Experiencing Sandra

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It was last spring when I first meet Sandra; she lived about an hour away in a neighboring state. My husband, Rick, and I had gone with our church to help fix up an old widow’s home. Sandra attended our sister church and they had also joined us. We had only been at the house a few minutes when their bus pulled up. I remember the moment I first saw Sandra; she came down the bus steps and I could not help watching her long legs. I followed them up to her hips and up her torso. I found myself pausing for a bit when I reached her breasts, but continued up to the face of an angel.

When I realized she was looking at me stare at her, I became flush with embarrassment and quickly looked away. I was a little shocked that I had just checked out a woman and even more surprised when I noticed the moisture gathering in my panties. I had not looked at another female before with desire and here I was checking out a woman at a church function.

I was snapped back to reality when the preacher called for our attention. He gave us assignments and encouragement and after a quick prayer to bless our efforts, we jumped into action. The men had the tasks of rebuilding the shed, trimming the bushes and trees, and mowing the yard. Some women headed into the garden to weed, pick, and tidy it up. The rest of the girls, including Sandra and myself, headed inside to clean, scrub, and paint.

I watched Sandra several times that morning as we worked in the house. Her South American features captured me and I could not keep my eyes or my mind off of her. Her long, curly, nearly black hair, her long sleek legs her small tight stomach and her overall fitness held me in a state of lust. I could not concentrate when she was near me and I could not believe how much I was acting like a schoolgirl again.

Sandra was about five years younger than I and I thought back to when I got married. I am still very fit. I use the aerobics, weights and pool at the local gym. My 36DD look very huge on my small frame and 26 inch waist and 34 inch hips still fit nicely into my tight jeans. I am only five foot four but when I put on heals I still turn quite a few heads.

Rick and I had been married for nearly ten years now and we had settled in to a nice routine. Our modest house and two cars meet our needs sufficiently. Rick is a very loving husband. He is of average build but has strong arms. He has kept fit playing softball in the church league and running a few times a week. When we make love it is enjoyable and his seven-inch member does a lot to satisfy me, but we have gotten into quite a routine in bed as well, almost a predictable rut.

I looked out the window I was cleaning and there he was up a ladder trimming a branch with the chainsaw. I smiled knowing that he was mine, but I also knew I needed more. I often wondered if he was truly happy with our love life, or if he too was feeling like we were in a rut.

All this and thoughts of Sandra were swirling in my head when I tripped over a mop bucket. I landed chest first in the water that spilled out of the bucket covering the floor. Sandra was right there quickly lending me a hand up. She noticed my wet shirt and gave me the towel she had. A couple other ladies were quick to help mop up the water, and after assuring them that I was okay, I sat down on a chair in the kitchen.

Sandra walked with me and as I sat there, she took the towel and began blotting the water from my blouse. She was looking into my eyes and I into hers as she pushed and kneaded my chest. She removed the towel and I looked down to find that my blouse was almost invisible and my erect nipples stood out like pencil erasers from my breasts. I grabbed the towel back and held over my chest.

For the next half an hour I mostly hid in pantry cleaning the shelves and letting my top dry. The house had become fairly quite when I herd the preacher call out that it was lunchtime. I looked down at my chest and my blouse was now mostly dry and the sheerness of now masked, so I headed outside to join the others.

Sandra and I sat together on the porch steps as we ate and we started with the usual polite conversation stuff. But by the end of lunch we had talked about a lot, maybe even too much. We were giggling and going on and on, but in my mind I could not keep out the thoughts of desire for her. I was afraid to let on how much I wanted her, but it was all that I could think about.

After lunch, Sandra and I began doing our tasks together and we chatted a lot as we cleaned. We were cleaning the bathroom and as I was washing the sink, Sandra was cleaning out the tub while she was telling me about her career in advertising. I looked and saw her bent over the tub. Her legs were spread and her ass swaying lewdly as she scrubbed the tile. I found myself mesmerized by the movement of her ass and I was wondering just how tight her butt was underneath her jeans.

It felt like ages went by but it was only several seconds, when I noticed that I had stopped cleaning and she had stopped talking. I was still staring at her beyoğlu escort ass, but it was no longer dancing in front of me but had stopped. I looked up and over her shoulder I saw a small mirror was on the tile wall and in it was her angelic face again, looking right at me.

