Eve’s Surprise

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Eve was excited while she got ready to go to her boyfriend’s house. Jason had called and asked her over, telling her he had a surprise for her. Eve liked Jason’s surprises; they usually involved her taking all her clothes off and the two of them doing what comes naturally. Eve was 5′ 3″, brown hair and green eyes, she wished she weighed a little less, but Jason said he liked having more to hold. She liked the way Jason held her close. Eve hurried through a shower and threw on some clothes and headed straight to Jason’s.

When Eve got there, Jason answered the door quickly. They embraced, kissing passionately. That was one of the many things Eve like about Jason, he was such a GOOD kisser. After their greeting, Jason reminded Eve that he had a surprise for her. Jason produced a blindfold and asked Eve to put it on. This was a first, Jason had never asked her to do this before, but she complied with his request. When Jason was sure the blindfold was on securely he started leading Eve to the bedroom. Well, that was no surprise to Eve, but she wondered what his surprise could be?

As they entered the bedroom, Eve was surprised at the sounds and smells that reached her. She heard movement, and smelled cologne, or after-shave, or? What was that smell? As she stood with Jason behind her, he said to her “I hope you enjoy my surprise.” As he said that, he told Eve to keep her eyes closed until he told her to open them. He slowly took the blindfold off; Eve struggled to keep from peeking. Jason firmly placed his hands on Eve’s shoulders and told her to open her eyes. When Eve opened her eyes she saw seven naked men standing in Jason’s bedroom. That shocked her and she tried to take a step backward, but Jason’s firm grip would not allow it. “I think she has too many clothes on. What do you guys think?” Jason asked. Eve turned around to look at Jason with a question in her eyes. What was he thinking? She had never been in a situation like this before, and it bothered her. Maybe even scared her a little.

All the other men agreed with Jason and moved toward Eve. They began taking her clothes off, first her shoes and socks, her pants, and her shirt…all that was left were her bra and panties. She realized Jason had moved away from her. Where was he? Then the men slowly removed Eve’s panties and bra. Suddenly she felt many hands caressing her. Fondling her large pendulous breasts. She was beginning to get turned on. The next thing she new one of the men was sucking on her breast. Then another was at her other breast. Two man sucking her breasts at the same time. Eve thought she had died and gone to heaven.

The men slowly carried Eve to the bed and laid her down. Mouths again on her breasts and her mouth. Hungry, searching mouths. Eve was enjoying every second. Jason came to the bed and the other men stepped away, “She’s mine first” he said. He kneeled at the end of the bed, gently parted Eve’s legs, and marveled at her wet pussy. He had always enjoyed just looking at Eve’s pussy. He leaned forward and parted the lips of her pussy. Quickly he flicked her clit with his tongue, knowing how it drove Eve over the edge. She moaned, and at that Jason dove in for his feast.

His tongue seemed to go everywhere. Licking, searching the depths of her cunt. Eve moaned and writhed as Jason pleasured her more and more. As her juices flowed from her cunt, Jason knew she was getting close to coming. So, as abruptly as he had started, he stopped eating her. She moaned “no…don’t stop…” but he had something else in mind. He moved up so that he was above her, looking down at her beautiful face. “Do you remember the sex fantasy you told me about” he asked? “Well, today I’m going to make it come true.” She looked at him puzzled, then remembered the night they got drunk and were telling each other their sex fantasies. Eve never would have told this to anyone any other way, but drunk. Then she realized exactly what he had planned for her, an afternoon of hot sex with all these naked men in his bedroom.

“Ohhh…” she moaned as she realized the fun she was about to have. At that Jason moved his hard cock to the lips of her pussy. He pushed slightly, so that only the tip of his cock entered her. She moaned again, she loved having Jason’s hard cock inside her. She knew how he liked to tease her. He moved the tip of his cock in and out and few times, then he began to push farther and farther inside her, a little at ümraniye escort a time. Finally, when he knew she couldn’t stand much more he thrust hard inside her. She screamed in ecstasy at the feeling of his entire cock inside her. He began thrusting, in and out, in and out, faster and faster. Eve was moaning and writhing under his body. As he thrust faster and faster, she new she was about to cum, and so did Jason. He kept at her harder and harder until finally she screamed and her body began to shudder. Jason could feel her cunt pulsing around his hard cock. Soon he could feel the point of no return fall upon him and he plunged his cock deeper insider her cunt as he came, and came, emptying himself inside her.

As their breathing began to slow, Jason looked at Eve lying below him and whispered, “Have a good time!” At that, he pulled his cock from her and walked away from the bed.

One of the men came to the bed and said, “Hi, my name is Eric.” It was then Eve looked around and realized these men were all on Jason’s softball team. No wonder they were all so tanned and so well built. She had never realized how well built they were before this. Eve said “Hi” to Eric as he joined her on the bed. Eric kissed Eve, his tongue searching her mouth. It seemed strange to have someone other than Jason kissing her, but she liked it. As Eric kissed her he rubbed his hands over her tits, pinching the hard nipples. Eve like that too.

