Expanding My Horizons Ch. 06

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Over the past couple months Michael and I’s little game of pulling our sexual fantasies out of a box had opened me up to a whole new world of sex. I’ve orgasmed more times than I can count, had my boyfriend wearing my panties as I jerked him off, made him swallow his own cum from my mouth and my fingers, and teased him for an entire week without release. Most of these things he had to do because he either didn’t have the biggest cock I had ever head, or he hadn’t given me the best sex of my life. However, all of these things couldn’t prepare me for what was about to happen this weekend.

Friday night I pulled another fantasy out of the box, of course it was one of Michael’s as I had rigged the box and taken out all of my cards a few weeks ago. The card read: “If you’ve had your most adventurous sex with me then you are my slave for a day tomorrow, if it wasn’t with me then I am your slave all day tomorrow. Anything goes.” As much as I wanted to lie so I could have Michael as my slave, I told him for sure the last few weeks had been the most adventurous by far, so I was his all day tomorrow.

We had great sex that night with him whispering my ear the entire time about how he was going to make me pay for the things I had done to him the last few weeks. It was all in a playful manner, but I came over and over again with fantasies swirling in my head about what would happen tomorrow. I finally drifted off to sleep that night, not sure if I was ready for tomorrow, but trusting Michael and wanting to keep exploring.

Saturday morning I woke to find Michael’s big hands already twisting and pinching my nipples. When he felt me stir he slid down between my legs, pulled my panties to the side, and began to every slow lightly and slowly lick my pussy. I swear each lick of his tongue had to take ten seconds and in just a few short licks I was already moaning loudly. He never sped up, just kept his slow pace, lightly licking, starting to concentrate more on my clit. My hands ran through his air and just as I arched my back and felt a strong orgasm coming on he stopped. Completely stopped.

Michael sat up, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom, started the shower, and pulled me inside. He washed me from head to toe, concentrating on my breasts, my pussy, and my ass. His hands roamed all over me, he pressed me against the shower wall kissing me deeply. Before we were done he again started concentrating on my clit, bringing me close again but stopping and shutting off the water before I could get the orgasm I craved.

Michael handed me a towel and told me to wear whatever I wanted this morning and to get ready because we were going shopping in half an hour. I dried off and slipped into my tightest jeans which showed off my ass and a low cut halter top I know he loves. So far so good but fuck I was horny.

We arrived at the mall and Michael told me we were going to pick out something for me to wear to dinner tonight and that he would be picking it out. Inside the mall he headed towards Victoria Secret and said that first we needed something for under my clothes. He told me to find the skimpiest pair of white see through panties, just like the ones in the picture he had sent me last week, and a bra to match. He watched me as I browsed through the store, never far away. After I had found what I thought matched what the girl was wearing in the photo I brough them to him for approval and he agreed.

Just then a young sales girl walked up to us and asked if we were finding everything we needed. I thanked her and said I think we have everything. Then I reached down and picked up a pair of pink lace panties on the display in front of me and asked Michael what he thought of them. He stammered a second and I said “I think I like them baby. Maybe I’ll get a pair of these hakkari escort bayan too. I know, I’ll get you a pair and we can have matching panties. Excuse me, could you help me find a pair in his size? I think he wears probably a large, well maybe just a medium. He doesn’t need much room in the front.”

Michael’s face turned red and the sales girl laughed as she went through the panties until she found a size medium. I held them up in front of Michael as I told her they were perfect and I thought they would fit. I grabbed Michael’s hand and dragged him to the counter, buying the sheer white panties and bra I had picked out earlier along with matching pink lace panties for both Michael and I. Michael never said a word, he just followed me to the counter and out the door.

Back out in the center of the mall now I kissed Michael and slid my hand down the front of his pants, feeling him rock hard against my palm. I knew my little scene would turn him on after everything I had learned the last few months. I whispered in his ear that I couldn’t wait to see him in his own little panties. He told me that he couldn’t believe I had done that, that he loved it, but that he was going to get his payback later tonight.

