Extra Credit Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Bivariate Analysis

On Monday, she met with the professor again. “How many tries did it take for you to get a good one?”

“Two. The first guy came way too soon. It’s not bad, but I didn’t even get my mouth on him.” Her frank, brazen, description surprised her, but didn’t seem to surprise him. “The second guy was a little more experienced and I think you’ll love it. I watched it and I must say I think its good work.”

He smiled, clearly pleased with her description “I’m sure it’s excellent. I loved your first assignment. Very stimulating. I gave it an A.”

Did she notice a rise in his pants? “I guess I have two more assignments due, right?” Still surprising herself, she was actually eager to get to the next one.

“That’s right. Are you still interested in this extra credit work?”

How could he possibly imagine that she wasn’t? If she failed this class, she was out. Back home with her parents. Frankly, having hot sex was hardly a punishment “You bet, I think I’m learning a lot.”

“Like what?”

Now she’d done it. How could she answer that? “Well, I’ve discovered some people I didn’t know about. And, some things I hadn’t thought to do. Also,” and here she actually started to feel herself blush “it’s exciting to record it.”

“Well, it sounds like you are making excellent progress.” What was he talking about, progress toward what?

“Your next assignment is a little harder – pardon the pun. I want you to video at least 1 hour of sexual activity between you and some guy. Here, it will be difficult to hide the face of the guy, so you must choose him carefully. It probably should not be any of the guys on this tape” he waved the blowjob tape in the air. “We don’t want the same cast every time, and you need to broaden your horizons. I want to see three things, in no particular order. I want to see woman – that’s you – on top in a sitting up position…” Oh good, she thought, I love that position. “I also want to see ‘doggy style’ with you on your knees and elbows. Third, I want to see you performing oral sex again, this time with the male on his back. In all of this, you should be nearly or totally naked and – here’s the most important part – I want to see your face in each position and I want to see you orgasm in each position. You may put together multiple encounters to get the desired effect.”

Damn, she thought, if only some of the previous weekend’s sex was on tape she’d be partly done. “I’d like to use the guy from the last tape though.” She was so brave, how could that be? She couldn’t afford to make the professor mad, but the sex had been so hot with that guy – she should have gotten his name.

“I don’t think that’s wise. The assignment is to find a new guy.” He made it clear that the grade would depend on it.

“OK, I’ll do the assignment.” She quickly scribbled down the details and had him look them over – she was becoming such a diligent student.

She decided that she would simply go to her usual bar and pick up a guy. This time, she set the camera up on the head board of her bed. It was pretty difficult to fasten it and hide şişli elit escort it at the same time. She managed by hanging an afghan up on her wall as a ‘decoration.’ The hanger for the afghan supported the camera, and she was able to position the lens through a hole so that the view was unobstructed. Unless her guy looked closely, and she planned to have him busy, he would never see it.

As she surveyed the Friday night crowd, she felt less enthusiastic about the night. She wished she could go to the geek bar and find the ‘blow-job boy’ as she had come to think of him. She was worried that the next guy would not match up to BJ-boy. Finally, she settled on a jock looking guy who was apparently all alone. She sidled up to him and began to chit-chat. At first, he seemed rather disinterested, as though he was waiting for someone.

“Are you looking for someone?” she was just a little annoyed, she really didn’t care at this point who she hooked up with.

“Well, yeah…I sorta had a date with someone, but maybe she isn’t going to show…” his disappointment was clear. ‘Oh great, just what I needed, I picked the only guy here who is not trying to hook up.’ She began to try to extricate herself from the situation and look for a new guy, but then he spoke up, “I’m sorry, that was rude. My name is Chris. I’m majoring in Economics and minoring in Math, what about you?” It seemed his attention was now fully on her. In fact, it almost seemed that he really saw her for the first time, just then. They talked briefly about school and stuff. They danced.

After a little more flirting and some not-so-subtle hints she grabbed his hand and said “Let’s go back to my place.” He smiled and followed her home. As they were walking, she started to get a little turned on, thinking about what was in store for her. The more she thought about doing it in front of the camera, the hotter she got. By the time she got to her room she couldn’t wait to get her clothes off. She pulled him in her room and began to passionately kiss him while maneuvering him over to her bed. A deft click on the keyboard and the film was rolling.

She pushed him down on the bed. Facing the camera she began a very seductive strip tease. She was playing the tease almost directly to the camera, but the boy never suspected. He began to stand and she pushed him to the bed saying “just watch and enjoy, I’ll take care of you soon enough.” His hand groped to adjust his now throbbing dick through his tight jeans. He watched in silence.

She imagined how the professor would like watching her strip and began to imagine that the form sitting on her bed was him. As the last remnants of her clothing dropped to the floor, she began to undress the boy. She had totally forgotten his name, now just thinking of him as the professor, or not even at all. She simply wanted to fuck and suck him: she wanted to put on the sexiest show possible. She could feel her cunt becoming so wet and swollen with desire. She hoped this stud could keep up with her tonight. After his pants were removed she set to her first task.