Then Eric told Eve “Get on your hands and knees.” Eve complied. Eric then came up behind her, and put his hands on her thighs, parting them a little. Then he guided his cock inside her wet, hot pussy. The sensation of another man’s cock entering her excited her even more. Eric thrust his hard cock inside Eve, filling her up completely. He put his hands on her hips and the two of them started fucking. Eric thrust deeper and faster and Eve’s butt was meeting every one of his thrusts. She could hear her butt slapping against Eric as he entered her deeper and deeper. Her breasts were wildly bouncing with every thrust. Eric could feel his cock filling Eve, a woman he had never been with before. It excited him. She had a tight, firm butt and her cunt was tight too. No wonder Jason had always boasted about sex with Eve. Eric was thrusting faster and faster into Eve’s hot, wet pussy. Eve was moaning and breathing harder as they both got hotter and hotter. Soon Eve realized she was about to cum again, “Oh Eric, fuck me harder” she said. But Eric was about to cum also, he was thrusting harder and harder and soon both of them came together. Eve screamed, Eric moaned and their bodies shuddered and shook at the explosion going on inside Eve’s cunt. Soon their breathing slowed and Eric removed his cock from Eve’s hot cunt. He kissed her again and then left.

The next man that joined Eve on the bed was Gary. He was one of only two black men on the softball team. Eve’s heart beat a little faster; she had never been with a black man before. Gary came up to the bed and joined Eve and he kissed her gently. He seemed so gentle to her. He seemed to enjoy kissing Eve because he continued to kiss her passionately for quite some time. When he stopped, he looked deep into Eve’s eyes and said, “Jason always said you were most beautiful when you were in bed.” Eve blushed at the thought of Jason telling stories about their lovemaking to the other men.

Gary said to her, “Don’t blush. He was right.” He kissed her again, then he told her to lie on her left side. Eve was beginning to get used to these men telling her what to do. She rather liked being submissive, today. Eve lay on her left side and Gary came up behind her and kissed her neck. He then gently lifted her right leg into the air, as he did this he gently pushed his hard black cock toward her hot pink pussy. Eve could feel him sliding up behind her, and she couldn’t wait until his hard cock was inside her. Soon she had her wish; first he tentatively pushed the tip of his cock into her hot cunt. She shuddered slightly at the teasing man.

Then while holding her leg, he thrust hard and deep into Eve’s cunt, she screamed with pleasure, her eyes closed as she concentrated on the hard cock inside her. When she opened her eyes, she noticed the TV across the room was on. Then she realized she was watching a hard black cock going in and out of pink a pussy. She looked again and saw one of the men holding a video camera, aimed at pendik escort her! They were video taping the whole thing! At first she didn’t like the idea, then she realized she would be able to watch the video by herself, or with Jason and they could reminisce about the afternoon.

Gary realized he had lost Eve’s attention because of the camera, and he wanted to get it back. So he managed to reach his hand over to Eve’s hot cunt, fingering her clit while his hard cock was thrusting inside her. Boy did he get her attention back, and quick. This added sensation brought a moan from Eve and a smile to Gary’s face. He began to thrust harder and faster. Eve began moaning… “Don’t stop Gary.” He had no intention of stopping any time soon. No matter how many other guys were waiting to have their way with Eve. Gary slowed down his thrusts a bit and began teasing Eve with his hard cock. Eve was getting so excited; she began fondling her own breasts, which turned Gary on even more. Soon both lovers realized they were getting close to coming. Gary began to thrust faster and faster inside Eve. Eve began breathing faster and faster and before they knew it, both of them came. Gary exploding inside Eve’s hot cunt. Eve taking every bit of cum from Gary’s cock. Soon it was time for Gary to leave Eve and let someone else have their turn. He gently kissed Eve and left her lying on the bed.

Next she recognized Jeffy coming towards the bed. Eve had watched him pitch many a game and had always marveled at his fluid movements on the mound. Jeffy joined Eve on the bed and kissed her. His tongue searching her mouth. When he stopped, he looked her in the eyes and smiled. “Come with me” he said. So she followed him across the room to a table. He told her to lie down on her back on the table, so she did. It was then that she noticed the perfect height of that table for his cock to slide right into her. Jeffy took Eve’s feet and placed them on his shoulders, gently parted her pussy lips and slid his hard cock into her. Eve had never made love anywhere but on a bed before, then again, she had never made love with anyone but Jason before.

With Jeffy standing in front of her, thrusting his hard cock into her, she didn’t know how many new sensations she could stand. But she hoped they would keep on coming anyway. Eve realized soon that Jeffy’s movements were as fluid in love making as they were on the field. He just seemed to slide in and out of her without any effort. Deeper and deeper he penetrated her, filling every bit of her. He began slowly, then speeding up a little at a time. Eve liked the feeling of this man’s cock inside her, moving in and out of her. He was so gentle, seemed to be taking everything so slowly. Eve was enjoying it, but thought she would never come again at this pace. But Jeffy surprised her. The angle of his cock inside her was rubbing in a way she had never felt before and before she knew it, she was coming again! As Jeffy realized she was coming, he began thrusting faster. Eve moaned and then she came, her whole body shuddering. This feeling excited Jeffy so much he came too. After, Eve wondered how Jeffy managed to stay standing, but he did. Jeffy leaned over and kissed Eve passionately, telling her how much he envied Jason. Eve blushed again.