Still rock hard he led me through the mall to a clothing store and had me try on about half a dozen skirts, each one shorter than the previous one. He settled on a gray and white checkered skirt that was probably only about 7 inches long. Standing it barely covered my ass and I’m sure if I bent over at all or sat down I would be on full display. He then started handing me shirts to try on, again each one lower cut than the last until he was satisfied and my tits were about ready to break free from the white low cut top. The material was so thin you could make out my large nipples.

Back home after our shopping trip we had some lunch and did a few chores around the house like it was any other weekend. Some time early that afternoon Michael told me to meet him in the bedroom. He stripped off my clothes, pushed me down on my knees at the foot of the bed, and told me he wanted a nice slow and sloppy blowjob. I don’t know about you, but something about being on my knees with a man’s cock in my mouth and his hand grabbing the back of my head really gets my motor running. I started to reach down and rub my clit but Michael noticed and pulled me up, warning me not to touch myself again.

He then laid back on the bed and I continued to wrap my lips around his cock, taking my time and making sure it was one of the best blowjobs of his life. He was getting close, his breathing changing, his hips starting to raise up and thrust his cock further into my mouth. Just as he was about to cum I sat up and started to talk to him as he neared his orgasm. “Please Master cum for me, cum hard in my mouth, fill it up with your cum. I’m going to wrap my lips around you and finish you, my tongue swirling around you. Remember though, just because your my Master today does not mean you have the biggest cock, so I will still be feeding it back to you after.”

With that said I slipped his cock back between my lips. I felt his hand clawing at my back, pulling me deeper, his back arched, he cried out and came hard. He quickly filled my mouth and I it started to run down my chin. I kept him inside my warm wet mouth until he was spent and then quickly slid up his body, grabbing his face with both hands and kissing him deeply. I pushed all of his cum back into his mouth with my tongue, kissing him deeply until he swallowed it all down. After it as over he once again warned me I would pay for that tonight.

As evening approached Michael instructed me to get cleaned up, shave myself nice and smooth, and put on the items we had purchased earlier in the day. I was hakkari escort so horny from all of the teasing today with no relief but I managed to make it through the shower without going ahead and giving myself a quick orgasm. Michael had laid out our previous purchases on the bed and I slipped on the sheer white panties and bra, followed by the tiny checkered skirt, and the almost as sheer white top. I slipped on some low black heels, a black choker, and big silver hoop earrings to complete the look.

Heading out the door Michael told me we had one more stop to make before dinner. I flashed him getting in the car, knowing every time I got in and out of the vehicle the tiny skirt would ride up and he would see my panties or my ass hanging out. We rode back to the mall and Michael took me to a shoe store and instructed the sales guy to find me a size 7 of the tallest black high heels he had in stock. After the sales guy returned Michael asked him to help me try them on and told me to have a seat. Of course this had the effect of giving the sales guy a clear view up my skirt, right at my almost transparent panties. I’m sure the guy could easily make out the folds of my pussy. I was red with embarrassment but also so hot I was making things worse by making my panties wet.

After buying the heels and wearing them out Michael took me to dinner at a fancy dimly lit restaurant. The food was great but I could hardly concentrate. I felt like all eyes in the place were trying to see up my skirt under the table and Michael didn’t make it any easier by reaching up my skirt every five minutes or so and lightly rubbing on my clit. He had been teasing me all day and I didn’t know how much more I could take without release. The waiter had a great view of my tits in my low cut white top and by this point being the objective of every male’s desire in the room was mentally really getting me going. I tried to reach over and stroke Michael’s cock several times at the table but he would have none of it, saying right now he was teasing me.

After dinner we climbed back in the car and I’m sure I flashed 3 people on the side of the road as I got in. By this point I didn’t care, they could look if they wanted to, I just wanted Michael, I needed him bad. As he pulled away from the restaurant he slid his hand back up my skirt and started to tease me even more. He told me that if I was a good girl at the next stop then he would take me home and fuck me, but I had to do whatever he said.

Michael pulled us into a little dance club, being a Saturday night it was packed as we entered. We had a few drinks, danced to a few songs, the entire time Michael feeling me up and keeping me horny as hell. We sat back in a corner booth kissing and all over each other like a couple of teenagers. After a bit Michael pulled away and gave me my last instructions for the night. Michael told me that the next five questions I was asked I had to answer with “Yes Sir”, no matter what. He then asked if I wanted another drink to which I immediately replied “Yes Sir”, and he left to go to the raised bar across the room.