Again I turned red, embarrassed that I was caught starting at her ass and that I was having these feelings and desires for another woman, but I still watched the face in the mirror as she stared back at me. She smiled and I smiled back. Then she returned to her work and I returned to the sink.

The afternoon was getting late and all the tasks were nearly all finished. We gathered on the front porch waiting for everyone else to join us. Everyone was talking about a new restaurant in a nearby town and we decided that we would all head there for dinner. Sandra asked Rick if she could ride with us to the restaurant and he agreed.

Soon we were sitting in the cool of the air-conditioned restaurant and Sandra, Rick and I ended up at a table by ourselves, but next to the group. Sandra and I spent the whole time learning about each other. She lived alone and had a very nice house, and her job involved a lot of travel. She often gets to travel to foreign places and does very well for herself. Dinner passed too quickly and soon it was time for her group to leave. Before they left, Sandra and I exchanged phone numbers and promised to call each other.

On the drive home I was thinking about the time I had spent with Sandra as Rich was talking about the work they had done on the shed. I realized that I was no longer paying attention to him when I noticed that there was along pause. I looked over at Rick and he was looking at me waiting for an answer. I confessed that I had not heard his question, but I blamed it on the beautiful sunset on display in front of us. He began laughing and when I looked puzzled, he told that he had just asked if I thought the sunset was beautiful tonight.

The rest of our ride home passed quickly and uneventful and we hit the shower immediately. We helped each other off with our clothes and Rick was very playful. He was obviously someone excited after our long day out side, and when I asked him what had gotten into him, her replied that he just enjoyed the day.

We washed each other and played in the shower like we had when we were first married. His hands felt good as they washed my back and he slid them around to wash and fondle my breasts. I moved closer and felt his semi-erect cock push up against my ass. I pushed tight letting it slide up against me as he pulled me tightly to him. He began kissing my neck as he humped against me ass. Soap and water from the showerhead cascaded over us as we slithered together.

I turned toward Rick and pressed my nipples into his chest as water pooled between us. He lifted me up onto his hips and I felt his cock head enter into my needy love tunnel. A few bounces later he length was buried inside of me and I clutched at his back. I started riding up and down his shaft like I had not had it weeks. His mouth sucked at my nipples as the steamy water still played over us. After a day of excitement and lust over Sandra, having Rick’s cock inside me had me quickly nearing an orgasm.

My nails dug into Rick’s back and I bucked wildly on top of him as I came. I was still feeling the waves of pleasure sweep over me as Rick announced that he was cumming. His cock pulsated and pumped as he shot load after load deep into my eager pussy. We staggered and fell against the wall of the shower as our orgasms subsided.

Over the next several months, we meet up with Sandra for dinner at the same restaurant. Each time Sandra and I would talk and talk about everything. The time would always pass to quickly and when Rick and I got home we would make love. Soon though, I realized that we were still in a rut, a different rut, but still a rut. I longed for that night in the shower when we just needed each other.

We were in a habit of daily conversations by now and some would last for hours (Thankfully most of the calls were made by her). After one of our nights, I shared all of this with Sandra as we talked on the phone. I told how Rick and I seemed to be in a rut, and that I just needed more. I let her know that I also thought that Rick did not care that we were in a rut since he made little or no effort to get out of it.

That was when Sandra suggested that I go with her to Nicaragua for two weeks while she worked. She offered to pay all the expenses, knowing that Rick and I could not afford anything like that. Rick was very reluctant, but after a lot of begging and dealing he gave in and let me go.

During our trip to Nicaragua, Sandra and I made love to each other for the first time. It was wonderful, spontaneous and full of passion. We shared two wonderful weeks of passion and lovemaking. Sandra had ways of touching me that gave me pleasures that I had never experienced with a man before. The orgasms were wonderful and as much cihangir escort as I enjoyed Sandra I still was looking forward to my husband again.

When I returned home, I could hardly wait to get to my husband. When the taxi dropped me off, Rick opened the front door. I rushed in and pulled him into the living room and fucked his brains out right there on the floor. He was more than happy to see me and especially to be greeted that way.

