Exotic Seduction

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As she stood waiting for the door to open, Britney realized how nervous she was. She knew she was in awe of her boss, I mean who wouldn’t be. In her mid forties and running a big company yet she could easily be mistaken for a thirty year old. Britney had no idea what her Mrs. Carlson wanted her to do today, she just hoped she didn’t screw it up.

The door opened suddenly and there stood Mrs. Carlson clad only in a sports bra and gym shorts.

“Come on in Britney, I just got back from the gym. I’m glad you could make it to help today. Come on back to my bedroom, I won’t be a minute.”

As Britney sat on her bed, her boss went into her bathroom and from where she sat; she could see Mrs. Carlson stripping off her clothes in the bathroom mirror. Naked, there was no mistaking Mrs. Carlson for thirty as Britney could see her boobs were beginning to sag and her tummy was going soft. Even so, Britney thought she still looked sexy and she only hoped she would look as good when she got to be that age. She watched her slip a beach cover-up on and then return to the bedroom.

“I hope you’re not in a hurry, I’m just too sore from the gym to go right to work. I’m going to soak in the Jacuzzi for a while, will you join me.”

“Mrs. Carlson, I don’t have a suit, I…”

“That’s OK if you’ll go naked I will too.”

With that, she shrugged her shoulders and the wrap slipped off her body and fell to the floor.

Britney didn’t know what to do, did she dare tell her boss no and there was something else, she found she wanted to casino siteleri do it. Without a word, she started to unbutton her blouse. She folded her top and laid it on the bed and when she turned back around Mrs. Carlson was standing only inches from her.

“Britney, is that an under-wire bra you’re wearing? You know dear they are not good for your breasts, here let me show you.

She reached around behind her and unclasped her bra, then pulled the straps from her shoulders. She picked one of Britney’s breasts up and rubbed the upper part.

“Do you feel this muscle, right here? Well, if you keep wearing under-wire bras in your twenties when you get to be my age that muscle will have no definition and will feel like this.”

She took Britney’s hand and placed it on her breast to show her the difference. As she held her hand in place, she reached with her free hand to take Britney’s nipple in her fingertips.

“You have such nice large nipples; I love large nipples on a girl.”

All Britney could do was moan when next her boss leaned over and kissed her. As they stood nipple to nipple and lips to lips, Britney could feel the heat rising in her body. She felt her boss’ hands holding her hair and she put her own hands to Mrs. Carlson’s face. Somehow, they ended up on the bed with her boss offering her a breast. She hungrily kissed it and put it in her mouth. She found the faint salty taste of her sweat very erotic and began to lick down the side of her breast to taste more. They went back to kissing with their tongues canlı casino entwined and their mouths wet. Their hands rubbed across each other’s bodies as they explored with passion.

When Mrs. Carlson broke their kiss, the disappointment was obvious in Britney’s face.

“Don’t worry baby, I’m not stopping I just want to get you more comfortable.”

She unbuttoned Britney’s shorts and as she lifted her butt to help, Mrs. Carlson slid them down her legs. Next to come off were the tiny panties that Britney liked to wear and when her boss held them to her nose to catch her scent, it made Britney even wetter than she was before.

She ached to feel her boss’ mouth on her sex but instead she lay on top of her and they began to make out again. They rubbed their breasts together nipple to nipple and Britney began to fear she might pass out from the heat the two were generating between them. Mrs. Carlson slipped down to her breasts again and as she kissed her nipples, she would bite them hard enough to cause some minor pain. Each bite sent shock waves straight to her groin and she began to hump her boss’ thighs to ease the throbbing in her sex. Lower and lower Mrs. Carlson’s kisses trailed down her body.

Britney could no longer stand the wait and she pushed her boss’ head down to between her legs. She reached to her vulva with both hand to spread them for her boss’ enjoyment. A strange thought popped into her head that she was acting as a wanton slut. But, that was just what she was, a wanton slut as she hungered for relief kaçak casino from the fires burning inside her womb. As soon as Mrs. Carlson put her lips around Britney’s clitoris she orgasmed but still she wanted, no needed more. She held her boss’ head to her sex in a demand for further satisfaction and her boss was glad to give it to her. Her orgasms were coming in waves, once, twice, three times and still more until all of sudden as if spent, she became too sensitive to be touched. She pushed her boss away and closed her legs tight.

Mrs. Carlson crawled back up to lie with her and as they kissed she could taste her own cum on her boss’ lips. Although she felt weak and maybe even a little shaky, she wanted to return the favor. She turned her on her back and reached down to put her mouth to her sex. She had never done anything like this before so she hoped she didn’t disappoint but she had to try, she wanted to try. She lapped at her slit experimentally and found the taste erotic to say the least. She plunged her tongue deep inside her and then ran it up her slit to her clit. She remembered what Mrs. Carlson had done to hers and tried to return the favor. She softly bit her clit as she licked the tip when she moaned in approval she bit down even harder. When her boss screamed, Britney feared she had injured her but instead she found she had made her cum and cum hard.

Later after coaxing two more orgasms out of her, she stopped and then lay down next to her and only then did she confess that she had never been with a woman before. This made Mrs. Carlson laugh and she told Britney that she would have to come over more often to practice. Britney sighed with pleasure as she told her she could think of no better way to spend a Saturday. Oh and they never did made it to the Jacuzzi.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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