Just as he reached the bar a tall and dark Latino looking man approached me at the table and asked if I wanted to dance. I started to say no and point to my boyfriend at the bar, but when he met my gaze I remembered what he had said, looked back at the man who had approached and said “Yes Sir.” I took his hand and let him lead me out into the middle of the dance floor. I could no longer see Michael or really anything now, being lost in a sea of people out dancing, probably 60 or 70 in all.

Not yet used to the high heels Michael had purchased for me earlier I stumbled into the man, who’s name I now knew was Diego. Diego’s hand went to grab me as I slammed into his chest, his escort hakan hand slipping up the back of my skirt and grabbing my bare ass cheek. We continued to dance like that for a few moments and then Diego asked if I’d like to have his hands up the front of my skirt as well. I gasped, but then looked him right in the eye and did as Michael had said, and answered “Yes Sir.”

Diego brought his hand around back to the front of my body, his fingers tracing their way up my inner thigh until they reached my barely covered pussy. He began to lightly rub my clit, right there on the dance floor, surrounded by a ton of people but all of them lost in their own encounters. I was leaning heavily onto Diego now for support, the heels making me already off balance just a bit and the teasing I had received all day making me weak in the knees. I was getting so close.

Diego then asked if I wanted to feel him as well. By this point I would have done about anything to keep him rubbing on my clit, I needed to cum so bad. I mumbled “Yes Sir” and reached my hand down, feeling his cock through the outside of his pants. He was long, very long, but thin. He may have been as long as my extra large dildo at home, or even the guy I had fucked in the car after the concert, but nowhere near as thick. He was hard and the tip of his cock was almost ready to break free from his pants and poke out the top. I continued to stroke his cock through his pants as he slipped my panties to the side and slid a finger inside of me.

I couldn’t take anymore, just a little bit and I was going to be cumming right there on the dance floor. Diego added a second finger in my pussy and I moaned, putting my head against his chest and still rubbing his long thin cock. Just then Diego pulled his fingers out from under my skirt, grabbed my hand, and asked if I was a good little slut who needed to be fucked. I smiled, knowingly, and said “Yes Sir” for the fifth time. I’m not sure what I would have done had he skipped one of those questions or if Michael had not asked me if I wanted another drink.

Diego then asked if I wanted to go back to his place or back to mine. I ran my fingers up his cock one last time, gave him a little peck on the cheek, thanked him for the dance, and apologized but I was here with someone else. With that I went back to the corner booth where I had last seen Michael and he was there waiting for me. I grabbed his hand and loudly said “take me home and fuck me, now!”

I couldn’t wait any longer and before we were out of the parking lot I had Michael’s cock out of his pants, taking him in my hands and telling him about every moment of my dance with Diego and the size of his cock. I wanted to make sure he was hard and ready the moment we got back home. We never even made it to the bedroom. Michael pushed me over the couch, pushed up my tiny skirt, pulled my tiny white panties to the side and thrust his cock into me from behind. I came immediately, needing the release I had craved all that day. I screamed, panted, begged him to keep fucking me, I thrust back against his cock, I was crazy with lust.

I can’t quite give you the details of the next couple hours because it was all a blur of orgasm after orgasm. Michael fucked me over the back of the couch till I had cum half a dozen times, then took me into the bedroom. I know before the night was over I had cum on his cock, his fingers, his mouth, the extra large dildo, with a little vibrator I keep in the nightstand, and who knows what else. I couldn’t get enough and Michael obliged me, cumming twice himself, once in my pussy and a second time all over my tits. An entire day of being teased, showing off my body, and having Diego’s hands all over me had taken my desire to an entirely different level and our sex that night was almost primal.

I woke up the next morning completely satisfied next to this amazing man who continued to expand my horizons, and I was loving every second of it. I woke him up with a good morning blowjob letting him finish in my mouth and this time swallowing it all down as a thank you gift for last night.

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