Jeffy helped Eve off the table and led her back to the bed. Now a dark haired man approached the bed, he said his name was Andy. Eve could not remember seeing Andy at the games before, but he was very good looking. Andy kissed Eve then asked her if she had ever been fucked in her ass before. Eve quickly said no, and that she didn’t think she was ready to do it today either. Andy chuckled and smiled at her, then he told her that today was the day for all new experiences. Eve’s heart raced, she didn’t think she liked the sounds of this at all. Her eyes searched for Jason to rescue her, but he wasn’t there! Andy smiled at Eve and told her he would be very gentle with her, he had even brought some lubricating jelly. Eve still wasn’t too sure, but Andy was turning her around so that she was on her hands and knees. Next she felt his hand near her butt, and he put something cold on her ass. Eve was almost holding her breath, expecting the worst in this situation. But Andy just gently talked to her as he slowly brought his cock just outside her ass. Gently he began pushing his cock into her ass, he told Eve just to relax but she found it hard to do so. bostancı escort Soon his cock was beginning to penetrate her tight ass hole.

Eve cried out in pain, Andy told her just to relax. He pushed farther and farther into her ass, Eve realized the pain was subsiding and to her surprise she was getting turned on! Andy realized Eve was relaxing, so he started thrusting a little harder and little deeper into her ass. Soon he was sliding in and out of her ass just as the other men had from her cunt. Andy was really enjoying this tight ass, and the fact that no one had ever fucked Eve in her ass before. He was the first! Andy began to breath a little faster, and thrust a little faster, Eve realized he was close to coming. Soon he moaned and began to shudder and his hot cum was exploding into Eve’s ass. Andy pulled his cock from Eve’s ass, kissed her, smiled and walked away from the bed.

Eve was beginning to think she needed a break, but the only other black man on the team was approaching the bed. Steve was well built and quite handsome. He joined Eve on the bed, and began kissing her. Slowly he rolled over so that he was on his back. He asked Eve to come and sit on his cock. Eve had never done this before, and felt a little clumsy trying to climb on top of Steve. But Steve gently guided her until she was perched just above his hard cock. Steve held his cock while Eve gently lowered herself on it. As Steve’s cock slowly entered her she moaned, she realized she had control on how fast or slow his cock was going to enter her.

That excited her, Eve in control! She slowly slid down on top of Steve’s hard cock, feeling every inch of it entering her. Soon she was sitting on Steve with his entire cock inside her. Steve was smiling at her as she just laid there. He reached up and pulled her down so that they were face to face and he started kissing her. He started thrusting his cock in and out of Eve, a new sensation. She was beginning to just love these new sensations! She lifted herself up on her hands a bit which gave Steve the chance to grab her tits and fondle them. He pulled her a little closer so that he could also suck on them, while his hard cock was deep inside her pussy. This was almost too much for Eve, she felt herself coming again! Steve began thrusting faster inside her, Eve began breathing faster. “Oh God” Steve moaned as he came inside Eve. Eve too was coming, she sat straight up to feel another new sensation. Another that she thoroughly enjoyed. Eve climbed off Steve and lay on the bed next to him, he rolled over kissed her and left.

Eve lay there on the bed not knowing how much more she could take when the twins, Bill and Sam walked up to the bed. Now what, she wondered? The two men joined Eve on the bed, one sitting on either side of her. Eve still couldn’t imagine why they were both on the bed with her at the same time, but Bill soon explained it to her. “Have you ever had two men inside you at once?” Bill asked. Eve answered no, and wondered how two men could possibly be inside her at the same time? “Well,” Bill said, “today will be the day.” Sam told Eve to lay on her side. When she had he lay down in front of her, lifted her leg and slid his cock into her pussy.

As Sam did this, Bill lay down behind Eve. Eve was still wondering how two men were going to get inside her at the same time. Then Bill gently raised Eve’s leg a little more, she realized she felt his cock coming up from behind her. Then before she knew it, Bill slid his hard cock into her ass! This is not what Eve was expecting, but boy did it feel good! Two men inside her at once! The twins began making love to her, they seemed to have a rhythm all their own. Eve was beyond anything she had ever experienced before! The two men both had their arms around her, one kissing her mouth, the other kissing her neck. Talk about sensory overload!

It wasn’t long before Eve felt herself about to come again. From her quickened breathing Bill and Sam knew Eve was about to cum, so they quickened their pace. Soon all three were coming at the same time. One in Eve’s cunt, the other in her ass! Eve the human sandwich between to very talented men. Before Bill and Sam got up, they both kissed her and smiled.

Before she knew it, Jason had come up and was sitting on the bed with Eve. “Well,” he asked “how did you like that?”

“That was unbelievable!” she remarked. Jason suggested Eve go take a shower in the bathroom, which sounded like a wonderful idea to her. She got up off the bed feeling a little shaky and walked to the bathroom, with seven men watching her naked body move by them. This was all just too exciting for Eve, but she wished it wasn’t ending.

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