As every day went by after that, I thought more and more about spending time with Sandra. We would make excuses to get together and more and more, we would leave Rick at home. Rick would enjoy the benefits of having a horny wife coming home to him, but even that seemed to get old fast. It was about March when Sandra started coming to our place on weekends. Her and I would enjoy many hour of girl talk, massages and even orgasms (when Rick was out). I thought everything was going well; I was having a very satisfying time with my two distinctly different lovers. Then last week I opened the paper and the ‘Dear Abby’ headline caught my attention. I read the letter and was in shock. This is what I read:

“DEAR ABBY: My wife spends all her spare time with a female friend I’ll call “Cassandra.” Last August they went to Nicaragua for two weeks, at Cassandra’s expense. They are planning a trip to Puerto Rico next month. Again, Cassandra is footing the bill. They spent a week together in Louisville at a church-sponsored activity. They give each other oil massages in our bed and make frequent bets with each other with the massages as the payoff. They spend as much as three hours a day communicating, whether it be via phone, e-mail or text-messaging. They see each other a minimum of once a week, plus at church, and we live 50 miles apart. When they’re together, I can repeat a question four times or more and never be acknowledged. They make special dinners and buy each other gifts. The items my wife receives are many times what we can afford. When they’re on the phone or e-mailing, dinners have been burned and normal things that should be done around the house don’t get done. Do you think there is something I should be concerned about here? — WONDERING IN ILLINOIS

DEAR WONDERING: Yes, I do, because you do not appear to be first on your wife’s list of priorities. You and she — and probably her girlfriend — are overdue for a long and very frank talk.”

There was no possibility of this being a coincidence about someone else. When I read about the trip to Nicaragua and the church trip and even the fact that we are planning a trip to Puerto Rico I knew that this was about My Sandra and me. I never meant to hurt my husband. I love my husband. I was just adding spice to my sex life.

I called Sandra and she had already seen the paper and was waiting by the phone for my call. I was very upset and tears were streaming down my face. Sandra knew me well and knew what I needed to here to calm me down. She talked about the letter and pointed out that if we could make sure the he was not feeling neglected everything may be just fine. She agreed that we would have to let him know and possibly even let him participate in our lovemaking.

Not knowing when Rick was going to approach me about this, I asked Sandra if she could meet us at our house that evening. She made a few phone calls and rearranged some meeting so that she could be there about 7:00. We quickly made plans on what I should tell Rick and how the evening might go. I then went shopping and picked up a couple steaks, rolls, potatoes, and wine. I prepared a marvelous dinner and had the candles and food on the table as Rick walked in the door at 5:45.

I greeted him in a sexy outfit that I had worn a few times for him before and took him into the dinning room. He had to wonder what I was up to, I’m sure he wondered if I knew about the letter in the paper that morning but he did not say anything. I took his briefcase and He sat down. We enjoyed dinner and I asked about his day. Rick and I had not sat down for a nice meal at home in ages and after a while he started to relax a bit.

After dinner was over, I looked him straight in the eye. “Rick, I love you,” I said, “You are a wonderful husband and I still hope to grow old with you.”

“What is all this about?” he asked.

“I need to make a confession and apology to you,” I said and as if perfectly orchestrated the doorbell rang. “Sit in the living room and I will be right there I told him.”

I went to the door and greeted Sandra with a hug and kiss. She was looking very good and I hoped that Rick would not freak out when he found that she was here. We headed up the steps and rounded the corner to the living room. Disappointment and confusion flashed over Rick’s face when he saw Sandra following me.

“Rick, just wait and don’t get mad,” I urged. I grabbed Sandra hand to keep her from backing away. “I want Sandra to here what I need to tell you too.”

“Rick, I do love you,” I started, “and like I said I want okmeydanı escort to be your wife. I know that I have not been a very good wife lately and that you have been neglected. I am sorry for that.” I paused and looked for anything from him but could not tell what he was thinking.

Over the course of the next two hours I told everything to Rick. I confessed the problem of our ruts and how I should have talked to him about it. I explained all about Sandra and I and the way she made me feel. I told him how sorry I was that he had been neglected and that neither Sandra nor I ever intended to ignore him.