He şişli escort was now lying on the bed with, she hoped, his face out of the picture and his dick front and center. It was a long, but rather thin dick. She straddled his legs and gently took his dick in one hand. Her other hand found her wet lips and began to massage her the hood of her quickly rising clit. She slipped her lips over his cock and began to bob her head with a slow rhythm, bumping her lips and nose against her fist holding the base of his cock. She glanced up at the camera, above the head of the very aroused stud lying on her bed, and smiled around the dick. She was so turned on by the thought of the professor watching this show that she was quick to reach an orgasm of her own. As the flood of juices came out of her cunt, she quickened her pace on the cock. Soon the boy was moaning and the first stream of cum hit the back of her throat. She quickly removed her mouth from his cock and let his remaining cum cover her face. Oh god she was so turned on by all of this.

He was panting, and his dick began to soften. She hoped he had some staying power tonight. She wiggled herself up and straddled his face, not missing a beat, he began to lick her cunt and suck on her now very tender clit. She could look right into the lens of the camera and imagined the professor watching her face. “Lick my cunt you stud.” She said between moans and pants. Thinking of the raunchiest things she could “Stick your tongue into my wet hole…that’s it baby I want to feel your tongue deep inside me.” She glanced back and saw his dick begin to twitch and rise. “Now suck my clit until I come all over your face,” she said with such ferocity it surprised her. He clearly didn’t want to make her unhappy as he began to attack her clit with deep sucking. She exploded in an orgasm so intense it was painful. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS” she hissed into the camera with a deep lusty voice.

As her orgasm subsided she slid down until she was straddling his stomach. She began to rub and caress his muscular chest. She loved the way his muscles rippled below his skin. Still performing for the professor she looked at the camera and said “you are so sexy, I want to fuck you so bad it hurts…”

“Oh yes” he replied, in the mistaken belief she cared, “fuck me so hard…”

She didn’t really hear his invitation, and decided to have him lick her some more “suck my cunt again…I need to feel your tongue on my pussy.” His licking was less than enthusiastic she noticed, but she didn’t care. She moaned and licked her lips for the camera. As she felt her orgasm begin to build, she slid down and engulfed his now hard cock into her dripping, throbbing pussy. It slid in, the full length, quite easily and quickly with all of her juices to moisten the chute. She dropped her right hand to her clit and began to pump him while bringing herself to orgasm “Oh yes, I want to cum so hard on your dick.” Soon she was lost in her own orgasm feeling his cock slip deep into her.

As she came down she realized that she didn’t even know if he had come. “Did you come this time?” şişli eve gelen escort

“No, not yet, ride me some more…” he said breathlessly.

“Take me from behind.” She ordered as she slid off his purple shaft. “I want it doggy style.”

He was so aroused he followed every order she gave, in spite of his deep need to come soon. She maneuvered him so that the camera angle was perfect. Reaching between her legs, she began ministering to her tender clit yet again. He began to pump into her with increasing force and she figured he must be close. Closing her eyes, she imagined the professor with his dick in his hand moaning as he watched her tapes. Nearly at her orgasm, he gave out a long moan and thrust into her rapidly for about 5 pumps. Then he began to slow his thrust “FUCK ME SO HARD, DON”T STOP” she screamed, nearly at orgasm herself. His now limp dick slid from her cunt and he said “I’m spent… give me a minute.”

Robbed of his dick, she came on her hand. They collapsed into a sticky wet pile on her bed and fell into a restless sleep. When she awoke, he was still sleeping. She realized that the professor might give her a lower grade since she hadn’t reached orgasm with him inside her. She began to play with herself again, thinking of the professor watching, and what his reaction might be. She imagined him naked, with his hand wrapped around his dick and her form being fucked from behind on the screen. Listening to her moan and scream, he would pump his dick, faster and faster, so turned on by her. She loved the thought of him being so turned on that he just spurted his cum all over. Soon she too was rocking her hips. The motion woke up the stud again “you’re still horney?” he asked with utter amazement.

“Yes, and I want you to fuck me from behind again, I want to feel your cock pounding into my cunt…” she ordered. He was both scared and aroused. His limp dick began to fire up, but she could tell this nympho act of hers (was it an act?) was rather scary to him. “Fuck me now, or leave.” She order, so turned on by the power of everything she was doing. While to some it may seem that she was the powerless one, she loved the chance to just fuck for fucking’s sake.

He took his position behind her, and she grinned into the camera. “Fuck me, fuck me so hard.” She had never really talked dirty during sex before, but she loved the naughty power of it. He obeyed quickly and soon her tits were swaying with his forceful pounding. She felt the orgasm begin to well up “Oh, yes, you big stud, fuck my wet pussy, give it to me so hard” she was looking right into the camera, and thinking about the professor and his naked dick. She felt herself go over the top, and was thrusting back at the boy with all her might. She quickly moved into a double orgasm and soon the boy had spent another load too. He stopped almost immediately after spending his load and panted “I’m so sore and spent, give me a minute…”

She finished off a third orgasm manually, while he watched, slack jawed and slack dicked: he had never had a woman who could run him into the ground. As the orgasm faded and she rolled onto her back, she suddenly didn’t want him around anymore. Not caring at all she just looked at him coldly and said “Don’t worry, we’re through. Get your clothes on and leave.” He looked at her with shock and amazement. Her piercing gaze told him to just do what she said. He got dressed and left.

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