “I’m not done with you yet.” he added, as he pulled out of my mouth.

I couldn’t keep the disappointment from my face, and he chuckled. “Always such a good pet. Don’t worry, you’ll get more. Now, lay on the bed, on your back.”

I complied, and he came over to where I was. He spread my legs apart, exposing me to him. I was embarrassed – I couldn’t really shave anymore, as I was getting too big. He didn’t seem to mind, though. He settled in between my legs, and started rubbing my clit, looking at me intently. I could already feel myself coming close to climax – it had been too long.

“You are not to cum until I tell you to.” he said. Fuck.

I started mentally working myself down from climax, but it was difficult. He was rubbing my pussy furiously, and it felt so amazing. The heat radiating from his body was turning me on even further. I started panting, and squirming, as much as I could. I felt like a turtle with my body like this.

Abruptly, he stopped. Just in time. He moved his hands now, to cradle my stomach. My baby. He rubbed the area gently, and kissed it. It was incredibly sweet, and also somewhat hot. This was, after all, a gift for my Master.

His hands moved up and found my swollen breasts. They were hyper sensitive lately, and he knew it. He touched the nipples gently, softly, and I could feel myself getting aroused again. Suddenly, he grabbed my nipples and pulled. Hard. I screamed, and as I did, aldatma porno felt him thrust into me as hard as possible.

My body was a mass of pleasure and pain. He didn’t release my nipples, but the feeling of him inside of me, moving in and out, while his body pressed against my stomach was enough to counteract it. He fucked me as deeply as he could, but slowly, savoring the feel. I felt myself getting closer and closer to orgasm, and didn’t know how to stop it. The feeling of him inside of me was too much. I was overwhelmed, and unable to stop, my panting giving away my state.

He released my nipples, and pulled out, letting me recover. I was so close that even the smallest stimulation would have pushed me over the edge. I felt myself sobbing from the effort to cool down, and he was there, rubbing my hair, kissing my cheek, and whispering sweet things in my ears. After an eternity, I was back to normal.

“Now lay on your side, my pet.”

When I did, he got behind me. He wrapped his arms around me, and placed his hands on my belly, holding me close to him. This time, when he entered me, it was slow, and soft, and gentle. His hands explored my changed body, rubbing, caressing. I was in total bliss, and felt myself coming close to orgasm again. His thrusting got deeper, and faster, and I knew he was close, too. I moved against him as best I could, and he held me close, one hand on my enormous stomach, feeling both me and the gift I was giving him.

I could hear him panting now, and wanted nothing more than to have his cum inside of me. We moved together, and I placed my hand over his, urging him to feel my pregnancy, wanting him to know that it was all for him. I was his, completely.

Just as I was about to explode, he whispered “cum for me.” in my ear. We came together, blown to pieces together. I felt his cock spasm inside of me as he filled me with his cum, and I came again. And again.

Afterwards, sweaty, tired, and panting, we lay there, his arms around me, hugging me close.

All was right in the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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