As the time went by everyone seemed to relax a bit more. I was talking about the trip Sandra and I took to Nicaragua and about our first time making love when I noticed that there was a slight bulge in my husband’s pants. I knelt between his knees as he sat in his chair. “Do you still love me?” I asked.

“Yes, I love you and always will,” he said and added, “and I can forgive you, if you can work a lot more at not ignoring and neglecting me.”

“I promise!” I said as a tear of joy slipped down my cheek. “And what about Sandra?” I asked wondering what he thought.

“I am okay with you and Sandra,” he said with a smile. “But, I do not want to be ignored.” He reiterated.

Sandra and I both said, “we won’t” in stereo. ” In fact,” Sandra added, “It looks like your husband needs some attention now.”

I looked at his crotch again and the bulge was now much more obvious. “Do you mind if Sandra watches?” I asked as I reached out and fondled his cock through his pants.

Rick shook his head no and I undid his belt. Sandra moved next to Rick and helped him stand up. I then unhooked and unzipped his pants and let them fall to his ankles. I breathed hot breath across his cock through his underwear. His cock stretched and it’s head popped out of the waistband. I pulled them down to join his pants and then sat him back down. I removed his shoes, socks, pants and underwear.

“It does look as nice as you said,” Sandra told me referring to my husband’s member.

I sucked Rick’s cock into my mouth and began to pump and suck as I fondled his balls and shaft with my hands. Sandra moved behind me and her hands began moving all over my body. They found their way to my breasts and I could feel her unbuttoning my outfit. I could taste the precum as it oozed from Rick’s cock.

Sandra pulled my outfit down exposing my breasts. I changed positions and allowed her to pull my outfit off of me while still sucking Rick’s rocket. I was standing there naked between my two lovers, his hard cock nearing orgasm in my mouth and her hands exploring my body. Rick began to moan and I sucked his cock into my throat and he unloaded his jism. I swallowed all of his cream and as his cock started to ebb, I let it slip from my mouth.

I stood up and turned my attention to Sandra. I unbuttoned her top and pushed it off her shoulders. It fell to the floor. Then I removed her bra and slid her skirt and panties to her ankles. I then knelt in front of her and let her step out of them. She was standing, for the first time, naked in front of my husband. I kissed her crotch and stood up and kissed her on the lips. Our tongues entwined and danced in each other’s mouths and our hands teased and pleased our needs.

Sandra brought me down to the floor and I laid back. Her hands still explored my body as she moved her head between my soaked thighs. Her tongue dances up and down my labia causing even more juice to flow from me. Soon her mouth made it’s way to my clit and she began to suck it and nibble at it. I looked over at Rick and saw that he was stroking his cock as it was coming back to life.

My head was spinning with all that was happening and my female lover had me ready to cum. I tightened my thighs around her head and started shaking all over as my orgasm hit. I could not breath and turned beat red as the intensity of my orgasm continued to increase. Sandra was squeezing my boobs and her fingers sank into my flesh.

As my orgasm subsided, I let Sandra’s head slip from the grasp of my thighs. She and I both were breathing heavily when she finished and she rolled onto her back. I then pulled myself up and positioned myself between her thighs to return the pleasure. I could tell that she was enjoying the evening by how creamy she was when I first dipped my tongue into her pussy. Her musky scent filled my nostrils as I plunger my tongue into her.

I soon felt Rick behind me. He leaned forward and kissed the small of my back. He trailed kisses all the way down to my asshole and then continued as I rolled forward exposing my pussy to him. His tongue danced around licking up my cream as my tongue searched out Sandra’s juices. I moved my attention to her clit and her moans let me know that she enjoyed the action.

Rick’s tongue disappeared from my love tunnel but was quickly replaced by his fully hard cock. It felt good pumping into me and I knew why I needed to keep both my female and my male lovers to stay happy. Orgasms cascaded around the bodies entangled on the floor. First Sandra began bucking against my face as she covered it with her cream, then I soon followed creaming my husband’s cock. The heat of my juices exploding on his cock sent his rocket to the moon as he launched his shots deep into me.

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